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Something about us Episode 46

(When A Tomboy Loves…)

✍️Written by Nuri .F. Chisom Pearl✍️

🥀Chapter 46🥀.


Ken simply shaked his head and went away. He was tired of seeing things he shouldn’t be seeing. He was purely confused.

Alexa eventually turned to Ethan. He smiled seeing Alexa’s face towards his own side. Ethan chuckled slowly to show he’d won.

“Tsk!” Alexa hissed. Ethan quic-kly faced her and his happy face vanished fast.
“We aren’t gonna talk about anything. Eric, Let’s go!” Alexa re-moved her arm from his grip and turned to Eric.

“Let’s go” Alexa told Eric again as she tried taking off the frown off her face. Eric smiled and ti-ght£ñed his grip on her arm. He wanted to walk away with her but he noticed a strong opposing f0rç£. He looked behind thinking it was Ethan at work again. However, It was Alexa. She just stood there.

“What’s it?” Ethan asked

“This–Alexa replied pointing at his hand which held her arm ti-ghtly.
…I can walk alone” She added forcing a smile.

“Oh!..Eric exclaimed taking his hand off hers with awkwardness.
“Let’s go then… Head first. I’m behind you”

Alexa nodded and walked away. Ethan left the room sulking, back to the bathroom to continue his hair-washing.
Eric smiled as he followed Alexa from behind.
Soon, They were both out of sight.

“Hey?? You want me to help you with that?” Ken asked as he walked by again.

“Get Lost!!!” Ethan replied yelling very loudly than usual.

“Darn it. You scared me!” Ken whispered almost jumping because he was quite startled.


Collins had called Lizzy that night. He told her about their last [email protected]£.

☎ Collins..I have something to tell you. Lizzy spoke out instead of replying

☎ What’s that? He asked.

☎ It’s not something we can talk on phone. So, Let’s just meet up and talk.

☎ Okay then. So, when do you time for it?

☎ Let’s meet now if possible.

☎ Now? Collins asked quite shocked

☎ Yeah. I was trying to hold it but I can’t. I’m not gonna keep it in. I’ve got to tell you now. Meet me at the front of your parents’ restaurant in 3 minutes.

☎ Okay.

☎ I’m hanging up, Collins, Bye! •Beep!•

After few seconds, Collins ran outside impatiently. However, He didn’t see Elizabeth.

He began to kick away dust on the air due to boredom. Minutes later, Elizabeth saw him when coming close and called him. He looked in front and smiled. He waved and walked to her.

“Noona?” He smiled blu-shing quite a little bit.

“Let’s talk” She replied sharply. Elizabeth adjusted the grey scarf around her n£¢k close to her jaw.

“Yeah. You said so. What’s it about?”

“I’m going to be straightforward. So, Don’t appear shocked” She replied. Collins nodded inhaling de-eply.

“I don’t like you” She blurted softly. Collins who was staring at the dusty ground, who seemed to be smiling slowly raised his n£¢k to face her. His mood was instantly shattered.

“Wh… What?” He stammered weakly.

“Collins. Let’s st©p this. I don’t like you and I won’t ever like you”

“Noona. Wait? plea-se…Is it because of the guy you wanted to go on a blind [email protected]£ with?” Collins asked wearily. Elizabeth stared at him in silence.

“I told you alre-ady, I’m okay with it. I swear! [email protected]£ both of us and then choose one. Huh?” He added.

“You weren’t chos£n. He was”

“Noona. Tell me, Have you even his face yet? Do you know who he is? Do you know what he looks like? Do you even know anything about him??!”

“So? What about you? Do you know anything about him either? Don’t just talk trash and worry about yourself!”

“…..Just give me a chance–

“No, I alre-ady did–

“No, My last chance. Our Last [email protected]£”

“I told you to forget about it!”

“I won’t!! I won’t because you promised me alre-ady! So, I won’t. and you shouldn’t too!”

“Hey!! Collins, Do you even know why I’m behaving this way??!” She yelled stomping her feet with her fist ti-ghtly clenched. Collins looked on with his teary eyes.

“I’m scared” She finally said breathing in very de-eply. Her voice cracked and shaked as if she was really in de-ep fear, In danger.

“Wh… Wha…What?” He stammered.

“Do you want to know what happens when you get closer to me?” She asked pointing her f!nger on his che-st. Collins slowly faced the pointed f!nger, then back at her sad face. He could see tears forming inside her eyes.

…..You’re gonna die. We can’t be together. It’s just too dangerous” She completed as a tear ran down her eye. She quic-kly wiped the running tear and snorted trying to hold back the remaining bitter tears.

“Noona. I don’t un-derstand” He asked calmly shaking his head in disbelief.

“I had an awful nightmare, nights back. I’m too scared to talk about it. Just the sight of you, bring back its dark memories. Its s£nds shivers down my spine. So, let’s st©p, plea-se!”

“It’s just a mere nightmare. Nothing could possibly happen. So, Don’t mind it. I’ve been throu-gh it before but it’s nothing. I swear”

“It’s nothing to you. But it’s really something to me. plea-se, Let’s just st©p and get back to how we were months back, okay?”

“No. I don’t want to! A mere thing like that can’t break this! No, No, No!” He yelled sadly as tears began flowing from his eyes. Elizabeth sighed and began to walk away without any response.

