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Sold to the ruthless sex master Episode 25 to 27

🌌Sold To The Ruthless Sex Master 🌌
🔞Paying For Her Father’s Debt 🔞
✍️Iyanuoluwa Akinniyi ✍️
Episode 25
Daniel Pov
I was so sad when I learnt from one of the guards that Lily is Lucian new sex slave.
How could he turn a beautiful lady like Lily to a slave,Why must he have to be a bitter about his past?
What’s wrong with Lucian?,Despite all the promises he made to me that he will change from dwelling on his past?
“Go get dress Lily,I’ll take you there”
“Okay thank you sir”She smiled and quickly went to her room to dress up.
Ten minutes later,she joined me and I drop my puppy on the floor.
“Hey puppy,go meet your mom,will be back soon”I cooed rubbing it’s head and the dog whines softly before running into the house.
“Let’s go”
Her heels clicking the floor make me take my eyes from my phone and I look up at her.
The phone I’m holding fell on my hand and my mouth fell in shock.
This girl is just too beautiful.
The long gown she wore fit her so perfectly,her hair packed up in a ponytail added a lot to her beauty.
Lucian is so dumb to realize this lady is a special gem.
“Sir, I hope it’s good or can I change it?”Her angelic voice shook me back to life and smiled.
“Yeah, it’s good on you, you can tell them to closed it for you”
“Okay sir thanks a lot”
Lily Pov
Getting to the house,I showed Mariam the dress and she was so marveled at the beauty of the dress.
“And you didn’t know the reasons he brought the dress for you?”
“I don’t know the reasons Mariam”
“He’s back already,he said you should come see him immediately you’re back”
“Okay,let me go check on him”
Daniel Pov
“And you should tell me the damned reason why you are so bitter to that poor girl,tell me the reasons?”I yelled at him and his face remain so calm.
“Seriously?,Why so up this afternoon,what’s wrong with you,you know I don’t take that from anyone”
“I know you don’t take that from anyone,but what the hell is wrong with you?,You turned that lady into your sex slave and you hurt her to the extent that she is the one washing all your cars,you’re such a beast,you’re such……”
“Stop this Daniel,stop ,you should stop acting like my parents”He roared and I scoff.
“I want you to know something Lucian,all these you’re doing won’t stop you from being bitter,The same thing your father did to your mom is the same thing you’re doing to Lily,you are such a bastard Lucian,I’m out of here”
Lily Pov
My hands trembled at the door knob as I listen to their heated argument.
Lucian really have a bitter past,No wonder he always hurt me during sex.
I hope things get better for him.
I was about to knock on the door when Daniel opened it,He look so enraged and angry making me so scared.
“Sir”I called and he took a glance at me,he sighed softly and his look soften a bit.
“Hi”He took a deep breath.
“Can I enter?”I said pointing to the door and he nodded.
“Yes,you can enter”He shrugged and turned to go but I stopped him.
“Is there a problem?”
“No dear,it’s just some normal friend’s feud we usually have but it’s resolved now”
“O…okay”I nodded and he walk away.
I think there’s something off with him.
I shook my head slowly before entering into the room.
🌌Sold To The Ruthless Sex Master 🌌
🔞Paying For Her Father’s Debt 🔞
✍️Iyanuoluwa Akinniyi ✍️
Episode 26
Lily Pov
“Sir”I tap him softly and he turn his head sharply at me.
“What did you want Lily?”He snapped and I press my lips together.
“You sent for me”
“Don’t you know I’m not in the mood to talk right now”
“I know sir,that’s why I said you should call down,just calm your nerves sir,you shouldn’t be like this”I said calmly rubbing his shoulders.
Only God knows where I got this courage from,I just don’t know where.
“Can I get you wine?”I asked and he nodded.
I quickly went to the fridge and serve him a non-alcoholic wine,he gulp the whole content in the glass down.
I took the glass and drop it on the dinning.
“Is there anything else you want me to do for you sir?”I asked and he shook his head.
“Don’t wash my cars,clothes anymore,You can only handle my meal,You can go”
“O…okay sir”I said with mixed feelings and exit the room slowly.
I should stop doing my daily chores?
Why will he say that?
is there anything I have done wrong?
I shook my head forlornly before proceeding to my room.
The next Day.
Lucian Pov
“The slaves traveled already,send all the money in the new account we just opened to them and pay them off,I don’t want to set my eye on them”
“Okay sir”
“You can leave”
After he closing the door,the door got opened and Daniel walked in,I groaned inwardly as he walk up to me.
“Hey buddy”
“Hi” I said rather coldly and he sighed.
“I’m sorry for being a jerk,I really regretted it”
“It’s fine”I said waving off my head and he smiled.
“There’s a meeting I want you to help me attend,can you please help me”
“Yeah,sure,I’ll help you,just give me the details and I’m good to go”
“Okay then”I shrugged.
Lily’s Pov
Mariam keep prepping my face up and I swat her hands away.
“It’s okay Mariam,I think I’m good to go”
“But,,wait,,let me apply this little powder on your face”
“No,I’m fine”I roll my eyes and she help me wear my gown.
