tem-pted Episode 21

💋 tem-pted💋
It’s finally happening.Even if I want S-x badly,I would still prefer not to do this right now but I don’t have any other choice.
We’re inside the be-droom now and she is taking off her clothes.
“I want you to make love to me the same way you make love to Abby….I want to speak dirty to me the same way you do to Abby”
So she has fv¢king spied on Abby and I.
There’s no way I’m putting my mouth on that cunt.
“I’m not doing that $h!t!”I declared.
“But you don’t regard it as ‘$h!t’ with Abby?”
“You ain’t Abby”
“Don’t worry,after tonight,you won’t even want to be with Abby”She as-sured.
“Let’s just get this done and over it”I said impatiently because I can’t stand the sight of her.
She sm-irked.”Someone’s in hurry to have a taste of me?”
I’ll take control tonight, I’m very sure that after tonight,he’ll keep coming back for more, then,he’ll make love to me the same way he makes love to Abby and soon he’ll fall in love with me.I can ha-rd ly wait to be his forever.
Once he lying on the be-d, completely nûd£.
I sat between his legs.
I stro-ke his c0ckdetermine to make it stimulated.
In no time, it is, I take him into my mouth and start to svçkthe ti-p of his man-hood.I looked up to see him clenching his teeth ha-rd .
It’s as if he doesn’t want what I’m doing to him but I know he does so I svçkhim ha-rder.
He shut his eyes and gr-unt loudly.
My pvzzy’s drenched and I can’t wait any longer to have him inside my b©dy.
He suddenly stood up,and gr@bb£d a pack of c0md0mfrom the pocket of his trou-sers.
I’m pissed that he wants to use a c0md0mon me.
“Seriously? I doubt if u you ever use a c0md0mon Abby!”
“I’m not doing this without a c0nd0m!”He snapped rolling it on his shaft.
Damn it!It would have been great if he comes inside of me instead of a c0nd0m.
I was hoping that would make me pregnant…thereby, improving my chances of being with him forever.
Nevermind,I just have to make him highly satisfied,that way,he would want more and soon I would be the mother of his kids.
I positioned his c0ckat the entrance of my b©dy.
With a wrenching sigh,I impaled myself into his rigid shaft.
Holy!He’s ha-rd and thick…so thick…it feels so good as his d!¢k stretched my walls.
When I adjust fully to his man-hood,I placed my hands on his che-st and started ridding him.
“Oh Dave!”I m0@n ed and draw closer to my cli-max,and soon,I am in a fog of nee-d so overpowering that I lose s-en-se of my surroundings.All I feel is the point where we’re connected and the mind-numbingly sweet s-en-sation of his c0ckas it stro-ke my G-sp©t again and again.
Can’t he feel this too? Can’t he feel what how good this is? Can’t he see how good we fit together?
I held his hands on place them on my brea-sts urging him to feel them…..Oh I wish he could take me the same way he does to Abby.But he has no plans of doing that today.
I can wait.
I have felt his d!¢k inside of me.
I know he’ll prefer me over Abby.
I rocked myself up and down his d!¢k at a quic-ker space.
“Don’t you like this,Dave? Isn’t it better than fv¢king your wife?”
I p@n-t….I don’t want this to end… I’m so close but I’m prolonging the plea-sure.
With my next drive of my b©dy on his c0ck….I cli-max….my insides brutally quivering.
I coll@psed on t©p of his b©dy feeling so fulfilled.
I want him to k!ssme and fv¢k me again.This time, he’ll be in charge.I want him to spend the night with me.
Suddenly,he pushed me off his b©dy and walked into the bathroom.
I la-id n-kedly on the be-d thinking he was just going to dispose the c0nd0m.
But when he comes back from the bathroom,he started wearing his clothes.
“Where are you going?”
“Home….to my wife”
“Come on,Dave.She won’t even care if you don’t go home tonight… just….”
“St©p! Just st©p! I’m sick and tired of this madness.I’ve had S-x with you, right? I’ve cheated on my wife… isn’t that enough for you to leave me the fv¢k alone!”He yelled.
I swallowed, startled at how angry he looked,this wasn’t what I was expecting at all,I thought he would want more.
“I’m telling you this again,what you think you feel for me isn’t love.It can’t be f0rç£d.You finally made me cheat, right?So plea-se st©p.”He is now fully dressed,he walked up to the door, opened it and walked away.
I smashed the flower vase on the floor angrily.
This is all Abby’s fault.Why is he so in love with her?He can’t even use me to satisfy his nee-ds!God!I hate her,she had always had everything…a good life….a good education….a good husband.
I hate being unlucky.
All I want is Dave
If I can’t have him then she’s not having a good marriage at all.
Deal done!😁