Sold to the ruthless S-x master Episode 1 & 2

🔞Sold to the Ruthless S-x master🔞
🎆Paying for her father’s debt 🎆
Extract from the story 🌈🌈🌈
He climb the be-d slowly causing tiny streaks disrupting the silence of the room,her eye flung open immediately she felt someone climb the be-d covering his hand up her th!ghs.
She whimper at his cold t©uçh and he grins.
He’s here to hurt her again,just like he does,every night.
He’s the devil incarnate, Lucian,The name that creates fear in the heart of the rich and poor,his pres£nce commands frar, everything about him commands fear in the heart of everyone around him.
No one dares step on his toes or else you’re dead,No one questions his eyes order even if ti does not go down well on you ,you have to carry his order out to avoid his wrath.
He has a lot of military ken amd boys working for him because he invests a lot,he owned lot of companies,ware houses and orphanage homes as well,he’s the most riche-st man in Manilla and that’s one of the numerous reasons why people fear him.
No one knew about his background or family but his boys knew two people familiar to him which is his best friend,John and his sister,Eunice a divorcee but blessed with two kids.
One other things about him is that he lends business money and countries as well,before he lends you money,you must have a guarantor and collateral,so that when you are unable to pay the money,the collateral will be willed to him be it a human or properties.
One of the victims who fell into the situation where they were unable to pay the money is Mr Alejandro,he borrowed the money so as to pay for his son’s treatment and used his first daughter Lily as an collateral and her duty is to warm the devil’s be-d every night.
What happens when his father his unable to pay the debt??
How will she be able to cope?
What happens when Lily begans to develop feelings for him?.
What happens when Lily conceived and he’s not re-ady to be a father?
What will be the aftermath of their actions?
You wouldn’t like to miss it fans.
🔞Sold to the Ruthless S-x Master 🔞
🎆Paying for her father’s debt🎆
Episode 1
He thrû-sts in and out of her r0ûghly and her screams filled the whole room ma-king him want more of her.
After few minutes of de-ep and ha-rd thrû-sts,he pu-ll-ed out of her, the n-ked woman un-der him coll@pse heavily on the be-d.
He has never been the gentle type.
“You should leave my room Bethany and take the necessary drugs you ought to take,I don’t want to hear any stupid news”
“Okay”she nodded weakly and pick up her clothes,she wear it one after the other and walk out of the room.
Lucian walked n-kedly to the bathroom to wash his b©dy.
After a while, he c@m£ out of the bathroom and towel-dried his b©dy, he put on a red long jacket and pick one of his phones before walking out of the room.
His personal as-sistant,Becky walk towards him immediately he noticed he’s out of the room.
“Any news”He asked gruffly and Becky fl!pthrou-gh the books hurriedly.
“We went throu-gh the debtors list and realized that there are few debtors who have refused to pay”
“Okay,who borrowed the highest amount of money”
“Mr Alejandro,the poor man who borrowed money for his son’s treatment three months ago”
“And how many times have I warned you bit to borrow the poor hvge amount of money they can’t afford to pay back”He snapped turning his head towards her and she shift back in fear.
“You gave him the money yourself”She replied quic-kly.
“Ohh”He mumbled calming down a little.
“Okay,we are visiting him tomorrow”
“Okay sir”
Lily dropped the h0t pot carefully on the floor and start dishing out the meal inside three old ceramic plates on the floor.
“Is the food not yet re-ady?”Jason grumble walking into the old small kitchen and Lily sighed.
“Wait a minute more,the food will soon be re-ady”
“You had better be fast or else you will have to eat the whole food yourself”He threatened pla-yfully and Lily chuckled watching him walk out of the kitchen.
What a foodie!
Sh shook her head and quic-kly round everything up.
She place the food carefully in front of him and began eating in earnest,he scoop some soup into his mouth and m0@n out in satisfaction.
“So delicious”He mumbled closing his eyes in delight and Lily smiled.
“Yeah,I’m the best in cooking”She boasted majestically walking around the room.
“St©p flattering yourself sis,you’re not the best cook,you’re just lucky”He m0@n ed and Lily pu-ll his hair.
“Ouch st©p”He grumbled and she gave him a ha-rd knock before re-leasing his hair.
They were still in the middle of this when their father,Mr Alejandro walk inside with lots of bags and the two rush to help him.
“Welcome Dad”Jason greeted cheerfully and his Dad pat his head slowly.
“How was your day?”Lily bu-tts in and his father sighed tiredly.
