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Sold to the ruthless sex master episode 19 & 20

🌌Sold To The Ruthless Sex Master 🌌
🤰The Baby Stand 🤰
✍️Iyanuoluwa Akinniyi ✍️
#season 2
Episode 19
Lily’s Pov
“Master”I stutter in shock and he scoffed.
“I’m sure you didn’t want me to shred your dress”
“I…I will undress now”I said quickly and start putting off my clothes.
Oh God!
When is this going to end?
I sighed softly as I put off my bra which is the last fabric on me.
My breasts bounce out fully poking his chest and he cup it slowly,he fondle the nipples and I shut my lips tightly so as not not moan.
He use his left hand to squeeze my butts softly and I whimper.
He push one of the nipples into his mouth and start sucking in earnest,he roll his tongue on it and I throw my head backward in pleasure.
Oh God!
“Lucian,what are you doing?”I whispered and he continue sucking it perfectly like a baby.
After a while,he stopped sucking and I stare at the pinkish nipple.
“Be on your knees”He ordered and I kneel down slowly in front of him,his huge and long dick threatening to poke out of the small boxers.
“Suck it through the fabric”He ordered and slowly I move my hands to the long organ and wrap my hand around it,I place my mouth at the tip and start licking it through the fabric,he moan and yank my hair lightly as I continue sucking it.
“Oh”He moaned softly and urge me to move faster,after a while,he stopped me from sucking and make me pull the boxer down making it poke into me face,I start sucking again and father releasing his content into my mouth,he pull me up.
“Go hold the table there and face the mirror”
“Can’t we do it on the bed?”I asked and he glared at me,I walk slowly to the mirror and hold it tightly.
He snake his hand to my breasts and cup it again,through that,he move into me forcefully tearing me up so roughly.
“Ah!”I gasp as I continue to force his way into me making me so sore.
He start moving in and out of me roughly.
“Oh,Lucian,please”I cried as he slap my butts continuously.
After a long while,he pull outta me and i heaved a sigh of relief.
“Get to the bed”
“I’m tired”I cried and he grab me roughly,making me turn to him.
“I said you should get to the bed”He ordered and I nodded quickly.
I got to the bed and pounce on me like a lion,hurting me more than ever.
Next morning.
The sun streaming through me window which shone directly on my face disrupt my sleep.
I open my eyes blearily and turn to the other side of the bed.
“Are you going to sleep for the rest of the day?”He asked in his usual cold voice and I sit up carefully.
“Good morning sir”I greeted but he didn’t reply.
I step down the bed feeling hit pains in my v,I touch my tummy and rub it softly.
I really hope the baby’s fine,the way he rode me last night is very dangerous for the baby,I really hope the poor baby survive it.
I wipe the tears on my face with the back of my hand as I put on my dress,he stare at me keenly throughout and after dressing up,I walking out of the room,as soon as I pass beside him,he grab my waist and pin me to the wall,I wince in pains as he press in tightly so close to my stomach.
I was about to move my hand to my belly when he pinned my hands above my head.
“You really care about the baby?,right?”He said coldly and I nodded.
“Let me go,you had your way last night,I have to go”
“Really?,what if I want more?”
“Please”I pleaded shutting my eyes and he finally release him.
“Go,don’t prepare breakfast”He muttered and my heart skipped a bit.
Anytime he didn’t want me to prepare food for me,that means I’m not eating for that day.
“What about….”
“Sort yourself out”He cut me off and I nodded before walking out of the room.
Bethany Pov
I rush in hurriedly into the station and got to the counter.
“How can I help you young lady?”The bald man I sitting at the end and I panted heavily.
“I’m here to see Mykel”
“Oh!,The bloody man who tried killing Lucian?”
“Yes,please let me see him”
“Who are you to him?”He asks scrutinizing me and I sighed.
Why is he asking all these useless questions?
“I’m his daughter”I confessed and he nodded.
“Okay,sign here and one of the boys will take you to him”
“How did you end up here?,Dad”I asked him and he sighed.
“That’s not the important right now,we shouldn’t talk about it,how about the poison?”
“Well,I’ve been able to pour it into his food twice,I’m acting according to your instructions by adding it to it in small quantity”
“Put everything into it tonight”
“What!”I scream and he cover my mouth.
“Dad,the poison us very deadly,he might die”I said in panic and he scoffed.
“And that’s what I want”
“After adding it to it and making sure he took it,pack all your luggages out of the mansion,so they won’t suspect you,you should withdraw all the money in my account,because with the look of things,they will froze my account soon,try to find a hotel where you can lodge to and they won’t suspect you,go to anywhere out of the country where you will be safe and go start a new life, don’t worry about me okay”He whispered holding me hand and I sniffed .
“Dad,I can’t leave you”
“Just go okay,I’ll be fine baby”He cooed holding my cheeks and I nodded.
“Okay,I’ll come back…….”
“Don’t come back,I’ll be fine”
Mykel is my Dad,my biological father,my coming to the mansion has a purpose,I came to carry out Dad job by killing Lucian,Dad arranged me to be a sex worker because at that time,Lucian need a sex worker so Dad used he opportunity to use me in getting his goals and it has been a sweet journey and revenge also.
