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Single mom episode 46 & 47

{Her ultimate desire}
(Not knowing what to do)
☔Episode 46☔
Maggie’s POV:
It has been 6 months after Penelope burial ceremony.
It was one of the worst moments of my life.
She was like a sister to me, she was beautiful, kind Hearted, nice to people she never knew before.
I started liking her the first day she defended me at the cafe where we both work for Ana.
Her death really pained me, yes it did pained me a lot.
But not as much as it did to someone else.
Bryce King.
He was broken, he wasn’t what he used to be.
I have heard of the cold billionaire but this person I’m seeing right now is far more than cold, in fact I think his heart is now made of rock.
He doesn’t smile anymore, you’ll never see him without his glasses.
And now he’s 1000% very rude than everybody Here on earth. This all happened after Penny death.
Her death destroyed him, he lives in regret.
He constantly says that maybe she might be alive right now if I never meddle with her life, if I never came into her life maybe she might be here with us right now.
I feel very very sorry for him because of Penny’s death he was slowly killing himself inside.
3 months ago when I went to visit Penny in the cemetery I saw him sitting down on the ground and crying his heart out,I was stunned.
I couldn’t believe that Bryce sat down on the ground and was crying loudly grabbing hold of his heart it was a sight to see.
I can still remember what he said that day.
” you could have Hold on a little longer penny, you could have waited for me, why did you leave why did you let go why. now I’m all alone who will take care of Arley.”
His words actually brought tears to my eyes he was hurting really badly but there was no one to talk to.
Today again I was on my way to his house to hand over the peanut butter that i made to Arley since it was her favorite snack.
I just hope that she accept it. even she as well was not left out in the sadness that engulfed the house after Penny’s death.
I just realized how much Peeny meant to those two.
Penny’s POV:
I came down from my car and hide myself behind the big tree in order to catch the Glimpse of everything going on, for the past 1 months it has been like this.
I never had the courage to face him.
I wondered what he would think of my appearance.
I wondered if he would still love me like he used to, thinking of that I was depressed for weeks.
This has been the only way that I could see him even though I managed to see him like this it was heartbreaking for me because every time that I see him here he always profess his love to me.
His cries makes me feel very guilty because I was alive but still playing dead because of my insecurities.
Back to six months ago or should I say 7 months ago when I had that accidents, it was the grace of God that saved me that day.
my helper for someone whom I least expected, it was Marcus the guy I had a blind date with several months ago.
According to him when my car hit the bus, he was just about to drive away because he had an emergency call from the hospital that same day but then he glanced at the car again then he saw my side profile.
He also recognized my voice when I was crying for help.
he parked his car and rushed to the scene, the car was burning furiously but still he managed to bring me and my son out.
we are seriously injured, he treated both of us in his Private Hospital.
According to him we were in coma for 2 months, and when we woke up we couldn’t recognize ourselves.
I was burnt badly including Chris it was really heartbroken.
I couldn’t live like that I couldn’t live with myself like that so I underwent a surgery.
I heard the news of how he turned heartless after losing loved one.
The main reason why I still couldn’t face him was because I don’t know what to do, I don’t know how to bear the heartbreak when I show my face and he doesn’t recognize me,that will the end of me.
I love you Bryce, I love you so very much but I still got to hide my face from you.
When I’m brave enough, I’ll return to you.
But as of now, I still have to see you from the shadow.
Goodbye for now my love.
Episode 47☔
Kendall’s POV(Penny):
I was sitting down inside the living room with my phone in my hand.
” you haven’t gone to work?” Marcus asked as he joined me on the couch.
” I just have to finish then I will be on my way Chris already left what about you?” I asked him, just tgen a thought can into my mind.
“You never told me how those dead bodies go inside my car that day.” I said to him.
“The bus that hit with yours was a hospital ambulance that was carrying dead bodies, though i never knew about you having anything to do with Bryce Kinda but i just did that to avoid suspicion. Afer carrying out you and your son I went to the bus and exchange your body with the dead ones.” He explained.
“Wow! You’re a superhero Marcus, I dont know how to thank you for everything.” I said and he just smiled.
“You deserve it dear, ill be going to Mira’s house after work, don’t wait up for me.” He said and i nodded.
” on my way now have a great day at work.” He kssed my cheek and left.
Today i have an important meeting with Bryce King, I’ll be representing the company where i work as an accountant.
I wasn’t panicked because i know there’s no way he’s going to recognize me.
I mean, i have a new face and an entire new body now and a new name,a different voice, a complete new personality.
I grabbed my purse from the table and walked out of the living room after getting inside my car I drove out of the compound heading to my workplace.
“Good morning.” I greet the staffs that greeted me.
“Kendall, boss wanted to see you in his office.” Poppy my new friend said to me.
Poppy is just like Maggie, she cares for me and Chris.
But even though we’re very close i still don’t have the courage to tell her my top secret, she thinks that Marcus and i are siblings and that my son was born out of wedlock.
“Okay love.” I knocked on my boss’s door and I heard a ‘come in’
I pushed the door open and walk in.
“Good morning Sir.” I greeted him.
“Good morning Kendall, your meeting with King conglomerate is in twenty minutes are you ready?” He asked and i nodded.
“Yes sir.” I replied him.
“He is not an easy man to deal with, please be cautious of how you talk to him and tried as much as possible to negotiate well with him.” He said and i flashed him a smile.
You dont know boss, but that man became what he I because of me.
That man will do anything for me.
“Dont worry sir, I’ll get it done.” I assured him.
“Okay then, get going.” He said thrn i walk out of the office.
God! After so long ill be conversing with Bryce face to face again, I can’t believe it.
Even though it is not as the Penny he knew but as Kendall Marvin, I is still a pleasure.
“Excuse me Miss Marvin, Mr King will be seeing you now, please follow me.” Katie, Bryce Secretary told me and i nodded.
She I still the same, always on her business mode, i guess that’s why Bryce like her so much.
I stood up grom the chair and followed her, she pushed the door of Bryce’s office open and told me to go in.
I stepped inside the office, immediately I saw him i felt my heart leaped in joy.
Oh my God! Seeing him so close is much more better than from a far.
He looked up from the file he was reading and dropped it.
His eyes lingered on my face for awhile.
It wasn’t his fault though, many people always look at me like that because they said i was so beautiful, that i looked like a celebrity.
“Have a seat, i have only fifteen minutes.” He said calmly.
I walk towards his desk and sat down on the chair.
Bryce’s POV:
When I saw the person I had meeting with, well I found her attractive but that was it.
“Well Mr King, our company will both benefit from this contract if you sign it. You might not know this since you’re a tycoon but our company has been making waves for the past two years.” She said and I crosschecked the records infront of me.
“If you sign this contract King conglomerate will benefit so much from our company and…….”
“Why do I feel like you’re only trying to pacify me?” I asked her and she smiled.
“Yes of course, that is what business is all about. Pacifying.” She replied.
She have a very similar business mode with Penelope.
She is fierce when it comes to business same as Penny.
“I like your trait Miss Marvin, congratulations.” I told her and she smiled widely.
“That you Mr King,you won’t regret this.” She promised.
“Well I hope I don’t because if I do, it won’t be funny at all.” I told her then put my signature on the contract.
She brought out her hand for a shake but I just looked at it and back at her face.
“Sorry, nice doing work with you Mr King.” She said.
“Time up, see you next time Miss Kendall.” I told her then shooed her out of the office.
“So rude!” I heard her whispered but I ignored that.


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