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Single mom episode 26 & 27

{When love decides
To take over}
(His preying eyes)
☔Episode 26☔
Penny’s POV:
I stared at myself on the mirror and chuckled.
Is this really me?
I changed!
“You look g0rgeous girlfriend, I’m so jealous of you.” Maggie said and I roll my eyes.
She was just trying to be funny.
I took in a sharp breath and looked over myself once more before grabbing my red purse.
I was wearing a black off_shoulder long dress, it had a split on the left leg.
Breathtakingly g0rgeous.
“I guess I’d better go now.” I said nervously.
“Yes, go there and steal the show baby.try and mingle with cute rich men girl. Don’t let that d!¢khead tie you down.” She encouraged me.
Having Maggie in my life was a blessing.
Yes she pisses me off sometimes, but I couldn’t ask for another best friend.
I blessed the day I set my eyes on her.
I grabbed my car key and walk out of my room with Maggie trailing behind me.
I pushed open Christian’s door and peeped in.
My baby was already sleeping soundly.
I’d took slow inaudible steps towards him and kssed his forehead then smiled at his pretty face.
“Goodnight my liddo boy.” I said before walking out of the room.
Maggie volunteered to watch over Chris for me tonight.
I was grateful because it got me thinking throughout the day.
Maggie escorted me to the patio and klzzed me on both cheek.
“Let lose a little bit tonight, okay?”
“Okay.” I mumbled and smiled, I unlocked my car and stepped in.
“I’ll be back soon.” I told her before driving out of compound.
God, why do I feel so nervous?
Huum, say what?
I’d be nervous even if I’m meeting Tom Cruise not to talk of dinning with his likes.
‘Youcan do this Penelope, you can do this’ i keep chanting in my head.
I gave the vault my car key and walk elegantly inside the ball room.
My eyes took in the decor and the cl@ss inside the ballroom.
I involuntarily tightened my hand on my purse. I felt so out of place.
I tried to get a dress that can fit in my budget, yes with my current salary I can afford a high cl@ss expensive dress.
It is festive season and I promised to take Christian to Disney land.
I grabbed a drink from the waiter and sip a little while watching the people conversing.
A couple entered the ballroom which catches my attention, not just mine but a lot of peoples attention.
It was no other person that Mr and Mrs King.
The two powerful couple.
My eyes met with that of Mr King and I lowered my head a little, his beautiful icy blue preying eyes were staring at me when I looked up.
When I glance back up I noticed his wife staring at me as well.
Staring contest.
I smiled and nods at her, but she was smiling.
Actually, she was glaring at me.
Dang it!
What have I done now?
Then everyone started taking there seats.
I sat down at the fifth roll,away from the preying eyes of big individuals.
“Welcome ladies and gentlemen, to the annual King’s conglomerate Ball night.
Tonight we welcome our very own CEO, Mr Bryce King!” The announcer said and there was a round of applause in the air.
“Thank you all for being here tonight, my wife,my daughter, my colleagues, my employees thank you all.
Tonight look like a great night and we should grab the best from it. Thank you.” He finally said and left the stage.
I loved the way he thanked his wife and daughter first.
After all, family comes first.
Well, a good family because I’ll put my life in line for my son.
The music started playing, it was time to dance.
It was very awkward because, I felt as if I’m the only one without a date here.
I sigh and gave a waiter p@ssing by the gl@ss cup.
“Excuse me please, why say is the restroom?” I asked her.
“Follow that back door and walk along the corridor. You’ll know the female restroom when you sees it.”she explained politely.
“Thank you.”
I followed her instructions and soon found myself inside the restroom.
After doing my business, I stood before the mirror and wash my hands then clean them with towel.
After which I opened my purse and brought out my l!p gloss.
I smeared it on my l!p and pressed my l!ps together.
I soon felt a hot body pressed against me, i g@sped and wanted to shout but his voice and muscular hand that covered my mouth got me speechless.
“You look so beautiful tonight Penny.” I gulped h@rd and shook my head.
This is just a dream.
What is he doing here?
Why is he even here of all places.
I closed my eyes and opened it but he was still there, smirking at my display of stupidity.
He brought down his head and deeped his head at the crook of my neck.
He gr0@ned and briefly closed his eyes.
“Why are you breathing so damn fast Penny?”
“Because you are so creepy and……I dont know what to say or do.” I retorted with a shaky voice.
“Do you want me to go?”
Bryce’s POV:
When Zen and I stepped inside the ballroom, she stood out among the others.
Not in a bad way, her dress, her wig, her makeover.
I appreciate a beautiful woman when i see one, it doesnt matter ifbthe woman is my wife or not but Penny was exceptionally beautiful that night.
My eyes was glued to her for five straight minutes before I got hold of myself.
“Who is she.” Zen asked.
“The company new chief accountant, Penelope James.” I replied and grabbed two gl@sses of white wine from the waiter.
“Thank you.” I muttered and hand over Zen hers.
“Second daughter of The James?” She suddenly asked.
“Humm,” I retorted abs£ntmindedly.
“Fk” i heard her cur$ed under her breath.
