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something about us Episode 47

(When A Tomboy Loves…)

✍️Written by Nuri .F. Chisom Pearl✍️

🥀Chapter 47🥀.




Collins barged into Alexa and Alicia’s room that morning. He was holding up two shi-ts in both hands.

“What’s this? Why didn’t you knock? What if I was dressing?” Alexa hollered.

“Sorry guys. Sorry, Actually–He paused and inhaled de-eply.
….Here! Which should I wear, This or That?”

“Are you going on a [email protected]£ or what?” Alexa squee-zed her face.

“Yeah” He chuckled. Alexa opened her eyes surprised.

“Are you being serious now? Wow. My brother is now grown!! So, Who’s the lucky girl, huh? Huh?” Alexa asked.
Alicia chuckled softly and Alexa quic-kly turned to her.

“Hey? Do you know anything about it? Who’s the girl? I’m sure you know!” Alexa said.

“I don’t know, Why ask me?” Alicia scoffed narrowing her eye brows.

“Collins? Won’t you tell me?” Alexa turned to him.

“It’s a secret, Noona. Let’s save it for later?”

“Hmm… Okay, Okay!”

“So, Which shi-t do you think is preferable, The lemon or black?” He asked again.

“Wow. They’re so good. It’s [email protected] to choose but huh, Let’s go for the latter?” Alexa smiled.

“The latter one? That means the black?”


“No. Let’s go for the Former!” Alicia blurted

“Hey! He didn’t ask for your opinion. Collins, Go for the latter!” Alexa frowned.

“Uh… Alicia is smart so I’m just gonna go for this” Collins smiledraising the lemon shi-t.

“Hey!! Why did you bother asking me? You could have asked her directly!” Alexa yelled storming to the be-d.

“I’m sorry, Noona! Bye…Thank you for the opinion!”

“Hey! Get lost!” She yelled throwing a shoe at him. However, Collins was lucky to have closed the door on time from behind so the angry shoe missed him and hit the door.

“Aiish! So Annoying! I’m off!” Alexa commented leaving.

“Unnie. plea-se, I really need your phone?” Alicia pleaded standing up.

“I could have given it to you now but nah, I’m pissed off. Let’s save it for tomorrow!” Alexa retorted and left throu-gh the door.

She went out and met her father by the door holding a black suit hanging inside a transparent bag.

“Dad? What are you doing with that?” Alexa asked staring at the suit.

“It’s mine” Mr Lynn replied

“Oh.. What’s it for?” She asked

“Remember the friend of mine who gave birth?”

“Oh. Mrs Scott?” Alexa asked

“Yeah.. She’s having her baby naming ceremony and I need this to go there tomorrow” He explained

“Oh. I see, Good luck Dad!” Alexa chuckled trying to leave.

“Actually. I was wondering if you could help me” His statement st©pped her. Alexa turned and looked at him.

“How Dad?”

“Can you take this to the laundry?” He asked forcing a smile.

“Huh? Dad, I’m late, How do I expect me to go to the laundry now?” She complained

“No Sweetie, Just leave it there. I’m gonna take it there”

“It’s fine Dad. Leave it to me”


“Yes Dad” Alexa smiled
“Is the motorcycle outside?” She added

“Yeah.. Oh, Here are the keys! Bye!” Her father waved watching her leave.

“Okay Dad. See ya later!” She replied and ran out. She quic-kly sat on the motorcycle seat and stra-pped the helmet on and started the ignite.

Minutes later, She was on the road. Eventually, She st©pped at a nearby laundry/dry cleaning place. She entered and to her greatest surprise, she was attended to quic-kly.

She took the suit and went back to her motorcycle. She decided to take it along with her to the boys’ place.


Time flew by fast, and Alexa and the others could be seen eating lunch.

“I’m gonna go out soon or later. I’m gonna be back by tomorrow morning” Ken mumbled, eating.

“Why? Are you going out?” Alexa asked

“Yeah. I’m going to a friends place. We are having a small gathering” He replied

“Oh.. From where Anyways?” Alexa asked

“His school friends. They all missed each other and decided to “Netflix and Chill” Eric spoke for him.

“Oh. That’s cool, Have a nice night.. So, When are you going? Time?” Alexa asked

“It’s 3pm now.. I’m gonna leave by 6pm” Ken replied adjusting his wrist watch stra-p.
Alexa looked at him and nodded.
There was silence as they continued with their meal.

*************(RULEE ROYALS)************

It was 6:30pm alre-ady and Collins seemed to be waiting for Elizabeth. He looked at his watch again and let out a de-ep sigh.

