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Sold to the ruthless sex master Episode 22 to 24

🌌Sold To The Ruthless Sex Master 🌌
🔞Paying For Her Father’s Debt 🔞
✍️Iyanuoluwa Akinniyi ✍️
Episode 22
(The new man)
Lily Pov
The video start playing and tears roll my down my eyes slowly.
Oh God!
What have I put myself into?
What kind of mess is this?
I can’t believe he planted a camera in my hair without me noticing.
He took a glance at me and scoff when he realized I’m crying.
He took his eyes back to the laptop and the video continue to play until it gets to where I and Mariam got to Dad house.
He shook his head slowly as Dad hug me passionately and slam the laptop shut.
“Master I can explain”I cried and he chuckled.
“Come here”He ordered and I drag my legs to him slowly.
I stood in front of him crying and he made me sit on his laps.
“Why did you like disobeying me?”He said coldly playing with my shirt buttons and I sniffed.
“I’m sorry”
“Why did you visit them?”
“I missed them so much”I pouted and he sighed.
“You know you’ll get punished”He asked and my heart skipped.
Oh God,I don’t think I’ll be able to survive this if he wants to punish me.
“I’m sorry”I begged him and he made me stand up on his laps,he also stand up and walk toward the dinning and I furrow my brows in confusion.
“Are you going to stand there watching me ?, Won’t you serve me lunch?”He scoff and I rush to the dinning.
Does that mean he forgive me?
No,maybe he want to eat before punishing me.
I dish his food and he start eating,so slowly and after taking few spoons,he left the dinning.
Does that mean he have eaten?
I shook my head and pack the remains to the dinning before retiring to the room.
Mariam is not in yet,I wondered where she went to.
After a long while,she entered and smile at me.
“What took you so long?”
“I’m so sorry I got hooked up with something in the store”
I explained a what happened in the room and she was so shocked to the bones.
“He planted a camera in your hair?”
“Yes Mariam,he was quite angry that I visited my dad,I knew it’s against the rules but I can’t help it,I hope I won’t put you into trouble”
“Yes, that’s also what I’m thinking about,but don’t worry,I’ll handle it”
“Are you sure?”
“Yes,I just hope he won’t hurt you tonight”
“I hope so”I replied and a knock came on the door, Mariam rushed to try door and opened it a little,it was a guard.
“Master want you in the room with immediate effect”The guard said in a deep baritone voice and I walk to the door.
“Are you referring to me or Lily”Mariam asked in surprise and the guard point to her.
She turned to look at me before turning to the guard again.
“Okay,let’s go”She replied and trail behind the guard to his room.
My heart keep beating rapidly as fear keep eating me up.
Oh God!,I hope he doesn’t sack her.
Why did I have to drag the poor lady into my matters?
Mariam Pov
We got to the room and my heart keep beating rapidly as we entered the room,his eyes were on the floor but immediately we entered,he look up at us,his cute eyes fixed on me as we both walk inside the room.
“Good afternoon master”I bowed slightly and he nodded.
“You can leave”,He said referring to the guard and he saunter out of the room immediately.
“You sent for me sir”
“Yeah,that’s why you are here,if I’m to remember well, you’ve spent five years working with me and you are quite familiar with the rules and regulations guiding this place,you know every slaves aren’t entitled to leave this mansion unless there are unavoidable reasons ,I honored you enough to let Lily followed you but you drove her to her Dad’s house which is against the rules,why did you have to do that?”He snapped at me and I trembled.
“Sir,I’m so sorry but I can’t help it,she missed them so much”
“Miss?”He repeated and I nodded.
“I don’t want her to lose the opportunity I never had,I mean the opportunity of having a caring father and a sibling,I don’t want to hurt her sir”I explained and he ran his hand through his hair.
“You can go”He said coldly and I bow a little before walking out of the room.
I heaved a sigh of relief as I shut the door behind me.
Lucian Pov
“I don’t want her to lose the opportunity I never had,I mean the opportunity of having a caring father and a sibling,I don’t want to hurt her sir”The words keep replaying in my head.
Did I also have the opportunity she had?
A non caring Father,a helpless mom and a bitter family is all I have.
I must have be the most stupid human on earth to deny Lily the privilege I never had,That means I want to turn her into the devil I am.
Even including all my slaves,they didn’t have any freedom since they entered the mansion which is killing them slowly even if they refuse to tell me.
I knew they are hurting,so badly.
“Guards”I yelled and two do them entered the room immediately.
“Assemble all my slaves here”I ordered and they rush out of the room immediately to carry out my orders.