Now,tonight,I’ll end up all what I came here for,execute everything successfully and leave the country immediately
#season 2
Episode 20
Bethany Pov
I pour the whole poison into the drink and shake it well and place it on the tray before going to his room.
I met him quote busy with his computer and I smirk,Death awaits for you Lucian,you can’t escape this anymore.
“Hey,I got you a drink,I know you’ll be busy now,so I got you a coffee”
“That’s good of you,thanks”He mumbled and I hand it over to him,he use the spoon to turn it well before placing it in his mouth and gulp down the whole content at once.
I heaved a sigh of relief as he finish the coffee.
Finally,the devil is gone.
“Thanks”He smiled and hand the cup over to me back.
“You’re welcome,I will drop this in the kitchen now”
“Okay”He nodded and I walk out of the room,I jump for joy immediately I noticed no one is around.
“Thank you Lord”I smiled in satisfaction as I walk to the kitchen.
Now,everything is done,it’s time to leave.
I rush back to the room and pack few of my luggages,credit cards.
Luckily for me,there’s nobody in the corridor and leaving room so I leave the house hastily.
Lucian Pov
The next morning.
I woke up feeling so weak and less energetic which is unlike me.
I stretch my arms tiredly and collapse on the bed again.
What’s wrong?
Shortly,Lily entered the room and wall up to me.
“Good morning sir”She greeted and I only nodded.
“Which of the cars are you taking out sir,so I can wash it”
“Don’t…..”I was about to talk when I start coughing repeatedly,she walk closer to me and touch my body.
“So there anything wrong?”She asked in panic and I shook my head.
“Call me……call the……”
“Sir!!”She scream in shock as I start coughing out blood.
“Help me,somebody help”She scream at the top of her voice and the guards rush in including Daniel.
“Dude,what’s wrong?”He ask shaking me a little and I continue coughing.
“Go prepare the cars and call his doctor to be at alert,we are taking him to the hospital”Daniel yelled and some rush out to carry his orders while others help me carry me outside.
Lily’s Pov
What’s wrong with him?
He’s never been sick since I came here?
I sniffed as as I trail behind the guards and soon enough,we got to the car,they carried him in andi was about to enter when Daniel stopped me.
“Stay with Mariam,You shouldn’t stress yourself in this your condition”
“I’ll never be at peace if I didn’t follow you guys to the hospital,let me go with you”
“Okay then,hop in the car”He said and I open the car door and he drive fastly out of the compound.
He kept groaning in pains and coughing ad well,I couldn’t help but cry,I held his hand and cup his cheeks.
“Be strong for me,please”I cried and he smiled dizzily.
“Don’t say anything”I cut him off and soon,we got to the hospital.
According to Daniel orders,the doctors have prepared themselves and a carrier was wheeled to our car,the nurse carry him out of the car and laid him carefully on the carrier before wheeling him in.
Three hours later…….
I paced to and fro in the room expecting the doctor to come out.
Daniel left already to help him bring a new clothes because the one he wore had been soaked with blood already.
“What are they doing since?”I muttered to myself and soon,the doctor came out of the room with a sullen face tho.
“Ma’am,what’s wrong?” I asked curiously and she sighed.
“Let his friend be here first,when he’s back,tell him to give the nurse his clothes and you should see me together in my office”
“Can’t you say it now?”
“I can’t,you won’t be able to handle it as a lady and your condition,let his friend come first.
“Okay”I nodded and she walk out of me.
I collapse on the chair and burst into tears.
She said I won’t be able to handle it.
What could be wrong?
He’s a strong man.
Not long after,Daniel came and I ran to him.
“Easy”He said calmly and I sniffed.
“Is the doctor out?”He asked and I nodded.
“Yes,he said we should come see her when you’re back,I even try to tell the doctor to tell me what happened but she said I won’t be able to handle it”
“Is it that critical?”He asked in surprise and I nodded.
“I’ll give the nurse his clothes now so we can go to her together”
When he’s done giving them the clothes,we both went to the doctor and she welcome us warmly.
“So,when you brought him here earlier in the morning,we conducted series of test for him and the results are out,we realized that he’s Poisoned”
“Poisoned?”I amd Daniel chorused at the same time.
Who poisoned him?
But I’m the one handling his meals,who could have done that?
“Also,the poison has been given to him thrice,the first and second one was in a tea while the third one is in a coffee,we were able to get some substance out of the poison and I realized that this same poison was banned three years ago when caught with a drug dealer,Mykel,and it was no longer in existence.
I must confess that the drug is a very deadly one and has weaken his cells a lot,so to recover is a very hard task for him”
“You mean there’s no cure to all this?”Daniel asked still blenched and she nodded.
“Although,I heard there’s a cure to the drug once but it’s a rumour,I don’t believe in that,But there’s a solution,which is a gradual process,it might take two months for him to respond to treatment,as at now,he will be showing symptoms of different sickness and we will be giving him injections,drips and drugs until these sickness stops”
“God!”Daniel groaned banging the desk and I burst into tears.
“Secondly,I’d like not to let Lily be involve in all this because of her condition,she needs lots of care at this moment”
“Okay, thanks,can we see him now?”
“Yes,but please don’t disturb him”
“Okay,we won’t,Lily let’s go”


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