tem-pted Episode 18

💋 tem-pted💋
The next day, I’m determined not to nurse any thought of fv¢king Clara.
I know it’s ha-rd … I’m no saint and the vixen isn’t ma-king things easy for me.
I’m not saying I’m a man who gets S-x crazed quic-kly.
I have seen women…all shape and sizes but when I make them know that I’m not interested…they leave me alone.
I would have been able to cope fairly with Abby denying me S-x…I believed I would fairly be able to handle it if Clara wasn’t tempting the living daylight out of me.
Sometimes,I feel suffocated.She’s ma-king me feel suffocated!
When log into social media,I can see she has s£nt me a lot of messages.So I log out immediately.
‘What are you doing,Dave?She might have s£nt you a lot of pictures of her ti-ght pvzzy.Why can’t you just agree and fv¢k her?St©p behaving like a saint.She’s the one throwing herself at you… just have S-x with her…No one nee-ds to know and besides you want it,you want to fv¢k her pink pretty pvzzy’My subconscious mind say to me.
I swallowed realizing I’m getting ha-rd again.
She starts s£nding text messages,but I don’t open them.I’m scared that they would push me off to my limits… I’m scared that I wouldn’t be able to control myself any longer.
I suddenly got angry.
Is Clara fv¢king mad?
How dare her make me go throu-gh work everyday trying to conceal my ha-rd -on?
How dare her make me a wanking mess?
I gr@bb£d my car keys.
Abby has gone to a fv¢king wedding and I’m kicking Clara out before she gets back.
I have had enough of this!
When I get home,I stormed into my house.
“Clara!”I called, angrily.
“Hey baby”She replied as I turned around, I found her sitting on a couch dressed in just a pair of white p@n-ties.
No br@!
Her n!ppl!s are pointing at me.
Oh fv¢k!
I should’ve thought this throu-gh. I shouldn’t have let anger get the better place of me and come home just to meet this…. this…
She stood in front of me and my thoughts scattered.
“plea-se pardon the way I’m dressed,my love.I didn’t know you would come home this early.You can punish me if you want”She said pressing her n-ked che-st against mine.
With all the strength I have left,I pu-ll-ed her away from me.
“I…. I want you to leave my house,in fact…. I’m… I’m thro….throwing your things out right now”I said suddenly breathless.
The anger I initially felt had disappeared.
“Oh really? That’s really ha-rd to believe because that c0ckis saying otherwise”She said pointing out my bulge between my legs.
Now,I know that I’m at her mercy,so I have to beg.
“This is just a physical attra-ction, I’m a man standing before a woman dressed in just p@n-ties,you ru-bbe-d yourself on me,what did you expect?But Clara,we don’t have to do this.We don’t have to hurt Abby…..”
“Again with Abby.Are you just ins-en-sitive or stupid?She doesn’t want you anymore, she’s looking for the right time to leave you,but I will never leave you Dave….”
I guess Abby might’ve told her about our problems.
“Clara, plea-se you’ll find a good man someday soon but there can never be ‘US’….This is wrong… I’m married,I love my wife… plea-se st©p doing this to me”
I don’t care if I sound pathetic right now but I’m not myself anymore.
She suddenly closed the distance between us and palmed my ha-rd c0ckthrou-gh my slacks.
She starts to ru-b it.
I know I should re-move her hand but I both hate and love how it feels.
It’s been quite a while since a woman t©uçhed me.
“It’s me you want Dave.Admit to it.You’re ha-rd for me”
“St©p… plea-se”I’m aware that comes out weakly.
“Why do you keep on fighting this?”She placed her arms around zeey n£¢k.
“k!ssme,Dave.k!ssme and see if you won’t want more”
I stared at herl-ips then at her bo-ob s…