the alpha’s omega mate episode 47 & 48

{ Dearest Of Desires… }

THEME; A Moonlight Path.



By: Summer Gold R.


‘Because……I might not be what you think I am’ Elsa thought inwardly.

Alpha Wang raised his brows,he clearly heard Elsa’s thought.

“What do you mean by that?” He asked and Elsa sighed.

“Nothing” She shook her head and smiled.

“I’m more stronger than you thought Wang” She said.

“Than me??” Alpha Wang asked in a whisper and Elsa pushed him playfully.

“Are you mocking me?” She asked.

“Let’s go to my chamber” Wang said and Elsa let out a smile.

The alpha held her hand as they turned toward his chamber.


*I KNOW,I WILL DO THAT* Elsa replied.

Soon,they entered the chamber and Wang hugged her from the back.

“You know how much I hate it when you’re away from me right??” He asked and Elsa smiled.

“I’m sorry,I was just too angry that she touched you” She muttered.

“I shouldn’t hsve protected her from you,but I had to,because we might need her at this moment” Alpha Wang said.

“Why?? Did something happened??” Elsa asked and Wang broke the hug,making her face him.

“There are some creatures attacking the pack” He replied.

“What??” Elsa’s eyes widened.

“For some days now,and we haven’t been able to catch them. I’m worried” Alpha Wang sighed.

Elsa cupped his ceeks.

“You don’t have to be worried,everything will be fine” She said and pecked his lips.

Alpha Wang smiled and kissed her again,deeply.

“Where were you all day anyway?” He asked after breaking the kiss.

“I went to a seer” Elsa answered and Wang raised his brows.

“Seer?? Why??” He asked.

Elsa Walked to the table and took the book of misery.

“I told you I got this from the library right??” She said.

“You told me” Alpha Wang replied.

“I think there are more to this book that we don’t know” Elsa said and they both sat down on the bed.

“What are you talking about?” Alpha Wang asked.

“Earlier at the seer’s place,she told me there’s a reason why I found this book” Elsa said.

There was total silence for some minutes.

“That library belongs to my granny” Alpha Wang broke the silence.

“I heard that”

“After she died,anyone aside the total family doesn’t survive it after they go inside. So since then,it was locked up,I was surprised when you went in there and came out fine. So I guess the seer is right about that” Alpha Wang said.

Elsa sighed and opened the book.

“It’s still as blank as usual” She mumbled.

Alpha Wang placed his hand on the book and to their surprise,the blank spaces were filled up with words and inks.

Elsa gasped.

“How…..did that happened??” She looked at Wang.

“Honestly,i have no idea” He replied.

“I think the dead old Luna must have made you the key to this book,now I can read it” Elsa said and hugged him.

“What if…it’s not something you should read? I don’t want you to get hurt” Wang said.

“You will protect me” Elsa smiled.

Alpha Wang nodded.

“Even with my life” He muttered.

Elsa dropped the book and pulled Wang on the bed,she climbed on him and rest her head on his chest.

“My Alpha?” She called after a minute of silence.

“Yes my Luna??” Wang replied,stroking her hair.

“I want to ask you a favor” Elsa mumbled.

“I will do anything for you” Wang said and Elsa smiled.

“Honestly…..I feel sad every time I think about it” Elsa sighed.

“Tell me,I hate it when you’re sad” Alpha Wang said.

“Can you give an order for the release of the Omegas in Meadows Garden?” Elsa asked at once and shut her eyes,expecting the response.

“Is that why you’re sad?” Alpha Wang asked.


“Then….I will do that tomorrow. It’s late already you know?” He said.

Elsa gasped and raised her head.

“Tomorrow??” She asked in shock.

Wang nodded.

“I love you!!” Elsa said loudly.

“You didn’t tell me that all day” Alpha Wang said.

Elsa kissed him.

“Thank you” She said.

Wang smiled and wrapped his arms around her waist.

“I told you I will do anything for you” he said.

Elsa smiled and closed gee eyed.

*WE DID IT ELSA!* Rowena said loudly.

*YES WE DID!!!* Elsa also replied.


Wang ignored him and kept on hugging Elsa,inhaling her sweet scent.

“My alpha” Elsa called softly.

“Hmm??” Wang answered.

