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Sold to the ruthless sex master episode 15 &16

🌌Sold To The Ruthless Sex Master 🌌
🤰The Baby Stand🤰
✍️Iyanuoluwa Akinniyi ✍️
#season 2
Episode 15
Lily’s Pov
The Next morning……..
I carried the tray of food to his room as usual and I met him undressing.
“Good morning sir”I greeted and he only nodded.
I drop the tray of food on his table and made to go but he stopped me.
“Stay and eat with me”
“O….okay sir”I nodded and sat beside him on the dinning,we started eating in earnest.
Mr Alejandro Pov
I squinted my eyes open and I met myself tied to a chair,I look sideways and my eyes landed on Jason groaning in pains.
“Jason”I quivered and he sniffed.
“Dad”He called.
“Who are these people?”He asked shocked and I sighed
“I don’t know Jason,I don’t know what they want from us”
I groaned in pains as we tried to wriggle ourselves away from the chain but it’s impossible.
“Who’s there”I yelled and one of the boys entered,they look so scary and mean.
“What did you want?They asked coldly and I shivered.
“What have we done to you?,why did you kidnap us?”
“You’ll know that when our boss is ready to talk to you”
“I’m ready to talk to them”We heard a different voice and I strained my neck to the door and gasp in fright.
Why are they this scary?
“You guys are asking what have you done?”
“Yes,what have we done”Jason butt in and he laughed.
“You guys have done nothing to me,I just want to use you as a tool to get what I want”
“What did you want?”I asked in confusion and he chuckled.
“Your daughter is in Lucian custody and I’ve got wind of it that he’s Lucian sex slave,she’s even pregnant for him as at now”
“What?”I asked in shock and he smiled.
Sex Slave?
She’s pregnant for him?
“You’re not saying the truth,my daughter can never be pregnant for the devil”I said vehemently and he laughed.
“Believe it or leave it,it’s not necessary for you to believe that your daughter is pregnant for the devil”
“What am I going to do?”I asked feebly and he chuckled.
“It’s not that much,I’m going to keep you in custody and I and Lucian will strike a deal,he’s going to hand over his properties to me or else I’m going to kill you”
“What”We chorused in shock and he smiled.
Lucian will never hand over his properties to him to save us.
“He can’t do that”
“Then you’ll be gone for good,you and your son”He said coldly and made to go.
“Please listen to us”
Lucian Pov
My phone vibrated as I’m eating and I checked the ID,it’s a private number,I shrugged and pick the call but I wait till the caller speak up”
“Hi, Lucian”A familiar and cold voice muttered and I furrow my brows.
Who’s this?
And why is the voice this familiar?
“Who’s on the line?”I finally asked and the caller chuckled.
“Oh!hoe forgetful you are?,How can you forget your father’s best friend so soon?”
“Mykel”I called angrily and he laughed.
What does he want?
“Yes,I’m the one,how have you been,it’s been a long time tho”
“What did you want?”
“Nothing much,your favorite slave father and brother is in my custody”He said and the spoon fell from my hand in shocked.
Lily turned to look at me in surprise.
“What have they done to you?,why did you kidnap you them?”
“Well,nothing much,I just want you to hand over your properties and asset to me,then they are free to go”
“What!,I’ll never do that,I……”I tried talking but he hung up.
“Damn!”I roared and bang the table angrily.
“Sir,is there a problem?”He asked and I touch my forehead.
“Lily,your Dad and brother has been kidnapped”
🌌Sold To The Ruthless Sex Master 🌌
🤰The Baby Stand 🤰
✍️Iyanuoluwa Akinniyi ✍️
#season 2
Episode 16
Lily’s Pov
I stagger in shock as Lucian spilled those words.
Dad and Jason has been kidnapped?
“You’re joking right?”I mumbled with tears streaming down my face and he sighed.
“I’m not joking Lily,I’m saying the truth”
“Why did they kidnapped them”
“I don’t know”He mumbled under his breath and I sniffed.
“Just go to your room,don’t come out until I told you to do so”
“O….okay”I nodded and walk dizzily out of the room.
Lucian Pov
Immediately,she left,I banged the table in anger,why did I have to be this ignorant?
Why did I have to make Lily my sex slave in the first place?
No,Mykel knew she’d my weakness and he’s trying to use it against me.
I slam my head in tiredness and pick my phone again and dial his number.
He picked it at the first ring.
