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sins forgiven but not forgotten episode 25



*Fuente Residence.*

“Why did you do that without thinking?” Mr. Fuente was enraged when he heard Gaile’s story.

Gaile is sitting on the couch while crying.

“I’m sorry, dad. I was just too desperate to get rid of that woman” she replied in between her sobs.

“That is it” Mr. Fuente pointed to his daughter, “That’s the problem. You let your emotion engulfed you and do stupid things without thinking of the consequences” he yelled.

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“I’m sorry, dad.” Gaile apologized again.

“Sorry? Your sorry won’t fix everything, You have ruined Tim’s trust. Do you know why I want you to get Tim? Because he is rich and influential, It will be an advantage to us if our families will become one, we can benefit from it, but you missed your chance. How can you be such a failure, huh? You’re just like your mother”

Gaile looked up to her father. She felt pained hearing again those words from her father.

Yes. She never felt his love as a father. She is aware that her father doesn’t love her mother, and he always compares her to her mother whenever she made mistakes. He is never proud of her, in all her achievements, for him, she is always a failure.

She was happy when he went to L Country and tell her about Tim, she thought, her father had alre-ady changed. But now she realized something.

“Dad, are you just being nice to me lately because you thought I can marry Tim?” Gaile asked res£ntfully.

“What else are you thinking?” Mr. Fuente asked back sarcastically.

Gaile couldn’t hold her tears. It was the bitter truth. This is also one of the reasons why she was too desperate to get Tim because Tim is one of the ways to get her father’s love for her. The love of a father that she did not feel since she was a little child.

“You go back to L Country, you have no use here.” Mr. Fuente doesn’t mind his words.

Gaile silently cry, for her father, she’s just like a thing, she will take her if she’s useful and get rid of her if she’s not useful anymore.

The next day, Lea decided to pay a visit to Kira, she and Kira haven’t talked for a while, she was busy with her convenience store renovation, but after she heard the story about what happened between her friend and Tim’s auntie, she did not hesitate to come and pay her a visit.

The taxi st©pped in front of the gate of the Villa. She got down of the taxi. She stood in front of the gate, she stretched her n£¢k and tried to peek inside the gate. She couldn’t see the inside and she hasn’t seen anyone who could open the gate for her. She continued to peek inside but then…


“Ah!” Lea was startled and she screamed as she heard the loud horn b!owing behind her.

‘Aish!’ Lea almost curse as she turned her head to the car.

The driver’s seat opened and a man in black got down. He is tall, he is good looking, broad shoulders and well, he looked stern.

Lea knitted her brows, the man looked familiar to her but she couldn’t remember where and when she saw him. The man slowly approached Lea.

Coby st©pped the car when he saw a woman standing outside the gate, and he can’t help but felt suspicious.

“May I help you, Miss?” Coby asked with his serious expression.

Lea did not reply, she just knitted her brows as she stared at the man in front of her.

Coby noticed the weird expression of the woman in front of him.

“I saw you peeking inside the villa,” He said and then he stretched his hand to the woman.

” May I see your identification card, plea-se?” He asked.

Lea looked at the man’s reddish palm, “Identification card?” She repeated.

“Yes, Miss,” Coby replied.

“Why do you need my identification card?” Lea asked doubtfully.

“I need to make sure that you’re not a criminal, Miss,” Coby replied without holding back.

“What?” Lea blurted out in a loud voice!

“C-Criminal?” She repeated with her unbelievable expression.

‘A criminal?!’

Lea got offended with this arrogant man.

“Ha” Lea let out a sarcastic laugh as she throws a side glance at the man.

“Excuse me Mister, I am a friend of the house owner, and I am not a criminal” She proudly said.

“I’m sorry, but I have to make it sure, Miss,” Coby insisted.

“Why?” Lea looked at the man from head to toe as if she is sizing him up.

“Who are you?” She questioned the man.

“I don’t introduce my self to anyone, Miss,” Coby replied plainly.

Lea was speechless with this man’s behavior. He wants to see my identification card but he doesn’t want to introduce himself?
Lea is starting to feel annoyed by this man’s arrogance.

” Alright” She said as she crossed her arms on her ċhėst, ” I won’t show you my identification card, then” She added.

Coby frowned, this woman is being difficult. But he has a way of handling this kind of situation.
Coby shoves his hand in his pocket and took his phone. He swiped his phone a few times before he put it on his ear.

Lea observed the man in front of her.

“What are you doing?” She asked when she saw him calling someone.

“Calling for the securities,” Coby replied plainly.

“S-Securities?” Lea’s eyes went wi-de opened.

“s£nd two security guards at the gate, someone is spying on us,” Coby said as if he is talking to someone on the phone.
Coby ended the call after saying his word.

“H-Hey. Why did you call the securities? I am not spying on you” Lea said in a loud voice.

” I have alre-ady said that I am Kira’s friend and I am here to visit her” She explained.

Coby froze when he heard the woman. She stared at the woman in front of him and realized that she looked familiar.

Earlier, he thought that this woman is Gaile’s minion.

The securities arrived which made Lea get panic.

“Wait, Don’t you dare to t©uçh me” Lea warned them.

The two security guards looked at each other and then to Coby.

“I’m going to call Kira” Lea took her phone and made a call to Kira.

Lea set the loudspeaker to let Coby and the securities hear Kira.

