s£dûç£d episode 7

s£dûç£d ( Episode 7)💕💕💕💕💕
Praise Chidera Obiora💕💕💕💕
I stood up from the be-d and walked towards the door angrily. If this was Amaka at the door, i was definitely going to show her that i was angry at her. Telling her to leave my house was definitely going to spark a fight between Uju and i, and that was a fight i wasn’t re-ady for yet. At least not at this early stage of our marriage.
But then i st©pped to think. Was this really her fault? She was ba-rely just walking round the house when she bombe-d into Uju and i ma-king out in the kitchen, anyone else could had done same thing.
I was still in thoughts when the knock sounded again. I opened up the door slowly.
” Didn’t you hear my knock? Or do you now want to stand me outside? ” Uju fired at me.
She was holding a big tray, containing two white flowery plates of food in her hands. The aroma of a well cooked Egusi swam into my nostrils like a turtle, creating an immediate salivation for Uju’s cooking.
” Sorry i thought it was…. Never mind. ” i spoke, turning back to walk to the be-d.
” You thought it was who? Amaka? Well you thought wrong. Amaka will never walk to my room unless she wants to see me. ” Uju said, speaking confidently.
She drew the short stool and neatly placed the tray of food on it. She drew it close to the be-d and placed it few distance from where i was seated.
” by the way, why did you think Amaka will come knocking at your door? Don’t tell me you are expecting her to apologise. ”
” Of curse. She owes me one. Or doesn’t she.” i blurted quic-kly.
Uju chuckled mockingly.
” so you want her to come and apologize. And tell you what na Uncle? You want her to tell you what? Oh… Emm…. Sorry Uche for bu-mping into the kitchen and seeing you expo-se your man-hood in front of me, just so i could see how big it is. ”
” St©p that nons-en-se ” i fired angrily. ” You talk as if it was my fault. Cant i make love with my own wife anymore? Is this not my house? Cant i do it any were i choose to? ”
” But not at the expense of a guest roaming round the house. If she had caught you just the way we were when she walked in , i wouldn’t have had much problems with that. But you turned Uche. Uche you turned. You stupidly turned to expo-se your man-hood and claiming that you wanted to cover my br£@st from a fellow woman like me. And you expect me not to be angry with you. ”
I was angry, and had made up my mind not to eat that evening, but then, the aroma of the egusi soup had made the organisms in my belly to gr0@nin frustration. I turned angrily and walked over to the plate of food. I sat down and opened the two plate covers with my both hands, one for each.
Uju had made me my favourite delicacy and perfect combination; Pounded yam and Egusi soup. She knew how much i loved that meal, especially when the egusi is stalked with lots of fish, like stockfish which i loved to call Okporoko. In this case, Uju had filled up the plate with big beef and thick skinned meat. My heart leapt for Joy, but my face was covered in a weird frown.
Usually, i would hvg Uju and make sure we ate the food together. I would even offer to feed her. But i was too angry to even think about that. I reached for the stainless basin that was placed beside the chair and was about to de-ep my hands when Uju held firm to my hands, st©pping me half way.
” what do you think you are about doing? ” she asked .
” I want to eat naa . Or shouldn’t i eat again. ”
” Uche you are smelling of sweat and alcohol and you want to eat my food with all these? Biko get up and go and bath. ” she instructed ,covering the two plate of food i had earlier on opened.
I raised my hands to my mouth in a bid to perceive my own breath. It had a light smell of smoothly brewed whisky. It was an expensive alcohol i had drank earlier on at the office with Patrick.
Patrick and i had both hit a major contract at the office earlier on today. An investor offered to support us with eighty percent of his total earnings. That was a great advantage to us, and a thing of Joy. We were still in Jubilation with the rest of the staff, when Patrick stormed out of the office and returned with two bottles of whiskey.
We happily stretched our glas-s towards Patrick, watching as he filled up the tiny glas-ses to the bream. We all drank happily, except Bayo. Bayo was the chief consultant on internal relations, and had refused the offer of whiskey because of his believes. He was a church add!çt, one who attended one of these churches that preached about the intake of wine.
Bayo’s church had extreme doctrines and believes. I remembered once, Bayo had rushed into the office very late one morning. Patrick who was not in a good mood, for some reasons i never knew, fired at him.
I sat watching as Bayo explained the reason for his late coming. It was at that point that one thing led to the other, conversation birth conversation, and Bayo told us that his church believes that when a man comes to the house of the lord, he should come in as n-ked as he is. This was because the heavenly father looks at the heart and not at the dressing.
Patrick who was listening to our conversation chuckled and asked.
” So you drove to church n-ked today? ”
” No na. May be he wore cloth but the church had a changing room, where members could pu-ll off their cloth. ” i said , chuckling.
Bayo who was in the centre of the whole thing, tried to defend himself.
” Nooo . We wear cloths o… But as a man you are not allowed to wear bo-xer and singlet inside.
” And as a woman nkor? ” Patrick asked with his whole eyes fixed on Bayo.
” As a woman you are not allowed to makeups, or wear p@n-t and br@ziers. You are to come n-ked just the way you are. ”
” Yekpaaaaaaa…. This church is killing me. I swear it is killing me. ” Patrick shouted. Patrick laughed till the extent tears began to come out of his eyes. Even i who for some reasons, un-derstood doctrines of the church, joined in the laughter sessions.
” So you mean for your church, women de go church no br@ and no p@n-t? Chaiii… Bros tell me why i no go turn christian na. Just tell me. Tell me why i no go give my life to Christ” Patrick shouted happily , shrugging my shoulders, and jumping with his hands glued to his man-hood which appeared to be in a process of erection.
” Omoh st©p the laugh na. Na church we de talk about here o. ” i spoke, trying to hold my laughter.
” Omoh i just the imagine the br£@st and standing n—-e wey go de show. I just de imagine the bouncing bobby. Chaiii. ” Patrick exclaimed. ” Bayo, how you de take concentrate when ministration de go on? Not even you seff. How una pastor the take concentrate. ” Patrick asked tea-singly.
Bayo who was now angry, left the office for a while. He was upset at the way Patrick was mocking his church.
We had all drank to stupor and gone home smelling alcohol. Well, i limited my intake knowing fully well that Uju hated men that drank . Even though she was not against a glas-s of wine, she was against drinking till one gets completely drun!k.
” Go and bath jor. ” Uju said, pushing me out of the room. ” You are smelling your own breath like you don’t know you drank bear.
” its not bear, its whiskey. ” i blurted.
” whats the deference? ” she she said, heaving a loud sigh. Oya go before your food gets cold.”
Uju never let me eat dinner without taking my bath. It was one of her major rules i had to adhere to without complain. I walked out of the room with my towel tied to my w@!st. I was rushing to the bathroom when i bombe-d into Amaka at the kitchen corridor.
She was alre-ady dressed in her soft shiny silky night go-wn, which fitted into her perfectly well built shape. She was br@less and the shape of her n!ppl!s pointed throu-gh the t©p of her che-st. Her face was pure and natural with no make ups. My eyes ran throu-gh the short go-wn that expo-sed her sweet fair l@pse. I was stunned and starred lavishly at this beautiful creation that had come to stay with us. For a moment i felt there was no nee-d for her to leave again.
To be continued….