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Single mom episode 28 & 29

{When love decides
To take over}
(Business world tigress)
☔Episode 28☔
Bryce’s POV:
I sat down inside the meeting room with my consultants while the pres£nters stood at the front explaining the supposed business proposal from another companies.
It was boring as h.ell and I was getting really infuriated.
How dare they waste my time and also my money?
“Go and get Miss James.” I whispered to my Secretary.
She looked at me with wide eyed then quickly nodded.
Almost immediately Penny walk in with her.
“I’m sorry for coming late gentlemen.” She apologized.
“Miss James, please have a seat.” I told her, pointing at a space beside me.
I know that she was confused, probably asking herself why she was summoned here.
“Continue.” I told the pres£nter.
While the pres£nter pres£nts, i watch Penny with interest. The way she twist her mouth whenever the pres£nter said something she doesn’t agreed to.
Something tells me, the woman was not just kindhearted but also a business guru.
“I beg to speak up.” She said after sometimes.
Everyone was visibly shocked by her audacity to speak up where such elite people are.
“What do you have to say Miss James?” I asked her.
I was interested to know what she had in mind.
“I think this proposal is totally not right, this company has a deal with David enterprise and according to what the pres£nter said, this current company are rivals with Davis enterprise.
We will be adding up to 100 million dollars in this proposal.
That is a huge sum of money gentlemen,
If we accept this then we are betraying David enterprise which I’d not right,
This proposal is not worth it accustomed with the ammount of money to be wasted.
This proposal should not be accepted!” She said fiercely, her eyes s£nding daggers at the pres£nters.
I stared at her I bewildment.
The men sitting down were shocked by the fury in her eyes.
Their eyes reads “why does her opinion matters?”
But I couldn’t care less.
This woman always surprise me.
Not only has she calculated everything in the space of ten minutes but also she wasn’t afraid to voice out her opinion.
Her type are rare.
She is a business world tigress.
I was impressed with her.
“Do you know the company whose proposal you demand to be rejected?” I asked her, she stared at me you continue.
I wonder if she would think otherwise if she knew.
“Whose?” She simply asked.
“James James corporation.” I said but her face was blank. She wasn’t giving anything away.
She wasn’t shocked neither was she angry.
I couldn’t fathom what she was thinking at the moment.
“It still doesn’t change a thing Mr King, I am a devoted employee of this company and want only the best for it.” She continues.
Miss James, you sure are a fearless woman.
Ready to go against your own family business.
“Out!” I barked at the pres£nters and they rushed put of the meeting room.
“Incompetent fools.” I mumbled.
“Meeting adjourned,” I said and immediately my consultants stood up and started leaving one after the other.
“Stay back for a minute Miss James.” I told her. She hesitated for some minutes before her shoulder slumped and she sat back.
“Why have you been avoiding me?” I asked her with a frown.
For four days now she has started avoiding me yet again.
I wonder what the issue is this time.
“Nothing.” She said calmly.
“Nothing? You can’t just avoid people for nothing Penny, you’ve a reason.” I said,slightly raising my voice.
She chuckled and stood up.
“You’re one shameless man Mr King,yo have a wife yet you keep disturbing my life,ask your wife why she barged into my office and sl@poed me on my face.
Ask her why she tugged my hair, ask her why she called me A HUSBAND SNATCHER.
Stay away from me Bryce.” She said and walk out of the room.
Why will Zen do all that.
At James Corporation
Sasha was surprised at the e-mail she got from King’s conglomerate saying that they can’t do business together.
“The fk!” She cur$ed.
She rushed out of her office and went to her father’s.
She knocked the door and heard him invite her in before opening the door.
“Dad did you heard? King’s Conglomerate rejected our offer, why?” She asked, she was so furious.
She had plans, big plans but it just seems as if her plans will never work.
Her father was surprised, James James Corporation and King’s Conglomerate had done business in the past and it all went well.
What went wrong now?
He couldn’t understand.
“Make calls and know what went wrong.” He told her.
She gritted her teeth and nodded before walking out yet again the the same arrogant manner.
She got inside her office and quickly dialed a number.
“Your husband rejected our company proposal, seduce him and get him to accept them.” She told the receiver on the other end of the call.
“What! That is not possible Sasha and you know it. Bryce doesn’t allow anyone to mess with his business. Not even me.” She explained to sasha.
But she wasn’t having it.
“Do what I ask of you or I’ll ruin your Zendaya,don’t test me I’m very desperate.” Sasha seethed out then dropped her phone.
‘That woman got some nerves, she doesnt even have a choice’ she thought to herself.
“Welcome home daddy.” His princess greeted him and hugged his legs.