“Why does she have to do this? Anyways, I’m gonna wait till midnight! I don’t care!! I’m gonna have little faith” He spoke to himself as he felt loneliness creep onto him.


Alexa yawned lazily as she entered her room. She looked at the time, It was 7pm alre-ady. She stayed too long in the boys’ place.

Ethan and Eric were probably still at home. She walked to her study table and brou-ght her rou-gh note pad which had lots of pen writings, she took out her text books and started re-ading.

~Grwwww!~ Her stomach grumbled. Another sign of hunger. She sighed, closed her books and ran to the kitchen. She opened the pots but it was empty.

She decided to make Ramyeon(Ko-rean Noddles). She took 4 packs, placed the pot with water on the [email protected] cooker and began tearing the packs open.

She poured other ess£ntial ingredients in it and the preparation started. She closed the pot and started using her phone.

Minutes later, It was done and she took the pot to her room, and dropped the h0t pot [email protected] on the small clothing set on the table.

She ate to her fill, drank enough water and sle-pt off. She was woken up by her dad gentle t©uçh.

“Dad?” She asked opening an eye lazily.

“Sweetie, You’re asleep?” Mr Lynn asked smiling. Alexa nodded.
“I just wanted my suit back” He added.

“What??!” Alexa exclaimed jumping up to her feet.
“Damn! I’m sorry, Dad but I forgot it. Can you spare me some minutes. I’m gonna rush down to my workplace and bring it back, good as new!”

“Can you be quic-k? It’s quite late?” Her father asked

“What’s the time?” Alexa asked stretching her arms


“What??! I really sle-pt like crazy! Just give me 20 minutes at least. I’m gonna be right back!” She said running out.
Before her father could turn back, She was gone as a jet….


Alexa was breathing heavily and sweating profusely when she got to the door. She pressed the door bell, but there was no answer. She pressed it again and again but no one still answered.

“Is Eric at home? Is Ethan having his silly shower again?” She gro-an ed. Luckily, She had her phone with her. Since she didn’t have Ethan’s phone number, She called Eric instead.

☎ Hello? Eric? She asked

☎ Oh. Alexa? What’s the matter? It’s quite late?

☎ Where are you now??

☎ Huhnn, I’m off to somewhere important. He replied softly

☎ I’m at the front of your place. I’ve been ringing the doorbell like forever!

☎ For Real? Geez! That’s bad. But why are you there? It’s really late.

☎ I forgot something important. My dad’s suit.

☎ Oh. Yeah, I saw that and kept it somewhere

☎ Where?

☎ I’m actually with the door key of where I kept it. So, Can you wait for me immediately you go in. I might be late though. When I arrive, I’m gonna get the suit for you.

☎ Okay then. But be quic-k plea-se

☎ Sure

☎ But how do I get in? Can I just get the door [email protected] code?

☎ Oh. He might be in the bathroom again. Huh, The [email protected] code is your birthday [email protected]£.

☎ What?

☎ Yeah. Anyways, Wait for me. I’m hanging up. Bye! •Beep•

Alexa slowly dropped her hand down off her ear and stretched her hand towards the door security. She pressed the bu-ttons slowly and in a matter of seconds, It was unlocked. She was wowed and surprised. She went in and sat down on the couch.

She met Ethan coming out of the bathroom. He was wearing his towel around his [email protected]!st. He looked so suprised when he saw her.

“What are you doing here?” He asked
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“I forgot something important so I [email protected]£ for it. However, Ethan has it so I have to wait for him” Alexa explained

“Oh. So, You were the one ringing the doorbell?” He asked

“Wait?? You heard that? Aiish! I’m not surprised though” Alexa frowned.

“I’m sorry–

“Wh… What?” She was surprised hearing his response.

“I’m sorry. @ssuming, I knew it was you. I could have opened the door. I’m gonna put on some clothes” He said leaving to his room. Alexa was shocked by his behavior and as well his statement.

“What has gotten into him?” Alexa asked herself folding herl-ips.

Minutes later, He [email protected]£ back into the sitting room wearing a shi-t and shorts.

“Alex?–He called sitting a little bit further from her. Alexa turned to look at him.
“The question you wanted to ask? You can ask me now”

“Wh.. What?” She stammered avoiding eye contact with him.

“Just ask” He retorted

“Huh.. Ethan, That night….That night when…

“I remember” He cut her off.

“What? You remember everything?” She asked now feeling [email protected] Ethan nodded.