“Hello?” Kira answered.

“Kira, it’s me, Lea,” Lea said as she throw a glance at Coby.

Coby’s expression did not change.

“Someone who is dressed like a grim reaper and speaks like a robot is trying to prevent me from getting into your house,” Lea said.

Coby frowned when he heard Lea while the two securities pursed their mouth and tried not to laugh.

“Someone speaks like a robot and dressed like a grim reaper?” Kira repeated.

The other line went silent for a moment.

“Oh! It must be Coby” Kira said after a while.

“Just give him the phone and let me talk to him,” Kira added.

Lea gave her phone to Coby.
Coby took the phone from Lea with his dark face, “Missus,” he called.

“Coby, the lady outside is my friend, plea-se let her in,” Kira said.

Coby glance at Lea.
Lea raised her brows and throw a sarcastic look to him..

“Yes, Missus,” Coby replied to Kira before he gave back the phone to Lea.

Lea took her phone and spoke to Kira, ” Thank you, babe” She said to Kira before she ends the call.

Lea put back her phone to her bag and then she looked at Coby as she put her hand on her [email protected]!st.

“See? I told you” she said with her raised brows.

“Ehem!” Coby cleared his throat before he speaks, ” I’m sorry, Miss.”

Coby did not mind Lea’s attitude. He turned his head to the securities and say, ” Let her in.”

The two securities instantly move away from the gate and they let Lea get inside the gate.

Kira is alre-ady waiting for Lea at the front door. She smiled when she saw her walking towards her.

“Kira” Lea hurriedly approached Kira.

“Lea” Kira [email protected] her friend.

The two of them [email protected] each other as if they have not seen each other for a long time..

“I missed you so much” Lea said happily.

She used to see Kira every day when they were still living in Helena’s house.

“I missed you too” Kira [email protected] her friend ti-ghtly.

The two of them separated, and Lea looked around.

“Whoa! Your house is too big”

Kira smiled, “This is not mine, this is my husband’s house,” Kira replied.

“Tsss… The two of you are alre-ady married, so, this house is alre-ady considered as yours.”

Kira just smiles at Lea, and then she noticed Coby coming into the house.

Coby st©pped when he saw Kira, he bowed his head and greeted her, ” Good morning, Missus.” he said before he straightened his b©dy again.

“Good morning,” Kira replied.

“Tim is in his study room.”

“I will go then, Missus. Thank you.” Coby said politely.

Lea doesn’t seem so happy with Coby around.
Coby left and Kira noticed Lea’s sour expression.

“Why are you looking upset?” Kira asked.

“Who’s that man?” Lea asked while pointing to Coby with her mouth.

Kira followed Lea’s mouth.

“Ah, he is Coby, Tim’s @$$istant.”

“He is so arrogant” Lea complained.

“He mistook me of being criminal”

Kira let out a short laugh, ” I’m sorry, I did not inform anyone that you are coming.” Kira apologized.

“Hey, Does he had a facial paralysis?” Lea asked after a while.

Kira knitted her brows and looked at Lea with her puzzled expression.


“Because I’ve never seen him change his expression when we were talking earlier. He always looked like this,” (-_-) Lea imitated Coby’s blank expression.

Kira can’t help but laugh when she saw her friend imitating Coby. Her shoulders shook as she tried to hold her laughter.

“Hey, Lea. Coby doesn’t have facial paralysis, he just doesn’t like to smile, alright?” Kira explained.

“Ugh” Lea rolled her eyes as if she is not interested to know about that “ROBOT MAN”.
“Whatever” Lea mumbled.

“Come, let’s continue talking inside,” Kira suggested.

The two of them went to the living room, and Lea got even more impressed when she saw the spacious living room.

“Wow! Kira, you’re living in a comfortable place” Lea exclaimed.

“This house is much much much better than Auntie’s house” She added and then she froze and knitted her brows.

“Speaking of auntie…” Lea turns to Kira.

“Where is auntie, anyway?” She asked.

“I’m here”

Lea’s question was answered by the voice that [email protected]£ from the kitchen. She quic-kly turns her gaze to the direction of the voice and she got even more happy to see Helena, walking towards the living room.

“Auntie” Lea took a big stride and [email protected] Helena.
“Oh, I missed you so much, auntie”

Helena smiled, “It’s good to see you here.” Helena said when Lea let go of her.

“Yes, I almost disown Kira as my friend, I thought she alre-ady forgot me, she did not visit me in my store” Lea said in a sulky voice.

“I’m sorry, I was busy the previous month, so, I didn’t have time to visit you,” Kira explained, but Lea said something to Helena.

“Yeah, they are busy ma-king their first child.” Lea’s voice is a bit loud and Kira was able to hear it.

“Hey! What are you saying, huh?”

Helena smiled while listening to the two ladies.

“Oh auntie, you looked much better than the last time we met. Kira made the right decision—”

Lea froze when she realized what she almost said.
Lea almost bit her ton-gue when she saw Kira’s meaningful look to her. But she was quic-k to correct her mistake.

“I mean…. I mean, Kira made the right decision to transfer you to another hospital” She said.

“Yes, I know.” Helena smiled.
“I’ll head to the kitchen and make you a cup of tea.” Helena excused her self.

She did not wait for Kira and Lea to response, she instantly turns away from them and a tinge of guilt flashed into her eyes.


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