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Sold to the ruthless sex master episode 13 & 14

🌌Sold To The Ruthless s£× Master 🌌
🤰The baby’s Stand🤰
✍️Iyanuoluwa Akinniyi ✍️
#Season 2
Episode 13
Mariam Pov
I knocked on the door to Daniel’s room and he opened it for me after a while.
“Hi”I greeted tucking my hair behind my ear and he smiled.
“Hi,come in”He opened the door wider for me and I entered,there inner Chris busy with video games.
“Chris”I called and walk up to him,he turned to me slightly and move his eye back to the video game.
“Hi mom”He greeted casually and I scoffed.
Why’s he acting cold towards me?
“Have I done anything wrong?”
“Yes,because you refused to forgive Dad”He said dropping the remote and I press my l!ps together.
“Baby,it’s not that you think,I…..”
“Forgive Dad,or else I’ll not talk to you anymore”He chimed and I gaped at shock.
“Dad,can you lead me to my room please”He gushed and Daniel nodded.
“Sure “He said and carried him carefully on his shoulders.
I look down at my dress and I sniffed,It’s so h@rd to forget,I can’t easily forget the old memories.
I can’t.
After a while,he came back to the room and sat beside me.
“Did you tell him anything?”I asked and he shook his head.
“No,I didn’t”
“You’re lying Daniel,I knew it,you’re lying,if you didn’t tell him what happened,how would he know that we are not in good terms,now you he’s mad at me”I exclaimed and he sighed touching his forehead.
“Can we just forget about this,Mariam?,Please”He begged and I stood up and clean my face.
“I’m not forgiving you,not anytime soon”
“Really?,when you’re carring my baby already”He said with a smirk and I scoffed.
“And how am I pregnant for you?”
“We had s£× last night and I knew you to be very fertile so we are having a baby soon,keep dwelling on your past,good night”He said and lay on the bed.
“Are you sleeping her work you are going to your room?”He asked and a tear sl!pped down my face.
“You’re such a monster”I shriek and he laughed.
“Amd that’s why you love me baby”He said annoyingly and I stomp out of the room slamming the door heavily behind my back.
Lily’s Pov
I trail behind the guards slowly and soon,we got to his room.
I sighted him at the corner of the room busy with his laptop.
“Good evening”I greeted grudgingly and he look up at me.
He scoffed and continue pressing his laptop.
“You s£nt for me”I said after standing for like minutes and he nodded.
“Put off your dress and get to the bed Lily”He ordered and I stare at him with hatred,I really feel like strangling him right now.
“I’m sorry master,I’m tired”
🌌Sold To The Ruthless s£× Master 🌌
🤰The Baby Stand🤰
✍️Iyanuoluwa Akinniyi ✍️
#season 2
Episode 14
Lily’s Pov
I didn’t know where I got the courage to talk back at him but he deserves it.
I don’t care what he did to me tonight but I think it’s high time I speak s£nse into his head.
“Seriously?”He scoffed and walk up to me.
“Strip now or else….”
“Or else what?,Or else what Lucian?,aren’t you tired of hurting me already?,or else what?”I asked and he gave me a deafening slap,I g@sp in pains and touch my cheek.
“Strip now”He ordered coldly and I shook my head vehemently.
“If I didn’t strip,what are you going to do?,are you going to do more worse than the one you’ve done before?,or maybe you’re going to kill me then”I said poking his chest and he sighed.
“Wow,you’re this bold?,I don’t know you’re this bold Lily,but trust me you’re going to be dealt with for the drama you performed tonight”He threatened.
“Amd trust me Lucian,there will be a day that you will say”Lily please forgive me for what I’ve done to you”,I’m seriously waiting for that day because it will surely come”
“Get out before I lose it”He mumbled coldly and I scoffed.
“I’ll go, I’ll leave your room,Good night”I said and walk out of the room immediately.
Gina Pov
I sighed softly as I stood up from the bed and walk to the balcony since I couldn’t catch some sleep.
Why will I even sleep?
When my son is out there Ruthless to everyone,hurting every one that comes his way without second thought.
How will I sleep then?
I close my eyes trying as much as possible not to cry.
“Sister”Sabrina said in a whisper and I turn to her sniffing.
“Sabrina,why are you here,I thought you’re asleep”I asked trying to smile and she scoffed.
“Are you trying to fake it now?,I saw you crying”
“I’ve always told you this and I’ll keep telling you,stop brooding about Lucian matter,he’s important to me just like he is to you,things will be fine soon,Mike is still much around and he’s trying everything to do everything within his powers to bring Lucian down, although he knew you aren’t dead but he hasn’t be able to get the location of where you’re living but he will get it soon,that’s why I’m changing your location from time to time,just be patient for a while”
“Okay”I nodded and she led me inside the house.
Mike Pov
“Sir,we’ve finally get the location of the lady’s family”
“Wow!,when are we going to them?”
“I can decide that sir,you’ll be the one to decide,but I want to ask a question sir”
“Go on”I said smoking heavily from my pipe.
“What’s the need of kidnapping her Family?,it does not correlate”
“It does,since she’s the devil’s weakness,I’m just going to kidnap her parents and I knew she wouldn’t like to see her parents suffer”
“Okay sir”
“You can go”
Now a step ahead.
Mr Alejandro Pov
I spit out the food in disgust and grumbled,He’s cooked a salty food again.
“Jason”I yelled and he rush into the room immediately.
“Why’s the food salty?”I asked and he scratch his head.
“I’m so sorry Dad”
“Silly child,you’re just wasting my food”I grumbled and he sighed.
I wish Lily is here,she would have done the cooking.
Please come back home for us,please.
“Dad”He called tapping me softly and I sighed.
“Just get lost”I mumbled and he chuckled.
I carried my tool box and carried it out of the room,I held the knob and twist it sideways but someone twist it to the opposite and the door barged open.
I look so shocked when I saw some masked men at the door, they push me sideways and Jason was also shocked.
One of them charged towards Jason and they grab me.
“What have we done?”I asked muddled and they stuffed a handkerchief into our nose and we collapsed in their arms.



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