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Sold to The ruthless sex master Episode 19 & 21

🌌Sold To The Ruthless s£× Master🌌
🔞Paying For Her Father’s Debt 🔞
✍️Iyanuoluwa Akinniyi ✍️
Episode 19
Lily Pov
The next morning……….
I stood up from the bed feeling so refreshed and strong.
The is the most peaceful night I have ever had since I came to the mansion.
I think he’s becoming lenient with me a little.
I shrugged and took one of his towels and wrap it around my body.
I was about to go into the bathroom when Lucian entered the room.
“Good morning sir”I greeted and he nodded walking p@ss me.
“Who gave you the permission to take one of my towels?”He said coldly without looking at me and I press my l!ps together.
“I’m so sorry sir,I will just drop it”I said quickly loos£ning it around my chest leaving me stark n@k£d,I quickly went to drop it when he stopped me.
“Wait…..Are you trying to seduce me?”He said with a smirk and I shook my head.
“No sir”I said getting tired to his games already.
He walk up to me and snake his hand to my bare back.
He push me carefully to his chest and I bend my head slowly.
“How about a quickie…..Huh…”He whispered and turn me around swiftly making me face the wall.
He bend me slightly making my butt brush his organ in the fabrics.
He unbuckle his trouser quickly and slide his organ into me slowly.
“Oh…….”i m0@ned out softly and he slide in and out of me teasingly making me yearn for it more and more.
“Sir……”I called without a reason amd he finally push his whole length into me.
He move his hand slowly tony br£@st which has been dangling helplessly all this while and start fondling it,he rode in and out of me so fastly and I m0@n loudly.
He slap my butts aat intervals and after a while,he pull out of me but use his other hand to hold my waist.
He expanded my big butts making him have a clear view of my @ss hole.
He use his d!¢k to rub the surface slowly and finally push it in.
Into my @sshole!
“Sir”I called out in pains and pleasure as his d**k keep tearing it apart.
He didn’t pay attention to me and he keep riding in and out of me roughly.
After emptying himself into me,he pull out of me and I release a long breath.
“Damn!,Lily”He breathed out klzzing my bare neck.
He push me into the bathroom and lock the door behind.
I was about to go into the bath tub but he stopped me.
He made me kneel down in front of him,his long large shaft dangling in front of me,he grab my hands wrap it around them but I fred my hands quickly.
“Sir”I called in confusion and he smiled.
“Haven’t you heard of b!0w job?”He asked and my eyes dim.
b!0w job!
I do hear about it but I don’t know the meaning,what’s he talking about?
“I don’t know what you’re talking about sir”I replied innocently and he took my hand again,he wrap it around his shaft and I didn’t bother to remove my hand this time around.
“s√¢k it”He ordered and my mouth fell open in shock.
I should s√¢k his……
“s√¢k it Lily”He ordered again and I knelt well in front of him.
I dip the cap into my mouth and lick it,he close his eyes in pleasure and urge me to s√¢k it more.
I licked and licked it and after a while when he noticed the whole thing is still new to me,He got hold of his shaft and start throat f**king me himself.
He move it in and out of me so fastly and after a while,he emptied his semen into my mouth,I gulp it down quickly to avoid choking.
“Come come”He urge me and I stood up to my feet.
He lift me up slowly making me wrap my hands around his waist and found his way to my v again.
“Lucian”I m0@n loudly and he rode me like never before.
“Ahhh”I scream as he keep slamming me on every corners of the room for the past one hour.
Does he not get tired of it at all?
“St……op”I cried out in tiredness and he pull out of me,I let out a sigh of relief and he place his l!ps on mine for the first time in the day,I close my eyes in sweetness and he dive his tongue in and out of me p@ssionately.
I wish this will continue forever.
I use the towel to mop my body and wore the new shirt he gave me this morning.
“Sir”I called walking up to me and he look up at me.
“Mariam said she’s going to the mall this morning,please can I go with her?”I asked and he scoffed.
“You want to go out with Mariam?”He asked and I nodded.
