Teens love Episode 2 & 3

[ 💕Preston High 💕]
💟 Episode 2 💟
🍡 Sophia 🍡
” wow,, I love everything about this school ” I commented after walking round for some minutes
” Yeah,, you will really find Preston High amazing ” David replied ma-king me smile
I jumped up out of excitement
Suddenly I bu-mped into someone,, oh no what now
” Am so sorry ” I bowed countless times before looking up
What??? Tk?? But this time he was with two other cute boys
He sigh and walked away, the second one followed while the last one st©pped
” Hi,,, new student??? ” he asked and I nodded
” Am Jin ” He said bringing his hand for a shake
” Sophia ” I said and took the hand
” See you around ” He said and walked off
Why is Tk cold?? But he’s still handsome anyway,,,
” I guess we are done,,” David spoke up
” Thank you for your time,, I really do enjoyed myself ” I said and we waved at each other before Patting ways
I decided to find my way back to the cafeteria,,, oh no I don’t seem to know. I should have just followed David,,, I sigh out loud. Why do you always get into trouble???
I suddenly find myself in a garden,,, wow the garden look so beautiful. I walked closer into the garden checking the flowers out,, I saw someone on the long bench, the person l@ydown with his eyes closed.
Who is it anyway?? I will just find out, I ti-ptoed and moved closer. And then he opened his eyes and sat up, I g@sped. Tk???!!!
I turn back immediately re-ady to run,,,
” St©p ” He said and I st©pped right away, what do I do right now???
” Turn ” He said
I gulped down and faced him slowly,,,, my head bowing down.
” Didn’t you re-ad the school rules??? ” He asked
” Huh??? ” I asked still looking down
” You’re a new student so I will let you go,, next time you come here you will be punished ” He said
I nodded and rushed out immediately,, I ran till I get to a different building. I guess I can find my way from here,, but am tired right now.
I sat down on the staircase breathing ha-rd than normal,,, I remember TK,, how come he’s so handsome?? He was not putting on school uniform,, and his two friends also were not putting on uniform.
Tk look so h0t with those glas-ses,,, his hair is quite long. I can’t believe my heart is beating fast,,
But what rule was he talking about?? Oh, I remember David giving me some paper. I took it out from my pocket and unwra-pped it,,,
School Rules
1.. You must always put on your school uniform aside the special students
Oh maybe Tk and his friends are special students,, Am sure it’s because of their parents
I skip the rules to 6
6:: you must never go into the school garden or you will be punished
What???? But why!!!!
I stood up and walked into the cafeteria,,,,
” Hey Sophia,, am here ” Bianca waved at me,, I went to her and sat down still de-ep in thought.
” What’s wrong??? ” she asked and I told her everything
” Oh,, am sorry. I should have explained to you ” She said dropping her ice cream
” Explain now ”
” The thing is,,,, Tk and his friends are the riche-st in the school. They only attend the general clas-s twice in a week,, they have their own pri-vate clas-s,,,,, I don’t really know about the garden stuff but I know that only Tk is allowed to go there. He always go there whenever he’s in a bad mood, you’re lucky today. ” she explained
” It’s weird ” I said inwardly
We heard the bell and went back to clas-s, I just can’t get Tk out of mind right now.
Finally school is over,, I took my bag and went to the uniform office. She asked me to come for my uniforms, how can a school have five uniforms???
I opened the office, she welcomed me with a smile.
” Hi mam ” I greeted
” I was expecting you anyway ” She said and stood up.
” Come with me ” She said and walked into the room where the uniforms are
I followed her,,,
💚 Tk 💚
” Young master,,, you nee-d to come with me right now. The president is waiting ” One of the guards said,, I sigh and stood up.
I just hate all these,, I wish am not a president son. I can’t even do what I want,, these stupid guards always going everywhere with me. I hope this is going to st©p one day, I’m just tired.
” Let’s go ” I said
They bowed and started walking while I followed,,,, someone walked out of the uniform office and bu-mped into me.
” Why can’t you just watch out!!! ” I yelled
” Apologize right now!! ” One of the guards shouted at her
” Am so sorry, I didn’t mean to do that ” She said trembling in fear. I recognize her,, the new student
” I hate clumsy people like you,, don’t you ever appear in front of me again ” I said and walk away
I got into the car and put on my headphone, I always listen to music when am in a bad mood, that girl even spoiled my mood more with her clumsy act, so annoying.
I got down of the car, all the guards bowed their heads. This is so annoying, my father is the president, not me!!! Can’t they un-derstand???
Another one wanted to open the door, I immediately opened it before him. I walked in and my sister sm-irked,, she’s two years older than me. She’s 19 and am 17,,
” Kid ” she called
” Hi ” I said
She t©uçhed my forehead ma-king sure am fine, sometimes I wish she’s my mom. My parents doesn’t even have time for us, she’s the one who always take good care of me since we were kids even though she’s just two years older. That’s why she’s the only girl am close with,,,,.
