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Single mom episode 39 & 40

{Her ultimate desire}
(Get out of my house!)
☔Episode 39☔
Bryce’s POV:
My hand momentarily stopped at his confession.
Sasha James?
Isn’t that Penny’s sister? Why will she even think of a thing like that?
I glanced at Mikel and gave him a eyes signal.
He know what to do.
“Her sister told you to rpe your baby mama and you did, she had been waiting for you for the past five years. Was that a waste?” I questioned him.
“I was tired of her, your wife was sweeter at that time.” He said and I turned around quickly at the mention of Zen.
“What are you talking about?” I asked him, my frown deepened when he laughed mockingly at me.
“Haaa! Zendaya, my baby. She was crazy about me even after marrying you.
You couldn’t resist me.” He chuckled and laughed loudly.
Zen has been cheating on me? With this……this man?
Oh my goodness!
And I’ve been resisting myself from cheating on her.
I have been nothing but faithful to her.
“Give him flog him fifty times and chain her to the t0rture seat. I’ll be back.” I told one of my men before walking out.
“Daddy!!” Arley shouted and hugged my leg.
I carried her up from the ground and smiled at her adorable face.
“How are you sweetheart?” I asked her she brushed her tiny hand on my hair and giggled.
“I’m fine daddy, Chris was not in school today. They said he was kid……kinap……please save him daddy.” She suddenly said and tears pour out from her eyes.
Oh sweetheart.
“It’s okay baby, they are safe okay? Don’t cry.” I told her and kss her forehead.
I dropped her and tugged lightly on her chubby cheeks.
“Be a good girl.” I told her before climbing the step.
I was so angry, betrayed even.
She’ll spend months saying that she’s on a photoshoot but instead she was cheating on me while I wait for her like a fool.
I shook my head and tried to calm myself down.
If I enter that room like this then I don’t know what I’ll do to her.
I might commit mu.rder.
After keeping myself calm I pushed the door open, she was pacing around the room making a call.
When she saw me she quickly dropped her phone on the ground.
Probably from shock.
“Ba……” She said nervously.
I sat down on the b.ed and calmly removed my suit jacket then start to undo my shirt button one after the other.
I was trying to think of how to tackle the situation.
“Do you know the dude named Alex?” I asked her.
She turned around sharply, I worry for her neck.
“Oh I remember, he is your lover. I should have known.” I said and stood up from the bed.
I can’t believe what has happened in the past two days.
Penny was s£×ually abused and my own wife has been cheating on me for God knows how long.
“Bryce……it wasn’t….”
“Don’t lie to me Zendaya!”
Zendaya’s POV:
Oh my goodness.
Oh my goodness.
How did he find out?
Whenever Bryce call me Zendaya in such tone then I’m in for some deep sht.
“You have been cheating on me all this while, how do I believe that Arley is mine?” He said and brushed his big hand on his hair.
“No! Arley is my daughter and nothing can change that. But you Zendaya have overstay your welcome. I’ll s£nd the divorce papers to your family house tomorrow morning.” He said and I quickly went down on my knees.
“No baby, sweetheart, my love please, the father of my baby please, my everything. I can’t loose you Bryce. You’re my everything.” I begged him.
I couldn’t believe what happened.
At the moment I didn’t care how he knew whom Alex was.
All I wanted was for him to take back his words.
Please Bryce.
“Out of my house right now before I call my men on you.” He said and I shook my head.
“Why? So that you can finally be free with that, that jinx!” I yelled at him.
“I’m Bryce King!” He breathed out. “I can do whatever damn thing I want now out of my house!”
I was a crying mess.
She took everything away from me.
My husband, my daughter’s love.
Everything I’ve lived for!
I stood up from the ground and laughed loudly.
“Yes I cheated on you with Alexander, because you know why? He was the one I love.” I said and wipe away my tears.
“I married you mostly because of your wealth Bryce, and nothing more.” I told him then laughed yet again.
He picks up his phone spoke into it.
Few minutes later the door was pulled opened and Mikel and some other men walk in.
“What will you tell Arley when she ask of me?” I asked him as fresh tears started rolling down my eyes.
“She was used to not having you around for half a year, she wouldn’t notice your abs£nce.” He replied and I felt a pang hit me h@rd on the che$t.
She was used to not having me arpunt, she wouldn’t even mind.
She doesn’t notice my pres£nce nor my abs£nce.
This is what I did to myself!
Episode 40☔
Bryce’s POV:
I was angry!
Not just angry, I was totally
I couldn’t believe that Zen tricked me.
