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tem-pted Episode 17

💋 tem-pted💋
I deserve to be happy.
I deserve a man who adores me.
I deserve a man who treats me like a queen.
I deserve a doting husband.
And Dave is that man.
Is that so much to ask?
Look at Abby.She doesn’t know how lucky she is.She doesn’t trust him and hold on firmly to my advice.She keeps treating him badly.
I know Dave wants me but he doesn’t want to hurt Abby.I can keep our affair a secret for a while and give him time to file for a divorce.
He just have to accept what he wants and see how good we are together.I’m going to make him come running to me.
I won’t give up on him!
By the time I get back to my office.I’m feeling so burdened.
I wish I can talk to someone about this.
I’m now staying away from my friends but I know they would always be around if I agree to meet up with them.If I tell them about this,I know they’re going to tell me to have an affair with Clara.
I don’t want that.I think what would be more burdensome is cheating…. I love my peaceful life before,when I don’t have to tell women twice that I’m taken….when they back off when they see that I don’t indulge in those cra-p.When I come home to my wife and we get to cloud nine and back.
I miss her…. I miss Abby a lot…. I’m going to see her at home but I still miss her.
My phone beeps.
I reluctantly stared at it and it’s a Godforsaken message from Clara.
Clara:Hey,my love😘
I ignore it then she s£nt a picture.
What is this all about this time?
I tap on it and it’s a picture of her b©©b s.
Oh my God! Now, it’s S-x chatting?
Go offline Dave.You have to…you can do this buddy.
But I find myself not going offline.
Her b©©b s are big and her n!ppl!s are £r£¢t.
Clara:My n!ppl!s are [email protected] and £r£¢tfor you,Dave.I want you to taste them.I want you to get them between your teeth…I want your hands on them.
I am having a [email protected] breakdown.I’m getting so turned on.
Another picture pops in.
Now it’s a picture of her @ss.They’re so big and well rounded.
Clara: Will you want to fv¢k me from behind Dave?
I’m so [email protected] right now and I’m afraid I’d come in my bo-xers.
Another picture pops in and this time, it’s her pvzzy.
My eyes wi-de-ned and blood rushed to my groin.
My door’s locked and immediately,I tug down my trou-sers and bo-xers and I’m stro-king my d!¢k.
I stared at the picture as I masturbate to it.Her pvzzy’s pink and pretty and her cl!t is £r£¢t.
Against my will, I’m imagining myself being inside that pvzzy.
Should I rush home and fv¢k her before Abby returns?
She said she would keep it a secret.
And I badly need a woman right now.
I can do it just once, right?
Oh God! I can’t believe I’m nursing this thoughts.What has happened to me?
After I come,I stared at myself and the mess I’ve made on my seat.
And still,my d!¢k refuses to soften.
My head is scre-wed…I just want a woman’s b©dy.
fv¢king $h!t!
I am so fv¢ked up.
On my way home,I bought all Abby’s favorite things I can think of,I buy her flowers and stick a card to it… expressing my love for her.
I buy all her favorite snacks.
I just don’t know what else to do. I just want us to be okay again.
I have always prided myself because I [email protected] get swayed by women like my friends.
But now, it’s as if I don’t know myself anymore.
When I get home and pres£nt everything to her,she didn’t even open it.And told me a cold “thank you”
That night,I stared at her dressed in one of her S-xy nightie.
And of course I’m fv¢king [email protected]
These days I’ve been getting more [email protected] than usual.
I don’t want to wank…it doesn’t make me feel satisfied…this is what I want….a woman…my wife.
I moved closer to her and k!$$£d her shoulder.
She stirrs in her sleep and I know she’s awake now because I’m ru-bbing my £r£¢tion against her bu-ttocks.
I placed my hand on her th!ghs, ru-bbing them and sliding into her nightie…
“Dave st©p!”She warned.
I let my hand hold the rim of her [email protected], it isn’t [email protected] to get her turned on and by the time she is,maybe she won’t reject me.
She held my hand firmly and took it away from her b©dy.
“plea-se Abby.I need you.”My voice sounds so husky because I’m madly arou-sedright now.
“Leave me alone, Dave.What?She isn’t enough for you,I have a friend’s wedding to attend tomorrow, I’m leaving very early,so don’t deprive me of sleep, plea-se”
“I won’t.Just a few minutes, I’ll be quic-k.Just let me be inside of you, Let me come inside of you plea-se”I begged, desperately.
She pu-ll-ed up the duvet to cover her b©dy.
I sighed heavily and moved away from her and I’m off to the bathroom to wank.

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