Sold to ruthless S-x master Episode 3 & 4

🌌Sold To The Ruthless S-x Master 🌌
🔞Paying For Her Father’s Debt🔞
✍️By Iyanuoluwa Akinniyi ✍️
Chapter 3
“Mark my words”He repeated before stepping into the car and the guards help him close the door,soon,they were out of the compound.
“Dad”She mumbled with herl-ips trembling and Dad tried fighting his tears back but he couldn’t.
“Lily I……”
“It’s fine”She as-sured and he engulf her into a pas-sionate hvg they wept in each other arms.
This is just too much for them to bear,it’s too much.
“I’m sorry for putting you guys into this condition,I’m sorry for not being a good father, forgive me Lily”
“Don’t say that dad,you’re the best father on earth,let’s just hope for miracle because no one is willing to borrow us money”
“Miracle??,Did you just say miracle?”,we hoped for miracle when Hayden was sick and we have no money to take him to the hospital,we hope for miracle when your mother walk out of this house because she saw a better man,we hoped for miracle when you pas-s out of high school and there’s no money to sponsor you to college,we hoped for miracle when we have nothing to put on the table for us to eat,we hoped for miracles when granny was sick,how long we will hope for miracle?,just tell me”He yelled with hisl-ips trembling and Lily clean his tears.
“Dad,things are going to be fine,I as-sure you that,it might be throu-gh Lucian,let’s just hope for better days coming soon,Dad.”
“You’re only trying to make me feel better,but it’s well”His Dad smiled and she help him carry his bag outside the compound.
After walking throu-gh some few houses,she bade her dad good bye and walk back to the house.
Getting to the house,she took a quic-k bath and wore one of her best dress before rushing out of the room.
She st©p the cab in front of the gate and after settling the cabby man,she step down th car ask walk towards the ineffable building in front of her.
It’s the first time after two years she vowed not to step her legs here anymore but see what her condition push her into.
She took a de-ep breath before,she knock on the gate and after few knocks,a young man poke his head in between the gate ma-king him have a clear view of his face,she stare at him for a while before talking.
“What did you want?,I don’t think there’s any vacancy board our there ”
“Yes,I knew that,I’m not here for that either I want to see my mom”
“Your mom?”He asked surprised or rather mockingly and she nodded.
“I think you’re at the wrong place,it seems you don’t know where you’re,Maura corporations don’t as-sociate with paupers like you”He said with distaste and Lily cringe,the word somehow get to her but she didn’t show it”
“No plea-se,I knew where I am,just let me in”She said rather pleadingly and the man sighed.
“Okay come in”He ushered her inside the building.
“Wait for me to lock the gate so I can lead you inside”
“Okay thanks”She mumbled fiddling the old purse in her hand.
When he’s done locking the gate,he led her inside the building.
The gate man led her inside the reception and direct her to the receptionist.
She walk towards the lady who’s busy scribbling some things in a do¢v-ment.
“Hi good morning”I greeted a little bit loudly and she look up at her.
She smiled warmly at her and Lily reciprocate it, she’s quiet beautiful as the round big glas-s.
It really fits her a lot.
“Hi,how may I help you?”
“I want to see my mom,plea-se lead me to her office”
Your mom?”She asked surprised and stare at her more intently .
“plea-se let me see her,I nee-d to talk to her,it’s a matter between life and death”
“Chillax young lady,what’s the name of your mom?”
“Huh……the same Maura….”
“Good morning ma”She greeted suddenly and she look around to see whom she’s talking to but couldn’t find her.
The lady stood up quic-kly from her and rush towards the door,Lily turned and surprisingly,it was her mom.
“Thank God”She mumbled in relief.
She’s finally here.
Chapter 4
“What are you doing here?”she cut her off surprised and Lily sighed
“plea-se, I’m here for something important and urgent,plea-se give me audience”she pleaded and Maura stare at her for a while
“okay follow me”
“Hah! thanks”she smiled in relief and trail behind her, she look around the corridor and was quite be-dazzled.
It was newly furnished, the place wasn’t like this when she c@m£ here two years ago.
“I think she’s now richer”she mumbled silently and soon they got to an office, the guard following them opened the door and the two of them walked inside the office.
“Wow “a g@sp escape herl-ips and Maura chuckled.
she tried tou-ching the wall but her mom st©pped her.
“Don’t you dare,does this place looks like your father’s impoverished house?, letting you in does not mean you should pas-s your boundary”.
“I’m sorry”lily apologized quic-kly and took her seat but remain standing, the guard dropped her bag on the couch before walking out leaving them alone in the office.
“I thought you vowed you won’t step your feet into this place anymore? ,so why are you here? , why can’t you keep to your words ?”she asked rather mockingly and she sighed.
