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June 18, 2021


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Seduced episode 5

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SEDUCED (Episode 5)
Praises Chidera Obiora

” Uche Welcome back”

” Where is my wife? ” i asked, as i walked into the house.

” O she is in the kitchen. She asked me to help her get the door.” Amaka said smiling.

She reached for my brief case and the flowers i held in my hands.

” Please don’t bother. ” i blurted, quickly drawing back my flowers and brief case away from her hands and closing the door behind me.

I was used to Uju getting my brief case from me anytime i returned back from work. I was used to the door being opened by her. I practically walked into the house everyday holding my wife on her shoulders. But today was deferent. I felt cold within me . Opening the door to find another woman standing in front of me , and offering to get my brief case from me felt weird.

Amaka’s body smell was out of this world. It could naturally draw a man towards her, and make him beg to be hugged. She have always smelt of lemonades ever since I’ve known her. It just never changed; not even for a single day. Her bathing soap must have been an expensive one. Probably the type all this celebrities used.

I watched as she headed

back to her room, shaking her God given back side that danced as she worked. I wondered if she purposely was shaking it to entice me , or probably it shook by itself. Her slow and soft cat walk made her every step even sexier.

I walked straight to the kitchen to hand over the gift i bought Uju. I placed my brief case on the dinning table , and beheld my beautiful wife Uju scrambling with the pot covers. She was dressed in a bomb shot and spaghetti top, that made her look younger . She looked just like a university student.

I tiptoed into the kitchen like a thief, holding the flowers in one hand, and gently approaching Uju from behind. Uju was so busy in the kitchen; she didn’t even noticed when i walk in. I tickled her with my middle fingers and she shrieked in fear.

” My beautiful wife. ” i said chuckling.

I held onto her waist and kissed her lips softly, placing my right hands on her cheek and pressing upon her face lightly. I s—-d her thick fleshy lips like a child suckling his mothers breasts. I buried every part of my lips in hers, praying

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for the world to stand still .

There was something about the way Uju and i both kissed. Our kisses was a special one. Anyone who watched Uju and i kiss, always had a complement or something to say about it.

I remember when i jokingly teased Uju about how i was

going to kiss her lips for at least five straight minutes on our wedding day. She laughed out loud and told me not to even try it.
We were both sitting in the parlour when we both had that talk on our wedding kiss.

” i wish the pastor could let you kiss me on my forehead. Like just a peck. Just like this ….” she grinned, describing how short the kiss should be.

” why do you say so? ” i asked.

” awnnnn… Baby am a shy person. How do you expect me to kiss you in the presence of the whole church. My father is going to be there, my mother , my sisters. No i can’t ” she exclaimed.

I chuckled .

” But its only going to be a kiss na. Its not like we are getting naked in the presence of the whole church. ”

” Honey i know. Okay have your dad or mum ever seen you kissing a woman before? she asked .

” Emm no . it was my mum. That woman just never knocks. Fiammm ! She would push your door like she was the owner of your room. That was how she caught me on top of Oge my girlfriend Kissing”

Uju bursted in laughter. That day. She laughed out loud and pleaded with me to continue. But that was an experience i didn’t want to talk about.

” Better you . Non of my parents have seen me kiss a guy before. When they see me kiss you on that day, they will think am a corrupt child. ” she said.

” Dama Nko. Are you not corrupt ? ” i teased, chuckling. ” see just prepare your self. Once the pastor gives me the go ahead to kiss the bride. If i raise that net that is covering your face, make sure you kiss me for like five to ten minutes non stop. So that all those single bachelor friends like Patrick will go and marry ” i said, chuckling.

On that wedding day. It had happened just the way we planned it. It took the pastor intervention and some ushers to separate us. Pastor Eminike who was a single pastor as at then, ended up calling us wicked couples.

But this night was special. Even more special than our wedding night. I placed the purple flowers on the kitchen sink, grabbed Uju tightly, and drew her closer to myself.

” Uche am cooking. Let me finish first” she whispered in my ears.

I had missed Uju so much. Her fresh smell from her cream and her sweet smelling breath was what made me wish this hot kiss we were having never ended.

” Am not hungry. I need you now. ” i spoke almost in a whisper, pulling off my zip and exposing my already hardened penis.

” Not here. Amaka could be watching. She’s around. Lets get to the bedroom first . ” Uju whispered. She hurriedly unbuttoned her bomb shot when she noticed i had meant business that evening.

I would had stopped and probably not pulled off the strings from her shoulders and exposing her breast, if only she had pushed me off her body. But then, she was only being a submissive wife, perfectly responding to every touch and kiss i planted on her neck , with soft moans and touch.

Just then, Amaka walked into the kitchen hurriedly. In a bid to shield Uju’s already opened breast, i quickly turned to face her, forgetting that i had exposed the big hard erected penis that peeped inbetween my zip, fearless and without intimidation.

To be continued


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