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June 20, 2021


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Seduced episode 11

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SEDUCED (Episode 11)
Praises Chidera Obiora
I shut my eyes tightly, holding on to Amaka’s head as she drove her mouth in and out of my manhood. Just like a professional, she massaged and stroke it hard with her hands, causing its thick veins to protrude and come out even more thicker.

Like a bread in an oven, Amaka became the baker who baked me. Just like a cooking pot of fried rice, i was being cooked and grilled at the spot were i stood. I was helpless. No lady ever knew my weak spot before. I was used to being in charge in and out of bed. I was the master who punished every woman i met on bed. But today, i had turned into a slave. I was being punished instead.

Uju would have been able to do all this, if only she had it in her. In a bid to search for sexual satisfaction, I had practically led out all my secretes to Uju. But things never turned out right.

At some point in our marriage, i was tired of always telling Uju where to touch me, how to touch me, and when to touch me. Even if i do, she just never did it the way i

expected but then she tried.

I spent days praying and wishing she perfected her moves on bed. I needed someone who will take me unaware just as Amaka was doing to me. I yearned for a woman who would know what i wanted, read my moves , and act accordingly.

Sometimes i complained when she just wasn’t doing it well. Other times i just lost my erection from the screams and Uju cry, and walked away. Uju knew i felt bad sometimes. She had an idea that i wasn’t getting the best of sexual pleasure from her. I in turn didn’t want to make her feel bad about herself. I understood that i had met her a virgin and with no experience of any sexual practice whatsoever. I guess that was the reason i never flared up in anger when things turned sour during sex.

Well, i flared up once. It was just two months after our marriage. Uju and i were having one of our usual sexual escapees, when her moaning suddenly turned into tears. She pulled back in her usual painful manner. I was tired of begging for sex or petting her after sex. I have been begging ever since we

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got married and even before we got married. That very day, i decided it was the last time i would beg. And so , i stood up hissing and walking out of the bedroom angrily. I went over to the parlor, were i laid down on the cushion, starring into
the ceiling and wondering when I was going to over come this trials that had befallen my marriage with Uju. Uju soon walked up to me slowly.

” Uche am sorry na. You know it was not my fault. ” she blurted out.

I kept silent. I preferred to be left alone when i was angry. Patrick had known these ever since our university days. But Uju never listened. She was a person who wanted to bring me out of my angry mood immediately.

” Uche naaa… Please answer me. You know its usually painful. Its not my fault,” she pleaded.

” Then its whose fault? Uju its whose fault?” I fired at her. ” I have taken enough. I have had enough. I try to touch my wife and she cries. She makes me feel like am the devil. Yet i was enjoying my sex life even before i married you o. I was enjoying it o. Women were moaning to my touch . Even those who cried mixed it with moan and confessed i was just too good o. I married and i thought i could groom my wife into what i wanted. I thought i could recreate her into my own master piece. But Mba. It didn’t walk out like that. Am i the only one with a big penis Ehhh? Uju Answer me. Am i? ” i shouted.

Uju bursted into tears. She was crying and hating her self. What was suppose to be a quarrel, ended up being a pitiable sight. I was moved by her tears. I hated when she cried. I just couldn’t stand Uju being sad. I put down my anger and walked over to console her.

” Am sorry. Its just that…. Its just that i love you. I don’t want to cheat. I wish you could satisfy me just the way i wanted it. ” i spoke calmly

” But Uche i am trying. I wish i was like every other lady. You know sex at the beginning is hard. Let me have our first child, i will get used to it i promise. ”

That day , i didn’t want to talk much on the issue. I promised myself never to raise the topic or act in such manner any more. I didn’t know why i had lost my temper so quickly . It was very unlike me.

Now i was caught up with her friend. Uju had let out my secretes through what seemed to be a friendly gist.

In a bid to make it more greasy and smooth, Amaka spat thrice on her palm and stroked me. She then welcomed my hard rod back into her mouth with kisses. The feeling made my legs shift.

” Amaka stop please” i groaned weakly.

My flesh was hungry for her body. It craved for her touch. I was enjoying the blow Job that was being administered to me like a medication. Amaka was just too good. I felt like pushing her into the bathroom that was just few steps away from us. I wanted to make love to her while we were both covered in lava. It was all i ever dreamt off while i was still single and searching . I had thought that dream was going to come into reality when i met Uju, but instead it remained a dream till today.

My spirit begged immensely to be set free from this act of pleasurable sensation i had immersed myself in. I thought of my beautiful wife who have done everything possible to make me happy. Uju is a good woman. She is one of the most caring personalities i have ever met as a man while growing up.

Even though i had money, and was obviously wealthy and well to do, Uju was still one of the few ladies i dated who never depended on my wealth to solve her needs. She rarely asked me for money. It was not as if she was very comfortable and well to do, it was just one of her policies as a woman to be independent so as not to be taken advantage of by some rich guy somewhere.

” When he spends a couple of cash on you, he doesn’t plan on letting you go without playing the ‘I love you trick ‘ just to get within your legs. Its better for me as a lady to work and earn my own cash. That way i will preserve my self respect , so that i could reply back to any bastard that tries to say rubbish to me. After all, no man wants to marry or have anything to do with a liability as a wife or even a girlfriend. ” Uju once spoke.

I paid keen attention listening to this woman whose thoughts were full of wisdom. A rare personality amongst every woman. One i planned on making my wife, a dream that had long come to pass.

Cheating on Uju was something i was never going to forgive myself for. But then, i was caught in this dreadful act unprepared. Amaka loosened my towel and it landed like a bird, being shot by a hunter. It spread its wings wide on the cold tiled floor. Her hands were still gripped firmly to my penis when she whispered warmly into my ears.

” Let me give you a taste of what you have been missing all this while. ”

I shook my head trying to get out of this seduction that had covered me. Amaka turned her back towards me sexily. She raised the silky night gown up, exposing her fat fleshy backside. She was without panties. She was like one who had prepared and planned for this night all along.

” Uche give it to me from behind please. ” She blurted out in a whisper.

….to be continued ….

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