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Single mom episode 25

{When love decides
To take over}
(End of promotional shooting)
☔Episode 24 B☔
Sasha’s POV:
I gritted my teeth when i saw the news that King’s conglomerate has a new chief accountant who happens to be my sister!
That wtch.
I throw my phone on the wall and roll my eyes angrily.
Why? How did she hit the h0neyp0t?
Just how?
After all my h@rdwork? How can she go even higher?
I sigh and rubbed my f!ng£rs on my temple.
You dont know what is coming for you Penny.
You just have no idea.
I laughed sardonically at the thought of what I’m gonna do to her.
You will come crawling Penny, that is…..if you survive it.
I grabbed my phone from my car dashboard and dialed a number.
📲Its Sasha, i want you to find out everything concerning my sister. Penelope James. Every slightest detail📲
📲Expect replies tomorrow📲
I hanged up and turn on the engine of my car and drove off.
I typed in the p@ssword and the gate opened.
I drove inside the garage and the next minute I was already walking inside the house.
I saw dad immediately I entered the living room and I mentally gr0@ned.
Why am i so unlucky?
“Where have you been Sasha?” He asked sternly.
“I am not a kid dad, besides Penny is living alone.” I said and he glared at me.
“Dont compare yourself to your sister.” He sneered, I became interested and walk inside fully inside the living room.
“Why? Is she better than me? Or I’m better?” I asked him.
He gr0@ned and stood up from the couch, he turned around and started walking out of the house.
“I won’t be connected if you get yourself in trouble again Sasha.” He said.
I bite h@rd on my l!p and started climbing upstairs.
I got to my room and sat down on the bed, I dialed my fiance’s number and placed it on my ear.
“Hey babe” I greeted.
“What’s up?” He asked.
“I’m good,is it not dad comparing me with Penny.” I complained.
As expected, he was quiet.
I sigh and hanged up.
I need to sleep right now.
I removed my shirt and trouser then my br@ before sl!pping under the duvet.
Closing my eyes, my mind drifted back to our high school days.
That wtch, I hate her. I hate her with everything that I possessed.
I wont stop until I ruin her.
Zendaya’s POV:
“Get me the water please.” I told Mabel my manager. She grabbed the bottle water from her before and p@ssed it to me.
The makeup artist was done with my makeup and I sat there watching myself on the mirror.
I am beautiful.
Sometimes you just got to praise yourself and it is not a lie that I was the most paid model in the world.
I sigh and think about my little pie.
I miss her.
“It’s time for the next shoot Zee.” Mabel said and i nodded.
I stood up from the chair and straightened well trying to fit down on my heels.
“Let’s go.” I said and headed outside.
When I walk p@ss I got some many onlookers.
It wasnt a new thing, most of the junior models and visitors and fellow models get pretty intimidated by me very quickly.
I sat down at the edge of the pool and waited for the photographer instructions.
Surprisingly I have never seen this particular photographer before.
I wonder who he is.
“Raise your leg Zendaya.” He told me. I nodded and raised my leg and wiggled it in the air then put out a sxy expression.
He smiled and I froze.
I knew that smile, it looks familiar.
I just couldn’t place my hand on where.
He took few snaps and gave me a thumb up.
“Enter the pool Zendaya.” He told me.
This is actually a promotional photoshoot for the new Victoria secret bikini set.
I removed my heels and stepped inside the pool, I swimmed for five minutes and raised up my head, I was already drenched.
My perky b00bs was already coming into views.
“Now look s£×y for the camera.” He said and i nods my head.
I brushed my hair back with my f!ng£rs and smirked at the camera.
Thirty minutes later after changing into three or four more bikinis the shooting came to an end.
Officially the last shoot here in Seattle.
I love my job, I love it so much to the extent that I can’t do without it.
Yes Bryce is rich, infact the richest man in the world right now but.
I cant just sit down at home and wait for the money to keep coming.
I want to work.
And I dont regret it.
I make my own money from it and it makes me happy.
This is my fourth month away from home, though i feel very strange. Very very strange but this is not the first time i stayed in a particular city long.
My longest was six months.
When I got back I had a very huge argument with Bryce but, he loves me.
He always forgive me.
He cant do without me.
I’m sure he won’t be too mad with me.
After a good s£×, he will be doing as I says.
I smiled and changed into my black jeans and tank top.
“The crew will be having dinner together tonight at the hill villa hotel, everyone is expected.” The director said and I rolled my eyes.
Another night of endless talk.
I pressed the elevator and waited for it to open the blindly stepped inside.
I settled inside the elevator then turn to my side before seeing my photographer.
“Hey there.” I greeted politely.
He was quiet, staring down at me.
His l!p twitched up into a smirk and he nodded.
“You’re pretty Zendaya, I haven’t seen a proud, confident model like you.” He said and I blushed.
The same praise.
“Thank you Mr…….”
“Qin? Are you a chinese?” I asked him and he nods his head.
I don’t know why but I didn’t believe him one bit.
I felt like, he was lying.
Lying to me.
But why?
Episode 25☔
Bryce’s POV:
I sat down on my b.ed with Zen sitting on the couch, her eyes focused on her phone.
I just can’t seems to understand this woman.
She has been gone for good four months and few weeks but she came back just to bury her eyes and attention on her phone?
