Teens love Episode 1

( Preston High 🌸)
⭐ Episode 1 🌟
Written By, Summer Gold. W 🖊
🍀 Sophia 🍀
I gr0@nwhen the alarm started ma-king the damn noise, I took it and threw it away. I still nee-d to sleep,, I smiled and went back to sleep.
” You’re joking right?? How can you sleep by this time?? Remember it’s your first day in school today ” mom said tapping me
” More reason why I don’t wanna wake up ” I mubbled
” Oh come on baby,, you can do this ” She said dragging me up
I smiled inwardly as she did that,,
” Okay,, mom ” I said and stood up ” Morning mom ” I said
” Morning baby boo ” She replied and k!$$£d my cheek
I went into the bathroom feeling sleepy as ever,,
” Get re-ady soon, breakfast on dinning!! ” She said before going out
I sigh out loud and started brushing my teeth,, this is unfair. I can’t believe I will be starting a new high school,, I really miss my old friends a lot.
I am Sophia Mae,, 17 years old., still in 5th grade, Pretty face, long hair, straight legs. I think that’s all about me,,, I took a warm bath.
I walked out of the bathroom and went into my room,, I dried my b©dy and used the lotion. I walked to my closet, I brou-ght out a short Sk-irt and a t©p.
Even though I will change into the school uniform when we get there, I still have to look good right??
I put it on and put on my snickers,,,, I brushed my hair neatly and smiled at myself in front of the mirror.
” Sophie,,, you are so pretty ” I said and carried my backpack even though there is nothing in it. The books will be given to me in school.
I took my phone and walked out of the room,,, I went downstairs and met mom and dad alre-ady eating.
” Morning daddy ” I said and pe-cked him
” Morning princess ” He replied
That’s what he always call me,, I love it anyway
I sat down and took the fork,,,,,,
” How do you feel about going to a new school?? ” He asked
” I don’t know,, I will have to give you feedback later ” I said with a smile
” That’s brilliant ” He said and wipe his mouth
” Honey,, am off ” He said
” Don’t work too much ” She said as he k!$$£d her
Such a lovely couples,,
” I won’t ” he replied
His driver carried his briefcase and they left,, my father is a great business man while my mom is a lawyer well known all over.
I wish to have a happy marriage just like my parents,,,,
” Are you done?? I have to take you to school,, ” She said
” Where is Rose?? ” I asked,, she’s my baby sister. 6 years old always acting like a grown up lady, I love her a lot.
” I am here,, I guess you missed me ” She said coming out of where I don’t know, she’s alre-ady on uniform
” Talking of the devil ” I muttered
” I heard that ” She said and sat beside me
” Baby flower,, will you let me feed you?? ” Mom asked with a smile
” Dad left without My morning k!ss” She pouted
Such a spoilt br@t
” He was in a hurry ” Mom replied
She went to her and started eating,, soon we were done.
” Let’s go kids ” mom said
” How about I carry you “? I asked and carried her
” That’s nice of you ” She said with a smile
She look so beautiful,, That’s why she was named Rose, but we prefer calling her Flower.
We got into the car and mom drove off,,,,,
” Tell me about your new school when you get back plea-se ” She said with a pout
” Why?? ” I asked and faced her
” I really want to know how high school feels like ” she said dreamily
” Baby,,, You don’t have to be in a hurry. You will get there ” mom said
” I know ” She said sadly
” Okay, I will gist you. But only if you also tell me about your new school ” I said
She’s also going to a new school, I wonder why father decided to change our schools
Well maybe he decided to give us the best,, the schools we are getting registered into is the best here.
” Of course, I will ” She said happily
” Okay, deal ” I said and pe-cked her
Mom drove into the large compound,,, the school is really awesome.
PRESTON HIGH is written boldly on the building,,,
” Wow,, your school is great ” Rose said
I replied with a nod as I continue starring at the school,, thank you daddy. I said inwardly
We got down from the car,,,
” Come with me ” Mom said with confidence
She’s so beautiful,, I remember when last I watch her in court. She’s the best.
We entered into an office,,
COUNSELOR was written on it,,
” What an august visitor we have here Lawyer Mae ” The chancellor said standing up
” Thanks ” She said and sat down
” How may I help you mam?? ” He asked
” My daughter here will be registered to this school ” She said pointing at me
” Wow,, it will be great to have your daughter here ” He said
Rose win-ked at me and I scoff,,
He made a call and almost immediately a lady c@m£ in,,,
” Take her to the uniform ordering office ” He said
” Come with me ” She smiled at me
I nodded,, I smiled at mom before going with the lady
” What’s your name?? ” She asked without looking back
” Sophia Mae ” I said
” Nice name ” She said as we entered a large room filled with different uniform
” This should size you ” She said and handed over one to me
She pointed at the dressing room and I went in,,, I pu-ll off my clothes and put on the uniform.
