tem-pted Episode 14

💋 tem-pted💋
I don’t want to watch but I find myself not deleting it either.
I slowly tap on it.Now, she’s wearing a kimono.My trou-sers is starting to feel so ti-ght,my c0ckis ma-king a tent in there.
She moves around s£dûçt!velyand faces the c@m£ra.
“I bet you can’t wait to get home and fv¢k me, right?I’ll await your plea-sure.Now let me give you a view of what you’re going to taste tonight”She said l!çk!ng herl-ips.
“JESUS!”I exclaimed and turned it off, immediately I deleted the video. I know she was going to take off her kimono. I can’t see her n-kedness.Not now,not ever.
I start typing again.
Me: What the fv¢k is wrong with you?
Clara: Nothing, just showing you that you shouldn’t be scared to go after what you want.
Me: I don’t want you!
Me:I didn’t know you were possessed.When I get home, you’re leaving my house.
Clara:And what will you tell Abby?That I s£nt you videos…. videos that you loved.I’m not leaving your house,never!Don’t you think it will be nice if I’m called Mrs co-rker.
Me: You’re insane.
Clara:Insane for you, baby. I know u Dave, you’re just hiding what you really want,I bet you want me to svçkur d!¢k…I bet you want me to svçktill your legs grow weak… I bet…
I quic-kly log out of social media because my c0ckis swelling to the point of pain.
And all I can think of right now is to get a re-lease.
I walked into the bathroom and locked the door. I took of my trou-sers and bo-xer.
My d!¢k is ha-rd and h0t as I wra-p my hand around it and squee-ze it almost painfully.
I shouldn’t be doing this. I shouldn’t j£rk off just because Clara has suddenly turned into a witch.
I thought of Abby then.How she looks at me before….her eyes…so pure and good and make me want to make love to her all the time.
The ti-p of my c0ckleaks ¢v-m and I use it to lube up my shaft.I’m angry as I jack my arm up and down quic-kly because I can’t remember when last I wanked.
It’s all Clara’s fault that I’m fv¢king ha-rd up…that I’m having to beat my c0ckoff just to find some semblance or re-lease.How dare she put me in this state where the only relief is my hand.
I gr-unt because it’s not enough and I don’t like the way it feels.My hand isn’t a soft cushion like Abby’s b©dy and it’s pissing me off.
I picture myself sliding into Abby’s we-t folds.
“fv¢k!”I whispered as I hump and hump, feeling my c0ckswelling more with each stro-ke.
My ba-lls ti-ght£ñed and h0t ¢v-m boils up inside me.
I keep picturing Abby’s n-ked b©dy beneath me until I find the re-lease I’m so desperate for.My sticky ¢v-m spurts out all over my c0ck.A smear of white cream run down my shaft as I sat down to catch my breath but my c0ckdoesn’t soften.I’ve just fv¢ked myself ragged and it’s not enough.
I nee-d Abby.
My mind drifts off to Clara’s videos and I’m getting so angry as I cleaned myself up.
Why the hell would she want me? I’m married…. married to be her best friend.I’m happily married… I love my wife for Christ’s sake and I would get broken if she was with another man,I wouldn’t want to cause her that kind of pain too so cheating is not an option for me.
What is wrong with Clara?
As soon as I’m dressed,I stepped out of the bathroom and sat back on the swivel chair.But I can’t work on anything anymore.
I’m freaking out!
I stand up and pace to and fro.
Someone nee-ds to tell me what the hell is wrong with Clara? I didn’t give her any reason to think I would want to have an affair with her,did I?Then I remember that night when she suddenly showed up at the door of the kitchen dressed in shi-t and p@n-ties.
Shrills run down my spine.How long had she been nursing these evil ideas?She even wants to be Mrs co-rker…my wife.
Now I know that saying is true….not everyone who looks well is actually well.Clara is sick…she is crazy.She nee-ds to leave my house. I can’t live in the same house with that temptress.
But what do I say to Abby?
“Hey baby, Clara s£nt me videos today,she was going undress but I deleted it then she went on and on that she wants me to fv¢k her and she wants to be Mrs co-rker and that she would svçkmy………JESUS”
I ran my hand throu-gh my face.
Great! fv¢king great!Now this has to happen now that Abby doesn’t trust me…now that she’s so distant.
Now that we can’t communicate like before.
That thought made me feel so pained.
I used to tell her everything…not leaving anything out and I believed she told everything too but now….I can’t tell her about this…. it’s not that I want to keep it a secret,I really want to tell her so that she can kick Clara out of our home but she won’t believe me.She might take it the wrong way,she might think I’m fv¢king her bestie alre-ady…and I know Abby very well,she doesn’t forgive, it’s ha-rd for her to forgive when she’s extremely angry at someone.
She might leave me!
Tears pricked my eyes as I leaned against the wall.I’ve never actually thought of Abby leaving me because I made it my number one priority to make her always happy, but if Clara gets to me.Abby will leave me.
At that moment,I realized that I’m in for trouble and just how much can I resist Clara?