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Sold to the ruthless sex master Episode 7 & 8

🌌Sold to the Ruthless s£× Master 🌌
🔞Paying For Her Father’s Debt 🔞
✍️Iyanuoluwa Akinniyi ✍️
Episode 7
Lily Pov
I start undressing myself in earnest according to her instructions and after I’m done with that,she prepared a milk bath for me and I wash myself thoroughly inside the bath tub enjoying the warm water on my skin.
Within a hour, she’s done bathing me and instructed the maid to serve my meal.
After eating,she made me seat on the bed amd drag a chair towards me,she sat on the chair and stare at me keenly.
“So I’m going to outline some of the rules and regulations guiding this place”
“Firstly, fighting is prohibited,no matter how much the person provoke you,don’t try to fight with him or her, Secondly,Some work will be @ssigned to you after Lucian is done deciding what you’ll be doing in the palace,you might be in charge of cleaning the cars, sweeping or feeding the dogs and failure to do the work @ssigned to you will make you be in deep mess, Fourthly,You should try to obey all the rules Lucian will set fro you,he can be brutal and I don’t want you to fall into it,The fifth one,Don’t try to be slow and incorrigible when Lucian is talking to you,you should try to do things accurately and quickly without mistakes,if Lucian said you should go kill your Dad,obey before complain so you won’t be in trouble,The sixth rule,Lucian has a s£× worker ,her name is Bethany,She’s quite cunny and rude,try to avoid her including Becky,the lady who led you to Lucian when you arrive,they are very dangerous,there are other minor rules but I will tell you the rest you need to know later”
“Okay thanks a lot”I mumbled and she smiled.
I hope I will be able to remember all the rules she mentioned because my mind isn’t even at the right state now.
At Night In Lucian Mansion.
She handed me a white transparent gown with white undies and I furrow my brows.
“Wear that,I’ll be taking you to him now”
“O…okay”I stuttered and took off my former dress as put on the new one.
She didn’t give me any singlet to wear,so my br£@st is clearly seen in the dress,o used my hand to cover my dress and she smiled.
“Why are you covering your body?”
“The dress…..It’s too transparent”
“Oh….I’m quite sorry about that but I have to carry out his rules”
“It’s fine,can we go now?”
Lucian Pov
Still don’t know the reasons why I made that girl my s£× slave.
I don’t know what kinda attracted me to her,She’s kinda too small and fragile,besides,I hates the pres£nce of commoners around me.
I touched my forehead tiredly amd one of my boys entered.
“Sir,Bethany is here to…..”
“What does she want?”I said coldly,This is the fourth time she came here to see me but I refused to give her audience.
“She didn’t tell me the reason why she’s came here”
“Okay let her in”I said and he exit the room,after a while,She entered the room.
“What did you want Bethany?”
Another knock came on the door and I gr0@ned inwardly.
“Who’s that”
“Mariam Sir,I’m done with her”
“Okay let her in,you can go back to your room”
“Okay sir”She answered amd Lily opened the door to the room using her hand to cover her chest shyly.
“Good evening master”She greeted and Becky stare at her with raw hatred.
I stare at her from head to toe and couldn’t help but marvel at her beauty.
The short transparent gown she wore did nothing in hiding those fat hips and @ss.
Her jet black hair shone like a star due to the fluorescent light in the room.
Mariam really did a good job on her.
“You can go Bethany,we will talk tomorrow morning”I said and she scoffed in disbelief.
“You mean I should leave because of……”
“You know I don’t repeat myself”I snapped and she breathes heavily in anger before storming out of the room.
Lily Pov
I almost freaked out when Bethany glared at me before exiting the room.
I wonder what I’ve done wrong.
“Drop that hands”He ordered and slowly,I drop the hand on my chest making my br£@st shook a little and he smiled.
“Come closer”He ordered and I drag my legs to him.
“Off your undies”
I whimper in fear and slowly,I dip my hands into my p@nties and drag it down,I raised my legs up a little to put it off completely making me almost stark n@k£d in front of him.
“Get to the bed”
Episode 8
Lily Pov
My body trembled immediately he told me to undress.
I tried talking but the pains choked me already.
“M..Master, please…I. ”
“I thought Mariam told you I hate complains?”He snapped at me and I nodded.
“Please let me go,I promise to pay the money as soon as possible,I…I…”
Like a flash,he stood up from the bed and slapped me her h@rd across my face.
“Hah!”I let out a painful g@sp and his eyes reddened in anger.
“I don’t like to repeat myself Lily,get to the bed”He ordered again and quickly,I jump on the bed sitting down crying.
Next,He start taking off his clothes and I tightened my hands around my chest in fear,He pit off his clothes excluding his briefs and slowly he climb the bed.
He grab my legs and spread it so wide,he came between it and tore my clothes like a piece of rag.
He lean closer to me and dip his head into the crook of my neck.
He fondle my br£@st slowly,I tried taking my hand there but he pin my hands to my head.
Slowly,I felt something huge, dangling and h@rd on my v,I closed my eyes expecting the worst moment and slowly,he push his whole organ into me forcefully,tearing my v apart.
I let out a scream amd tried pushing him away but he’s too powerful for me.
“No…Master…..You’re hurting me…..Ahh”I scream so loud but he didn’t stop this he push his whole length into me forcefully.
He thrusts into me carefully and slowly trying to less£n the pains.
He released my hands and I grab the bed sheets beside me gr0@ning so h@rd as he keep thrusting into me.
“Lu…. Lucian”I cried out his name and he increase his pace making the pain increase more and more .
“Lucian stop,you’re hurting me”I cried and suddenly,I felt a sharp cut in my v and my pains increase the more.
I think he’s going too far already.
After a while,he pull out of me and I felt a string wind b!0wing into my v.
I tried using the duvet to cover myself but he stopped me.
“We are not yet done,give me your back”
Mr Alejandro Pov
I walk out of the house in grief and sadness,Tears drop from my eyes slowly as I stare at the stars.
I break down in tears because I failed myself already,I failed Lily,I failed Jason,I tried my best to be a good father bit I guess I didn’t try enough.
Now my daughter is being carted away as a s£× slave.
I wonder what she’ll be facing there right now.
“God, please keep her safe for me”I cried.


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