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Teens love Episode 4 & 5

[ Preston High 🌺]
Episode 4 🌺🌺
Written By Summer Gold. W 🖊️
” Hey TK wait ” Lisa ran to me
” What do you want?? ” I asked
” Are you still mad at me??? ”
” Am not,,,, I saw you talking to that girl. Do you know her?? ” I asked
” No I don’t, just saw her today. But she’s beautiful ” she said with a smile ma-king me scoff
” Beautiful indeed ” I scoff again
” Come on,, you also know that she’s beautiful, don’t pretend ” she tea-sed
” She’s not my type ”
” When will you ever have a type,, don’t worry I will help you talk to her ”
” You won’t do that ”
” Am doing that right now,, ” she walked out of the [email protected]
I ran after her calling her name but she won’t listen,, she walked into the [email protected]
🚻 Omg,, what are they doing here? 🚺
🚺 Are they having [email protected] with us?? 🚻
Jeez,, she saw the girl and went to her. I rou-ghed my hair and went out. Now she’s going to think am really in love with her.
What type of sister is Lisa for crying loud!!!
🍀 Sophia 🍀
I was busy with a book when I suddenly heard some noise,,,
🚻 Omg, what are they doing here 🚺
I looked up and [email protected] when I saw TK and his sister,, TK went back while his sister continue walking toward me
” I think she’s coming to you ” Bianca said
” But,, why?? ” I asked
” I don’t know ”
” Hi,, ” she said the moment she got to me
” yes s£nior?? ”
” Can I see you for a minute?? ”
I nodded and we walked out of the [email protected],,,
” I’m Lisa,, TK’s sister ” She smiled
” Sophia ” I said
” This may sound weird but,, I really like you alot. When I saw you some minutes ago,, I just think you’re the right girl for my brother ” she said and eye turn wi-de
” Huh??? ”
” Can you [email protected]£ my brother?? plea-se ”
” What???? ” I [email protected]£ confused,, did TK asked her to tell me this or what
” Okay,, I know you are confused but I will explain. My brother is really down right now,,, and I hate to see my brother being Moody,, can you help me?? Make him fall in love with you,,, I really need my brother back. You won’t un-derstand fully but he’s suffering a lot ” She said
” I wish I can help,, but I can’t ” I said with a sigh
” Why can’t you help??? ”
” Your brother don’t like me,, he hate my gut ” I said
” That’s how he is,, and that’s why I need your help ” She said and I sigh again
” So,, what do I do right now??? ”
” Get closer to him,, I told him am gonna tell you that he’s in love with you and he’s going crazy alre-ady ” She laughed and I couldn’t help but to laugh also
” Lisa can you come now?? That’s enough ” TK said and before Lisa could talk, he’s alre-ady dragging her away
Lisa waved at me and I also do the same,, she’s really a crazy type.
💄 Harley 💄
I watch in disgust as Lisa speak with the girl,, I just hate her a lot. She’s alre-ady gaining Lisa’s attention.
I’ve been trying to gain Lisa’s attention for some time now and she doesn’t seem to like me,, now she’s talking to her??
” I hate her ” Isabel said and hissed
” More than you do,, I just wish something bad happen to her. She’s even trying to flir-t with TK and he doesn’t give a damn about her,,, ” I said
” But,, she’s pretty ” Jessica said and I sh0t her a deadly stare
” Pretty my foot ” I said and we walked to the [email protected]
I saw her smiling with Bianca,, that witch. Bianca was suppose to be my friend!!
We walked [email protected] her and I intentionally step on her,,
” Ouch ” she screamed,, that’s good for her
” That’s rude you know?? ” She called after me and I smiled, just what I wanted from her.
I turn back and walked to her,,,
” What did you say?? ” I asked
” You took a step on my feet and you didn’t apologize,,, why are you so arrogant?? ” She asked
” Wow,, someone is angry ” Isabel said causing me to laugh
” Harley, st©p these. She’s just a new bae,, ” Bianca said
” Who cares?? ” I snapped
” Get re-ady for the worst ” I whispered to her
” Are you threatening me?? You don’t even know who I am ”
🚺 Wow,, I really like the new girl 🚻
🚻 She’s so sharp 🚺
” Who care about who you are?? ” I said
” Don’t [email protected] with me Harley or whatever your name is,, am not gentle. Am not like some sort of girls in novels who always act dumb,, get that into your empty skull,, that’s if you have one, dumb head ”
I fold my fist angrily
🚻 Wow,,, can’t believed she dissed the almighty Harley 🚺
” You will regret this!! ” I yelled and walked out of the [email protected] with my friends
” I will make her cry ” I said angrily
” Count me in,, she alre-ady pissed me off ” Jessica said
New girl,,, I will make your life hell.
