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Single mom episode 35 & 36

{When love decides
To take over}
☔Episode 35
Penny’s POV:
How did he get my number?
I can’t tell.
I dropped my phone on the bed and walk inside my closet, I wore a washed out jean bump short, a white fluffy bodywarmer sweater and tie my hair up in a high ponytail.
I decided to go check on the Nanny, I’m sure she must be through by now.
Climbing down the stairs my mind was preoccupied by the text message Alex s£nt.
Why does he want to see me?
After how many years?
“Is the soup ready?”
“Yea, I’ll serve it to you in a jiffy.” She replied and continued with what she was doing.
My phone goes off and I stare down at the caller.
“Heard you left work earlier today, something wrong?” He asked and I subconsciously shook my head.
“I wasn’t feeling too well, it’s not a big deal though. Especially since your wife just fired me.” I said.
“Hum, she said I was incompetent. I guess she is right.” I added and sigh.
I can’t believe that I let what she said get to me.
“Listen Penny, tomorrow you’re going back to work alright. Zen doesn’t have the right to fire any of my employees.” He said.
Should I tell him about Alex new text message?
Its not like I’ll be going to see him, I just felt like he should know.
“The meeting already ended, the contract signed. Tomorrow will be to tour the property and next tomorrow ill be back to New York.” He told me.
What do I do with you?
Why are you treating me this way? I dont think I deserve it.
I don’t deserve your love, your friendship.
Everything about him was perfect but I wasn’t.
I was that woman who still live in the past.
That woman who holds nothing but pure hatred for her ex fiance.
“I’ll call you later.”
“Okay.” I whispered lowly then dropped my phone.
The soup was brought to me and I took my spoon then started scooping it up then b!0w air on it before eating.
My phone dinged again, and this time. It was a picture.
Who on earth is s£nding me pictures?
I opened the message and my mouth dropped open, my heartbeat quicken.
Oh my God.
Oh my God!!
I quickly dial the number and stood up.
“Don’t harm my son Alex, he is our son. Don’t harm him please I’m begging you please.” I cried out. How did he get hold of Chris?
How did he even know his school!
“I won’t harm him sweetheart, all I want is you. Just come meet me and we will be fine.” He said and I scoffed angrily.
“And if I don’t?” I asked daring him.
His laughter erupt through the phone which caused me to remove the phone from my ear for some minutes.
“You will have yourself to blame Pee.” He said and hung up.
Christian, my son, my baby.
Oh my God.
“Ma’am is anything the matter?” Chris nanny asked.
“Chris is under someone’s custody, oh my goodness. I can’t believe this. Alex.” I covered my mouth with my palm and hurriedly rushed towards my room.
I grabbed my car key and tuck my wallet inside my short pocket then rushed out.
I entered my car and drove off.
He might…..he might do some to my son.
His voice sounds dark and lifeless earlier on phone.
“Where are you going?” She asked when i rushed inside the living room.
“To answer his summon, to rescue my child.”
I knocked on the door of the room 205 and waited for him to open it.
The door was slowly pulled open and a face that I haven’t seen for five years straight showed up.
“Alexander.” I whispered under my breath, his l!p twitched up and he rake his eyes all over my body.
“Still hot, come in.” He said and I shook my head.
“Where is my son? I’m not going to enter that room with you.” I firmly said but his laughter threw my off balance.
“Come inside Penny, there is no way you gon’ take my child with you without us talking.” He said and I scoffed in annoyance.
Did he just said ‘my child’?
“He is my son Alex, only mine. I nurtured him. Raised him, provided for him. Put him to sleep, treat him like a king. He is alone mine alone!” I said angrily.
His eyes darkened and he grabbed my hand then pulled me closer to him, inside the room.
“Let me go!”
He slmmed my back against the door and tr.apped me with his hands.
“Oh really?”
“Yes really.” I huffed.
“But you love me, huh don’t you anymore? Tell me don’t you love me?” He asked and i gulped loudly.
His eyes was burning into mine, daring me to say otherwise.
He brought his mouth closer and the next thing I knew, he started kssing me.
“Kss me back.” He grumbled then continue with his a$$ault.
I struggled out of his kss and wipe my mouth with the back of my palm.
“I don’t love you Alex, not anymore. Stay away from me and give me my son back!” I yelled at him.
He tried to kss me again but I turned my face away.
He chuckled darkly and roughly grabbed my hand, he walked towards his b.ed and threw me on it.
My heart was beating erratically.
“What are you doing Alex, let me go. Please i beg you.” I cried out.
He grabbed my h@nd and tied them against the headboard.
Then he started removing his pnts.
He forced himself on me.
He rped me, Alex rped me.
He took advantage of me.
I can’t believe that I once loved a bea$t like him.
He r@ped me!


