s£dûç£d episode 6

s£dûç£d(Episode 6)💕💕💕
(Tales of se-duction)
Praises Chidera Obiora 💕💕💕💕💕
” O my God! Am sorry. ” Amaka screamed out loudly in a retreat .
Uju covered up her brea-st, while i Zi-pped up my man-hood which was now as flat as a deflated balloon.
” Praises i told you not here. Now see what you have caused.” Uju spoke in a whisper, pushing me away.
” How was i to know that she will come in to the kitchen? ” i replied , whispering back.
” Didn’t you see the door open? Didn’t you know someb©dy might work into the kitchen at anytime? ” And you even turned to expo-se your everything to her. ” Uju spoke angrily.
” No na. I was only trying to cover your brea-st…”
” Cover my br£@st by ex-posing your erection shebi? Uche , Amaka and i are friends for crying out loud. We were hostel mates. I saw her n-kedness a million and one times, she have seen mine even more. So what n-kedness were you really trying to shield me from? ” Uju fired at me.
Uju never called me Uche until she was very angry at me. Most times, i wondered if calling me Uche and not my usual honey and baby, was her best way to express her anger. I thought it was going to change when we got married, but it didn’t. It seemed to have gotten worse as the Uche was now Pronounced with no fear of intimidation and no regret for her actions.
I bec@m£ speechless, haven realised the stupid act i had just indulged in.
“Am sorry now. Baby. Sorry. ”
” See don’t sorry me o. Just go and take your shower and get re-ady to be served dinner. ” she spoke.
” this one you are firing at me like this. I don’t un-derstand o. I was used to ma-king love to my wife wherever i wanted. Am not feeling comfortable with another guest in my house naaa. Its not what i want. ”
” Uche she is not a guest. She is my friend. My very best friend. She would have done same thing for me if i was in her shoes. She wouldn’t let me sleep on the road or in a h0tel knowing fully well that she had lots of empty rooms in her house. You would have done the same for Patrick if he was in her shoes. Moreover we were all best friends during our university days. So i don’t really know why the sudden change. Pleas-ssseeeee…. ” she sighed, waving her hands in disgust.
Even though I was upset, Uju had a point. I would have done same for Patrick, knowing fully well that he was a guy who never kept his pencils in his trou-ser. I would not have been scared that he might end up slee-ping with my wife. Probably that was how Uju felt concerning Amaka. Her love and trust for Amaka was out of this world. They trusted each other to the very last extreme.
Angered by Uju’s reply to me, i walked away heading for my room. I picked up my phone to dial Patrick’s number. I nee-ded someone to share my anger with. Patrick was my only option to call.
I and Patrick never hid things from each other. We shared even the most de-epest secretes with each other. Most people had thought that marriage was going to separate our friendsh!p, but it even made us stronger. It wasn’t like i told Patrick everything about me or my marriage. I only told him the once he could deal with. Some other thing are better experienced than told .So we only talked about normal things we could gist and laugh over.
Patrick picked up the call and cleared his throat.
” Boyo yo yo. How far. This one wey you de call me this night. How Amaka na? ” Patrick asked tea-singly.
” Pat it has happened. ” i spoke softly.
” we-tin happen. What is wrong? ”
” she saw me ma-king out. ”
” Eh? Your wife caught you ma-king out with Amaka? ” Patrick shouted in fear.
” No jor. Amaka saw me ma-king out with Uju. ” i replied.
” Ah. That one is normal na. At least you weren’t cheating. So whats the big problem there? ”
I heaved a sigh and kept quiet for a while. I was calculating how i was going to tell Patrick about the incident. He would only laugh his usual laugh.
“Hello… Hello Uche. Talk na… Whats the problem now. Whats the big issue with Amaka seeing you ma-king out with your wife. ” he asked again.
” She saw my expo-sed erection. Uju is angry with me. She thinks its my fault. She doesn’t know i didn’t really mean for it to happen that way. ” I explained.
” Ewooooo. Amaka saw it all? What did she say? What was her reaction like.? ” Patrick asked.
” st©p naaa. I dey talk better thing , you are talking another one. ” i spoke in frustration.
” Bros calm down na. Uche calm down. Its a normal question . What was her expression like ? Simple o. ”
” She shouted ‘O my God ‘ and apologised.” I blurted.
” was she looking at your eh eh when she shouted O my God? ”
” Yes she was.” I replied. ” I don’t even know what made her shout. I dont know if it was because she saw me ma-king out, or because she caught a sight of my hvge man-hood. ”
Patrick laughed out loud. He laughed so ha-rd in his wicked laugh that usually annoyed me.
” Uche you are a comedian. Another woman saw your Ngolo kante and you are here crying and weeping like a hungry baby. Ahbi is your own short ? Patrick asked. ”
” get away biko ” i shouted, cutting the call.
I was done for the night. All i nee-ded was to sleep. I was not in the mood for food anymore. I didn’t even want to take my bath any longer. Uju’s anger had spoilt my night. I had even left the flowers in the kitchen and didn’t give it to her.
I was still lying down on my be-d , cu-mddled un-der my blanket, when a knock sounded on my be-droom door, causing me to raise my head slightly. Uju never knocked before entering the be-droom.
This was definitely Amaka knocking. But what could she possibly want again? I asked myself confusingly.
To be continued….