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sins forgiven but not forgotten episode 26



*Tim’s study room.*

Tim is sitting in his swivel chair in front of his table while Coby is standing beside him.

“Mr. Tan, the name of LCX Bus Line has been transferred to the Tan Corporation alre-ady,” Coby said.

“That’s good,” Tim said.

“But…” Coby paused for a moment.

“There is bad news.” he continued.

Tim froze for a moment before he looked up to Coby.

“What is it?”

“Mr. Villariez as [email protected] away this morning, and his daughter Miss Ella Villariez is asking for an appointment with you.”

“What for?” Tim asked.

“She said, she needs to speak to you in person,” Coby replied.

Tim remembers his conversation with the late Mr. Villariez the last time they talked. Mr. Villariez asked him a favor for his daughter.

Tim took a de-ep breath before he spoke, “Alright, schedule my appointed time with her after her father’s burial,” He said.

“Copy, Mr. Tan!” Coby replied.

“How about Gaile?” Tim asked again.

“She alre-ady left and went back to L Country this morning.”

“Good then” Tim gets up from his seat, ” Let’s go together to the office.” He said.

Tim forgets to put in the safe his dad’s last will, which is on the t©p of the table.

Tim and Coby went downstairs, found Kira talking with someone in the living room..

“Good morning.” Tim greeted the two ladies.

Lea instantly stood up from her seat when she saw Tim.

“Good morning Mr. Tim” She greeted back Tim.

Kira stood up from her seat too and introduces Lea to Tim.

“Hey, Tim. This is my friend Lea, she was there on our wedding day, remember?” Kira said.

Tim looked at Lea, “Of course I do, I remember every person who is important to you.” Tim said with a smile on his face.

Kira couldn’t help but smile too.

“Anyways, I have to go to the office now.”

“Ennn…” Kira nodded her head.

“Enjoy your day with your friend,” Tim said, he k!$$£d Kira’s forehead before he got out of the house and leave for work.

“Oh! I didn’t know that Mr. Tan has a sweet side of him” Lea exclaimed.

She looked like she is daydreaming.
Kira just revealed a faint smile.

“You made the right decision to marry a man like him. He cares for you” Lea added.

‘Yeah, I know, I did not regret my decision of marrying him.’ Kira secretly said.

*Tan Corporation…*

Mr. Fuente is alre-ady waiting for Tim’s arrival outside his office. He instantly stood up from his seat and greeted Tim.

“Good morning, Mr. Tan.” Mr. Fuente said.

Tim’s footsteps [email protected]£ to a st©p and he looked at Mr. Fuente.

“I wonder why Mr. Fuente is here, early in the morning?” Tim asked.

“Oh! I [email protected]£ to talk to you about some personal matters.” Mr. Fuente explained.

“Is there any problem in the accounting [email protected]?” Tim asked again.

“N-No, Mr. Tan, the accounting [email protected] is doing fine. ” Mr. Fuente replied.

“I’d like to talk to you about what my daughter did, Mr. Tan.” He said with his head lowered.

“I’d like to talk to you in pri-vate, Mr. Tan.” Mr. Fuente requested.

Inside the office, Tim seated in his swivel chair, while Mr. Fuente stands in front of his desk.

“I want to ask for an apology to what my daughter did to your wife, Mr. Tan.” Mr. Fuente said.

Tim looked at Mr. Fuente, ” You know it.” It was not a question but a confirmation.

Mr. Fuente lowered his head.
” I am sorry, Mr. Tan, I was not able to discipline my daughter.”

Tim clasped his palms, “Gaile is not a child anymore, I am pretty sure that she knows what is right from wrong,” Tim replied.

“My apologies, Mr. Tan. She was too childish with her actions.” Mr. Fuente bowed in front of Tim.

“I hope this won’t affect the good friendsh!pbetween our families.” He added.

“Of course not” Tim replied.
“As long as you stay being loyal to me and the company, our family’s friendsh!pwouldn’t end.”