” Are you having a ha-rd time??? ” She asked with her usual concern face
” You don’t have to worry about me Lisa, am fine ” I said with a smile
” I hope so ” she t©uçhed my cheek
” Dad want to talk to us I guess ” She said and we both went upstairs to father’s study room.
” You guys are here,,, have your seat ” he said and we both sat down
” Your mom and I alre-ady made up our mind,,,,,, Tk, you will be 18 soon ” he said and I scoff
” I will be 18 in 9 months time,, still a long way ” I said
” When you turn 18,, you will be leaving here for California. You will take over the company there ”
” What???!! That’s not possible,, how about my studies??? ” I asked
” There are many schools there, that’s not an excuse ” he said not showing any concern as usual
” I don’t want that ” I said
” You don’t have a choice,, you don’t expect me to do everything while you are here. Your sister will take care of the one here,,, ”
” But why must I be the one who is going to California??? ” I asked
” Your sister is a girl,, I have to monitor her ” he said
I stood up and walked out,, I wish the 9 month never come. I just hate myself for this..
I entered my room and coll@pse on the be-d, can’t he just un-derstand that am still a teenager?? I nee-d time for myself!!!!!
I changed my clothes and put on something else, I walked out of the room and went downstairs.
” Where are you going?? ” Lisa asked
” Am going out,, I nee-d to clear my mind a bit ” I said and went out
The guards rushed to me,,
” Am going out alone ” I snapped and entered my car,,,. I drove out of the mansion feeling mad at myself. I just wish I can do whatever I want and not what my parents wants.
🍀 Sophia 🍀
” Don’t worry,, you don’t have to s£nd the maid, I will go get it ” I said taking the card from mom
” Are you sure?? ” she asked
” Yes mom, don’t worry about me ” I said and walked out of the house
I will just walk,, I nee-d some exercise anyway,,,
” You are not taking the car?? ” She asked
” No mom am fine ” I said
” Okay, have fun ” she waved
I waved back and started walking to the cereal stall,, it’s been long since I walk like this. It’s gonna be fun,, I will just go to the coffee shop before going to buy what she want. She doesn’t nee-d it right now anyway,,
🌸🌸 Episode 3 🌸🌸
🍀 Sophia 🍀
I walked into the coffee shop,, the attendant girl c@m£ to me like she was expecting me. She’s my friend anyway,,
” Hey Sophie,, how are you doing?? It’s being long since I saw you ” She said
” Erika, am sorry. Just the school stuff ” I smiled
” It’s okay,, I heard you got transfered into Preston High ” She said
” Yeah that’s right ” I said
” I really envy you Sophia,, I don’t even have the opportunity to go to school ” she said and I suddenly felt sorry for her
” I can talk to my dad if you want,, am sure he’s going to help you ” I said
” What?? Really??? ”
” Yes ”
She jumped on me hvgging me ti-ghtly, I chuckle at her behavior. I just love her,,,
” Hey,, one of your schoolmates is here ” She said
” Where??? ” I asked
” Over there ” I followed her hand and it landed on a guy,, what???
” TK ” I muttered
” I will get your order ” She said and left
I decided to go to him even if he wouldn’t like it,,, I sat down just opposite. He look up the moment I sat down, his face look dull
” What are you doing here?? There are lot of tables ” he said and rolled his eyes
” I wanted to sit with you, anything bad in that?? ” I asked
” Can’t you just un-derstand?? I don’t like you, don’t try to flir-t with me ” he snapped
I felt bad,, flir-t?? Am I really flir-ting with him??
” Am,,,,, am sorry ” I said and stood up,, I immediately went to seat somewhere else.
I keep on stealing gazes from him,, he’s really handsome.
” Do you like him?? ” Erika asked as she dropped the coffee on the table.
” Huh?? ”
” I caught you starring at him,, ” she said and I sigh
” You really like him ” She smiled.
” He’s a j£rk,, this is the first time I will ever approach a guy ” I said
” Don’t say that,, he may be in a bad mood ” Erika said
” You are right ” I said and stole another gaze from him
” See you later ” She said and left
I saw him talking on the phone so I decided to eavesdrop,,
📞 Am out
📞 I can’t come home right now,, I really have alot in my mind. Maybe next time,,,, I just wish I can stay away from that house for a long time
📞 I know,, but he’s just being selfish.
📞 Thanks,, bye
He dropped the call and sigh out,,
What’s wrong with him?? He stood up and dropped the money on the table,, he walked out of the shop. I immediately stood up and followed him,,,
” Hey wait up ” I ran after him p@n-ting
” What do you want now ” he asked still walking
” Am sorry about what happened earlier,, I didn’t mean to get close to you. ”
” What are you talking about?? ” He st©pped
” Let’s be friends ” I said stretching my hand for a shake,, just take it take it
He scoff and ignore me walking away, I ran after him again.