What was that?
Episode 27☔
Bryce’s POV:
It has been two weeks since the ball, Penny has been avoiding me like a plague ever since that ball night.
I know I did seems like a creep that night, I can’t deny my attraction towards her anymore.
She was beautiful, respectful, she put her son first before anything else.
She was a wonderful.
I couldn’t help but keep thinking about her, even still with her smiles and kindness.
There was that darkness looming around her eyes.
She look torn, broken inside.
I wanted to help her.
But will she let me?
I want to stay faithful to my wife, i don’t want to cheat on her.
But Zen wasn’t helping matters at all.
She will be leaving for Mississippi tomorrow for a commercial shoot.
She doesn’t care about our child nor me. Her first and foremost priority is her job.
I sigh and swirl my chair around then rest my head on it.
The other day when Johann came to my office.
“She is beautiful dude, I see what got you crack up.” He said.
Was it her beautiful that attracted me?
Zen is a model and a very beautiful woman at that.
Bold and proud,
There is just something about that woman.
A soft knock came on the door and i mumbled a ‘come in’.
“Are you okay?” Avoice asked me. The owner of that voice has been avoiding me.
I turned around and saw her, she was wearing a blue shirt and a black pencil skirt.
I remembered telling her the other day that it fits her.
“I’m okay Miss James, take a seat.” I gestured her to a seat.
She mumbled a thank you and sat down.
“Here is the finalized decision with the project team.
My team and I calculated the expense it will take and it worth over 1.5b USD.”She said and I nodded attentively.
She dropped the file and pushed it towards me.
I opened the file and started going through each page one after the other.
“You don’t look okay Mr King,” she said and I paused my l!p in a thin line.
“It is nothing for you to be worried about Penny, I’m just stressed out.” I replied, it was partially true though.
Ain’t going to discuss my matrimonial problem with my crush, no way.
“Is there anything I can help you with?” She asked me.
Looking at it from a different angle it makes me feel like she was hitting on me.
But the decent part of me said ‘no’.
She was just being caring and that’s it.
“Can you help me?can you really help me out?” I asked her.
I didn’t really know how the calm and collect environment became so hot all of a sudden.
The tension was so strong.
Her eyes flew wide and she blushed.
She quickly stood up and straightened her dress.
“See you later Sir, call me incase youre confused with anything.” She said innocently before walking towards the door.
“I sure will.”
Zendaya’s POV:
“You’re must be joking Sasha, am not going to tell my husband sht!” I yelled.
This btch is cr@zy!
She smirked and rolled her eyes.
“I don’t care how you do it Zendaya, you know what happens if you don’t grant my request.” She said sternly.
“I have nothing to do with Bryce empire, he control his properties. He wont even listen to me.” I tried to explain to her.
“He is your husband Zendaya, coax him. Try seducing him.” She explained and I sigh.
“Why are you even doing this?” I asked her.
“Well, it looks as if your husband is quite fond of my sister.”She said and I arched my eyebrows.
“What’s that supposed to mean?” I interrogate her.
“I guess your husband is not innocent too.” She said walk out on me.
“Sasha we’re not done yet, come back here!” I shouted but she already walk out of the restaurant.
I gr0@ned and hurriedly walk out of the restaurant as well.
I got inside my car and drove off.
When I got home, I parked my car and rushed inside.
“Martha, come here!” I called my cook.
“Yes Mrs King.”
“Do you know the woman with the name Penelope James?” I asked her and eye her suspiciously.
“Yes ma’am.”
“How? Where?”
“Mom, aunt Penny and James stayed here with us when you were not around.” I heard my daughter said behind me.
That woman stayed here in my house without my permission?
I gritted my teeth and storm out of the house.
I’ll teach that daughter of a whore just how to treat btches like her.
I entered my car and drove off.
Penny’s POV:
I stared at my computer while my other hand was rolling the mouse around.
My office door was suddenly yanked open and a furious Zendaya walk in.
I stood up from my chair and look confused.
“Mrs King, what’s going on?” I asked. I was totally confused.
Instead what she did next surprise me.
She gave me ah@rd slap on the cheek.
My cheek stung at the harshness of the slap while my eyes burn with tears.
“Whore, husband snatcher, if I see you near my husband again. I’ll kill you.” She seethed out.
“What have I done?” I asked with tears in my eyes.
She glared at me murderously and swirl her f!ng£r.
“Stay away from Bryce or I’ll make your life miserable, I don’t say what i cant do Penelope.” She said and my tears roll down.
I wasnt thinking of stealing her husband.
I can’t do it.
“Mr King and i are just friends Mrs King, I wonder where you got that information from but he is all yours.” I said confidently.
I cant let her see my tears. It will make me look pathetic.
“Stay away from Bryce if you still want this job Miss James, Bryce is mine, his empire is mine. Every single thing about him is mine so stay far off if you dont wanna get burnt.” She warned and I nodded obediently and she dashed out of the office,closing the door with a bang.
This was what i had been running away from.
I dont want drama.
I still love my quiet life, why can’t he give me that?
Why disturbing and putting me in trouble Bryce?


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