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sins forgiven but not forgotten episode 24



The investigators took a f!ngerprint each of the people lives in the Villa. After the investigators are done, they instantly leave the Villa and went straight to the laboratory.

Tim picked up the phones at the t©p of the table.

He looked at the servants and spoke, ” Clean up the mess inside the master’s be-droom. ” He ordered.

“Yes, Young Master” The servants replied and then they headed upstairs.

Tim looked at Kira, ” We need to talk.” He said plainly.

Kira gulped. She doesn’t know why, but Tim’s attitude towards her is a bit strange.

“To the study room,” Tim said and then he took steps upstairs and headed to his study room.

Kira looked at Helena and say, ” plea-se, go to your room, auntie and take some rest.”

“How about you?” Helena asked worriedly.

“Don’t worry about me, I just need to talk to Tim,” Kira replied.
Helena nodded her head.

Kira followed Tim to his study room. She entered the room and found Tim sitting in the swivel chair in front of his table with his legs crossed and his expression is blank.

Kira st©pped in front of the table, “W-Why?” She asked.

Tim looked at her, and his expression did not chnaged.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Tim asked in a serious expression.

“T-Tell you, what?” Kira acted as if she didn’t know what Tim mean to say.

“Don’t act like you don’t know what I mean to say,” Tim said coldly.

Kira went silent, she lowered her head and bit her lowerl-ip. He saw when Kira bit herl-ips and it made him distracted.

“St©p b!tt!g yourl-ip,” He said with his de-ep gaze.

“Huh?” Kira looked up as she blurted out.

“Explain it to me,” Tim demanded.

“I…” Kira started to speak.
“I did not tell you about it, b-because I don’t want to cause trouble between you and Madame Gezel.” Kira reasoned.

Tim’s expression went even colder.

“That’s why you let her hurt you?” Tim’s voice turned de-ep.

“T-Tim, I did not expect that she would do this to me,” Kira explained.
“Besides, she is still your auntie. I still have to respect her as an elder.” Kira added.

Tim stared at Kira for a few seconds, he un-derstands Kira. She doesn’t want to disrespect Madame Gezel even though she treated her cruelly. With that thought, Tim’s anger slowly faded, and he gets up from his seat and walks closer to Kira.

“I don’t want this to happen again, even if she is an elder,” He said.

“I have alre-ady talked to her after the incident happened,” Kira replied.

Tim lifted his hands and cu-mpped Kira’s little face. ” You know what made me frustrated?”

Kira looked back to Tim’s eyes.

” I feel so useless that I was not able to protect you, from the people who want to hurt you,” Tim said with worries in his eyes.

“Tim, it was just a minor injury. It was not so serious.” Kira tried to make Tim feel at ease.

” Even if how small it is, I don’t want you to get hurt. You are important to me and I want to protect you.”

Kira was t©uçhed by Tim’s words.
‘Oh, why do I feel like someone tickled my heart and there are bu-tterflies in my stomach?’ Kira secretly giggled.

“Come here.”
Tim pu-ll-ed Kira into his [email protected] He [email protected] her and stroked her hair.

Kira, on the other hand, felt like she is in a cloud nine but she seemed to remember something, “Tim?” she called.

“Hmmm?” Tim replied without letting go of her.

“Can I ask you something?”

“What is it?”

Kira gulped before she spoke again, “W-Where is your mother?”

Tim was silent for a moment, which made Kira change her mind.

“I-It’s alright if you don’t—”

“She left me and my dad fifteen years ago.” Tim suddenly said.

Kira froze…
‘She left them fifteen years ago?’
‘It means, it was the same year she lost her parents!’

The next day afternoon, the investigators [email protected]£ back with the forensic f!ngerprint analysis’ result.

Everyb©dy gathered in the living room.

Kira and Tim are standing side by side, opposite to them are Gaile and Madame Gezel while the servants and Helena are between them.

“We alre-ady have the result here.” The investigator said as he lifted the envelope that contains the result.

“If you don’t mind, Kindly re-ad it for us, officer,” Tim said.

“Of course, Mr.Tan.” The officer replied and he shoves his hand inside the envelope and pu-ll-ed out a piece of paper.

The officer takes out the piece of paper.

“According to the result, we found traces of f!ngerprints on the n£¢klace and it [email protected]£ from three people.”

Madame Gezel automatically sm-irked when she heard the officer’s word.

“See Kira?” She turns her head to Kira.

“Only me and Gaile [email protected] hand on that n£¢klace. I am pretty sure that the other f!ngerprint belongs to the culprit and it is you.”

Madame Gezel sm-irked as if she is sure that the third person is Kira.

“Continue, officer.” Kira ignored Madame Gezel.

“Alright, ma’am!” The officer replied.

” The f!ngerprints belong to Madame Gezel, Miss Gaile Fuente and the other one belongs to one of the servants.”

Madame Gezel’s expression instantly changed as if she wants to say, ‘ What the heck?’
‘How come?’

Gaile turned pale and she ti-ght£ñed her grip on her dress.

The servants were stunned too and they knitted their brows as they looked at each other.

Tim looked at Kira, he can’t see any expression of his wife’s face, but he still felt relieved now that Kira has proved her innocence.

“Continue officer, and tell us who is this servant who betrays its master,” Kira said plainly.

