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Single mom episode 48 & 49

{Her ultimate desire}
(Meeting again)
☔Episode 48☔
Bryce’s POV:
I stepped out of my car and rushed inside the house to see Arley.
“Hey baby, daddy is home!” I called on her, she rushed towards me and hugged me tightly.
“Daddy, I have something to tell you.” She said as I carried her up from the ground.
“What is it love?” I asked her, listening attentively to what she has to say.
“Someone s£nd a peanut cheese for me in school today.” She said and I arched my eyebrow.
That was her favorite cookie.
Who could have s£nt it?
“Was it Maggie?” I asked her yet again.
“No daddy, you know that aunt Maggie isn’t in new York, she left for Atlanta two days ago.” She explained and I nodded in acknowledgement.
She was right though.
Who could it be then?
“Your birthday is tomorrow, what do you want for your birthday sweetheart?” I asked her.
“I don’t know daddy, I font want anything for my birthday but I am craving peanut butter right now.” She said and I sigh.
She have an Add!¢tion for Peanut and Penny made it even worse because she was making it for her almost everyday.
“Okay Arley, I’ll quickly change then grab some snack for both of us, alright?” I told her.
“Okay daddy.”
“Have she done her homework?” I asked her nanny.
“Yes sir, she was just waiting for you yo get home.” She replied back.
“Two cup of Americano and peanut butter with cheeseburger.” I told the woman.
“Okay sir, holding a little.” She said and disappeared put the counter.
“I want three peanut butter, cheesecake and a cup of cappuccino please.” I heard a familiar voice beside me.
I glanced at her and sighed.
She love peanut butter too?
Another resemblance.
“Oh hi Mr King, what is a tycoon like you doing here?” She asked with a smile.
“The same thing you came for.” I replied calmly.
“Doing better cold Mr King, we are partners right?” She asked.
“Everything about business with you ended in my office, I only have business with your boss. Now of you can excuse me.” I said and grabbed the polythene from the woman.
“How much is it?” I asked.
“That will be 500 dollar sir.”
I handed over a 1,000 dollar note to her and walk away.
I dropped the polythene in the back seat and opened the front door but was stopped by a hand.
“Mr King!”
Why can’t she just let me be?
I hate this kind of a thing gosh.
“What do you want!” I snapped,she flinched and stepped back.
“I…..I just…..”
“That’s more like it, you’re now stuttering. Please stop pestering my life. Youre a beautiful woman but I don’t want you.
I have a woman in my life, sheight be dead to all but she’s very much alive to me she is my life, you don’t stand a chance Miss Kendall.” I said and got inside my car.
I released a breath and drove off.
Why did I said all that?
I guess I was pissed off by her persistence, she can’t just let me breath.
I drove inside my compound and quickly got out of the car.
“Daddy, did you get it?” Arley asked.
“Yes baby.”
Kendall/Penny’s POV:
I stood there frozen by his words, yes he was talking about me.
Not Kendall the surgically made barbie doll but Penelope.
His Penny.
Even with my new body, it doesn’t stand a chance.
Is this how he shooed women off?
I slowly walk towards my car and dropped what I bought inside.
Tomorrow is Arley’s birthday, though I don’t know how to do it but I want to see her and talk to her.
Maybe I can pay them a visit tomorrow? But how do I explain to Bryce when he ask me how I knew?
I don’t know what to do.
I didn’t even know when I drove back to Marcus apartment.
“What’s wrong Penny? You stayed out late.” Marcus asked worriedly.
“It’s nothing, is Chris asleep?” I asked him.
“Yes, he just fell asleep. You don’t look good.” He said but I tried putting out a smile.
“I’m fine Marcus, I got us some cheesecake, come let’s eat.” I told him.
“You look really great today, what was the occasion?” He asked me.
“Nothing actually, I met Bryce at the cafe today.” I told him and he dropped his cheesecake.
“Really? Is that why you’re calm? Did he said something to you?” He asked me.
“He still thinks about me Marcus, he thought thatbi was hitting on him so he shooed me off. He said that he have a woman in his life, he doesn’t believe that I’m dead Marcus.” I said and closed my eyes.
“God, I don’t know what to do.” I breathed out.
“Why don’t you tell him who you are? Show yourself to him, I believe he’ll accept you just the way you are Penny.” He told me.
Will he?
“What if I confess to him and he doesn’t believe me?” I asked him.
“There’s no way he won’t believe you Penny, you’re a smart woman. Use your smartness and get your man back before another woman wrapped him between her f!ng£rs.” He said and I nodded in understanding.
You can do this Penelope.