🍭 TK 🍭
” What did you tell her?? ” I asked
” I told her you’re in love with her,, and that you want her to be your girlfriend. Trust me,, she agreed ” She blabbered nons-en-se into my ear
” You’re crazy,, I am not interested in [email protected]!nganyone!! Not even that ugly monkey ”
” TK,, she’s not a monkey okay?? She’s beautiful ”
” She’s not beautiful,, she’s damn ugly. ”
” Okay,, that’s none of my business. You should know she’s your girlfriend now ” She said
” Girlfriend my foot ” I snapped
Just then Jin and Denis walked in,,
” Hey,, I’ve missed you ” Jin said with a smile
Everyone know that he’s actually handsome with those black eyes of his,,, he’s the most handsome guy in school after me and then Denis. The three of us are childhood friends,, they are both familia with my parents.
I just wish I could go back to those time when we were always together,,,
” What’s causing the argument between you guys?? ” Denis asked
” She got me a girlfriend,, I don’t even like her one bit ” I said
” I can have her then,, who is she?? ” Jin asked
” You can’t have her dude,, she’s my brother’s girlfriend ” Lisa snapped
” Girl,, you’re only jealous because you like me and don’t want to loose me to another girl ” Jin said and we all laughed
” That’s not possible,, I don’t like you. You’re like a brother to me,, younger brother ” She win-ked
” Age doesn’t matter in a relationsh!p,, and who will find out??see?? Am taller ” Jin said moving closer to Lisa whose height only reach Bin’s shoulder
” Idiot ” Lisa said
” Hey,, leave my sister alone okay?? Am her only b©yfri£nd” I said and hvgged her
” Get off me and face your new girlfriend ” She push me away from her lightly
I shook my head and sat down,,
” You’re worst than mom,, how can you ask me to [email protected]£ someone I don’t know?? ”
” Then,, get to know each other kid ”
Jin and Denis laughed
Just then our pri-vate teacher [email protected]£ in,,,
We all sat down accordingly,,,
🍿 Rose 🍿
I watched as all the pupils [email protected] the [email protected], no one is re-ady to talk to me and I wonder why. I keep on watching some things inwardly with my super power,, nob©dy know about this anyway,,, I’m planing to tell Sophia,, but not now.
I have a power of fate,, I can see what’s going to happen in future. I guess that’s cool anyway,,, I may be 6 but I know things anyb©dy can imagine.
I just stood there watching them pla-y,, am so bored. The teacher is not even in [email protected],,
” Hey Rose ” Someone called
I turned back and faced the boy,, I always notice him in [email protected] He’s brilliant and handsome too
” Hey ” I said silently
” Why are you silent?? ”
” Nob©dy likes me ” I said sadly
” I like you,, so we can be friends ” He said and I smiled
” Really????!!! ” I said happily
” Yes,, my name is Michel ”
” You know my name ” I smiled and he nodded
Wow,, am so happy I made a friend. I will tell Sophia about this!!!
Episode 5 🌺🌺
🍀 Sophia 🍀
I stretch my arms the moment we heard the lunch bell,, damn amfu-cking tired of the work,, I stood up and walked out of the [email protected] since Bianca is not in. She went to the other [email protected] to take Math.
I don’t even know where to go right now,,, I suddenly got an idea. I look around me ma-king sure nob©dy is around,, I ran to the edge of the garden and smiled. TK,, am going to grieve you again.
I arranged my hair and uniform,,, I walked into the garden and just as expected he was sitting right there.
He looked up and was surprised to see me,,
” What are you doing here?? Don’t you ever listen??? ” He half yelled
” Am sorry, I really love this place so much ” I said with my innocent voice
” Get lost ” He said
” No I won’t ” I said and sat down
” What??? ”
” You can’t order me around,, I am your girlfriend now ” I said and laughed inwardly
” What?? Girlfriend??When did you become my girlfriend?? ” He asked
” b©yfri£nd,, st©p pretending. I know you like me,, you even s£nt your sister to tell me that you love me so why do you keep on pretending?? ” I asked and faced him
He look shocked all over, just what I wanted
” You really got some gut,,, I didn’t ask my sister to tell you that rubbish. You’re not even my type ” he scoff
” what’s your type??? ” I asked and he sm-irked
” This ” He used his hand to describe figure eight
” Idiot ” I muttered and he laughed
What?? I can’t believe he just laughed
” Is that really what you want?? ” I asked.