“You’re ready to talk business?”He asked with a smirk and I sighed.
“What did you want?”
“Nothing much,I want you to hand over your properties and assets to me or else I’ll kill them”
“Wait,are you joking?”I scoffed not believing it and he chuckled.
“And why will be joking?,why will I be?,you know I’m a straight man and I’ll kill them if you didn’t do my wish”
“Wait,you want me to hand over my properties to you,did you even know my worth?,did you know how much the properties are?”
“I don’t know,but I knew they are enormous,you’re the richest man in the asian cities, why will I be calculating your worth?”
“Don’t try to play on me Mykel,not even half of the properties?,you want all?”
“That’s what I want,seal or not?”He asked and I slammed the phone angrily on the wall.
I’lll never do that.
Hand over all my hard earned money to them?
Lily’s Pov
I burst into tears immediately I entered the room and Mariam walk up to me.
“What’s wrong,why are you crying?”She asked surprised and I sniffed.
“My Dad and brother has been kidnapped”
“What!”She scream in shock and led me quickly to the bed.
“Are you sure you know what you’re saying?”
“Of course”
“How did you even know what?”
“Someone called Lucian this morning when we are eating and told him that my parent s has been kidnapped”
“The person called Lucian,does that mean they are trying to use you to get Lucian”She said clicking her tongue and I furrow my brows.
“What did you mean by that?”I asked and sighed.
“Don’t let me muddle your head up,let wait till we hear what he wants from us”
“What does he want?,I don’t have any money to give him”I lament in tears.
I was still crying when Lucian entered the room with am angry expression.
We stood up immediately and we anticipated to hear whatever he want to say.
“I called him back Lily”
“What did he say?”
“He said I should hand over all my properties to him”
“That’s impossible”Mariam jibed in and I took a glance at her.
It’s not possible.
Lucian will never do that.
Even if it means to save his life,he will never do that.
“Please help me”I cried and he scoffed and stare at me.
“What did you want me to do?,hand over all my properties to him because I want to save your family?,I’ll never do that”
“Please”I begged walking up to him but he fred my hands away and walk out of the room.
“Don’t try to beg him Lily’s,he will never do that,even if it is to save his own life,he won’t do that”
“Then what am I going to do?”
“Can you call your mom?”
“I can’t”I snapped and she scoffed.
My mom is totally out of option.
“Seriously,did you have a choice here?,she can help,you know she’s also rich,you’ll just explain everything to her”
“Will that work?”
“Yes,it will work”She said optimistically and I pick her phone and punch in mom number into it.
She picked it at the second ring.
“Hello,who I’m I speaking with?”
“It’s me mom,Lily”
“Lily”She gasp in surprise and I sighed.
“I really need your help mom,can you come to Lucian Mansion”
“What happened?”
“Are you coming or not?”I snapped.
“I’m coming,I’ll come”
Minutes later………
I and Mariam wait impatiently for her and after a while,she arrived.
“Thank God”I muttered under my breath.
She jump down the car and rush to us.
“What happened Lily,are you fine?”She asked.
“Dad and Jason has been kidnapped this morning”
“What!”She scream in shock.
“Who kidnapped them?”
“I don’t know mom,I think the person is trying to use me to get to Lucian,he said Lucian should hand over all his properties to him or else he’ll kill Dad and Jason”
“Why will he have to make such outrageous demand,Lucian will never do that”She said in panic.
“He said he’ll never hand over his properties to him”
“What are we going to do?”
“I don’t know,maybe you should talk to him”
“Then what are you waiting for,let’s go”She said hastily and we both entered the compound and rush straight to his room.
I knock on the door and he opened it for me.
“What did you want?”He said coldly and I join my palms together.
“Please let us in”I begged and he sighed before opening the door wider.
I entered the room with mom and Mariam,Daniel is even there.
“What is your mom doing here?”He asked coldly and I sniffed.
“Please,we need to talk,about the demand the kidnappers made,please,I’m not ready to lose them”Mom begged and he sighed.
“You guys should go to your room,Mariam and Lily”
“Okay”We nodded and walk out of the room.
Thirty minutes later……..
“What are they still talking about,it’s taking too long already”
“Chillax Lily, they will talk it out”
“It’s taking too long”
“Wait,till they a…….”
The door opened and Lucian walked in,his face looking cold as usual.
“I’m ready to hand over my properties to him”


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