Bryce’s POV:
My hand covering my face I tried to concentrate on the your going on.
I’ll be leaving for new York tonight, I just felt like seeing Penny.
My mind hasn’t been at rest since morning.
I stared at my phone and decided to text her instead.
💬Hey beautiful, sleeping already?💬
After the text I didnt get a reply back.
I was worried so I decided to call her instead.
The call was picked in the fourth ring.
“You didn’t reply my message, are you alright?” I asked.
“Are you a friend of Miss James?” A voice asked and I stilled.
Was Penny in trouble.
The dreadful thought make my heartbeat esclarate.
“What happened? Yes am her friend.” I replied her and wait for her to speak up.
“Please save Christian……..he…….he was kidnapped and Penny went there……….Chris dad kidnapped him.” She stuttered in between tears.
Chris dad kidnapped him?
And Penny went there.
Oh my God!
“Do you know the name of the place? Check her last message.” I instructed.
“It is Sky rock hotel room 205, please save them.” She begged. I was confused and I signal for my bodyguard to prepare the car.
“Don’t worry, they will be back.stay save there and don’t come out of the house.” I told her then hang up.
“Katie you finish the tour for me, something important came up. I’ll leave first.” I told my secretary ten headed to the car.
I dialed a number and placed the phone on my ear.
“Mikel,Take twenty of my men with you and go to Sky rock hotel right now room 205. I don’t want you to be even one second late. Use the helicopter. I’ll be in new York soon.
Capture the culprit and take Penny and her child to my penthouse in Greenville.” I commanded and quickly dialed my captain number.
What if something had happened to her?
“Prepare the jet, I’m on my way now.” I told him.
When we got to the hotel, I carried suitcase and files, in the next twenty minutes I was already inside my private Jet.
Before the Jet moved I dialed Mikel’s number.
“We got there a little bit late sir…..” My heart skipped at his dull tone.
Nothing happened right?
Penny is still alive, her child is still alive.
“I guess you’ll see for yourself when you return, the man is in my custody and the other two have already been transferred to the penthouse. I’ve called Doctor Kim to run a checkup on her.” He said and I growled loudly.
“Tell me what happened to her Mikel dmn it!”
“I’m sorry boss but she was r@ped.”
My mouth hung open in shock.
Oh my goodness.
At that moment I wished that I had supernatural power to disappear and reappear.
Poor Penny.
I hanged up without saying anymore words.
The pain she must be feeling.
She had suffered a lot and then this again?
I didn’t even know, my hand tightened on my seat, my eyes hooded with darkness.
I just want to make that Alex of a man suffer.
I’ll t0rture him so badly that he’ll wish he was never born.
When I got to my penthouse it was still dark early in the morning.
“How is she?” I asked Mikel as I walk towards her room.
“She refused to eat and cries all day, doctor Kim said it is the trauma.”
I inhaled a sharp breath and brushed my hand on my hair.
“Don’t let anyone in, don’t tell Zen that I’m back.” I stated before opening the room and walk in.
I saw her curled up in the corner.
The sight broke my heart to pieces.
I was angry, mad even beyond words.
Her pained body language hurted me.
“Penny.” I whispered, but instead of looking my way she hided away.
I was getting closer to her, she was accepting me as a friend.
But after this tragedy will she ever allow me close?
I walk closer to her and touched her skin but she pushed my hand away.
“Please don’t touch me, don’t hurt me please.”
“It’s okay Penny, he is not here. It is me Bryce. I will never hurt you.” I coaxed her.
“Br…….Bryce.” She mumbled while I hugged her to myself.
Oh my poor Penny.
She started crying, her tears soaking my shirt.
“Don’t leave me Bryce……don’t.” I shushed her and took in a deep breath, trying to collect my words carefully.
“I won’t leave you baby…….never.” I carried her and sat her on the bed.
Since I got here she haven’t look at me
“Look at me.” I told her but she refused.
I sigh and sat down beside her.
“I’m sorry.” I told her and rest her head on my shoulder.
“My men were late.” I mumbled hurtfully.
I was hurt.
“Where is he? Christian.” She whispered.
“He is safe inside his room sleeping soundly.” I told her.
I suddenly had the urge to keep her safe with me.
The urge to hurt everyone that had hurt her.
But will she let me?


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