” That’s rude ” I snapped
He st©pped and faced me,,,
” Am warning you,, stay away from me ” he said and entered the car, he drove off. I stood still and sigh,, You are really stubborn, don’t worry I will get you.
I left and went straight to the fruit stall,, I bought everything and went back home.
” Hey Sis ” Rose said and hvgged me
I lifted her up and k!$$£d her cheek,, she smiled and her de-ep dimples c@m£ out. She’s just so beautiful,,,
” You still have to gist me about your school ” She said,, what??? She did not forget??
” I will tell you after dinner, you can sleep in my room ” I said
” That’s good ”
I went to the kitchen and gave the maids the fruits basket,,,
” Thank you mam ” They said with a bow
” It’s no big deal ” I said and walked out
I rushed to my room and coll@pse on the be-d,,, am sofu-cking tired..
” Young master, you’re welcome ”
I waved at them and went into the house,, I met mom chatting with Lisa, I ignored them and went upstairs.
They are really getting on my nerves and they don’t know that,,,
I took off my clothes and went into the bathroom,,, after taking my bath I walked into the room and put on my pajamas.
Someone knocked at the door,,.
” Come in ” I said and the door opened revea-ling one of the maids
” Young Master,, it’s time for dinner ”
” Am not hungry ” I snapped
” But,, you’ve not taken anything since morning ” She said
” My parents doesn’t even care about that ” I said
” Am sorry,,, but I care about it. So plea-se,, come have dinner ”
” Am not hungry, thank you ” I said and closed my eyes
She waited for some minutes before going out
🌷 Lisa 🌷
” Where is he?? ” Mom asked the maid who was suppose to call TK for dinner
” He said he’s not hungry ” She replied
” Maybe he ate something ” Mom said and continue eating
” Mom,,, he’s been skipping meals, don’t you care at all?? ” I asked
” He’s not getting any younger, he knows the best for himself ” she said
” I can’t believe you right now ” I dropped the fork and stood up
” Where are you going?? ”
” Like you care ” I snapped and went upstairs,,..
I knocked on Tk’s room lightly
” Who’s there?? ”
” Lisa ” I said and opened the door
He was laying on the be-d with his eyes closed
” TK,,, you’ve been skipping meals. What’s wrong with you?? You can’t starve yourself just because of people who doesn’t even care about you ” I said..
” Maybe when I die, they will care about me. Then am re-ady for that ” he said and I sl@pped him straight on his face
” Are you crazy?? How can you talk about death?? Then, what will happen to me?? ”
” Lisa,,, just leave me alone okay?? Am fine,, ” he said and turned to the other side
” Am,,, am,, am so sorry,,, I didn’t mean to,, sl@p you ” I said and t©uçhed his cheek..
I wipe the tears rolling down my eyes,,..
” It’s fine,, You can leave. Good night ”
I stood up with my teary face and went out of the room,, I won’t forgive any of them if something bad happened to my brother.
🍀 Sophia 🍀
I walked out of the car and the driver drove off immediately,,, I breath in and out before walking. Someone bu-mped into me almost ma-king me fall,
” You should watch your steps ” I said gently
” So what if I don’t?? ” She asked and I look up..
They are three girls standing in front of me,, but the one who bu-mped into me was standing more closer to me.
” I can see you’re not re-ady to apologize ” I said and walked away from them. I’ve never seen her, I just wish she’s not in my clas-s.
” Hey Sophie!!! ” I heard my name and I looked back
” Bianca,,, morning ” I smiled
” Morning,, I saw you talking to the the cheerleaders just now
” oh,, they are the cheerleader group?? ” I asked and she nodded
” She’s rude ” I said
” You should get re-ady for more,, that’s how she is ” Bianca said and I nodded
We were about walking to clas-s when we heard noise,,
🚻 Omg!!! TK and Lisa!!! 🚺.
🚺 They look so rich!! 🚻
TK and a girl c@m£ out of the car,, who is she anyway??
” Who is the girl?? ” I asked..
” His sister ” Bianca replied
TK was the first to walk past us,, he look extremely h0t as usual. He did not even spare me a glance as he cat walk to the pri-vate clas-s.
” Are you a new student?? ” I heard someone behind me and I turned
It’s Lisa,, what??
🚻 I can’t believe she spoke to that girl 🚺
” Yes” I said
” You’re beautiful ” she win-ked
” Thanks ” I smiled..
She waved before walking away,, three b©dyguards behind them. I just wish I can talk to TK again, even though he’s arrogant.
To be continued