After that,she gave me the new purse Lucian just ordered for me this evening and led me to him outside,Daniel is also there.
He set his eyes on me and his eyes sparkle,He look so handsome in his blue tux with a shining red shoe to match with his hair covering his left eye, I took my eyes down shyly and he chuckled.
“Awww,my baby is so beautiful”Daniel cooed and kiss my cheeks.
“Thanks sir”I smiled and Lucian interlock our hands together while Daniel follow us behind while Mariam stayed behind.
The guard open the limousine door for me and I step in while Lucan also entered there after, Daniel took his Buggati divo and drived behind us and we move out of the compound.
Lucian keep receiving different calls while I took my eyes to the window and stare at the fluorescent lights on the street.
Soon,we got to the big hall and we step out of the car gracefully,I became so nervous as different people stare at us smiling,I took a deep breath and Lucian came to me and interwined our hands together before walking to the hall.
One of the ushers rush to meet us and the lady keep blushing heavily.
What’s wrong with this?
“You’re highly welcome to this party sir,please follow me to your seat”She said smiling and she started walking ahead of us.
I realised there’s total change in her walking steps to the way she walk when she came to welcome us.
She’s now trying to wriggle her small buttocks and finally we got there.
There’s a special arrangement for us than the ones I saw when we are coming,the wine there is different from the one on other guests table,and our chairs are in gold.
“Please sit”She said stretching her hand to the seat and we both sat down.
She opened the wine and decanted little quantity into our glass,after that,she covered the wine back.
“Is there any other thing you need?”
“No”I replied with a little smile while Lucian only waved a finger.
“Okay sir”She giggled before walking away.
I hissed under my breath at her behaviors,I don’t know the reasons,some people are just too desperate.
ai sip a little from my wine and shortly,some mean came to our seat.
“Hey!,The boss is here”One of them joked and he only smiled.
“Hi”He greeted with a little smile and stand up,they exchanged hugs and handshakes before turning to me.
“Hi Hermosa”One of them waved and I smiled at them.
“Hi”I greeted back and they all turned to Lucian back.
“Come on let’s lead you to our spouses so you won’t be lonely here,we and Lucian have lots of things to talk about”
“Okay”I replied and followed them.
🌌Sold To The Ruthless Sex Master 🌌
🔞Paying For Her Father’s Debt 🔞
✍️Iyanuoluwa Akinniyi ✍️
Episode 27
(Shortest episode ever😔,I have to read)
Lily Pov
After Lucian left with his friends,the men’s spouses keep talking, chatting and whispering gossips among themselves leaving me all alone to myself making me so bored.
After a while,they turned to me amd smiled.
“We are so sorry we left you out if our discussions,we were so engrossed in our discussions to remember you’re here”
“It’s fine”I smiled.
“So,tell me,how does it feel to be the world’s favorite girlfriend?”She asked and I almost scoff.
Girlfriend or sex slave?
“I mean how does it feels to be on his bed at night cuddling,kissing and……..”
“Common ladies,let her be”The third one cut them off and they rolled their eyes.
None of them went back to the discussions and we keep talking about little topics and after a while,a woman in long and black gown came to us,she look so familiar and when she flip her hair back,I gasp in shock when I realized it’s mom.
“Please we need to talk Lily,I promise not to waste your time”She said eyeing the ladies.
My heart boiled in anger but I decided not to show it in my expressions so they won’t notice anything.
“Okay”I nodded and stand up from the chair,I trail behind her out of the hall,when we got outside,she drag me to a corner and immediately we are at a dark corner,I fred my hand off her grip and she sighed.
“I want………”
“What did you want to say mom?,What did you want to say?,Did you have an excuse for your reactions,you’re the most cruel mother I’ve been seen on earth,why are you this heartless mom?”I yelled in tears and she sniffed.
“I regretted my actions already, Lily,please forgive me”
“You didn’t deserve my forgiveness mom,you embarrassed Dad when he tried to beg to you take care of us when you left,you chased him out of your house when he tried to beg for money for Jason treatment,you turned me to what I am today Mom, you turned me to a sex slave mom,Our lives isn’t the same when you left us,so tell me how did you deserve our forgiveness”
“I’m sorry”She cried and I scoff.
“Will the sorry you’re saying regain my virginity?,Will it regain my dignity?,You’re such a devil who deserve no forgiveness,I hate you so much”I cried with my lips trembling and wall out of her immediately.
I keep crying and mopping my eyes until I bumped into someone.
“I’m so sorry,I…….”I stutter and look up at the person but surprisingly,it was Lucian.
“Lily,what’s wrong,I’ve been looking for you all day”He said worriedly and I clean my eyes.
“I’m sorry,sir,I got hooked up with something”I said quickly and he nodded.
“Okay,let’s go back to the hall”He said turning to go but I stopped him.
“Sir,I’m so sorry but can we just leave already,I’m not feeling too good sir”
“O….okay,is there a problem?”
“No sir,I just don’t feel to good”
“Okay then,let’s go”He shrugged and led me to the car.


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