I actually believed that she loved me, when I started having feelings for another woman I didn’t wanted to show it because.
I never wanted to hurt her feelings.
But she has been hurting mine.
I lay back down on the bed, my eyes fixed on a particular place.
What do I tell Arley?
A knock came on the door.
“Come in.” I said and raised up myself to sit down.
Mikel walk in.
“Boss we already told the police everything and The James first daughter is already arrested.” He said and I nodded.
“Okay, you can go now.” I told him before spacing out again.
Penny, she makes me feel something.
Something that I haven’t/never felt before.
I removed my shirt and trouser then went inside the bathroom.
I slide into the bathtub and rest my back against it.
It has been a long long day.
After taking my bath I went back inside my room. I walk inside the closet and pick out a dark jean and a black V_neck shirt.
I brushed my hair back and grabbed my car key and wallet.
A call came on my phone and I took a peek at it.
The the commissioner.
“Bryce King speaking.” I said leisurely as I pace around the room back and forth.
“Mr King, this is the commissioner. You don’t mind visiting the station do you?” He asked.
I want to go and see Penny now.
She might start to get worried.
“I’ll be there tomorrow, as of now I had somewhere in mind.” I politely replied him.
“Okay Mr King, see you tomorrow then.” He said and hung up.
I pocketed my phone and walk out of the room.
“Daddy are you leaving now?” Arley asked.
“Yes baby, I’ll be back tomorrow morning. I might bring Chris with me.” I told her and her eyes lit up.
“Okay daddy, I’ll go to bed now.” I kssed her forehead and smiled at her.
“Faith take her to bed, Martha see me out.” I said and continue on my way.
When we got outside and turned to face Martha.
She has been working for me for quite a long time now.
And I must say that I trust her.
“Zen and I are no longer together, I’m telling you this so you can be aware.” I told her and her eyes widened.
“Oh…..yes of course Mr King, I understood clearly.” She said and I nodded before unlocking my car and got in.
I drove out of the compound and hit the highway in no time.
My mind was clouded with the thought of Zen.
What didn’t I do for her?
I cared for her, loved her, supported her choice of career even though it constantly bring disagreement between us.
Offered to open a fashion company for her.
But they were all in vain.
I opened the door and was met by Mikel.
“How is she?” I asked him.
“She just finished eating dinner and now inside the room.” He replied with a nod.
I look at the door and then back at the kitchen.
“Okay, thank you Mikel.”
I slowly pushed open the room door and glanced inside.
She was holding a book in her hand and facing a corner.
“How are you?” I asked her.
She turned around to face me and smiled.
A fake smile I can see through the facade.
“I am fine Bryce, thank you for everything.” She said and I sat down on the bed facing her.
“You don’t have to thank me Penny, I thought we friends.” I said and smiled at her.
I pushed away the strand of hair from her face.
I’ll hurt anyone that ever hurt you Penny, I’ll hurt all of them.
“I’ll go get your phone fr your apartment tomorrow morning, I’m sure that your friends must have been very worried.” I said and she laughed.
She rwally laughed.
A real laugh.
The key to her happiness.
Sasha’s POV:
I was sitting inside the living room trying to think of a plan.
First I couldn’t hear from Alex again and secondly it is weird because he should have called.
“Sit down Sasha, you’re confusing the h.ell out of me. Why are you pacing around?” Mom asked.
I stood pacing around and looked at my phone once again.
“Mom……I s£nt Alex to….you know….k1dnap Penny’s child so as to lure her out and rpe her.” I said and Mom’s eyes widened.
“You did what? Sasha that’s the height of it all. How can you even think of that?” She asked and I rolled my eyes.
“It’s not like you didn’t forbid her and reject your own daughter. You preferred another woman’s daughter over yours.” I said and chuckled dryly.
Just then a maid rushed in.
“Madame few cops are here to see you.”
Just then the door was pulled open and three cops walk inside the living room.
“Good day Mrs James, Miss James Bryce King filed a complaint on you and so you’re to follow us without any questions.” A cop said and my geart staryed beating fast.
Oh my God.
That fker couldn’t even do a simple job.
“I’m not going nowhere.” I said as I remain on my seat.
“You don’t want to offend Mr King, please follow us.”.
“Dad! Dad!! You can’t let them take me away.” I cried out to my father who was strolling with his dog.
He ignored me.
He really did ignored me.
“You will regret this, let me out right now.” I seethed out at the police officers who just had me locked up.
I sat down on the ground and gritted my teeth.
You will suffer for this Penny, just pray I don’t get out because if I do.
It will be your end.


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