“Did you know that Mariam is not like a slave you are,she’s not even a maid ,she’s one of my personal workers,are you trying to compare yourself to her?”He asked and I shook my head with tears laced in my eyes.
Why does he have to remind me of my predicament?
Why does he like to hurt me every time?
“Well,you can go with her”
“Thank you sir”I said tearfully before walking out of the room.
Mariam Pov
She entered the room sniffing again and I sighed.
i guess he must have hurt her again.
“What happened Lily?”I asked trying to hold her but she move back a little.
“I’m fine, don’t worry about me”She said quickly walking to her small bag and I sighed.
“Can’t you tell me what’s wrong with you?”I asked pestering her but she shook her head.
“I’ll just prepare breakfast for master before we set to go”
“Okay”I nodded and watch her exit the room.
Episode 20 &21
Long chapter ahead.
(I hope this is at least a little bit longer than the former ones)
Lily Pov
After rounding up my chores,I rush back to the room to prepare for the mall.
I met Mariam there already dressing do I quickly take another short bath to clean off the sweats on my body.
After that,I was about to put on one of the shirts Lucian gave to me but Mariam stopped me.
“Seriously Lily,what are you doing?”She scoffed and I turn to look at her.
“To wear a shirt of course”
“So you’re I mean you’re going to wear this shirt to the mall?”
“Like I have a choice?”I shrugged rolling my eyes and she sighed.
“Well,Lucian ordered a dress’s for you not long ago,so this is it”She beamed throwing a short gown at me and I g@sp.
Lucian bought a dress for me?
“How?….I mean…….”
“Well,I don’t know,I think he’s becoming nicer a bit to you,so you should wear this now so we can go and return as soon as possible,I told him already that we are only spending an hour”
“O….okay”I nodded and made to wear to wear the dress,after wearing it,she gave me an expensive sandal and I wore it.
Getting outside the mansion,she walk to a small portable expensive car and I furrowed my brows.
“Let’s go”She urge me opening the car door and I scoff.
“You have a car?”
“Yes,I’m not a maid Lily,I’m one of the too workers in the mansion,even some of the s£nior maids own a car”
“Wow”I mouthed in surprise and walk slowly to the car,I open it and step in,she reverse carefully out of the compound and the gate man open the gate for us.
“So how has he been treating you recently?”She asked turning her head side ways and I sighed.
“He’s not acting so cold around me like the first time I came here,he’s becoming more nicer at least bit”
“Well, I think you should be able to melt his icy heart at least a bit and make him fall in love with you”She teased touching my laps and I smiled.
“Really?,I don’t think there’s a woman who can change Lucian,I think there’s something eating him up and he doesn’t want to talk about”
“Yes,you’re right Lily,Lucian is a guy with a dark past,I mean really dark past,he doesn’t like it when someone asks of his family,I don’t know the reasons why,I don’t know”Mariam explained and I nodded.
“There’s a different expression on his face anything we are making love,I mean,I mean his face held bitterness,revenge and sadness”
“Oh……I hope he will be able to open us soon”
“Yeah”She nodded and no one talked till we reach the mall.
We both step down the car and after locking the door automatically,we made to go to the hall.
“Hi,can you take me to the deodorants section?”Mariam asked the receptionist while I keep looking at me m@ssive mall with different people coming in about out of the mall.
“Okay ma’am,please wait a minute”The blonde receptionist replied politely and Mariam nodded while we wait patiently for her.
After rounding up the stuffs on her table,she led us to the deodorants section and we picked our choice,she also pick some dresses for me according to Lucian order,she also pick some shoes for herself and after buying other petty things,we set to go to Dad’s place.
“So,how are you feeling?,I mean you’re seeing your dad for the first time after all these days?”Mariam smiled looking at me and I smiled back.
