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Sold to the ruthless sex master episode 17 & 18

🌌Sold To The Ruthless s£× Master 🌌
🤰The Baby Stand🤰
✍️Iyanuoluwa Akinniyi ✍️
#season 2
Episode 17
Lily’s Pov
My mouth fell in shock as he spilled those words.
“I’m ready to hand over my properties to them”He repeated and I burst into tears.
“Thank you sir”
“It’s an agreement between I and your mom,you should try to appreciate your mom for making such outrageous sacrifice,she’s a good mother”
“Which sacrifice did she made?”I asked and he scoffed.
“I don’t think that I’m in the position to tell you that,she will be the one to explain to you,her wish tho”
“Thank you,I really appreciate”I said sniffing and he nodded.
He walk out of the room there after and Mariam sighed.
“He’s lying Lily,believe it or not,there must have been an agreement between him and your mom”
“It’s okay,at least my Dad will be out of this mess”
“Yeah”She shrugged.
Maura Pov
I entered her room and she was the first ont to rush to me.
“Mom”She called and I sighed.
“What agreement did you have with Lucian?”
“Don’t worry about it,at least You’re Dad will be out of the kidnappers den,that’s the most important thing”
“Can we talk somewhere more private than this?”
“Yeah,let’s go”I nodded and turned to Mariam,she nodded and we both walk outside the house.
I led her to the garden and we found a chair there,we both sat down and there was a minute of silence in the garden.
None of us knew how to start the conservation but I decide to start it anyways.
“Thanks”I smiled glancing at her and a tear sl!pped down her eyes.
“You’re welcome”
“Lily, I knew I’ve not been the best mother to you and Jason, everything happened for a reason,leaving your dad,Not attending to you guys when you needed me most happened for a reason,I’m not saying this for you guys to believe me but I must free my conscience”
“Did you still remember when your dad was sick and has a big lump in his throat?”
“Yes”I nodded, those times were one of the h@rdest moments in our family.
“The doctor said we should look for a huge amount of money to carry out a surgery on his throat,we were so poor then and finding money to give the doctors was so difficult,we ran helter skelter for the money but we are unable to gather it,after fruitless search,I sold my body to a rich man after a signed agreement that I’ll marry him immediately once he gave me the money,I didn’t have a choice than to do it,I couldn’t face you guys then because of shame ,I secretly deposited the money to the nurse after begging her not to reveal my identity,anytime I tried bringing up you guys matter when I’m with the man I married,he always insulted me and abused me sometimes,I didn’t have any choice than to ignore you guys,I’m so sorry”
“Mom,you did this to save Dad’s life”I asked in surprise.
Mom sacrificed her body to save Dad’s life?
“I can’t lose my husband”She replied with tears and I hug her immediately.
“I’m sorry”I muttered and she patted my back.
“Trust me,I’ve never been happy since all these happened,my life has never been the same since then,I’m so sorry Lily”
Lucian Pov
“Are you sure about this?”Daniel asked for the umpteenth time and I sighed.
“I’m very sure Daniel,trust me,it will work”
“This man is very dangerous more than we think”
“I know,don’t worry,it will work out”I @ssured and soon,we got there,i stopped driving and parked beside the small old building.
“I’m there already”I said connecting the terminals together with my boys own.
“Come inside”He ordered and I scoffed.
“No,you come out”
“Okay then”He replied and hung up.
I winked at Daniel in the car and he smiled.
Soon,he came out and walk up to me.
He look so dangerous and brutal in his long gown sweeping dust as he walk.
“Where are the do¢vments?”He asked and I handed it over to him.
He smiled and open the parcel,he scrutinized through it and his expression changed immediately he get to a file.
“Are you trying to play me or what?,This is…….”
“Shush,if you are say anything,you will blame yourself for it”I threatened pulling my gun to his head and he scoffed.
“Guys”He yelled and about ten boys rush out of the compound with heavy guns and weapons in their hand.
“Get him”He ordered and they were about to get to my where I am but I stopped them.
I dip my hand into my button and some red light started beeping in the gr@ss,they move back immediately and my boys came out of their hidings,they were about thirty.
“What?”He scoffed in shock and I smiled.
“Are you ready to fight it or not?”
“What have you done?”
“I’m always ahead of you Mykel,don’t try to fight it,it’s either you surrender with your boys or you want to fight mine”
“Guys,bundle them into the van and hand them over to the cops,two of you should go bring out the captives to my mansion”
“Okay sir”They chorused and I saunter to my car.
“Good job”Daniel complimented immediately I entered the car and I smiled.
Lily’s Pov
An hour later…….
I,Mom and Mariam,sat at the entrance of the mansion as we waited for Lucian and Daniel to arrive.
What’s taking them this long?
Soon,the gate opened automatically and fleets of cars drive into the compound.
I g@sp and rush to them and Lucian was the first to come out.
I rush to him and stood in front of him timidly.
“Wait for the black van,your Dad and brother is there already,go prepare another breakfast for I and Daniel”
“Okay, thank you”I said lowly and he nodded.
He and Daniel walk inside the house and mom watch them enter.
“What did he say?”Mom asked curiously.
“He got them already,they are coming”
“Thanks God”Mariam mumbled in relief and soon,the black van arrived.
