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April 17, 2021


Mind blowing palace

Tempted Episode 18

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The next day, I’m determined not to nurse any thought of fucking Clara.
I know it’s hard… I’m no saint and the vixen isn’t making things easy for me.
I’m not saying I’m a man who gets sex crazed quickly.
I have seen women…all shape and sizes but when I make them know that I’m not interested…they leave me alone.
I would have been able to cope fairly with Abby denying me sex…I believed I would fairly be able to handle it if Clara wasn’t tempting the living daylight out of me.
Sometimes,I feel suffocated.She’s making me feel suffocated!
When log into social media,I can see she has sent me a lot of messages.So I log out immediately.
‘What are you doing,Dave?She might have sent you a lot of pictures of her tight pussy.Why can’t you just agree and fuck her?Stop behaving like a saint.She’s the one throwing herself at you… just have sex with her…No one needs to know and besides you want it,you want to fuck her pink pretty pussy’My subconscious mind say to me.
I swallowed realizing I’m getting hard again.
She starts sending text messages,but I don’t open them.I’m scared that they would push me off to my limits… I’m scared that I wouldn’t be able to control myself any longer.
I suddenly

got angry.
Is Clara fucking mad?
How dare her make me go through work everyday trying to conceal my hard-on?
How dare her make me a wanking mess?
I grabbed my car keys.
Abby has gone to a fucking wedding and I’m kicking Clara out before she gets back.
I have had enough of this!

When I get home,I stormed into my house.
“Clara!”I called, angrily.
“Hey baby”She replied as I turned around, I found her sitting on a couch dressed in just a pair of white panties.
No bra!
Her nipples are pointing at me.
Oh fuck!
I should’ve thought this through. I shouldn’t have let anger get the better place of me and come home just to meet this…. this…
She stood in front of me and my thoughts scattered.
“Please pardon the way I’m dressed,my love.I didn’t know you would come home this early.You can punish me if you want”She said pressing her naked chest against mine.
With all the strength I have left,I pulled her away from me.
“I…. I want you to leave my house,in fact…. I’m… I’m thro….throwing your things out right now”I said suddenly breathless.
The anger I initially felt had disappeared.
“Oh really? That’s really hard to believe because that cock is saying otherwise”She said pointing out my bulge between my legs.
Now,I know that I’m at her mercy,so I have to beg.
“This is just a physical attraction, I’m a man standing before a woman dressed in just panties,you rubbed yourself on

me,what did you expect?But Clara,we don’t have to do this.We don’t have to hurt Abby…..”
“Again with Abby.Are you just insensitive or stupid?She doesn’t want you anymore, she’s looking for the right time to leave you,but I will never leave you Dave….”
I guess Abby might’ve told her about our problems.
“Clara, please you’ll find a good man someday soon but there can never be ‘US’….This is wrong… I’m married,I love my wife… please stop doing this to me”
I don’t care if I sound pathetic right now but I’m not myself anymore.
She suddenly closed the distance between us and palmed my hard cock through my slacks.
She starts to rub it.
I know I should remove her hand but I both hate and love how it feels.
It’s been quite a while since a woman touched me.
“It’s me you want Dave.Admit to it.You’re hard for me”
“Stop… please”I’m aware that comes out weakly.
“Why do you keep on fighting this?”She placed her arms around zeey neck.
“Kiss me,Dave.Kiss me and see if you won’t want more”
I stared at her lips then at her boobs…


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