He squarted to her height and carried her up.
“How was your day princess?” He asked her.
“It was fine daddy, come I’ll show you. Aunt maggie gave me chocolates.” She said and giggled childishly.
“And who is Aunt Maggie?” He asked. That was the first time he would be hearing that name.
It sounded so unfamiliar but yet familiar somehow.
“Oh, she walks at ʟѧ ċѧғє, that place that Penny used to work.” Little Arley explained.
At the mention of Penny’s name, Bryce’s jaw clenched.
He kssed Arley on her cheek and hand her over to her nanny before stomping upstairs angrily.
He pushed open their door forcefully which scared Zendaya, she watched in for few minutes.
His stoic face showed her that he was the least happy right then.
“Welcome baby, are you tired? Do you want to have some coffee?” She asked him.
He wondered why at the last minute, Zen canceled her flight and prosponed it to five days later.
She wasn’t a fan of cancelation.
“Can you give me just one reason why you slapped her?” He asked and it was now her turn to get angry.
“She came running to you huh, well that mistress of yours is quite smart.” She sneered and walk inside the bathroom but Bryce wasn’t having it.
He followed her.
“She is NOT my mistress Zen, stop @ssuming things. She is a friend.” He said calmly.
She turned around and watch him for a minute then shook her head.
“You can’t just go around bullying people just because you felt insecure.” He blasted her.
But that was the final strike.
“And I won’t just ‘bully’ her the next time like you said, I’ll kill her.” She promised them shut the door to his face.
He sigh and brushed back his hair with his f!ng£r.
He couldn’t believe that Zen will act so unintelligent.
She was bigger than that for God sake.
“Come out let’s settle this Zen, I’m not cheating on you. Please babe unlock the door.” He coaxed her.
He wanted to use force but now he knew that it was useless.
Zen was a very vengeful woman and will do anything to clear dirt out of her way whether for life or by ruining.
And he doesnt want Penny to face that situation.
She was already a broken woman, another heartbreaking story will break her forever.
Episode 29☔
Penny’s POV:
It was a Saturday afternoon and I was sitting down infront of my lobby.
Chris was playing video games inside the house.
The day was so boring, I stared at deiveway as if I was expecting someone.
Of course not, I wasn’t expecting anyone at all.
My phone goes off and I quickly picked it up.
It was Maggie, at least I got someone to talk to.
“Hey Mag,what’s up?” I greet. I heard the murmuring at the background but ignored it.
It must be her boyfriend since they both live together.
“You sound bored girl, are you alright?” She asked me.
There is just something about Maggie.
Any slightest change of mood in me she can notice it without even seeing me.
“Yes I’m bored because I am lonely.” I said qnd roll my eyes.
She was asking as if she doesnt know why.
“Oh.” Was the only thing she said and then giggled.
“Since you’re bored,let’s have lunch at the cuisine near your house.” He said and I raise an eyebrow.
Lunch? That’s a first.
“Okay, I’ll just change my dress. See you in the next twenty minutes.” I told her before dropping my phone.
I walk back inside the house and saw that Chris was still very engrossed in his games so I left him and went inside my room.
I rummaged through my closet and saw a blue demi jean and a gray shirt.
It’s not like we’re going to a big fashion werk show.
After wearing my clothes, i tied my hair up in a ponytail and picked up my purse.
I went back inside the living room and couldn’t find Chris.
Where is he?
“Christian.” I called out.
“Coming mommy, nanny is here.” She said and I mentally thanked his nanny.
I s£nt her a message five minutes ago and here she was, standing at the front door.
“Good afternoon Miss James.” She greeted politely as always.
“It is Penny dear, thanks for coming even though it’s not your work day.” I said and she smiled.
“Anything for Chris Penny.”she said and I nods.
“I’m going out with aunt Maggie baby, behave yourself while I’m gone okay?”
“Okay mommy.” He replied.
“What do you want me to buy for you? Ice cream? Pizza? Chocolate?” I asked him.
“I want hot chocolate mommy, please get me hot chocolate.” He begged.
“Be a good boy and I’ll buy you two cups of hot chocolate.” I told him.
“Yeessssssss, I’ll be a very good boy mommy, I promise.” He said excitedly.
I was amused by how much he was readybto promise me just for two cups of chocolate.
“Okay baby, bye.” I kssed his cheek and made my way out of the front door.
Stepping down from the porch, I unlocked my Audi and got in.
“Let’s go baby.” I muttered then revived the engine and drove out of the compound.
“I’ve been waiting for you for about ten minutes now.” Maggie whined immediately I sat down around the booth.
“Oh sorry, I was you know. Petting Chris.” I replied and turned to my left to see a man staring at me.