“Stressful,I went throu-gh a lot before i was able to gather money to buy foodstuffs,u don’t un-derstand this business anymore, people no longer patronize poor goldsmiths like us anymore,I’m tired”
“Don’t worry,Dad,things are going to be okay very soon”Lily’s as-sured him although she’s not sure maybe things are going to be okay very soon “Lily as-sured although she’s not sure maybe things are going to be okay very soon.
“When?,I still have to pay the money I borrowed when Jason was sick hasn’t been refund yet and you’re the one we used as collateral,I can’t bear seeing you being carted away as a S-x slave,I don’t know what to do anymore Lily”Me Alejandro complained and tears sl!pdown his face,Lily help him wipe the tears off his face and pacify him not to cry anymore but the old man couldn’t be consoled.
“Dad,if I’m to be S-x slave to Lucian,then so be it,we all know you’ve tried your best to refund the money,Dad you’ve tried enough,don’t stress yourself about the money anymore”Lily said breaking down in tears.
Jason retreat himself a little from my them,he felt really guilty for everything.
“Lily,I……”He tried talking but the tears choked him alre-ady,Lily pu-ll-ed him into a hvg and he cried heavily on her shoulders.
“It’s fine Dad,it’s fine”She as-sured him patting his back softly.
.🔞Sold to the Ruthless S-x Master🔞
🎆Paying for her father’s debt 🎆
✍️Iyanuoluwa Akinniyi ✍️
Episode 2
The next day.
Mr Alejandro sat on the old stool in front of his house busy cleaning his tools as he’s getting prepared for the work of the day.
Jason c@m£ out of the house and close the door behind him before walking to hiss father,he got noticed of his son pres£nce and look up to him.
He’s even prepared for school alre-ady.
“You’re done eating?”
“Yes Dad”He answer and pause a little bit before talking again.
“Dad,what about the money I asked for?”
“Check my tool box and take the money inside it,you have to beg your English tutor to give me today so I can balance everything up”
“Okay Dad,thanks”He said elated. amd open the tool box,he took the money there and thank his dad before leaving the compound.
He resume cleaning his tools and after a while,he’s done cleaning it,he pack them back inside the box and wall back inside to have his breakfast.
Lily was busy setting the table when his Dad entered,she hurriedly round everything up and he began eating in earnest.
After eating,lily follow him outside and help him carry the tool box like she always does every morning.
Surprisingly for them,a flashy car drive into the compound,it surprised them a lot because no one has ever c@m£ to their compound with a flashy car,besides,it’s a slum area which irritates the rich very much.
“Who could be this Dad?”
“I don’t…..”
“Wait….”He suddenly said not talking to anyone in p@rticular and Lily turned to look at him.
“Lucian……that’s Lucian car,I saw it in his mansion the day I went to collect the money for Hayden treatment”
“What!”She scream in shock.
No seer nee-d to tell Lily that they are in trouble,a de-ep mess at that,For a while Lucian to visit them ,she somehow felt that this visit is not going to end well.
She cling to his dad in fear as the door open automatically and they expect him to come out to them.
Few moments pas-sed before he step out of the car,he put on his dark glas-s and walk a little but levelly towards them,both shift back in fear thinking he’s coming to them but he st©pped halfway amd lean beside his car.
Mr Alejandro trembled in fear and beads of sweat broke on Lily’s face as she stare at the greek god in front of her.
He look so handsome more than the pictures in the magazine,he was a little bit muscular and his six packs threatening to tear the shi-t he wore,his dark curly hair covering his left eye make him look h0tter.
He’s handsome.
“Hello Mr Alejandro”He said and hisl-ips form a sm-irk.
“Good morning sir”
“Well,I knew you’re quite surprised to see me here this early morning,sorry for not informing you earlier”
“I’m sorry”He stuttered with hisl-ips trembling and he smiled.
“The deadline el@psed six days ago,why haven’t you pay my money”
“I’m sorry,I am financially unstable for now,I have no money on me but I promise to pay you before the be-d of this month”
“Becky”He called and his personal as-sistant walk up to him.
“In the do¢v-ments he signed,Is he given any extra day to pay the money in case he wasn’t able to pay the money when he ought to pay?”
“Not at all sir”She shook her head.
“Where is the collateral?”
“Here I am”Lily step out and Lucian took his time checking the beautiful woman in front of him.
He stare at her narrow w@!st carefully to her h!ps,she’s quite thick and have the prettiest as-s you’ve ever seen.
Her small fair legs trembling badly added a lot to her beauty.
She’s beautiful.
“I’m not giving you the grace of two days to look for the money you owed me,if I’m to come here by next tomorrow,that will be the next time you see your daughter”
“Mark my words”He added before turning to go.

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