tem-pted Episode 13

💋 tem-pted💋
The p@rty didn’t go as I planned.Dave ha-rd ly looked at me.I wanted him to drool over me and my dress.Didn’t he see that a slight tug would reveal my n!ppl!s?I wanted him to make that slight tug.Didn’t he see that I was wearing any un-derwear in case he wanted a quic-kie?
Why wasn’t he getting the message?
Instead his friend with bigl-ips had to approach me. I told me that I was taken.
Yeah! I’m soon gonna be taken by Dave.
Call me crazy….I don’t care.
I was told that when you love someone,you should never give up.
I slowly sat up in be-d recalling how he walked down the stairs holding Abby’s hand…how he k!$$£d her in my pres£nce.
I threw my pillow to the floor in anger.She doesn’t deserve him!
And last night,I had gone up to their be-droom door to spy on them…to get a glimpse of Dave’s d!¢k which would be buried inside me very soon.
Surprisingly,they weren’t having S-x but arguing. I couldn’t really get what the problem was because they were obviously trying to keep their voices down.
I’m curious to know.Abby didn’t go to work today so I have to get her to talk to me because she tells me everything.
I walked into the living room and found Abby watching a soap opera on TV.
“Hey best,why didn’t you go to work today?”I asked sitting on a couch adjacent to her.
“I didn’t feel like going”
“Do you have a problem,Abby?”
“Now you’re keeping secrets from me, come on,Abby.You can talk to me.Your face doesn’t look good.What is it?”
She sighed heavily.”I think Dave’s cheating on me”She announced with tears filled eyes.
I immediately sat beside her holding her hand.
“What’s he saying about it?”
“Of course he’ll deny it”
“Do you have any idea who it is or any proof that he’s cheating?”
“Well,I don’t have anything candid for now but the men he hangs out with are all masters in that aspect”
I smiled inwardly.When did Abby become this stupid?With the few weeks I’ve been in this house,I’ve witnessed how much Dave adores and loves her and the idea of his friends being wom-anizers still isn’t enough reason for her to doubt his fidelity.
I’m just confirming what I said a while back.Abby doesn’t deserve him.All his love and adoration for her should be transferred to me.So I should use this opportunity to my advantage.
“I can’t blame you for feeling this way, that’s what trending among men now.When they come together,they don’t even talk about their wives,instead, it’s about how well their mistresses are in be-d”I could see my words were badly affecting her.
“And you know men who cheat most are those men who are so caring and loving to their wives,they make their wife think that they will never cheat on them and their wives foolishly believes until they get terribly hurt in the end”
“I don’t want to end up like Maria”Abby muttered.
I don’t know who the fv¢k that is but I’m glad Abby has an example.
“What do I do,Clara?If I find out that Dave is really cheating on me,it would break me ap@rt”
“You know what will hurt more is to find out from someone else or catch them together,it will hurt less if he tells you the truth himself”
“If he admits that he’s cheating,that will be the end of us”Abby declared.
My heart fluttered.Oh I can’t wait to see the end of Abby and Dave.
“But he’ll never admit to it”
“Of course he would.My cousin’s friend,Linda got her husband to confess”
“She strongly refused to let him t©uçh her for a while,not even a k!ss.When he saw how serious she was about the whole thing,he admitted to it and c@m£ begging for forgiveness”
Abby swallowed.”But you see,I love it when he t©uçhes me,I can ha-rd ly resist him,and besides, we’re going to start having kids”
‘That will not be possible’I thought angrily.
I am the only one who should carry Dave’s baby in my wo-mb.
“Abby,you have to do this.If you want S-x badly,you could get a dil-do or [email protected]’t be in a hurry to get pregnant now,what if you find out that he’s cheating after getting pregnant,you might lose the baby.You nee-d to resolve this before anything else”I could see I was ma-king s-en-se to her.
“What if he’s not actually cheating on me.Wouldn’t I just be hurting him for nothing?”
“Did he tell you that he’ll avoid his friends?”
“That means he loves being around them.Birds of the same feathers flock together.I’m highly sure you won’t be hurting him for nothing.You have to do this.He has to confess,that way,you won’t end up being shattered.”
She smiled sadly and I hvgged her.
“Thank you so much,Clara. I still don’t know what I’ll do without you”She murmured.
I gently stro-ked her hair.”You’re always welcome,Abby.Don’t worry, you’re going to be okay.We’ll get throu-gh this together”
By the time I got home,I was hoping Abby and I could talk things throu-gh like we always do but she was alre-ady asleep.
I took my bath and changed into a pair of bo-xers. I got into the be-d and gently pu-ll-ed her over to sleep in my arms.
She slowly opened her eyes and moved away from me.
“I’m feeling really tired right now so goodnight”And then she closed her eyes.
I surpressed myl-ips in a ti-ght line. I hate it when I’m not in good terms with her.
The following day at work,I stared at my wallpaper…at the woman who means the world to me.We ba-rely talked this morning. I didn’t want to insist we talk about it because I didn’t want Clara to know we were having marital problems.
I hated having anyone to meddle in our affairs.I’ve always wanted Abby and I to be able to settle our problems ourselves.
Maybe I should st©p hanging out with my friends.But what would I tell them?This was gonna be awkward but I have to do it if I want Abby to be happy again.
Though,it hurts a lot that she doesn’t trust me enough to believe what I say.
I picked up my cellphone and logged into social media. I s£nt her a message.
Me:Hey baby❤
She was clearly online but she didn’t reply.
I placed my phone on the table.It beeps.
I hurriedly picked it up thinking it was her but then it’s Clara.She s£nt a video.
I pla-yed it.
I gulped seeing that it was a twer-k video,she was tying only a towel with her behind facing the c@m£ra as her bu-ttocks shook vigorously.
I quic-kly deleted it.
Maybe she s£nt it to me by mistake.She probably wanted to s£nd it to someone else.
My phone beeps again and I think she has realized that she s£nt it to me and was probably going to apologize.
But then it’s another video.
I shouldn’t watch,but I’m curious to know what this one is about so I pla-yed it.
This time she is still in the towel but faces the c@m£ra and t©uçhes her bo-ob s as she dance.
She turned her bu-ttocks to the c@m£ra again.
“Do you like my as-s? I can give you a better view if you want”She says and then I quic-kly delete the video and punch on my keyboard.
Me:This is Dave.
I have to tell her in case she has forgotten or she didn’t saved my number with my name.
Clara: I know.
She knows!
Me:St©p s£nding those videos.
Clara:You don’t like it?
Is this really Clara?
Me: I don’t.
Clara:Are you sure?
I can tell she’s teasing me and I don’t fv¢king like it.
Has she gone nuts?
Clara: Maybe this would make you feel good.
And then another video pops in.
I don’t want to watch but I find myself not deleting it either.