They got to the room and assembled themselves orderly,I look up at them and they look quite scared.
See what I caused,I’m too harsh on them.
“If anyone one of you have a family, signify”I ordered in my usual cold tone and all raised up their hands.
“Are they living here?”I asked and almost nodded.
“Now,I’m giving you all three days break to visit your families,You all should go to Mariam after leaving the room for some cash”
“Thanks so much Sir”They chorused happily and I smiled inwardly.
They look so happy and elated,some of them are even weeping.
“You can leave”
Now my mind is at a little bit rest.
Lucian Pov
A week later……..
I took slow,steady and measured steps to my office as every workers I come across keep greeting me but I ignored them all.
I got to the office and plonk on the chair,Becky open some files before and I check it.
“A party again?”I groaned and Becky nodded.
“Yes sir,the Lucas corporations organized it to seal the deal between us and you must be there with a lady”She uttered the last statement with a blush and I scoffed.
“A lady?”
“Yes sir”She nodded arranging her dress well and I chuckled.
“Go to the mall later and pick one of the latest dress for Lily,I’m taking her along”I replied and her face went blank immediately.
“Lily?”She stuttered.
“The sl…….”
“If you dare complete that statement,you won’t live to regret it”I snapped at her and she kept shut immediately.
“Now go carry out my orders”
“Okay sir”She said grudgingly and stomp out of the room.
Becky Pov
“Damn!”I groaned and hit the desk in front of me.
Why does he have to choose that thing?
When I’m available?
What’s wrong with this Lucian of a man?
Why is he becoming so unpredictable these days?
And that Lily of a girl,he’s giving her much privilege these days.
I think I have to curb her before she outgrew wings.
✍️Writer’s Pov ✍️
He stood at the corner deep in his own thoughts, grieving and crying inwardly trying not to show it,his heart heavy,guilt eating the best part of him.
Although the whole atmosphere is bubbling with different prisoners like him playing,chatting around but he stood there watching all if them ghostly.
One thing keep ringing in his head.
“Had I known,I wouldn’t have hurt him”
Episode 24
Maura Pov(Lily’s Mom)
I paced to and fro in the house expecting his arrival.
I took a glance at the clock and it’s almost 11pm,what’s keeping him this long?
I bit my lips tentatively and the long awaited came,Davis,u rush to the curtain and drag it to a side.
The gateman open the gate and fleet of cars drive into the compound.
The guards quickly rush to his own car and they opened the door for him.
He came out slowly and a young lady also step out.
Who could this be?
He snake his hand around the lady waist and I gasp.
Is he taking another wife?
I shook my head in dismay and finally,he entered the house.
I walk up to him folding my hands under my beast and he scoffed looking at me.
“You came late today again?”
“And will I take that as a welcome?”He snapped and the lady beside her chuckled.
“Well,no need of stuttering,I wanna make a little introduction here tonight,here’s my new baby and she will be living here with us as from now,She will be the one to sleep in my room not you anymore,you’re archaic already,she will be the one to make my tea while the maids will prepare my breakfast under her supervision,I don’t want to stress her because she’s pregnant already”
The last statement rang in my head repeatedly.
“Pregnant?”I asked in shock and he nodded.
“Since ,you can’t produce a baby for me,did you expect me to stick with you for ever?”
“Davis this is not right”I said with beady eyed and he scoffed.
“Baby,my legs are paining me,can we go to your room please?”The thing beside him asked pouting ,she rub her belly eyeing me dangerously.
“Oh…..I’m so sorry,let’s go please”He cooed and wrap his hand around her waist more tighter and led her upstairs.
I staggered back in shock, disappointment and guilt.
Is this not the man I abandoned my two grown up children for just to be with him?
Is this not the man who told me not to take care of Lily and Jason again that he’s ready to spend the rest of his life with him?
Is this not the man who made me turn deaf ears to Lily pleas that they aren’t important to me anymore?
Is this not the same man who brought a lady home making me useless?
Is this not the same ma telling me not to touch his tea and meal?
“God,I’m ruined!”I cried out in tears sprawling helplessly on the floor.
“What am I going to do?”
Sooner or later,he will throw my belongings out of this house.
I can’t go back to Lily again,I hurt her already,I can’t go back to Jason anymore,I turned him down when he was sick,I can’t go back to Alejandro anymore,I chased him out of my company when he came to beg me to come back to his house.
Then what am I going to do?
Oh God!
Please help me.
Lily Pov
I added soap into the water and turn it to a lather before dipping the sponge in it,I began to wash the car quickly and Daniel came out of the house,carring a small puppy in his arms.
His eyes fell on me and saunter towards me.
“Good morning sir”I greeted and he smiled.
“Morning Lily,how was your night?”
“It was fine sir ad yours?”
“Boring”He roll his eyes and I chuckled.
“Why are you the one taking care of the cars,where are the male workers”
“I’m the one taking care of Lucian cars sir”
“Why”He asked in surprise.
“I don’t know sir”
“Why does he have to do that when there are lots of male workers here?”He scoffed and I bent my head.
“Okay,will talk to him when he’s back,right…….”
Becky walk to us disrupting our discussions,her face held a bitter expression.
“Good morning sir”She greet Daniel rather grudgingly and Daniel only nodded.
“Master said I should take you to the mall to pick a dress”She said turning to look at me and I furrow my brows in confusion.
“For what?”I asked in surprise.
“You can ask they goddamn question from him when he’s back,you shouldn’t ask me that,wi you get into my car now or you will have to walk to the mall with your wretched legs?”She snapped angrily and Daniel scoff.
“Hey,did you have to be rude,you said it was Lucian who ordered you to take her to take her to the mall,you aren’t the one to pay for the bills then why are you so harsh on her?”Daniel said almost pissed off.
“I’m sorry sir”
“Keep your apologies,don’t worry,I’ll take her to the mall myself,you can go”
“Okay sir”She replied and walk out of us not without giving me a death glare.
What’s wrong with this lady?


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