“The feeling is like heaven,I can’t wait to see him,he will be so shocked to see me visiting him”
“Yes,The look on his face was so inexpressible when I was being carted away by Lucian boys,he was so disappointed at himself, he always blame himself for our misfortunes”
“He’s such a good father,not like mine,my Dad doesn’t care about me from day one,he detests I and my mom”
“Wow!,I wonder why everyone of you is calling Lucian the devil Incarnate,my mom is the real devil Incarnate,she left my dad when he lost his job to a richer man,When my younger brother was sick,she didn’t pay his hospital bills and that prompted my Dad to borrow money from Lucian which we are unable to pay till the time he gave us elapsed,that was why I ended up being his slave”
“Wow!, you have such a pathetic story”
“Yes,amd I know it won’t end up in joy,because….”
“Stop it Lily,stop being so pessimistic”
“Pessimistic?,Is there a way I can get out of this mess?,I’m stuck to Lucian forever”
“Don’t say that”
“Does he release slaves?”
“No,but he pardoned a lady three months ago,Mira and gave her money to start a new life after three years of being a slave”
“You said three years,did you think I’ll be able to survive this s£× torture if Lucian continue to hurt me like this for a year”
“Don’t worry Lily,Let’s just hope for the best”She @ssure rubbing my hand and I nodded.
“I hope so too”
We got to the house and I knew that since today is Sunday,Dad will be at home with Jason.
I knocked on the door and shortly,Jason opened the door,he look numb immediately amd I smiled.
“Dad”He yelled and Dad rush to the door immediately.
“Jason what’s…..”
He stopped abruptly immediately he set his eyes on me.
My heart fell when I set my eyes on him,he look so lean and dull but his expression changed when he set his eyes on me.
“Lily”He called in shock and I jump on him immediately.
“Oh God,I miss you so much”He said tearfully and I sniffed.
“I miss you too Dad”I replied and we both entered the small living room.
God!,I miss everything about this house,the peaceful atmosphere, Lively discussions between I Jason and Dad,I wish I’m back here fully.
“Sis,you look so beautiful”Jason comments and I smiled,we all took our seat and I smiled.
“How have you been Lily”Dad asked curiously amd I smiled.
“I’m fine dad,I mean perfectly fine”
“I hope he didn’t to………”He asked but I cut him off,I can’t believe he’s asking him that,telling him the truth will cause more problem to him,he might die of hypertension.
“Common dad,I’m doing perfectly well,he didn’t make me his s£× slave,I’m just handling some of his stuffs like his food,room and all that”
“Okay”He nodded feeling relieved a little.
After little chit chat,We bade them good bye but not without me dropping some notes for Dad’s upkeep.
“Please Dad,make sure you eat well,you aren’t helping yourself,Jason please make sure he take his drug as at when due”I warned and they both nodded.
“Okay Sis”He nodded and we set to go.
“Thanks so much for today Mariam”I said gratefully and she chuckled.
“Why are you thanking me?”
“I just want to appreciate you for everything,I……”
“It’s okay ,you’re welcome darling,let’s rush home quickly so Lucian will not yell down the walls”She joked and I chuckled.
“Okay”I nodded and shortly we got home.
I quickly took off my dress and wear a shirt,I started preparing lunch,Lucian will arrive at the next one hour.
After preparing Lunch,I heard the car horns and I quickly set the plates on the big tray as usual.
After that,I carried it into his room and I met him there already.
How did he come upstairs so fast!
“Good afternoon master”I greeted and he nodded.
“Your food is ready”
“How was your outing?”He asked taking off his jacket.
“It was fine sir”I smiled.
“Are you sure you didn’t branch anywhere after you left the mall?”He asked and my heart skipped.
“No…Sir….I mean….no….we didn’t branch anywhere”
“Are you sure?”He asked and I nodded,Why will he be asking me this questions?.
There’s no way he would have know that we branched at Dad’s place,Hell no!
He will never know that!
“And what if I get to know that you branched elsewhere?”
“No sir”
“Okay”He shrugged and walk up to me,he touch the middle of my hair and removed something like a cl!p,I g@sp when he bring out a tiny camera.
When did he stuck a camera into my hair.
Oh God!
“I can’t risk anything”He said walking to where his laptop his,my heart keep beating rapidly as he connect it together.
“Now,let’s watch”


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