tem-pted Episode 20

💋 tem-pted💋
By the time,I’ve fully undressed him,I ran my hands throu-gh his che-st and abs.
I bit my lower l-ips taring at his d!¢k… it isn’t even ha-rd ,yet it looks so big…what if it gets ha-rd ?
One way to know…I take off my clothes too and started stro-king his c0ck,I stro-ked and su-cked but it didn’t ha-rd en.
Was it because he was unconscious?
I nudged him… trying to get him to wake up but he doesn’t bulge.
Damn it! I shouldn’t have let him drink that much.
It wouldn’t even be fun to fv¢k an unconscious man.
I gr@bb£d my cellphone,then an idea occured to me when I stared at his d!¢k again.
If I can find a perfect place to position the c@m£ra on my cellphone then I can get Dave wra-pped around my f!ngers.
‘Walking down the aisle
You make me wanna cry
This angel’s about to be mine
Finally, you are for real
No longer that girl in my dreams.
Oh baby.. stay here with me’
I have no idea what’s going on in my head,but I can hear a song titled “Forever” by Johnny Drille.
I can see Abby walking down the aisle to me.
I can us flying out in a plane heading to a perfect place for our honeymoon.
I can see how happy we are at the beach pla-ying with water by the bay and then she said to me.
“I love you,babe.You’re the best thing that has ever happened to me”
I felt so happy…I felt so blessed and fulfilled.
I don’t know if time has travelled backwards,but I love where I am right now,I love being with Abby. I love my wife, and it’s indescribable what she means to me.
My eyes opened and I make up my mind to fix things between Abby and I,even if it isn’t easy,I would…I would tell her the truth about Clara…even if she thinks I’ve sle-pt with her,I would give her time,I would prove to her that nothing can come between us.
As I sat up,I realized that I’m in an unfamiliar be-d and this fv¢king look likes a h0tel room.
And worse….I’m n-ked!
I gr@bb£d the sheet to cover my man-hood,what the hell happened to me?
Someone walks into the be-droom,clad in only a towel.
I frozed… It’s Clara.
Oh my God!
Did she….did I……did we…
As if she s-en-ses my inner meltdown,she spoke.”Relax,Dave.We didn’t have S-x”
“Thank God!”I exclaimed.
I can’t remember anything else than getting angry and drinking to stupor at the bar.
It’s clear that she followed me.I’m angry but I’m more angry that I’m n-ked.
“Why did you undress me?”
“Is there anything wrong if I want to undress my man?”
I caught sight on my clothes on the floor,I gr@bb£d them and started to dress up.
“I really had fun with you last night though.But I would prefer you fv¢k me when you’re stone-cold sober and you will remember every moment”
I ignored her.
“Why don’t you take a look at this,Dave?”
She is pointing the screen of her phone towards me.
I glanced at it and looked away….my eyes hurriedly scurried back to see that it was a video of her stro-king my d!¢k and at intervals,she would trail her ton-gue around it.
My blood ran cold in my veins and the level of determination I earlier felt to fix things between Abby and I reduced drastically as Clara kept on showing me pictures she took while lying beside me.
“What is wrong with you?”I asked, highly frustrated.
“Imagine if I s£nt these to Abby right now….the next time, you’ll be seeing her is when you’ll be signing the divorce papers”
I angrily lurched towards her and gr@bb£d the phone from her… I’m a little bit surprised that she doesn’t struggle with me as I deleted the video and pictures and the smashed the phone against the wall.
She laughed.”And you think that’s the only phone I have?What you deleted have been saved in my l@pt©p and other phone which isn’t even here”
“Leave me alone,Clara.Just leave me alone…do you think that this would make me love you…. you’re threatening to destroy my happiness….”
“Abby doesn’t make you happy, give me a chance,Dave.Let me show you what true happiness feels like”
“I’m not doing any thing with you,if you think you can get me un-der your control with those $h!t, you’re wrong, I’m going to tell Abby the truth, I’m going to fix things between my wife and I, this imposter alert you’ve got going on will come to an end”I declared.
“Alright, let’s see if she’ll believe you….I doubt if you will even be able to say jack before she’s out of your house…and out of your house…..By 8:pm…I nee-d you to be here,if you aren’t then your darling wife who doesn’t love you will receive the perfect reason to leave you”
I won’t suc¢v-mb to her de-sires.
I have to tell Abby the truth.
She’ll believe me.
I hurriedly left the h0tel.
When I got home,I met Abby sitting on a chaise lounge in the living room.
She stood up and stared at me, disgustedly.
“Hey, sunshine”I began walking closer to her.
“Your breath!”She exclaimed putting her hand over her nose.
“Have you been drinking,Dave?”
I sighed and nodded.”I just drank a little,it won’t happen again, just listen to what I have to….”
“Where did you spend the night,Dave?”She asked looking at me as if I was a useless person.
“Let’s just sit down and talk…I have to….”
“You asked me last night what happened to us as if I was the cause of our problems…. you’re the cause,Dave.You’re ruining everything….You are ma-king me so unhappy.And if I find just the slightest proof of ur infidelity…of your dirty habit….that will be the end of us”And then,she ascended the stairs and I’m unable to even explain what is breaking me ap@rt.
“End of us”I repeated, faintly.
I leaned against the wall,I can’t imagine signing any divorce papers….what happened to “ABBY AND DAVE FOREVER.”
The only way that Abby wouldn’t leave me is for me to have S-x with Clara.
She said she would keep it a secret.
Abby would never find out.
And by 8:pm, I’m standing in front of the door of Clara’s h0tel room.
She opened the door and smiled triumphantly.
She closed the distance between us, stood on her toes and k!$$£d me.