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Something about us Episode 48

(When A Tomboy Loves…)

✍️Written by Nuri .F. Chisom Pearl✍️

🥀Chapter 48🥀

“Here!” Ethan threw the dry towel to Alexa.
She caught it like flash and started drying her w€t hair. Alexa changed into Ethan’s clothes and he also changed as well. They were really soa-ked with water after their h0t shower k!ss.

“I’m sorry. I went too far” He scratched his head nervously as he sat down.

“It’s fine” She smiled

“Well.. I liked it. So, I am not even gonna apologize for k!ss!ngyou” He whispered. Alexa blinked her eyes nervously and slowly. She bit herl-ips and stared at him.
“What do you think of me?” She asked discontinuing the upcoming silence.

“Huh?” He asked back.

“I mean, what are we now?” She asked

“To be sincere, I don’t un-derstand my feelings but let’s find out. Let’s be closer to each other…Who knows? We might find out soon” He suggested wearing a nervous smile.

“So? Do you trust me now?” Alexa asked. Ethan looked at her and nodded his head.

“Then, Tell me everything.. behind that–She paused pointing her f!nger to the bathroom door. Ethan traced his eyes to where her f!nger was pointed at. He smiled and [email protected]£ closer to her.

“I’m gonna tell you everything now because I trust and know you too well. Alex, This is my story…..


~~I’m Ethan Ales. I’m just 20. I live with my mom and dad. You might think we are one happy family.

Well, I’m gonna bur-st your bubble! My family is an upside down one because of my father. He hated my mother so much, after he began bringing younger girls, my age into our home. He grew tired of my mother.

To make things worst, He turned my mother into a maid,a punching bag, you could name them all. I was also a victim of his evil deeds. He hated me so much to the extent of wanting to kill me each time he la-id his eyes on me.

He hated me because I saved my mother once from his strong b!ows. I could’nt just watch my mum cry and plead in innocent blood. We always cried all night and prayed for the best.

But instead of things getting better, it only got worst. One morning, when I was off to school, My dad stabbe-d me with a knife. I felt it! My mum screamed and called in a nurse who was also a good friend. She advised us to run away.

~~”Run away? What do you mean by that? Where are we going to run off to? I don’t have any close relations or friends except you. I can’t even stay with you. You recently got married. I wouldn’t like I and my son to disturb” Mrs Ales, Ethan’s mum said holding Ethan close while she wiped her sweat with the dirty sleeve.

“Can’t you see what he did to your son? You had better do something quic-k or you will cry on his corpse–

“God forbid! Never spew such nons-en-se again. Ethan isn’t going to die. I’m gonna train him well and his father is going to regret his evil doings”

“As if! Tsk! You had better be wise and do something! What if he s£nds you on an errand, and he kills your son when you are away. What are you going to do??”

“I’m going to hide him!”

“What? Hide him? Hide him where? This house belongs to him! If he wants to look for him, he will. Do you want to start pla-ying hide and seek with your husband?” The Nurse frowned.

“There is some where he doesn’t enters or know, if I could put it that way. I’m going to hide him there. He even forgot a place like that exists”

“Where? Where–The nurse paused and laughed with mockery.
…In the wardrobe? In the sink? Goodness, Don’t be funny cause it isn’t funny!”

“Ethan’s bathroom. That’s where I’m gonna hide him!” His mother blurted and found tears in her eyes.
“He never looks in there. I know him too well. He doesn’t know he even built such in this house! Ethan is gonna stay there!”

“Wait? Bathroom? Are you alright or something? That place is gonna kill him because of its foul smell. I’m sure it’s gonna be stinky!”

“I’m gonna rewash it”

“Tsk. Tsk. Such a pity. You own a building but your son is gonna hide, and in where??.. A smelly bathroom because his father wants his life? Too bad!”

“Ma’am. plea-se leave. You have said more than enough” Ethan who heard their discussions was alre-ady pissed off

“What?? Whenever two elders are TALKING. It’s better you keep your mouth shut. That a sign of respect” The nurse advised.

“You’re aren’t talking. Rather, you’re just sprouting nons-en-se. plea-se, Leave and never come back here again. Thanks for the free first aid anyways. Mum… It’s better you know what kind of friends you make” Ethan said now turning to Mrs Ales. The Nurse hissed angrily and stormed out.

“Ma’am!” He called.
The nurse looked over her shoulder.

“My bathroom isn’t stinky. Just because yours is stinky doesn’t you can just compare yours to mine. We are different” He said slamming the door shut. The Nurse yelled like crazy in annoyance. She could even feel her blood boiling.

“Annoying Cold Animal!!” She hissed and left the premises.


“You’ve to stay here, okay?” His mother smiled. Ethan sighed and looked around.

“Don’t be like this? Sit. Don’t worry I scrubbe-d the floor and wall [email protected] Can’t you see how good it looks. Awwn! It’s smells nice too” Mrs Ales formed a weak smile.

“Mum.. I’m sorry. I’m really sorry for hiding and seeing him just hurt you. I wish we could both do something” He cried slowly

“Hey? Why would you ever feel sorry. Just sit alre-ady–She sat him on the floor and smiled.

“Are you hungry?” She asked. Ethan wiped his tears and nodded.
“Okay. Just hold on right here. I’m gonna prepare your favorite food. Okay?” His mother smiled.

“Am I gonna eat here?” He asked

“You don’t want to?” His mother asked softly.

“No. I want to. Mum, I’m gonna eat a lot and be strong for you. Don’t worry”

“Okay. Okay. Be strong for me, Son. Don’t come out even if you hear the loudest scream. Just keep the door shut. Ahh! In case you hear loud cries and screams. Always, switch on the showers. Make sure it’s on the highest volume”

“Why?” He asked tearing up again. His mother sighed and bent down.

