s£dûç£d episode 12

s£dûç£d (Episode 12)
Praises Chidera Obiora👲🏼

Something inside of me jo-lted me out of the temptation i was immersed in. I was now soa-ked up in sweat.
Amaka bent her bu-m towards my pe-nis. She waited patiently for me to make the move, but instead, i starred at her like a pole. My breath had stabilized and my heart rate was now reduced to its maximum….
Amaka noticed my unwillingness to continue. She stood up and turned towards me and looked me in the eyes. The unique smell of her b©dy swam into my nose, and i took a de-ep breath and exhaled.
” Uche what is it. Why did you suddenly st©p? I thought you have always dreamt of this moment ? Isn’t this what you wanted? Don’t you want to get S-xually satisfied anymore? So whats happening? Or don’t you like the way i look? ” Amaka asked furiously.
She had suddenly looked like one who was irritated by my actions. She starred at me , wanting answers to all her questions asked.
” Of cause i like you. ” i replied.
” No you don’t. ” Amaka spoke, slightly raising her voice. ” you don’t like me. I thought you did.”
” Noo..noo..i do. Believe me, you are one S-xy person i have always dreamt of having. No one will meet a lady like you and not want to have a taste of you. Gush! i wish i had married you. I wish Patrick didn’t stubbornly walk up to you on that very day. I would had been the one with you. I would have loved to hold you in my arms and spend every single moment appreciating your sweet S-xy b©dy. Probably i would have married you, or may be we would had broken up. ” i said, throwing my eyes to the floor .
” what do you mean by we would had broken up? ” Amaka asked, adjusting her silky soft go-wn. ” But you didn’t break up with Uju despite the fact that she was not going to satisfy you, you still married her.” Amaka said.
” Yes. Yes i married her. At some point i began to regret it all. I ended up wishing i could get divorced. ”
Amaka heaved a sigh, and drew close to lean on the wall. She raised her hands and adjusted the t©p of her night go-wn, covering her br£@st properly in the process.
I slowly drew close to Amaka . My pe-nishad now lost its erection and was now looking like a deflated balloon. I raised my two hands and held on to her both shoulders, starring de-ep into her eyes.
” Amaka . The first time i saw you, that very first day, all i starred at was your structure. Your unique size. I got charmed by your beauty, your sweetly shapedl-ips. Your hvge br£@st and bu-m. I spent nights thinking of you. I spent all those months with Uju , yet i wished i could take the place of Patrick.
But you see, i wouldn’t had married you. You know why? ” i asked.
” Why? ” Amaka asked faintly.
” i wouldn’t had married you because i didn’t love you. I only lvsted after you. All i cared about was your b©dy and Its natural sweet look. We would have probably broken up after the first few months of S-x, just the way you do with my friend Patrick. It is normal with men. A man can control anything with the help of his br@ins. But when it comes to a mans pe-nis, the br@in shuts down and the pe-nisleads the man uncontrollably. He doesn’t mind slee-ping with a witch once his b©dy craves her.”
” Then why did you control this? How were you able to refuses me despite everything i do.” Amaka asked.
I starred away from her eyes. I looked away for a while. I heaved a sigh, and exhaled heavily. Why would a married man whose not S-xually satisfied in his marriage, refuse a free gift of S-x, when he knows he would obviously not be caught? Why will he even think of doing that? It made no s-en-se to me.
” How do you do it? All my t©uçh, my advances towards you, the b!ow Job, the k!ss, the stro-ke on your pe-nis, how did you control it? Why didn’t it work out. ” she asked yet again.
I looked her in the eyes, and a sudden t©uçh of emotions landed my heart.
” Uju may not be the most beautiful, or the most S-xiest woman i have ever met. She may not have a big br£@st or a S-xy bu-m like yours. She may not be good on be-d or give me S-x in all positions as i crave for yes she cries during S-x, and never satisfies me. But you know what? I still love her. Its that love for my wife that made me refuse you. She may have given you the keys to my flesh, but she failed to give you the keys to my heart. As far as the keys are still with her, you can’t unlock me. Amaka , I love my wife. I will never forgive myself if i cheat on her. ” i spoke.
Amaka were suddenly soa-ked in tears, and soon , it cascaded down her cheeks. She sobbe-d, landing her head upon my che-st. I bent down and picked my towel which la-id on the floor to clean off the tears that roller down her eyes.
” Why do you cry? ” i asked, feeling concerned.
” I wish i could find a man like you. You are a rare gem. Now i know true love exist. ”
” Yes it does. ” i replied. ” Amaka, there are still a few good men out there. You will find one someday. ”
I turned to walk away, leaving Amaka who’s eyes was still soa-ked in tears. She was weeping and sniffing her nose. I wondered if it was the shame of the act she had just indulged in that made her cry. Or was it because i turned her request down? Or may be she had suddenly felt guilty betraying her best friend; her own child hood friend, by trying to sleep with her husband.
Even though i cared so much about Amaka’s feelings, i still walked away. I had stayed so long with her. My dinner would had probably turned cold by now. I was glad i was walking away a champion. A married man who had over c@m£ Temptation.
Half way to the bathroom, I turned to behold Uju on her knees. Her eyes was filled up with tears. She was sobbing uncontrollably. Amaka cries increa-sed as she sighted Uju my wife on her knees. Amaka covered her face in shame as Uju crawled towards me helplessly. I stood speechlessly starring at the two women. I was confused and wondering what the drama was all about.
” Uche plea-se..plea-se forgive me, i didnt know what i was doing. ” Uju blurted.
To be continued….
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