#season 2
Episode 18
Lily’s Pov
Immediately the van arrived,I rush to it in haste and open the door,Dad and Jason came out feebly.
“Dad”I g@sp and I help him come down the van,Jason also came out with the help of Mariam.
“Did they hurt you?,is your waist hurting you?,……”
“Can I sit down first?”He sighed cutting me off and I nodded,I help him to the living room while mom,Mariam and Jason trail behind me.
Soon,we got there and I help him sit down on the chair.
“What’s she doing here?”Dad asked angrily referring to mom and I sighed.
“Let’s not talk about that for now,we should focus on you guys”
“Lily,go prepare Lucian and Daniel breakfast,don’t forget to boil water to clean their wounds”Mariam instructed.
Thirty minutes later……..
I carried the food to the room,Lucian and Daniel are there already so I drop the food and left the room.
I got to the room Mariam help me prepare for them and I met mom standing at a corner,deep in thoughts.
“What’s she doing here Lily?”Jason asked and I glared at him.
“You guys should be thankful to her,she released her properties for Mykel to release you guys”
“What!”Dad asked in surprise and I nodded.
“Why did you help us?,you told us that you didn’t want us anymore,why are you helping us?”Jason jibed.
“I think I should excuse you guys”Mariam said standing up and I nodded.
Immediately she is out of the room,mom walk closer to us but still maintain a reasonable distance from the bed to where she’s standing.
“Everything happened for a reason,, Alejandro”
“What would have happened that made you ignore us when we needed you most,what really happened?”
“I swear to God Alejandro,it’s not my fault,I explained everything to Lily earlier,I can’t ignore you guys,I swear”
“Then what happened?”
Mom took time to explain everything in details and they ended up feel so sorry for her,Dad even hugged her to stop crying.
“It’s fine,Maura,stop crying”Dad cooed patting her back and she nodded.
“I was only living in luxury,I’m not happy,but I had to endure it to stop him from hurting you guys,I had to do it,I’m sorry”
“It’s fine”Dad patted her back and suddenly,her phone rang.
She checked the ID and her expression changed.
Who could be calling her?
“Please a minute,I need to attend to this call”
“Okay”I nodded and she walk out of the room hurriedly.
Maura Pov
I quickly pick the call immediately I knew that I’m out of reach.
“Hello”I said panicking.
“Where are you Maura?”He roared in anger and I trembled.
“I’m somewhere important?”
“If you don’t want to be dead,I want to see you in the mansion”
“O…okay,I’m coming”I said quickly and hung up.
Oh God!
I’m in trouble!
It does not always ends well anytime he’s angry like this.
I hope he won’t kill me today.
I rush back to the room and hasten Alejandro and Jason up so I could drop them off at the house.
After dropping them,I promised them to come back and I sped off through the streets to home.
Soon,I got home and I met him pacing to and fro in the compound.
Immediately,he set his eyes on me,he fumed angrily and stomp into the house,I followed him quickly.
“Where did you went to?”He asked angrily and I sighed.
“I’m sorry,I went to?”He cut me off by lending a deafening slap on my face.
I gaps in pains holding my cheek and he fumed.
“You went to him again right?,you went to him”
“I am sorry”
“Sorry for what?,after satisfying you with everything,you ended up going to them”
“I’m sorry,they said they were kidnapped”
“And so?”He scoffed and I sniffed.
I’m going to kill you the next time I see you with them”
“It’s been better if you kill me now because I’m going back to them”I said courageously and he stare at me in shock.
I have never talk back at him since he forced me to get married to him.
“You’re going back to live in poverty?”
“Yes,as long as I have peace of mind”
“Then go inside now and pack all your belongings and get out of my house”
“So be it”I spat at his face and rush upstairs to pack my belongings.
After packing my things,I pack my files and car keys and my jewelries,he entered and walk up to me.
He tried stopping me to back the do¢vments and I fred my hands away from him.
“Don’t touch me with your filthy hands”
“Are you going to pack all the cars and house keys”
“I worked for everything,remember,you only linked me to people of higher calibre,you didn’t help me build my companies”
“No buts”I cut him off and place a call to the maids centre and soon,all of them rush into the room.
“Pack all the bags out of the house,you should all pack all your belongings too,we are leaving this place,as long as I’m the one paying your salaries,I have every rights on you”
“Okay ma’am”They chorused and pack all the belongings out of the house.
“To hell with you and your ruined life”I said poking his chest and walk out of the room.
I knock on the old door and Alejandro opened the door.
“Can I enter?”I asked and he nodded.
I dragged my belongings in and Jason help me take it to the room.
I s£nt my maids to my mansion already to clean it up,I still have to sit Alejandro down and explain everything to him.
“You’re back here”
“Yeah”I smiled and he nodded.
Lily’s Pov
After eating,I carried the tray back to the kitchen and return to his room there after to appreciate him for what he did earlier.
I entered and I met him undressing,I waited patiently for him to finish undressing,he left his briefs on his waist.
“Thanks for today sir”I said calmly and he scoffed.
“You shouldn’t thank me,he’s only trying to use you guys to get to me,did you think I’ll involve myself if I’m not concerned about it?”
“Thanks”I said calmly and he walk up to me,he pull me by my wait making me so close to him,I trembled slightly ad he squeeze my plump butt.


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