Just get it done and get your man back
Episode 49☔
Kendall/Penny’s POV:
After taking my bath I couldn’t think of any other thing but what Marcus told me earlier.
should I really do this?
can I do this?
what if he doesn’t believe me, how am I even going to be able to tell him that I did plastic surgery.
he will be ashamed of me he would ask me why I can’t go with how my body looks.
I was scared.
oh lord please help me I don’t want to lose him but in the process I also don’t want to hurt myself, I don’t want to hurt my feelings I don’t want to hurt my heart.
What do I do how do I go about this.
oh lord please help me.
what about Arley she won’t even recognise me she won’t even believe me.
I walk out of my room and headed downstairs,since tomorrow is her birthday at least I can make snack that she likes the most.
peanut butter.
I walked inside the kitchen and grab the bag that I got from the cafe earlier.
I just don’t know how to go about this but I’m determined to do what it takes to get my man back to make him believe me to make you fall in love with who I am now.
How do I explain myself ok baby like this.
“Hi,you know I have plan to tell you about this I saw you but I just couldn’t. Chris and I didn’t die in the accident we were saved but unfortunately we went into coma.”
Is that even convincing enough?
I don’t even think he will believe me.
don’t think negatively Penny, he will surely believe me.
yes he will believe me, let’s get this done and go to bed tomorrow is going to be a long long long day for me I just feel so nervous and a little bit scared not a little bit scared, very scared.
After packaging the peanut butter, I left for my room and climb on the bed.
Its time to sleep.
I woke up the next morning feeling very much better and braver.
I was determined this time that I’m surely going to get him back for myself.
It might take a lot of time to do it but I will surely do it·
I got them from the bed and headed to the bathroom after brushing my teeth I took my bath and went back inside my room 40 day I put on an onion pink blazer and did my head up in a ponytail.
I picked up my bag and headed downstairs where I met Marcus sipping his coffee.
“Good morning baby and Marcus.” I greeted them and sat down beside Chris.
“You look exceptionally beautiful today, what’s the occasion mom?” He asked me and I blushed.
Was it obvious? My excitement and confidence?
“Its nothing really, tonight we will be attending a birthday party tonight so get ready and don’t sleep off okay?” I told him.
“What’s so special about this birthday party though.” He mumbled and dig in his food.
“Marcus, will you come along with us?” I asked
“I’ll p@ss, have a date with Mia.” He said and I rolled my eyes.
He was lovesick with his girl.
After breakfast I left for work since Marcus will be dropping Chris off at school today, I think it is fair that I go early too.
“Hey Kendall good morning, you look great today.” Poppy compliments me.
“Good morning to you love, thanks for the compliment.” I told her and kssed her cheek then walked imside my cubicle.
Time run so fast and when I check my time it was already 7:45 p.m. then I was nervous again but my subconscious mind was telling me and @ssuring me that ‘ hey penny you can do this you can do this and get your man back just go to him and tell him what you want to tell him and I bet you he’s going to listen’
I wore a red knee length gown it has a big opening at the back couple with the red gown I smeared my l!ps with a red l!pstick·
Staring at myself in front of the mirror I smiled, yes I was looking at a confident woman.
I was looking at someone who knows what she wants and will do what it takes to have it.
I grabbed a black Hermes Birkin bag and wore a red bottom heel stilettos then picked my phone and snapped a few selfies before walking out of the room.
I got to Chris room and saw him dressed in a black suit.
Earlier today, I got a Fendi customized dress for Arley, I’m sure she’s gonna love it.
“Shall we go now?” I asked him.
“Yes mommy.”
“Mom look at Arley and Mr King, come let’s go and greet them.” Chris said excitedly dragging me forward.
“No baby! We can’t. How do we explain to them? We don’t want to cause any drama do we?” I asked him.
“No mommy.”
“Then let stay calm love, we will surely think of something.” I @ssured him.
Sadness was written all over his face but what can I do?
He have to endure it for awhile.
Just like every billionaire birthday Arley birthday was a blast, lots of personnel were there and the place was filled to the Brim.
When Bryce saw me, he didn’t even act like he knew who I was.
He acted as if I’m just another woman who is pushing herself on him.
I carried the gift box and handed it over to Arley.
“Happy birthday Arley.” I told her.
She collected the gift from me and nodded.
“Is he your son?” She asked me and I hummed.
“I’ve got something else for you.” I told her and hand over the box where I packaged the peanut butter.
After giving it to her, I grabbed Chris hand and started walking away.
“Penny?” I heard her whispered and my heart skipped loudly.
She already open the box.
“Daddy get her, it is Penny.”


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