“I’m feeling so hot” Elsa muttered and Wang released her waist.

Elsa raised her head and caress his face.

“I suddenly…..want you inside me…badly” She said.

“I won’t be able to stop until I’m satisfied,you think you can hold that??” Alpha Wang asked.

“I don’t mind,besides. I think I want it more than you do right now” Elsa said and started kissing him,hungrily.


Onyx sat down next to Grey and he turned immediately.

“Geez,you startled me” He said,touching his chest.

“Oh wow,first time seeing you getting scared. Are you thinking about something?? You’ve been quiet all day” Onyx said.

“What do you mean?” Grey scoffed.

“I mean,since you spoke with Twilight,you’ve been quiet” Onyx said and Grey frowned.

“How did you know that??” He asked

“I saw you two,and she was in tears after you left. Tell me what happened” Onyx grinned and Grey gave him a knock on the forehead.

“F**k!” He screamed.

“You should focus and be prepared for the war coming,don’t be carried away” Grey said.

“Are you kidding me? What war are you talking about?” Onyx asked.

“I don’t know,I just have a bad feeling” Grey muttered.

“Anyhow,tell me what happened between you two in the morning” Onyx insisted.

Grey sighed.

“She said she’s in love with me” He muttered.

“I know” Onyx said and Grey frowned.

“What do you mean by you know? How??” He asked.

“Gosh,why are you so slow witted when it comes to things like this?? Can you be less cold?? Isn’t it obvious that she’s in love with you??” Onyx groaned.

“We are not mate…..”

“Who cares about mate?? Do you like her??” Onyx cut in.

“Why should I like her?” Grey scoffed and looked away.

“Are you even sure??” Onyx asked in a teasing voice.

“Go away” Grey snapped and he laughed.

“I caught you,you like her….” Grey pushed her away.

He continued laughing.

“Geez” Grey muttered and started walking away hut still Onyx followed him.


Beta Knight was escorted in by the guards,they stopped in front of Jade’s cell and Jade immediately stood up when she saw him.

“Knight” she called.

Knight sighed and turned to the guards.

“Leave” He ordered and they all walked away.

“Knight,help me out of here…right away” Jade said.

“How did you get here?? Why did you even sent for me??” Knight asked.

“Because you’re the only one who can help me out of here right now” Jade said.

“What did you do??” Knight asked.

“Can we forget about that and help me out?? Huh?? There’s something important the alpha must know” Jade said.

“How can I help you when it’s an order from him??” Knight asked.

“Talk to him of course,he always listen to you… ”

“Not always” Knight snapped.

“Most of the time” Jade said and Knight sighed.

“Fine,just hang there for tonight. I will try talking to him” he said and Jade nodded.

“Thank you” she muttered.

Knight stared at her sadly and touched her hair.

“Your mate will kill you if she see you” Jade said and Knight chuckled.

“Don’t get cold” he muttered.

Jade nodded.

“Goodnight” Knight said before walking away.

Jade sighed out and sat down on the floor.


Elsa walked into her suite after spending her whole morning with Wang.

Alpha Wang had to leave for an important meeting so she decided to come here,on opening the door,she met Lincoln waiting for her.

Elsa stopped on her track.

“Lincoln?” She called in confusion.

Lincoln smiled and stood up.

“You’re finally here” He muttered.

“What are you doing here??” Elsa asked.

Lincoln started walking closer.

“Somehow,I heard you’re the only way I can get my brother’s attention,so I want to try it out” He said.

“Are you crazy?? I Saved your life you ungrateful soul,without me,I’m sure you will be dead by now” Elsa said.

“You look even more pretty when you’re angry” Lincoln said and touched her cheek.

“You won’t survive it if I call on him” Elsa said.

“What do you think I want??” Lincoln chuckled and pinned her to the wall.

“What do you think you’re doing??” Elsa frowned.

“I’ve been trying so hard to control myself….but I can’t do that anymore” Lincoln said and right there,he transformed into Montana.

Elsa’s eyes widened.

“Let go of me!!” She yelled.

Montana grabbed her hand and pulled her back when she tried getting away.

“Wang is going to kill you” Elsa said.

“I don’t really care” Montana smirked and before she knew it,his lips already landed on her own.