Mr. Fuente felt like he is going to choke when he heard Tim’s words.

Tim notices Mr. Fuente’s change of expression but he did not say a word. He doesn’t trust this man, there is something about him that Tim wasn’t sure, and his instinct told him not to trust Mr. Fuente.

Mr. Fuente went back to his office after talking to Tim. He sat down and leaned in his swivel chair, ‘I can find a way on how to get you, Tim, I know I will, I’ve worked so [email protected] for this company, and you’re the only one who continued to rise. I deserve to get more from what I have now’
Mr. Fuente said inside.

When Lea left, Kira went back upstairs. She fixed her things but she notices some do¢vments at the t©p of the table. Kira picks it up and she realizes it was Tim’s paper works.

‘He must have forgotten this.’ Kira mumbled.

She put back the do¢vments on the table but then she picks it up again. She stared at it and decided to bring it to the study room.

Fortunately, the room was not locked, Kira opens the door and got inside the study room. She walks closer to the desk and put down the do¢vments.

She was about to turn but her eyes caught something. She turned back and looked at the envelope on the other side of the table. She re-ad the word that was written on it.

“Last will?” she mumbled.

Kira blinked her eyes a few times. She stared at the enveloped for a moment.

‘Oh! What am I thinking? I should not t©uçh anything here’ She thought.

But the other side of her mind opposed, ‘ Why not? You are his wife, there is nothing wrong if you re-ad those do¢vments’
Kira gulped.

Her mind is fighting whether to re-ad the will or not.

Kira ti-ght£ñed her grip, she is having second thoughts. But there is a side of her mind saying to re-ad the will.
Kira sighs.
Just today
I am just curious about how rich is my husband.

Kira picked up the envelope, she opened it and shoved her hand and pu-ll-ed out the papers from inside. She started to re-ad what is written on the papers, but her expression slowly changed. Her face turned pale, her hands started to tremble, and her eyes seem like crying.

Her breathing [email protected]£ fas-ter as she tried to suppress her emotions and her entire b©dy is trembling.

Kira stepped back and walks out of the study room. She heads straight to the master’s be-droom, her mind is in chaos.

‘So, his reason for marrying her is his wealth?’
‘Ha!” Kira let out a sarcastic laugh.

She suddenly remembers the day when she fights with Gaile.

‘There she was, defending her title as Tims wife, claiming that she has Tim’s heart’
‘What now, Kira?’

‘You’re being too confident of your self. Do you think an influential man like Tim would seriously fall for a mere person like you?’ Kira mocked her self..

Now, she finally un-derstands why he f0rç£d her to marry him.

Kira felt like someone clutched her heart. Her ċhėst ti-ght£ñed and it’s [email protected] for her to breath.
Why is she feeling this way?
Why is she affected by this now?

‘Come on Kira, you are well aware that this marriage doesn’t involve emotion. And what do you expect, Kira? Perhaps, he love you?’

But then the other side of her mind asks, ‘ Why he treat me so well, then? He got even mad when he learned that Madame Gezel splashes her h0t water. He defended her against the accusations towards her. And his sweet gestures, what’s the meaning of his sweetness towards her?’

Wake up, Kira. He just did those things because he needs something from you, Of course, He needs to be good to you because he needs to get his inheritance back.

The other side of Kira’s mind opposed.

That thought made Kira felt more pained and she couldn’t help but cry but then she wiped her tears, and she tried to calm her self.

‘It’s alright Kira!’
‘Don’t cry!’
‘It’s better that you know about it before you could fall for Tim. Oh, really Kira?’
‘Have you not really fallen for him, yet?’
Kira froze…

Yeah, have I not yet fallen to Tim? Why am I hurting when I learn about the truth?

She doesn’t know what to think anymore!
She feels like her head is going to bur-st!
She has another question in her mind.
Why would Tim’s father wanted to give her half of his inheritance, or just want her to be Tim’s wife? She doesn’t even know him.

Kira is so confused right now!


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