I look back at Maggie and she nervously bite her l!p.
“Hum Penny meet Matteo, and Matteo this is my best friend Penelope.” She introduced.
“Nice to meet you Penny,you’re prettier in person.” He said and I chuckled.
“Well what can I say, thank you.” I politely said with a smile and glared at the nervous Maggie.
She didn’t just set me up on a bind date did she?
“So what do you do Penny?” He asked me. I paused my l!p to withheld myself from lashing on him.
It wasn’t his fault.
“I’m currently the chief Accountant at King’s conglomerate.” I said and his eyes widened.
“Really?” He muses and rubbed his chin with his hand.
“What about you?” I asked curiously.
“Let’s order our food while we discuss.” Maggie said and call on the waiter.
“I’ll have vegetable soup with enough fish.”she told the waiter who just typed her order inside his notepad.
“Well I’ll have, white rice, crab a whole bunch of seafoods.” I said and the waiter looked amused.
He tried to cover up his smile by clearing his throat.
After we gave our orders I waited patiently for Whatever his name was to reply my question.
“I’m a doctor, well I’m not really much interested in wgat the socialites do. I just….I’m just me.” He said and laughed.
I chuckled at his answer, a doctor.
Soon enough our goid was already infront of us and my stomach growl loudly.
“Wow! You sure have a little monster there.” Matteo joked pointing at my stomach.
“Dont be dramatic.” I said and rolled my eyes.
I stared with watery mouth at the enticing meal in front of me.
Then I started devouring it wit no care in the world.
This is how I want to eat today then so be it, i don’t care what he thinks.
‘Do you care what Bryce thinks?’ My subconscious self asked.
Do I?
Bryce, I haven’t spoken to him since then.
I had been avoiding him.
That his wife looks crazy and I don’t really want to be the reason he have a fight with his wife.
I just want peace and that’s what am gonna find.
“Oh yck! That’s gross.” Maggie said making and irritating face.
“I don’t care.” I said with a mouthful of food.
I coughed loudly when the food entered the wrong tunnel.
“Here, have some water.” Matteo hand over the bottle water and I gulped it down.
“Thank you.” There was a small tears already in my eyes due to the way I had coughed.
“Don’t force yourself too much, you might not see any water next time.” He cautioned, he was right.
When we walk out of the cuisine, I hugged Maggie.
“I’ll deal with you in private for this.” I whispered before releasing her.
“Goodbye Matteo, my son must be waiting for me.” I said and walk towards my car.
“Your son?” He look so confused, lost.
I arched and eyebrow and glanced at Maggie.
She didn’t tell him that I had a child?
“Yes, my son. I’ve a son.” I confidently replied.
He looked shocked but quickly masked it.
“Ohh.” Was the only thing he said.
I entered my car, after a last glance at both of them I drove out of the restaurant.
He didn’t even asked for my number, i guess he doesn’t worth it after all.
He wants a single free lady and not a single mom.
I laughed at the thought until tears spilled out of my eyes.
Pathetic human.
I pulled up in front of Ana’s cafe and got out of the car then walk in.
Customers were sitting there and eating as always.
“Hey Ana.” I greeted.
Her eyes twinkled immediately she say me.
“Penny you came.”
“Yes, Chris wanted hot chocolate.” I replied and she smiled loving at me.
“Hot chocolate coming right up.”
“Four cups please.” I said before she started bringing them out.
Two for Chris and two for his Nanny.
I fished out $20 from my purse and placed it on the counter.
Ana packaged the chocolate for me and handed it over.
“Okay, I’ll see you tomorrow.” I told her before walking out of the cafe.
I rang the doorbell and soon enough the door was pulled open by Cathy.
Chris Nanny.
“You’re back.” She simply said.
“Yea, where is Chris?” I asked her and sat down tiredly on the couch.
“Taking his nap,” she granbed her jacket and handbag from the table. “I’ll head out first then.”
“Wait, I got this for you.” I opened the package and brought out two cups of chocolate. I also saw a packed doughnut.
Did Ana knowingly put this?
“Thank you Penny,I’ll see you tomorrow then.” She politely said before heading out.
My mind drifted back to today’s event.
Shouldn’t I be sad that Matteo didn’t asked for my contact?
Why was it the other way round?
I sighed and lay my head on the couch.
A quick nap won’t hurt but just immediately when i placed my head to rest, my phone went off again.
Without looking at the contact, I placed the phone on my ear.
“Grandfather just woke up and demanded for your pres£nce, you’ll be a good girl and go see him with your mouth sealed.” A voice that I havent heard for about one year now said to me.
Emilia James.
My own mother who hates me.


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