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Sold to the ruthless sex master Episode 5 & 6

🌌Sold To The Ruthless s£× Master🌌
🔞Paying For Her Father’s Debt 🔞
🔞 By Iyanuoluwa Akinniyi✍️
Episode 5
Lily Pov
“I told you not to go to her house anymore,I told you already,that woman will keep disgracing us and I don’t want that”Dad yelled at me trying so h@rd not to break down and I sniffed.
“I was left with no choice Dad,I don’t want to become a slave to that monster,I don’t want him to hurt me”
“I don’t want to have anything to do with Maura again,She really hurt me two years ago by leaving me all to myself,I don’t want to have anything to do with her anymore”
“I knew that Dad,I also didn’t want to have anything to do with her,but we are left with no choice Dad”
“Why am I so unfortunate?Why have I been so useless all my life?,Here I am watching my child about to be carted away as a slave without me doing nothing,Why is everything keep falling apart from me?”Dad cried out with tears stung in his eyes and I burst into tears,I walk to him immediately amd pull him into a hug,
“You aren’t misfortune Dad,trust me,you are not”I @ssure him and she smiled sadly.
“I’m misfortune,if not,then why is this happening to me?”
“Don’t worry Dad,things will be fine”Jason @ssure him and he nodded.
The Next day……
I prepared the breakfast and saw Dad off as usual before changing into another dress.
After that,I went to the street to gather money for Lucian debt.
“I’m sorry Lily,I won’t be able to borrow you the money,things has not be moving well for me this days”
“Oh…poor Lily,I’m so sorry,I don’t have much on me right now”
“Please come back some other time”
That’s all what the people I went to borrow money from keep repeating every time I went to them.
At the end of the day,I wasn’t able to gather any money for the debt,I went home disappointed as usual.
The Next day……
Our home was as silent as grave yard,everyone of us stayed in his/her room not bothering to go out.
We were grieving in our own thoughts, expecting the unexpected to happen.
And slowly,the time crawl to 7 am,I heard a knock at the door and my heart thump heavily.
I rush out of the room and surprisingly,I met Dad and Jason out of their room as well.
We both walk to the living room and Jason went ahead to open the door,Three men dressed in black entered the room with a straight face.
“Good morning”Dad greeted trembling they ignored his greeting .
“Where’s the collateral,Lucian demands your pres£nce in his mansion immediately”He demanded and I jump onto Dad immediately for protection.
I don’t want them to take me away.
“Please don’t take my daughter away,I promise to pay the debt as soon as possible,Please help me beg him”Dad pleaded and one of them scoff.
“It seems you don’t know whom we are talking about,we are talking about Lucian here”
“I knew but…..”
“I said where’s the collateral before we raze down this house”He yelled at us and I quickly entangle myself away from Dad,I walk to them levelly and in a swift motion,one of them threw me on his shoulders and carried me out of the house immediately.
Becky Pov
“Sir,about the girl our boys went to bring down here,I s£nt her pictures already to our private blog and one of the ministers demands her as her private s£× worker”I explained calmly to him and his eyes flashed in anger as soon as I uttered the last statement.
“And who gave you the permission to upload the pictures in the private blog,what’s wrong with you?”
“I’m so sorry sir,but that’s according to our protocols when we are about to have a new slave”
“As soon as you leave this place,I want you to delete all her pictures in the blog,I want the lady to myself”
“Sir”I blinked rapidly in shock.
Lucian has never been interested in slaves,he uses ladies of higher cl@ss as his s£× worker and he have only one which is Bethany.
“No buts Becky,Just do as I instructed, Immediately the boys arrive,bring the girl to me”
“Okay sir”I bowed not leaving his pres£nce.
“I’ll like to call it a day”
“Okay sir”I said grudgingly and exit the room.
I can’t believe he will choose that dirty thing over Bethany,why can’t he choose me as his s£× worker instead of choosing that girl?
I don’t know why Lucian behaves like this!
Gosh!,I think I have to report to Bethany first before deleting the pictures.
I couldn’t help but cry seeing Dad with Jason I’m tears as they watch me being carted away.
Dad is the most grievous,he stood there transfixed and terribly shaking until the car drove out the compound.
I lean to the window and burst into tears with pains in my heart,I just couldn’t hear it any longer,the guards watch me with keen interest and they couldn’t help but pity me.
“Young lady,you have to stop crying, you’re not the only one in they car”The list grumpy one among the guards said slightly peeved at me and I smile sadly.