“Alright, Mrs. Tan.” The officer replied and then he looked at the people in front him before he continued, “The third f!ngerprint belongs to Linda.” The officer continued.

Everyb©dy in the room was stunned to hear the officer, (A/N: Except for Kira) and they turned their heads to Linda.

“Linda?” Madame Gezel blurted out with her unbelievable expression.

Linda’s face instantly turned pale.
She looks like she has drained all her blood from her face and she started to tense up.

“I…M-Mr. O-Officer…” Linda stammered.

“Linda, could you explain this?” Tim coldly said to Linda.

“Y-Young Master. I- I don’t know what they are saying” Linda said.

“So, you’re saying you didn’t steal the n£¢klace and put it inside my closet?” Kira asked coldly.

“Missus, I couldn’t do such a thing” Linda said in a trembling voice and she seems like crying!

“Oh, really? How could you explain the forensic result then?” Kira asked in a cold expression.

Linda was out of words.

“How could you do this, Linda?” Tim confronted Linda.

“I trusted you, but how could you betray the Missus?”

“Y-Young Master” It is the only words that Linda was able to say.

“I know Linda couldn’t do it without someone backing her up,” Kira said.

“Missus” Linda blurted out.

“Now, tell us who ask you to set me up,” Kira demanded, though she has an idea of the culprit, she still wants Linda to reveal it, on her own.

Linda looked at Kira, she started to tremble and bids of sweat started to pop out from her forehead.

“N-No, I didn’t set you up” Linda still tried to deny.

“Why can’t you look me in the eyes, Linda?”

“M-Missus…” Linda’s grip ti-ght£ñed.

“Linda, tell us what you know or I will call the authority to lock you up to jail” Tim said with authority.

This time, Linda suddenly kneels in front of Kira.

“I’m sorry, Missus” Linda said as she rubbe-d her hands and kowtowed to Kira while crying.

“I am sorry” She repeated and continued to kowtowed.

“Why are you apologizing?” Kira asked coldly.

Linda looked up at Kira, ” Missus, I didn’t want to do it, but I am in so much need of money” Linda doesn’t think of the words she says.

Everyb©dy in the living room [email protected]

“s£nior Linda” Becca and Jane blurted out.

“You’re in so much need of money?” Kira repeated.

“Yes, Yes, Missus” Linda replied as she keeps on ru-bbing her hands while crying.

“Someone bribe-d you,” Tim said.

“Yes, Young Master”

“plea-se, forgive me” Linda begged.

“Then tell me, who?” Kira said.

Everyb©dy in the living room is silent.
Gaile seemed anxious while Madame Gezel’s expression darkened as she looked at Linda.

“Yes, Missus, I will tell you!” Linda said.

“Who?” Kira asked again.

Linda slowly raised her head and her gaze fell to Gaile and Madame Gezel. She slowly lifted her hand and pointed one of them.

“It’s her” She said while aiming her f!nger to Gaile.

Gaile’s face went pale. She was not able to respond immediately.

“You?” Madame Gezel blurted out in an unbelievable expression while Tim and Kira are not surprised anymore.

“W-What are you talking about, you old witch?” Gaile acted as if she doesn’t know anything.

“You knew that I needed a big amount of money for my husband’s medical expenses. You took advantage of me, you told me to put the n£¢klace on the Missus’ closet in exchange for money” Linda said with details.

“You lier—”

“Enough Gaile” Tim yelled to Gaile which made her shut her mouth.

“Now it made s-en-se to me.” Kira suddenly spoke again.

Everyone turned their gaze to Kira.

“Searching for auntie’s medicine was just your alibi. I didn’t think too much when you let me check auntie’s drawer that contains her jewelry” Kira said as her gaze towards Gaile turned sharp.

“Very well Gaile, Very well” Kira said sarcastically!

“Why Gaile? Why would you do that to me?” Kira asked.

Gaile knows, she has no way to deny it.
So, she just decided to fight back Kira’s sarcasm.

“Ha!” Gaile let out a short and sarcastic laugh.

“Isn’t it obvious? I did that because I want to get rid of you, Kira” She said honestly.

“Why do you hate me? Is it because I am Tim’s wife?” Kira is aware that Gaile likes Tim, some people would do stupid things for love.

“Yes” Gaile replied straight forward.

“You don’t belong to Tim’s world. You don’t deserve Tim” She added.

“And who do you think deserves me?” Tim spoke.

Gaile’s gaze averted to Tim and tears started to form in her eyes.


Gaile walks closer to Tim and she [email protected] him.

“Tim, it’s me. It should be me”

“St©p it Gaile!” Tim said as he pushed Gaile.

Gaile staggered and she looked up to Tim with her stunned expression.

“Why?” She asked res£ntfully.
“Why does it have to be her? Why didn’t you choose me instead? I am much way better than her and we knew each other since we were young”

Gaile approached Tim and tried to [email protected] him again.

“Gaile st©p this” Tim rebuked her.

Tim tried to push Gaile away from him but Gaile just won’t let go of him.

“No, I won’t st©p!” Gaile refused.

“Just open your eyes, Tim. Open your eyes and try to look at me. I can be more than just a friend, Tim” Gaile insisted.

Kira narrowed her eyes and her face turned dark as she looked at the woman [email protected] her husband. She hurriedly approaches Gaile, [email protected]£d her away from Tim and [email protected] her face from left to right.


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