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Single mom episode 37 & 38

{Her ultimate desire}
(Hiding away)
☔Episode 37☔
Bryce’s POV:
I watch her as she fell asleep on my shoulder.
I’ve encounter alot of people with different life challenges but hers is just too h@rd for me to understand.
First she doesn’t @ssociate with her family, then her baby daddy r@ped her.
What for?
I just don’t get it.
I lay her back on the bed and covered her body with the duvet.
I grab hold of the door handle and glanced back at her curled up on the bed.
Her body language showed it all.
She was very scared.
I closed the door behind me and sigh.
“Tell the cook to prepare something healthy for her.” I told a maid.
“Take me to that ba$tard.” I gritted to Mikel.
“He is in the t0rture house boss, do you want to leave her alone here?” He asked. I froze there for a moment and reminisce on her request from earlier.
“Don’t leave me.”
“I’ll stay here with Penny, you go and deal with that Putana, get answers out of him.” I commanded him.
“As you wish boss.” With that being said, he walk away.
I brushed my hand on my hair and tugged on it h@rd.
I couldn’t believe what was happening.
The worst part is.
What if…..what if she got pregn@nt?
I fished out my phone from my pocket and dialed Johann number.
Johann is my best friend and he was also a doctor.
His junior was Kim.
“Johann what was your finding? Is she safe?” I asked him, getting straight to the point.
He sighed and click on something.
“She is safe, well as of now. Until I conduct a test on her I can’t guarantee you that she won’t get pregnant.” He replied and I cursed under my breath.
Way to go Bryce, now you’re not just scared for her health but scared if she’s pregn@nt as well.
“Do whatever you can man, this woman is important to me.” I told him. It became silent for awhile.
“Who is she to you Bryce? I hope your feelings for her have died down, In case you’ve forgotten you are married.” He said and I mentally gr0@ned.
“And I’m not doing anything wrong Johann, she is my friend of mine. I can’t just let anything happen to her she have a son!” I said angrily.
“He isn’t your son, she isn’t your wife. You don’t feel entitled to anything.” He added and I chuckled.
“I can’t believe you’re saying this Johann, you’re a medical practitioner.”
“I’m sorry man, I’m just……never mind. I’ll be there in the evening.” He said and hung up.
I went back into the room Penny was sleeping and sat down beside her, my gaze steady on her.
“You are going through a lot sweetheart, how can this be hurting me so much?” I whispered as my hand trail on her cheek.
She shifted away from me even in her sleep.
I sighed and removed my hand.
A knock came on the door and I mumbled a come in.
“I made ginger boiled quail egg, sea cu¢vmber,Japanese mushroom soup, and Abalone. It very nutritious foods.” She said and I nodded then pointed at a table. “And here is a gl@ss of juice.”
She dropped the meals and walk out.
“Penny, wake up.” I whispered. She stir in her sleep and started pu.nching the air and struggling.
“Let me go……don’t hurt me please.”
“Don’t do this.”
“Let me go.”
“Shhhhh……I’m here Penny, Bryce is here. That fker will never get close to you again.” I @ssured her.
She snuggles into me and buried her face on my chest.
“Can you tell me how it happened?” I asked her but then she became silent again.
“It’s okay if you don’t want to, bit you have to eat first.” I said and entangled myself from her then brought the food.
I set it on a small table and placed it on the bed in front of her.
“Thank you.” She whispered and picked up the spoon.
She must be starving.
Instead of eating like I thought she would, she dropped the spoon again.
“Here, let me feed you.” I grabbed the spoon and scooped the mushroom soup.
I blew on it and brought it closer to her mouth.
“Haa.” I told her to open up, after looking at me for few minutes she opened up.
“Here have some ginger boiled quail egg, it is very nutritious.”
After eating the little amount of food she ate she demanded to see her child but I couldn’t.
I didnt want Christian to see her in such condition.
It will be heartbreaking.
“Is my mom okay?” Was the first thing he asked me when I saw him playing video game inside the living room.
“She is fine.” I told him.
“Do you like my mommy? He asked.
Do I like his Mommy?
“I’m just friends with her, we are good friends.” I told him.
“Boss, Mrs King is here.”
What the h.ell!
How did Zen knew that I was back?
I stood up from the couch as I signal my guard to open the door.
Zen walk in wearing a black tracksuit p@nts and a white V_shirt.
“Hey babe.”
“Who is this?” She asked ignoring my kss.
“I am Christian, he is my mommy’s friend.” The small boy said.
Say what?
This dude sure can’t hold his tiny tongue can he?
Episode 38☔
Zendaya’s POV:
I was preparing to go to a talk show with my manager when my trusted bodyguard told me that she saw Mikel, my husband’s head bodyguard making a call.