I sigh and closed my eyes.
“Sweetheart.” I called, she slowly look up and smiled. Almost immediately her attention went back again to her phone.
“Just fking drop that phone for a second, will you?” I snapped at her. She looked up almost instantly.
Her eyes growing cold.
“What is it Bryce, I’m tired and this is important.” She said pointing at her phone.
I chuckled sardonically and closed my eyes.
Her phone is important than her husband.
I thought it should be the other way round.
I just can’t seems to understand this woman.
“Zen, I want you to quit your modeling job. I can buy a fashion company for you and you control models. Please.” I begged. I love this woman, but sometimes I just don’t understand her at all.
I’m trying to understand her.
“Bryce we have talked about this haven’t we?” She dropped her phone on the couch and walk towards me.
I guess I know what’s gon’ happen next.
She smile se.ductively like a sxy se.ductress that she was and str@ddle me.
“You always try to distract me from this topic.” I gr0@ned as she started rolling her hip.
She is my wife, ofcourse I’m ob$essed with her b0dy.
“I miss you.” She whispered and sck on my earlobe.
“Hum.” I grabbed her w@ist and squ.eezed it tightly.
“Fk, take me Bryce. I miss your dk.” She said and slammed her l!ps on me, a sigh escaped my l!ps and I shook my head.
How I turn from being serious to her puppet.
I’m whipped.
Penny’s POV:
It has been two months now since I started working at King’s conglomerate.
Since Mrs King came back, I Haven’t being seeing much of Bryce.
Though i have decided to let go of any feelings I havld for him, it wasn’t healthy for both of us.
I got myself a nanny.I wouldn’t want to cause trouble for Faith.
The nanny took care of Chris when am at work and leave when.I return.
The company will be having their annual end of the year ball tonight and I’m so nervous.
I’ll be around many high cl@ssed people and it is making me so freaked out.
My father was rich, but beside someone Like King we’re considered as the middle cl@ss type.
He is high cl@ss.
I rubbed the back of my hand on my eyes and glanced at my desk clock.
Few more hours to the ball.
It was time for lunch so I stood up from my chair, closed my laptop and picked my wallet then walk out of the office.
I waited for the elevator to open and I walk in.
There was just one person inside the elevator.
He was wearing a hoodie.
Of all places, who will wear a hoodie inside a big company like this.
The elevator jolted and I moved forward with force.
The hoodie guy’s hand wrapped around my waist and steady me.
Woah,clumsy me.
“Thank you.” I mumbled as he helped me down.
Hebnods and we waited as the elevator started moving.
Immediately we got to the second floor he walk out.
There was just something not right with that man.
Something attracted me to him.
His sweet cologne I guess.
Alexander uses it a lot.
My mind swirl up and down.
Alexander, yes. That cologne.
It belongs to him.
“Wait!” I shouted but the door closed and he was already gone.
I got to the cafeteria and dashed towards the staircase, running to the second floor.
I cant be mistaken.
It is him, he is here.
But why?
Why is Alex here? He doesn’t even know that i work here.
I quickly dialed Maggie’s number and placed it on my ear.
Penny, What’s up?” She asked.
I can feel It Maggie, Alexander is here. My Alex is here.” I said breathlessly.
She was quiet for a while which made me think that he already hung up on me.
Penny why are you doing this to yourself?” She asked all of a sudden.
I stopped on my track, I grabbed hold of the rail.
“What are you insinuating?” I asked.
“This man left you for five years Penny, just because you felt his pres£nce then you’re going after him?” She asked, I pressed my l!p into a thin line and closed my eyes.
“Be the woman for once and let him come after you. We’re busy here call you later.” She said and hanged up.
I stared at my blanked phone and sigh.
Be the woman.
“Be the woman Penelope.” I said to myself and turned around to leave but suddenly came face to face with Bryce.
I wonder if he heard me.
“Bry…..Mr King.” I stuttered nervously.
He stared at me quietly,not saying a word while I stood there shivering.
“Miss James,my office. Now.” He said coldly before disappearing out of my sight.
I released the breath that I was holding and exhale loudly.
What did I do wrong now?
I went back downstairs and ride the elevator to his floor.
“Hi Katie, tell Mr King that I’m here please.” I told his secretary.
“Okay Penny.” She pressed a number and placed the telephone on her ear.
“Miss James is here to see you sir.”
“You can go in now.” She said and I nods.
I walk to the door and knocked on it.
“Come in.” A raspy voice said.
I slowly turn around the door knob and walk in.
“You called for my pres£nce sir.”
“Take a seat Miss James.” He motioned to the chair.
When I’ve sat down, I await his words.
“I’ll appreciate it if you concentrate on your job rather than chasing after your supposed baby daddy, Miss James.” He said sternly.
He wasn’t talking like the soft spoken Bryce at all.
“I advice you face your job rather than lose it.” He added.
Oh come on!
Why is my day so bad?
“Okay sir.” I retorted.
“You can take your leave now.”
I stood up from the chair and headed to the door.
“Miss James?” He called and I quickly turned around.
“I think you should were more of those skirts often.” He said and my cheek turn seven shades redder.
I was wearing a black pencil skirt and a stiletto heel.
Was it too tight?


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