“Noona? Did I die there? Because of you? You’re willing avoid a jinx?. I don’t un-derstand, I swear but trust me, I can avoid it!”

“So? What if you don’t avoid it?? What are you going to do?” She yelled turning back to him frustrated and angrily.

“….Then, For you, I’m going to die”

“You’re crazy….Yeah, You are crazy. So Damn crazy!” Lizzy said shaking her head and began to walk again, leaving him.

“Elizabeth!” He suddenly said in a loud voice. Lizzy was shocked and surprised to hear this. Where was his respect? Why did he call her name? How dare he?

“What did you say?” She yelled turning to him.

“I love you! I really do. I’m gonna wait for you next tomorrow,Friday. 5pm dot at Rulee Empire. I hope I’m gonna see you then”

“In your dreams. Don’t just waste your time”

“I’m still gonna wait for you till midnight”

“What? Geez… You’re a psycho. A crazy one!”

“I’m serious… Oh, You can go now. I’ve said what I wanted to say… Ah! You must still be suprised why I called you by your name? Don’t worry… I didn’t lose my respect. I did that to get your attention. I wanted you to turn behind. @ssuming, I called you by your name, You would have totally ignored me” He smiled and walked back in. Elizabeth watched him in disbelief.

“Aiish! Lizzy! I guess you are the crazy one here!” She said to herself as she walked away while the scene closed.


“So, Why did you call me Flora?” Eric asked sipping the jui-ce with its straw from the opened coconut.

“You of all people should know why I always call you and at this time of the night” Flora squee-zed her face. Eric chuckled softly.

“Anyways, You’ve been masked for long, Mr Anonymous!” Flora tea-sed laughing.

“Oh… You mean Elizabeth?” He suddenly remembered.

“Yeah. She wants to see the guy now! The guy behind the scenes! Her secret crush!” Flora hailed.

“Flora?” He suddenly called.

“What? What?” She asked drinking her [email protected]£ wine from the [email protected] cup.

“What if I ain’t crushing on her no more?” Eric asked. Poor Flora, She had to throw out the jui-ce from her mouth down to Eric’s face, his white shi-t included. The [email protected]£ wine changed his white shi-t to Purple. Poor Ethan!.

“Geez, I’m really sorry” Flora apologized

“No.. It’s okay” He replied cleaning up his face.

“But huh, what were you saying?” Flora asked wi-dening her ears and bulging her eyes.

“Hmm, Nothing.. So, I’m gonna meet her then!” He smiled.

“When? Where?” Flora asked sipping her wine again.

“At her place?–He was interrupted by another round of Flora’s [email protected]£ wine throw up.

“Aiish! I’m sorry! What’s going on with me?” Flora softly [email protected] her cheek.
Eric f0rç£d a smile and cleaned the mess once again.

“Is there anything wrong with what I said?” He asked

“Do you mean meeting up at her place or which [email protected]?”

“The former” He replied

“Eric, You must be nuts! You wanna [email protected]£ someone by meeting up at their place?? Hey!! What has come over you?? To make things worst, She lives in a holy place, was even born and raised in a holy family… Though, No one would believe she was actually raised there”

“Wow… I’m suprised. A Church, I suppose?”

“Uhnn, Uhnn” She replied nodding.
“So, Which do you prefer, Day or Night?” She asked.

“Night [email protected]£!, 9pm” He replied

“Good. Time set! What about the location?”

“I’m still thinking about that?”

“Hey! Think fast! Maybe a popular place, somewhere cool and nice?”

“Oh!.. “The Lovies”… Let’s meet there!”

“Okay! Time Set! Location Set! [email protected]£ Unknown??”

“Oh… Uhh, Day after tomorrow?” He replied

“Okay? So, You’re free then?” Flora asked

“Sure” Eric replied sipping his coconut jui-ce.

“Yes, Here we have it. The Lovies, 9pm. On Friday!…Hey, You’d better not be late!” Flora warned

“I won’t, it’s my [email protected]£ after all. And don’t worry, I’m gonna behave well” Eric smiled

“I’m hoping for that. So, Care for a toast?” Flora asked smiling, raising the attrac-tive [email protected] cup filled with [email protected]£ wine.

“Yes. But unless, you want the [email protected] cup broken” He replied smiling back lifting up the coconut. Flora laughed and Eric couldn’t help but laugh too.

Only their loud joyful laughter could be heard alongside their cheerful gists, as pitched blackness filled the scene.



📣Some of the re-aders are getting some things twisted about this story. Most of y’all think Elizabeth is aware Eric is the crushing on her. No! No! She doesn’t know that! He’s anonymous remember, She got no clue he’s the one. All she un-derstands is that, Alexa likes Eric. Nothing else. Nothing more. Thank God I even emphasized it more on this in the chapter written. I hope you guys won’t misun-derstand anything else in this story. All you need is to follow along, St©p skipping chapters, scenes etc because even the slightest detail could be missed, creating potholes which causes confusions.
Also start from Chapter 1, It’s below this page. Most of y’all started from Chapter 10 or So. plea-se, Follow up and always take note of the chapter you re-ad last. I hope I’ve said all. Oh, Least I forget, If there’s anything you don’t un-derstand in this story, Message me and also if there’s any chapter you are looking for, Alert me as well and the link will be provided. Thank You ❤✨📣


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