And from the look of it, my husband is in the state without my knowledge.
Bryce came back from China without telling me.
There was only one place that crossed my mind.
His penthouse at Greenville.
Just my luck, he was there and sitting on the couch was no one else but Penny’s son!
What the hell is wrong with Bryce, I don’t know.
Somebody please elaborate this for me.
“What is going on here?” I asked.
“Come babe, let’s discuss this in private. He is staying here because something came up.” He said and I chuckled dryly.
Something came up!
“Bryce while are you back without even informing me? Wait….don’t tell me that she is here.” I said but he kept quiet.
I was enraged.
How dare you Bryce!
“You cheating ba$tard! How dare you do this to me Bryce?” I yelled at him, throwing my purse at him.
“Calm down Zen! We can’t talk if you continue to act like a s£nseless teenager.” He said calmly and sat down on a couch.
I ignored him and make my way to his room.
He kept calling me but I wasn’t having it.
I pushed the door open and there she was, laying down on the b.ed curled up into a ball.
“Btch get off that be.d, out of my house, out of my husband’s life!” I yelled as I y@nked her out of the b.ed.
Her eyes flew open and when she saw me, she cowered behind Bryce.
“I can’t believe you Zen, out! I’ll be back tomorrow. Get out of here right now I won’t say it twice.” He said and I found my eyes burning with unshed tears.
He just told me to get out of our house because of this thing!
He yelled at me because of her.
“I don’t want to see your face Zen, out of here or I’ll have Mikel throw you out.” He sneered.
I really must have pissed him off.
Never have he behave this way with me before.
Did I do something wrong?
I bite back my tears and turned around then left the room.
I got to the living room but was stopped by the little boy.
“How is Arley, tell her that I miss her.”
After taking my husband’s attention away from me, now you want to have my daughter as well?
Bryce’s POV:
“You shouldn’t have yelled at her like that, she is still your wife after all.” Penny said as she drink from the juice in front of her.
“She disrespected you Penny, be it my wife or not she should have human empathy in her.” I said and gr0@ned.
That woman be giving me headache.
“How are you feeling now?” I asked her.
“Very much better than I deserve.” She mumbled and sigh.
“Thank you for everything Bryce, without you I don’t think I’ll be a love now.” She said emotionally which hurt me so much.
“I’m here for you Penny, I will be here every given moment of the day to protect you, to watch over you.” I told her.
And to love you.
I shook away my thought and smiled at her.
“Come and see Chris, he is playing video game inside the living room.” I told her and her eyes sparkle.
I helped her up and soon we were in the living room.
“Hi baby, how are you?” She asked him.
“I’m good mommy, what happened to you? Mr King won’t let me see you.” He complains and Penny laughed.
That was a facade, a facade of her hurt heart.
She was proving to her son that she is happy but she wasn’t deep down.
“Don’t worry about Mr King, I’m here now.” She said and kssed his cheek.
She acted just like every great mother will do.
Hiding her inner struggle from her little child.
She just keep surprising me every time.
“Penny, I’ll be back in an hour. The maids will take care of your every need.” I told her and she nodded.
I walk closer to her not knowing what to do but I just did what came to my mind.
I bent down and kssed her forehead.
“You have me, Penny.” I whispered before walking out.
“Keep an eye on them.” I told a guard before leaving the penthouse.
“I can’t imagine how di$gusted I am with you, how can you take advantage of her? She is your son’s mother!” I said angrily as I watch the man that was putting Penny through all this.
He wasn’t even worth it.
He was just one piece of sht.
A real definition of con artist.
“Answer me!”
“Why? Are you interested in her? Go$h Penny, she is sweet…very sweet….you know, I took her vrgnty.” I sl@pped him h@rd on the cheek before he could speak further.
I was so angry.
How dare him!
“Don’t you dare speak of Penny like that!”
“Answer me, why did you do it?” I asked him but he wasn’t saying a word.
Instead he was grinning widely.
I chuckled dryly at the thought of what I was going to do to him.
“Get the iron Mikel.” Mikel hand over the iron to me and I grinned at the dkhead wide eyed.
Oh, he has a name.
“Now should we play? Or do you want to tell me why you did it?” I asked him, when he didn’t say a word I pressed the iron on his st0mach.
He cried out but I wasn’t fazed.
If he could do such thing to Penny then why should I pity him?
“Ready to speak up?” I asked him but he still want sating a word.
Sure he was a tough one.
“Fl0gger.” I said and Mikel hand it over.
I fl0gged him h@rd and he cried out for mercy.
“I’ll speak, I’ll speak up!” He shouted.
“Sasha………Sasha James!”


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