“I c@m£ here for something important and urgent plea-se”
“Then why are you here? ”
” Few months ago, Hayden was sick and diagnosed of leukemia, the doctors said we should pay hvge amount of money,dad tried raising the money but he couldn’t, he had no choice than to borrow the money from the devil”.
“Lucian?”she asked surprised and she nodded.
“Before he borrowed him the money, he said there must be a collateral,since dad didn’t have any tangible property, he had to use me as a collateral. Unfortunately for us, ,we aren’t able to refund the money, he c@m£ to our house this morning to warn us,we are only given two days ultimatum mom but we don’t have any hope of paying the money back, plea-se help us”she begged going down on her knees and her mom smiled.
“Hmph,I don’t really know where to start Lily but I have to start somewhere, firstly,why is your father too dumb to the extent that he borrowed money from the devil, isn’t he scared of the name at all?”
“We have……”
“Hey am still talking”she snapped cutting her off and she bowed immediately.
“I wanna remind you about something Lily , your dad swore never to have anything to do with me
anymore even at the point of death, so why should I help you?”
“We are talking about your child here, I’m going to be a S-x slave to Lucian if we aren’t able to pay the money, this is between life and death mom!”
“Your dad didn’t know what is called life and death when he swore not to have anything to do with me again,what did you expect me to do Lily”
“plea-se mom ,help us”
“I’m sorry lily , there’s nothing I can do,I won’t be able to help you”
“Seriously mom?,you won’t help us?”Lily asked shocked.
“Yeah, there’s nothing I can do to help you,your father swore not to have anything to do with me again and why will I help you?”
“Mom we are talking about me here,it’s a matter between life and death,I’ll become a S-x slave if Dad isn’t able to pay the money”
“There’s nothing I can do,I’ve lot of things to do here,plea-se get out of my office before I call the security guard for you”
“Mom,did you think you’re doing the right thing?,you left us with dad years ago because he’s poor anytime we seek for help,you won’t render any help to us,did you think you’re doing the right thing?”
“Seriously Lily,you c@m£ here for help after you swore that you’ll never step your feet here two years ago,you’re such a useless lady,a disgrace to woman-hood at that,you’re this endowed,you have the most perfect shape but you refused to help yourself throu-gh it,how did you want me to help you when you’re not helping yourself,plea-se get out of my office before I call the securities”
“I will never sell my b©dy to men because of money mom,I’m not like you,I wonder how you gave birth to us because you’re the most worthless mother I’ve ever seen,I’m leaving your office now,but I want you to know something, you’re going to reap all what you sow,I am as-suring you mom that you will come to us on your knees begging your forgiveness,take my words”Lily yelled with little tears on her face and walk out of the office while her mother watch her going,with a plain expression about de-ep into her,she somehow felt guilty for not helping her,she shrugged it off quic-kly and start the work of the day.
Lily barge into the house crying heavily,She has to trek all the way to her mom’s office down to their house,her hope was that her mom will give her money but she didn’t.
“I so much hate her,I detests her a lot,she irritates me”Lily yelled throwing the purse to only God knows where and Jason rush out of his room to her.
“Lily,is there any problem?”He asked worriedly and held her hand but she fred her hand from his and took a few steps back.
“I so much hate the woman who called herself my mother,I detests her so much”
“Wait……Don’t Tell me you went to her?”Jason asked surprised and she nodded.
“And why will you go to her?,After Dad warned us not to move close to her vicinity any more,what’s wrong with you Lily?”
“Why won’t I go to her?,Lucian c@m£ here this morning and gave us two days ultimatum to pay the money,why won’t I go to her?”
“What did she say?”
“She said I should go sell my b©dy to men so I will be able to pay the money”
“Why will she say that?”
“I don’t know Hayden,I can afford to be a S-x slave,I can’t,maybe I should run away”
“To where?, there’s no place you can run to and Lucian won’t find you,he has spies everywhere”
“Then what did you think we should do?”
“I don’t know”
“You this foolish woman,I told you not to add much salt to my food,look how salty the food is”He yelled at the frail woman in front of him and she cried.
“I’m sorry Gerald,forgive me”She cried and another stro-ke of cain landed at her back,she scream in pain ma-king their four years old son at the corner cringe in fear of hurting his mother more.
“I told you Gina,I’ll be the death of you,mark my words”
He woke up p@n-ting heavily with beads of sweat streaming down his face to his che-st, although the AC is working but the sweat is more much than what he can handle.
“The night mare again”He mumbled sadly and step down the be-d walking slowly to where his liquor is,he got there and gr-ab the bottle,he open the bottle and decant reasonable amount of it inside the glas-s cu-p.
He gulp the whole content down at once.
“The nightmare”He repeated and stare at the empty glas-s in his hand.
When will they st©p haunting him?
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