tem-pted Episode 16

💋 tem-pted💋
Damn it!
I can’t be alone with her.I’m ba-rely handling the situation and she wants to meet up in my office and then what?
s£dûç£me into a section of office S-x?
That thought made my d!¢k ha-rd en slightly.
fv¢k,this guy always has other plans for me.
“Tell her that I’m busy and she should leave”With that I disconnected.
Within seconds of hanging up,my phone beeps.It’s a text from Clara.
Clara: I’m not going anywhere till you agree to see me.
Me:Then I’ll have to get security to kick you out.
Clara: Just try calling them and watch me create a scene about how you used and dumped me,I bet you want that news to get to Abby.
“Vixen!”I exclaimed.
There’s no way I’m letting her into my office, Instead I walked out of my office and headed downstairs.
I found her sitting on a chair in the lobby.
“Now that you’ve seen me,can you plea-se leave?”I asked, calmly.
She smiled and stood up.
“We can go to the office and talk,I even brou-ght lunch for you”She said showing a lunch box to me.
“We ain’t going to my office and I never asked you to bring lunch to me”
“Well,Dave.I won’t leave here until we talk about us”
Christ!She is relentless.
Then again we should really talk so I can make it clear to her that there’s no “US”.
I led her to the company’s eatery and I can tell she is disappointed but I don’t care.
We walked into the eatery and take our seat.I’m glad that there are a lot of people around.
She brou-ght out the food from the lunch box and dish out the meal.
I stared at the flatware in front of me then at her face.
“You can eat, it’s not poisoned”She joked but I don’t find it funny.
“I’m not hungry”I snapped.
She sighed heavily.”Dave,why do you insist on giving me a ha-rd time,I want to give myself to you,I want to be everything to you”
“Will you just listen to yourself,Clara,what has come over you? I’m your best friend’s husband.I thought you and Abby are like sisters, don’t you even care about how she would feel if she finds out about this….this….”
“I love you, Dave.Nothing else matters. I want you to love me too.You told me that if you love someone, you shouldn’t give up,you told me that I’m beautiful”
Now I’m having a serious headache.
“When I told you that you’re beautiful,I didn’t mean I wanted an affair with you.I just thought everyone should be considered beautiful no matter the appearance…When you told me if there was anything like loving the wrong person,I thought maybe you had someone you were falling for.I was happy for you because I thought you deserved a good man….”
“You’re that man,Dave”
“I’m not.And when I told you not to give up… I never suspected I was that person…I thought the person you love might love you in return…I thought the feeling was mutual.I didn’t advise you to chase after a married man especially this married man”I said pointing at myself.
“I made you happy,Dave.You were happy that day we pla-yed darts together”
“Now,I regret pla-ying darts with you”I muttered.
“And that night,I was there for you when you were ill but Abby wasn’t,she places her work above you,Dave.But if you give me all your love and attention, I’ll put…”
“Abby doesn’t places her work above me,it just so happened that I fell sick after she traveled.Why are you so shameless, Clara?Abby trusts and loves you…why are you doing this?”
“I love you and It’s your fault”
“This isn’t love….Love is beautiful but what you think you feel for me is ugly… it’s very ugly”
I hope I’m hurting her feelings,I hope my words are turning her off, she stood up and gr@bb£d her handbag.
“I’m going to make you see how beautiful our love is… just you wait Dave… I’ll make you see that I can be a better wife than Abby”And then,she walked away.
I buried my face into my palm.
That woman nee-ds medicine!