“Why did you pretend then? Huh? It’s okay though… We can just forget about everything” Alexa smiled

“But it’s really surprising why I can’t forget about it” He whispered


“I keep thinking about you to the extent of thinking you even charmed me…Sometimes, I think of you as a woman”


“I’m sorry for having such thoughts. But I can’t seem to help it either can I forget that night. Do you know you are always on my mind every now and then?…Darn it, What am I saying??I think I’m just going insane”

“….Can I ask you a question?” She asked now staring at him. Ethan looked back.
“That night, @ssuming, I wasn’t there.. Perhaps, It was another person or even a guy. Would you still k!ssthat person?, Remember you were drun!kand didn’t know what you were doing”

“I might not know what I was doing but my heart knew what it was doing. I wouldn’t k!ssanyone if you weren’t the one. The way I look at you, I haven’t looked at a woman that way even my Ex. I’m still surprised though” He responded. Alexa felt nervous and bit herl-ips [email protected]

“Huh? I think I’m just gonna come early tomorrow to pick it up. Goodnight” She said standing up.

Ethan quic-kly stood up and held her arm. Alexa suddenly felt her heart beating fast. She slowly turned to him and swallowed [email protected] Ethan blinked his eyes as he found himself staring at her de-eply.

“I just wanna check something. I think I might get really crazy if I don’t” He whispered. Alexa looked on as he held her face.

Slowly, He pushed his face towards her and finally, theirl-ips t©uçhed. Ethan pushed his softl-ips against her irresistible sweetenedl-ips.

He began to k!ssher slowly and very de-eply. He [email protected] wo-bbled his ton-gue with hers with their eyes shut, and their long lashes brushing down. He kept on k!ss!ngher de-eply as Alexa held her arms around his [email protected]!st. Alexa couldn’t resist and k!$$£d him more.

He broke the k!ss, and gently opened his eyes. He took a half stare at Alexa whose eyes were still shut. He went back to herl-ips immediately k!ss!ngher more [email protected] and ro-mantically.


Eric found himself in thoughts as he walked to “THE LOVIES” where his [email protected]£ was still patiently waiting for him. He looked at the time. It was 9:15 alre-ady. He sighed de-eply and st©pped. He couldn’t take Alexa out of his mind. He had been thinking of her ever since he drove his car down to the gate.

Alexa,??! Yeah! He knew what was happening now! He liked her! He loves her! He was sure about it!.

“I’m gonna regret this if I go on this [email protected]£. I’ve to go back to Alexa and tell her my true feelings” He said to himself watching Lonely Lizzy from behind.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth kept staring at her phone screen. Time was really going. It was getting too late alre-ady. She placed her hands on her [email protected] looking left and right. Though, She was abs£nt minded.

🌹 Eric sighed de-eply and left the scene running. He wanted to be with Alexa! Yeah. That was what he wanted! That is also what he wants and will ever need.

Suddenly, Elizabeth stood up from the chair she was sitting on. She inhaled de-eply and ran out of the scene as well but at a opposite direction.


Alexa knew Ethan k!$$£d good. Such a sweet eater. Laura was this lucky? Wow!.

She shaked up a bit when she heard the loud horn and she knew it was none other but Eric’s car. She opened her eyes wi-dely in shock. She tried to break the k!ssbut Ethan seemed so adamant and engrossed alre-ady.

Eventually, She pushed him away off herl-ips slightly.
“Eric? I think he’s on the way. So, Let’s st©p” Alexa told him in a whisper as he opened his eyes slowly. He looked at her and sprouted sadly. He didn’t wanted to st©p. If it had to go on and on forever, It’s best it goes on then!.

He quic-kly held her arm and pu-ll-ed her into the bathroom. As soon as he locked it, The main door opened and Eric [email protected]£ in. He looked everywhere and his eyes met with the bathroom door.

He didn’t care no more! He was suspicious and decided to see things for himself. As his hand reached for the door knob, He heard the loud rushing sounds from the showers. He sighed de-eply in sadness. This was the time to st©p. His eyes began to fill up with tears.

He knew what had just happened. He just had to calm down a bit and take things slowly. Why did he have to be this late? Why? He felt the h0t painful tears rushing out from his eyes as he found his way out of the house.

🌹 Meanwhile, In the shower. Ethan could be seen k!ss!ngAlexa again. The water poured down softly on them as theirl-ips danced to the tunes. As he kept k!ss!ngher, She couldn’t help but move backwards. They paused, looked at each other and gave a refreshing smile.

“That smile won my heart” He whispered to her. Alexa chuckled and wra-pped her arms around his n£¢k. Ethan smiled and carried her up on his b©dy.

Still holding her arms onto his n£¢k, Alexa stra-pped her legs around him still smiling. Ethan smiled back and slowly went back to herl-ips, while closing their eyes.

They began [email protected] once again as the cold showers continued pouring.



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