s£dûç£d episode 11

s£dûç£d (Episode 11)
Praises Chidera Obiora
I shut my eyes ti-ghtly, holding on to Amaka’s head as she drove her mouth in and out of my man-hood. Just like a professional, she mas-saged and stro-ke it ha-rd with her hands, causing its thick veins to protrude and come out even more thicker.
Like a bre-ad in an oven, Amaka bec@m£ the baker who baked me. Just like a cooking pot of fried rice, i was being cooked and grilled at the sp©t were i stood. I was helpless. No lady ever knew my weak sp©t before. I was used to being in charge in and out of be-d. I was the master who punished every woman i met on be-d. But today, i had turned into a slave. I was being punished instead.
Uju would have been able to do all this, if only she had it in her. In a bid to search for S-xual satisfaction, I had practically led out all my secretes to Uju. But things never turned out right.
At some point in our marriage, i was tired of always telling Uju where to t©uçh me, how to t©uçh me, and when to t©uçh me. Even if i do, she just never did it the way i expected but then she tried.
I spent days praying and wishing she perfected her moves on be-d. I nee-ded someone who will take me unaware just as Amaka was doing to me. I yearned for a woman who would know what i wanted, re-ad my moves , and act accordingly.
Sometimes i complained when she just wasn’t doing it well. Other times i just lost my erection from the screams and Uju cry, and walked away. Uju knew i felt bad sometimes. She had an idea that i wasn’t getting the best of S-xual plea-sure from her. I in turn didn’t want to make her feel bad about herself. I un-derstood that i had met her a v!rg!nand with no experience of any S-xual practice whatsoever. I guess that was the reason i never flared up in anger when things turned sour during S-x.
Well, i flared up once. It was just two months after our marriage. Uju and i were having one of our usual S-xual escapees, when her m0@n ing suddenly turned into tears. She pu-ll-ed back in her usual painful manner. I was tired of begging for S-x or petting her after S-x. I have been begging ever since we got married and even before we got married. That very day, i decided it was the last time i would beg. And so , i stood up hissing and walking out of the be-droom angrily. I went over to the parlor, were i la-id down on the cushion, starring into the ceiling and wondering when I was going to over come this trials that had befallen my marriage with Uju. Uju soon walked up to me slowly.
” Uche am sorry na. You know it was not my fault. ” she blurted out.
I kept silent. I preferred to be left alone when i was angry. Patrick had known these ever since our university days. But Uju never listened. She was a person who wanted to bring me out of my angry mood immediately.
” Uche naaa… plea-se answer me. You know its usually painful. Its not my fault,” she pleaded.
” Then its whose fault? Uju its whose fault?” I fired at her. ” I have taken enough. I have had enough. I try to t©uçh my wife and she cries. She makes me feel like am the devil. Yet i was enjoying my S-x life even before i married you o. I was enjoying it o. Women were m0@n ing to my t©uçh . Even those who cried mixed it with m0@n and confessed i was just too good o. I married and i thought i could groom my wife into what i wanted. I thought i could recreate her into my own master piece. But Mba. It didn’t walk out like that. Am i the only one with a big pe-nisEhhh? Uju Answer me. Am i? ” i shouted.
Uju bur-sted into tears. She was crying and hating her self. What was suppose to be a quarrel, ended up being a pitiable sight. I was moved by her tears. I hated when she cried. I just couldn’t stand Uju being sad. I put down my anger and walked over to console her.
” Am sorry. Its just that…. Its just that i love you. I don’t want to cheat. I wish you could satisfy me just the way i wanted it. ” i spoke calmly
” But Uche i am trying. I wish i was like every other lady. You know S-x at the beginning is ha-rd . Let me have our first child, i will get used to it i promise. ”
That day , i didn’t want to talk much on the issue. I promised myself never to raise the t©pic or act in such manner any more. I didn’t know why i had lost my temper so quic-kly . It was very unlike me.
Now i was caught up with her friend. Uju had let out my secretes throu-gh what seemed to be a friendly gist.
In a bid to make it more greasy and smooth, Amaka spat thrice on her palm and stro-ked me. She then welcomed my ha-rd rod back into her mouth with k!sses. The feeling made my legs shift.
” Amaka st©p plea-se” i gro-an ed weakly.
My flesh was hungry for her b©dy. It craved for her t©uçh. I was enjoying the b!ow Job that was being administered to me like a medication. Amaka was just too good. I felt like pushing her into the bathroom that was just few steps away from us. I wanted to make love to her while we were both covered in lava. It was all i ever dreamt off while i was still single and searching . I had thought that dream was going to come into reality when i met Uju, but instead it remained a dream till today.
My spirit begged immensely to be set free from this act of plea-surable s-en-sation i had immersed myself in. I thought of my beautiful wife who have done everything possible to make me happy. Uju is a good woman. She is one of the most caring personalities i have ever met as a man while growing up.
Even though i had money, and was obviously wealthy and well to do, Uju was still one of the few ladies i d@t£d who never depended on my wealth to solve her nee-ds. She rarely asked me for money. It was not as if she was very comfortable and well to do, it was just one of her policies as a woman to be independent so as not to be taken advantage of by some rich guy somewhere.
” When he spends a couple of cash on you, he doesn’t plan on letting you go without pla-ying the ‘I love you trick ‘ just to get within your legs. Its better for me as a lady to work and earn my own cash. That way i will preserve my self respect , so that i could reply back to any bastard that tries to say ru-bbish to me. After all, no man wants to marry or have anything to do with a liability as a wife or even a girlfriend. ” Uju once spoke.
I paid keen attention listening to this woman whose thoughts were full of wisdom. A rare personality amongst every woman. One i planned on ma-king my wife, a dream that had long come to pas-s.
Cheating on Uju was something i was never going to forgive myself for. But then, i was caught in this dre-adful act unprepared. Amaka loos£ned my towel and it landed like a bird, being sh0t by a hunter. It spre-ad its wings wi-de on the cold tiled floor. Her hands were still gr!pp£dfirmly to my pe-niswhen she whispered warmly into my ears.
” Let me give you a taste of what you have been missing all this while. ”
I shook my head trying to get out of this se-duction that had covered me. Amaka turned her back towards me S-xily. She raised the silky night go-wn up, ex-posing her fat fleshy backside. She was without p@n-ties. She was like one who had prepared and planned for this night all along.
” Uche give it to me from behind plea-se. ” She blurted out in a whisper.
….to be continued ….
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