tem-pted Episode 19

💋 tem-pted💋
I want this so bad….I want to make love to a woman….but I want that woman to be my wife.We have so many plans together….I want to grow old by her side,all my days and all my nights….I want Abby to be the mother of my children..no matter how ha-rd I try,I can’t picture myself with anyone else but now…I feel scared…. I’m going to ruin everything…. I’m going to cause Abby so much pain.
I can’t think straight….my head’s in a jumbled mess,my breathing is erratic and I’m afraid this vixen would ruin my life but I can’t help myself.
I’m no saint… I just want a woman….my d!¢k and my subconscious mind aren’t helping matters as they both want me to have a good time with Clara.
I think I’m about to k!ssher when I heard the sound of Abby’s car pu-lling into the parking lot.
I quic-kly backed away from Clara.
“We can still do this tonight, I’ll be waiting for you in my room”She said and walked away, se-ductively.
I hurry up to my be-droom,took my clothes and got into the shower.
I thought that might cool down my ha-rd -on but it doesn’t.
I placed my hand against the wall and reflect on myself.If Abby hadn’t gotten home, I can’t deny this,I would’ve sle-pt with Clara.
I leaned against the wall.I’m so disoriented…. Clara’s ma-king me so disoriented.
I nee-d help!
It’s 8:pm,I didn’t go down for dinner because I can’t bear to see Clara.And now, nothing is cooling down my libi-do. I am at war with myself….Clara is expecting me to be at her be-droom tonight….I don’t want to go but a bigger p@rt of me wants to go.
Abby walked into the be-droom from the shower with just a robe around her b©dy.
This is what I nee-d right now! I nee-d her…. she’s the only one who can make me overcome this temptation.
In what felt like seconds, I’m approaching her hurriedly.
I don’t care if she finds my actions strange.
I just want her…I don’t want to have S-x with Clara…I don’t want to have S-x with any other woman….my future’s bright with Abby….I don’t want to ruin that.
I gr@bb£d her in a burning hold and twirled her around to face me….and then I’m k!ss!ngher, hungrily….I am hungry for her.
She tries to wriggle out of my embr@ce but I ti-ght£ñ my grip on her.
I’m aware I shouldn’t f0rç£ myself on her but I don’t feel like I have any other choice.
She broke off the k!ss.
“What’s wrong with you,Dave? Leave me alone!”
“Just let me make love to you,baby… plea-se”I said ru-bbing my erection against her.”I’m so fv¢king ha-rd for you…you used to want me ardently too, should I check if that’s still true”
“Let go of me! You’re a Neanderthal”
As if a switch had been fli-cked,the tension disappeared and I moved back.
I don’t like being called a Neanderthal or being reduced to such caveman responses.
“Is there anything primitive about me wanting to have S-x with my wife?No tell me,what is wrong with that?”I asked.
She looked away.
I have always prided myself of being able to know what Abby felt or what she was thinking but the woman in front of me seem so foreign.
“What happened to us,Abby?Is this still about my friends, I’m not hanging out with them anymore, I’m not cheating on you…I don’t know what to do anymore?Why can’t you just believe me.I nee-d my wife back….. I nee-d the Abby who believes in me…I nee-d the Abby who I can’t keep secrets from…I nee-d the Abby who I can communicate freely with…who wouldn’t use my words against me.What went wrong? I still love you,I still want to spend my life with you….Just tell me…what happened to us?”
She doesn’t say anything and I just stand there feeling like a moron.
Then my eyes caught something in the drawer behind her.I’m hoping it’s not what I think it is so I walked closer to it and then… behold…. it’s a dil-do!
I’m angry now… I’m seeing red as I turned back to face her.
Seriously?A dil-do?She prefers a dil-do over me now.
I’m not okay… I’m at work each day trying to get rid of my ha-rd -on simply because my wife won’t let me t©uçh her and her best friend has made it her life mission to make me have S-x with her.
I’m not okay at all,and while I’m struggling myself…my darling wife is happy getting re-lease from a fv¢king dil-do.
I don’t know what to say to her, I’m angry but I’m more angry with myself because I can’t say mean things to her…I don’t want to hurt her with my words…I don’t want to make her cry.
Why the hell would I still be thinking about hurting her while I’m being torn ap@rt inside.
I gr@bb£d my car keys and leave the house.I nee-d to be away from this house…away from these two women who are bent on frustrating me to the core.
Now,the only thing I can think of is to drink.
I know I shouldn’t.
But as soon as the liquor goes down my throat.
I’m gulping down bottles after bottles.
I don’t know how much I drank but I can’t see clearly anymore and I just want to sleep.
With the way he stormed out of the house,I know Abby has hurt him.My heart ached because of that.
Why can’t he just leave her?
What’s so special about Abby? I followed him out of the house,he drove off before I got to the garage.
I immediately boarded a car which followed him.
He nee-ds to see that I’m willing to be at his beck and call.
He doesn’t nee-d Abby.
I watched him get terribly drun!k.
Jeez!Abby was going to be the death of him.
But I won’t allow that.
Soon,I think his b©dy can’t take any more alcohol because he’s resting his head on the table.
I stood up and walked up to his table then I sat beside him.
“Dave, it’s time to go”I said shaking him vigorously.
He slowly lifted up his head.
“Uh….uh… Vixen”He slurred.
I smiled, dryly.I would be his vixen…his submissive vixen.
“You’re drun!k, let’s go”
“I…. I’m not drun!kand I’m… I’m going anywhere with you.You…you think I have watched too many movies like this with Abby…. when the man is slightly intoxicated and then…the vixen uses that against him.No! I’m not falling for that,I’d prefer to sleep right here than to go anywhere with you”He declared,drun!kily.
My fists clenched,why was he still fighting this?
“I can’t just leave you here Dave,your wife obviously doesn’t care about you.I can…”
“Sh….she does. I can never be with you….I can’t hurt Abby, she’s too precious to me”
Pain r!pp£dthrou-gh my heart,even at his drun!ken state, he still adores her.
I allow him drink so more…I want his system to be filled with alcohol and he wouldn’t know when I’ll take him out of this place.
And truly he doesn’t, about an hour later,I booked a h0tel room and immediately,we got to the door,he pas-sed out.
I managed to drag him into the room then make him lie on the be-d.
Slowly,I started to undress him.
🤔🤔🤔 is Dave safe?