“I’m so sorry sir”I apologized cleaning my tears which continue to fall,I just couldn’t help it,I can’t.
After a long drive,we finally got to the ineffable mansion and I was wowed at the largeness.
The place is so big and beautiful,I just couldn’t help but wowed at the sight of everything.
They were all in gold.
This guy must be quite rich.
After the driver parked well,o step down the car and one of the guards grab my hand and led me into the mansion.
A gaps escape my l!ps when my eyes landed on the gold table in the living room.
I was wowed at the sight of everything,This place is just so beautiful.
He stopped abruptly in front of another guard roaming around the room.
“Is the boss in?”
“Yeah he said…..”
“Are you guys back already?”A young lady said walking towards us.
Her long blue hair bouncing behind her as she walk towards us.
She look so beautiful and cl@ssy.
“oh oh…..She’s finally here,you guys weren’t able to pay the money right?”She asked with a hint of anger in her voice and I nodded.
“Since you’re not able to pay the money,I hope you’re ready to face the consequences”
“I am not the one to explain all that to you, let’s go to him”
Episode 6
✍️Iyanuoluwa Akinniyi ✍️
Lily Pov
She opened the door to the room after she had knock and granted her permission to enter.
I trail behind her inside and my eyes landed on him at the window,his back view tho.
“Sir,the guys brought her here already,she’s here”
“Okay,you can leave”He said coldly and she turned to leave but not without glaring at me with hatred in her eyes.
I haven’t spent up to thirty minutes here and she hate me already,I wonder what I have done to her.
Few minutes p@ssed and he stood at the window without turning to me,after a while,he turned and our eyes met,I was gobsmacked when my eyes landed on his dark curly hair framing his face.
Perfect Jawline,Full eyebrows,Smooth……
“Are you done staring?”He asked smirking and I lower my head immediately.
“So you and your father aren’t able to pay the money at the end of the day despite giving you guys two days ultimatum to provide it?”He rasped and I sniffed.
“It wasn’t our fault sir,things has not been moving do well for us this days but we promised to pay very soon,please let me go”I pleaded and he let out a short laugh.
“Did you think I’ll collect the money back from your father even if he’s ready to pay?,You’re my slave already,a s£× slave at that and I’m not ready to release you anytime soon”He said and I cringe at his words.
A slave?
A s£× Slave?
He walk towards the small gold table beside his bed amd pick one of his phone,he dial a number and after a while,the receiver picked it.
“Come to my room now Mariam,I have a new slave already”He ordered and hung up.
Shortly,a lady came into the room and she bow a little before him.
“Take this file and cleanse her up because I’ll be having her in my bed tonight”
I heard a loud bang in my head as he uttered those words.
Does that mean he will be having me in bed tonight?
Oh God!
“O…okay sir”She stuttered in surprise and grab my hand softly before walking out of the room together.
I sniffed a little as she drag my hand through the long p@ssage in the room.
She suddenly stop and turned at me.
“You’re not happy about it right?”
“Yes”I mumbled and clasp my hand tightly to my chest.
“I don’t want to have anything to do with him ma’am,I heard he’s a beast”
“More than a beast dear,I wish he’s just the way you compared him,I hope you will be able to get through it”
“Let’s go,it’s almost afternoon,I have to be come with you within the next two hours,he doesn’t like wasting his time,he might change his mind by having you this afternoon,he’s not predictable”She said cutting me off and didn’t bother holding my hand anymore.
I think I have to walk myself.
I trail behind her earning a lot of stares from the maids p@ssing by.
After a while,she stopped in front of a door and we both entered the room.
“Here’s my room,let’s get to work as soon as possible”She said I nodded.
Becky Pov
“Hell no,That will never happen,don’t tell me that Lucian has a new slave, and even made her his s£× slave already”Bethany yelled and I nodded.
“Why will he do that?,I’ve never refused him before right?,Then why must he do that to me?”She asked no one in particular with pain visible in her voice and I shrugged.
“I don’t know,he hates the pres£nce of commoners around him,why must he choose that thing?”I said with distaste and she breathes heavily in anger.
Suddenly,she stood up from the bed and made to go outside the room but I stopped her.
“Where are you going?”
“To him of course,he has to tell me the reasons why he have to make that lady his s£× slave”She replied without turning back and open the door,she exit the room banging the door behind her.
I shook my head before exiting the room also.
I don’t think this will end well.


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