” No,, but can you just stay out alre-ady. Am becoming fed up ”
” What,, I thought we are now friends ” I said
” I don’t wanna be your friend” he snapped
” Then you can be my b©yfri£ndinstead ”
” I can’t ”
” I was also joking,, you’re not my type either ” I snapped
” Am not your type??? ” He asked
” Yes, ”
” So,, what’s your type??? ” He asked
” Someone cuter than you ” I said
” Am sure he’s not in this school ” he said
” Of course he is ” I said and he turned to me,, my eye went to his pinkl-ips. I bite my bottoml-ips and look away
” Who is he?? ”
” Why do you care??? ” I win-ked
” I don’t have your time ” I stood up
” You’re leaving?? ” I asked
” Am tired of your pres£nce ” I said and begin to walk away
Such a j£rk,,, I ran after him
” Let’s go together ”
” Damn,, can’t you un-derstand?? I don’t like you,, st©p following me around ”
” I don’t like you either ” I sm-irked
” Then perfect, stay away from me ”
” Am doing this because of your sister okay?? ” I said and walked away
Don’t worry TK,, just watch as you fall in love with me madly. I smiled at myself.
🍭 TK 🍭
Damn,,, this girl is something else. Can’t she just un-derstand that I don’t want to get close to her?? This is all Lisa’s fault, I don’t like this,
” Hey kid,, your face look bad ” Lisa said as I entered the [email protected]
” Yeah,, thanks to you ” I replied and sat down
” What?? What happened??? ” she asked
” The girl you got me as my girlfriend is a talkative, I don’t like her. Can you just cancel any deal you have with her?? It’s not gonna work ” I said
” Fine,, I will go tell her right away ” She snapped and walked out of the [email protected] Now I will be free,,, I sigh
Soon she [email protected]£ back,,,
” So how is it??? ” I asked
” Done,, and trust me. She hate you now ” she said
” Who cares??? I also hate her ”
” Are you sure about that?? I saw you guys chatting in the garden ”
” That was a mistake ”
[ After School ]
I walked out of the [email protected] with my friends,, Lisa went home alre-ady and I wonder why she left so soon. Complaining of Headache,,,
” I saw the girl your sister,,, ”
” I don’t want to talk about it ” I snapped
” But T,, she’s pretty ” Denis said and I scoff
” She’s not pretty, can’t you guys see the ugly [email protected] of her?? This is so annoying,, ” I scoff
” Oh,, here she comes ” Jin said and I looked up
” Hey Sophie ” Jin waved at her,, so that’s her name??
” Hi ” She smiled and waved back,, she ignored me completely. Well who cares about that???
” You guys are enemies now?? ” Jin asked
” More than enemies ” I replied
” Dude,, you need to calm down okay??? ”
I ignored them and walked toward the car,, the guard opened the door and I got in.
” TK, wait!! I wanna talk to you ” Someone shouted,, I turned to the person only to find Harley standing out. What does she want from me right now??
I sigh and went out of the car,,,
” What do you want?? ” I asked
” TK,, you know what I want,, how many times do I have to tell you that I like you?? Why do you keep on pushing me away like am nothing??? ”
” That’s because you’re nothing ” I snapped still busy with my phone
” TK,, that’s harsh. Just consider my feelings,, plea-se ” She said and t©uçhed my hand,, I sh0t her her deadly glare and she re-moved it immediately
” Harley,, I’ve told you several times. I don’t like you,, you’re not my type ”
” when will someone ever become your type??? You’re driving me crazy,, just tell me you love me,, plea-se ”
She hvgged me,, what is she doing right now??
I was about pushing her away from me when I saw Sophia coming,, our eyes met and she immediately look away. Damn she’s going to think it’s something else
” Get off me ” I pu-ll-ed her off and entered the car,,, the driver drove out.
Harley is just a pest,, how can she make everything look obvious like we are some sort of couples???
🍀 Sophia 🍀
” Damn,, why thefu-ck are you rushing out of the [email protected]?? ” Bianca asked, I only waved at her and finally went out of [email protected]
I really need to see TK,, I shouldn’t have ignored him earlier, I was so stupid.
I hope he haven’t went home alre-ady,, I was still thinking when I saw him. I wanted to run to him but then I discovered someone hvgging him,,, Harley hvgging TK???
His eyes met with mine, I immediately took my gaze and walked toward my car. So the type he was talking about is Harley?? That [email protected]??
I was so stupid to even think of apologizing for ignoring him,, he deserve more. Just go to hell TK,, I hate you,, from now on am not gonna talk to you.
I went into the car,,,
” Mam, are you okay??? ” The driver asked
” Yes,, why??? ”
” I think you’re about tearing up ” He said and I realized that I was about to cry
” Its nothing thanks ”
Damn,, Sophia how can you grow so emotional for someone who doesn’t even like you?? It’s too early for this!!! I hate myself,, I really fall into his tra-p, damn his cuteness am also pretty why can’t he fall in love with me??
He’s just a j£rk,,
To be continued

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