“So you would’nt hear nothing. If you switch on the showers. Look at this picture–She paused and brou-ght out a beautiful picture of her, and her son. Ethan f0rç£d a chuckle seeing it.

“I remember when we took this” He whispered.

“Yeah. Son, it’s beautiful. You just have to look at this in the showers and say whatever you wished to say to me. I’m gonna hear it”

“Mum? How are you gonna even hear it? It’s just a picture. More like a piece of paper. It might get torn after getting soa-ked in the shower” He replied looking down.

[email protected]@! Woosh! Now, I just made a strong magic. This picture won’t be r!pp£deven after strong showers, So.. Don’t get worried. Mum has to go and cook you something good. plea-se, Do remember–She sighed and cleaned the tears falling down his cheeks.
…..Never open this door and if you hear my voice, even if it’s painful, filled with pain, agony or pity. You have to just “On down” the Showers”

“Mum? What if dad hears the showers and come here to find me?”

“No need for any worries. Its walls, ceiling and floor are pure sound proofed”

Ethan looked at her and suddenly, busted into tears.

“Hey? Don’t be a cry baby! I thought you were being all tough to my friend earlier. Look at you now, Such a feeble heart” His mother smiled

“She isn’t your friend. I don’t like her” He sniffed wiping his tears.

“Okay.. Okay.. She isn’t my friend anymore… Ethan, You haven’t answered me yet. Will you heed to what I told you to?” She smiled

“I will” He replied forcing a smile.

“Good boy.Good boy. Now, Wait, okay.. I’m gonna prepare your favorite food!” She gushed and stood up. Ethan sighed de-eply as he closed the door slowly.

Immediately the door closed, A little tear ran down her eyes. She felt sad alre-ady. She just wanted to pretend she was fine and okay in front of her only son.

🌹 Mrs Ales tasted the soup in her opened palm with the ti-p of her ton-gue. She shaked her head and added a spoonful of salt. She tasted it again and made a satisfactory smile.

She made lots of appetizing side dishes. Beef and pork chops were also included. She took her time because it wasn’t time for her husband to leated. He pushed her to the floor and la-id on her b©dy, right on her wounded stomach. He started giving her strong b!ows. All she did was yell and cry since pleading was like pouring water on a rock.

He stood up from her and walked around, opening doors and searching for the stranger, and so-called lover boy with the knife still ti-ghtly held on his hand. He was so furious alre-ady. He walked back to the kitchen and met Mrs Ales trying to stand upright. He shouted loudly like he was nuts and ran like a thun-der bolt towards her.

He stabbe-d the knife de-eply into her stomach. She coughed and blood spilled from her mouth freely. He pushed her away and ran off with his girl. He didn’t care or think of a second option. He just left like he was being chased by lots of police men.

🌹 Ethan was in the bathroom crying loudly, He had heard the first loud cry and switched on the showers. His mother was right. He didn’t hear anything. He felt hurt though. He couldn’t do anything.

He nearly jumped in fear when he heard a loud knock on the door. He was scared to open it.

“It’s me” His mother voice was weak, but clear. He sighed in relief and opened the door.
But to his greatest surprise, His mother wasn’t the same again. She was dull,wounded, disfigured, beaten, and stabbe-d!!

“Mummmm!!” He yelled. She slowly entered the bathroom gro-an ing. She fell down [email protected] on the tiled floor. Ethan held her close, staring at her from where she la-id on his legs.

“Mum? Wake up?” He tapped her as the showers continued flowing.
Her eyes opened weakly.

“I’m sorry for not preparing the dish–She paused and t©uçhed his face,cleaning the running tears.
….But don’t worry, You can come to the bathroom any time you want to think of me. Switch on the showers for a cool s-en-sation and imagine us together happy since we never got to be happy in real life” Her voice kept getting low and softer.

“Mum? plea-se. St©p saying such! plea-se!, Nothing is gonna happen to you” He yelled crying loudly.

“I’m also sorry you had to lose your mother in a weird place like that” She f0rç£d a smile as her eye lids closed slowly and gently. Her hand dropped.

“Mum!! Mum!!” He yelled shaking her virgously. It was too late. She was dead, gone!.

“Noooooo!” He cried as he squee-zed the picture on his clenched fists. He ran outside without thinking. He just wanted to be with his mum and to do that, He had to go along?.

He didn’t care!! He was going to do it! He ran to the Han River and inhaled de-eply. He quic-kly climbe-d the bridge edge and looked at the hvge wi-de river. It was so mighty! He closed his eyes as the gentle breeze t©uçhed his face. He spre-ad his arms and inhaled again with tears still streaming down his cheeks

He took his first step when he–

“St©p!!!!” He heard a loud voice interrupting him from going any further. He turned behind and met a student, a 17 year old.

“What are you trying to do? Hey!! Suicide isn’t an option!” The student yelled adjusting the bag stra-p.

“What do you know? Mind your business!” He yelled coldly.

“Aiish! What an annoying j£rk. Even at this moment, He had to be this cold?? Hey!! Come down! It’s best you think before you act” The student said with a demonstration. Ethan looked at the student and bent his n£¢k in confusion. He couldn’t help but stare.

“Why are you staring at me?” The student asked breathing heavily after running miles to st©p Ethan.

“Who are you? No… What are you? A boy or a girl?” He finally asked

“What?–The student paused, stared at her short school Sk-irt and rubbe-d her short dark hair with her palm.

“I’m a girl” The student finally responded wearing a cute smile. Ethan looked at her and blinked his eyes nervously and couldn’t help but smile too.

“A Beautiful Tomboy With A Beautiful Smile” He whispered as he looked from the bridge t©p down to her.

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