It’s a white shi-t with a brown short Sk-irt,, and a jacket,, the jacket is also brown. Wow it look so beautiful,, the Sk-irt is above my kneel, shorter than my previous uniform.
Well,,,, I took my clothes and walked out
” I knew it ” She smiled checking me out
I return the smile,,,
” Other uniforms will be re-ady after school , you should come for it ” She said
” Other uniforms?? ”
” Yeah,,, PRESTON HIGH has five uniforms for each day in a week. Three shi-ts like the one you are putting on and two sport wears,, for Wednesday and Friday ” She said
” Wow ” I muttered
” Come with me,,, first clas-s is almost over so you can join second clas-s. I will take you to take your seat number ” She said
I nodded and immediately put the clothes I took off into my backpack,, I followed her and keep on starring at the school.
I think it’s going to be interesting after all,,,,,,
” We are here ” She said and I c@m£ back to reality
” Wow,, who is this beauty? ” the lady asked and I blu-shed
” New student ”
” Seat number ”
” Here,,, seat 026 ” She said and gave me the key
” Thanks ” I said
” Let’s go,, I will take you to your clas-s,,,, a student will come to you during lunch,, he will show you around ” She said
” That will be great ” I said and continue to follow her
The school is really silent,, they are all in clas-s.
Finally we entered a clas-s,, the teacher st©pped and all eyes were on me.
” She’s a new student,, I brou-ght her to clas-s. I will leave now ” The lady who brou-ght me told the male teacher
She t©uçhed my cheek before walking out,,,
” New student,, introduce yourself ” He said
” I’m Sophia Mae ” I said in my cool and tiny voice
” You are welcome to Preston High ” He said
I bowed with no expression
🚻 Omg,, she’s so beautiful 🚻
🚻 She have a baby face, awwn 🚻
” Silence!! ” The teacher shouted
I breath out,, these students,, how can they say something like that when the teacher is here??
” What’s your seat number?? ” He asked
” 026 ” I said
” It’s right here!! ” A girl shouted from the middle of the clas-s
” You can go have a seat ” The teacher said
. I nodded and walked to the seat with every eyes on me, damn I hate this.
I sat down beside the girl with a long hair like mine,, she’s extremely beautiful.
” Hi Sophie ” She said
” Hi ” I smiled
” Am Bianca ” She said
” Nice name ” I said
” Thanks ” She said
” Bianca,, ” the teacher called
” Sorry sir ” She said and took herl-ips in
I smiled and opened my locker to bring out a note,, the rest of the clas-s went well.
After that, another teacher c@m£ in
” Which clas-s is this?? ” I asked Bianca silently
” English ” She whispered and I nodded
The teacher gaze landed on me,,
” Are you a new student?? ” she asked
” Yes mam ” I said
” Introduce your self ” She snapped
I scoff and stood up
” Sophia Mae ” I said
” You are Mrs Mae’s daughter?? ” she asked and faced nodded
She smiled and asked me to seat down, so she’s nice because of who my mom is.
Just then I heard some students screaming,,what’s happening???
” Do you have any idea about what’s going on?? ” I asked
” I guess It’s TK, ” she replied
” what’s TK?? ” I asked
” h0ttest boy in school,, also a football pla-yer. Every girl is crazy about him,, but it’s a pity he doesn’t even look at them ” She said
” He’s also the president son,, I can’t believe you don’t know him ” She added and I sigh
I turned my gaze back and almost immediately the guy c@m£ in,, omg!!! He look,,, so,,, h0t!!! He was with another guy who also look cute but not like TK
🚻 Hey Tk!! 🚻
🚻 Hi 🚻
🚻 Come seat with me 🚻
He ignored them and went straight to the back seat,, the girls keep on taking pictures of him
” He’s not with his b©dyguard today ” Bianca said and I g@sp
” b©dyguards?? ”
” Yes,, as the president son. He have to be protected every time ” she said
I nodded and sigh out
Finally it’s time for lunch,,, the teacher went out and almost all the girls rushed to TK,,, I stole a gaze from him. He wasn’t even smiling at them, turn back to Bianca, she was also starring at him
We walked out of the clas-s and about getting to the cafeteria when someone tapped my shoulder,, I looked back and a guy smiled at me.
” Hi, am Daniel. I was asked to show you round the school, you are Sophia right?? ” he asked
” Yeah ” I said
” Come with me ” he said
I faced Bianca
” I won’t be able to go with you, am hungry ” she said
” I will join you soon ” I said and followed Daniel
I think this school is gonna be fun anyway,
To be continued