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Seduced episode 13 – finale

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The Finale
SEDUCED (Episode 13)
Praise Chidera Obiora

” whats wrong? Why are you on your knees ?” I asked.

Amaka was already dressed up. My towel was tied to my waist. If Uju had walked in to find Amaka and i together , i would had lied about being caught up in a gist with her . But Uju crawled and knelt down in tears. She was pleading with me for reasons unknown to me. Why was she pleading? I was the one who was meant to be begging her.

I had allowed myself to be given a blow Job by Amaka. The kiss and romance was all enjoyed. Even though i had not slept with Amaka and had turned her down, i still felt that i owe Uju an apology. I had cheated. I allowed my body to be touched , stroked , kiss and s—-d by another woman who wasn’t my wife. I defiled our matrimonial home with my act.

Uju reached for her wrappers and cleaned her eyes. Amaka who was crying then , was now starring at Uju with her nose dripping.

” Uche i am sorry. I didn’t know what i was thinking. I didn’t know you had such great love for me. Every single day of my life , i woke up from my bed and wondered if my husband was faithful to me. When you left for work in the morning and returned late at night, i wondered who must have kept you . Who has he been with? What has he been doing? Why was he late? I was beginning to feel insecure.

“Uju stop it. ” Amaka blurted out in tears. ” Just stop please. Don’t do this. ” Uju spoke.

” No Amaka, I can’t leave with it in my heart. I cant face him if i didn’t tell him everything.” Amaka replied.

Uju didn’t relent. She continued. She had a lot in her heart she had wanted to spill. She looked like one who wanted to say everything at the same time, just the way it was; just the exact way she felt.

” I have never loved a man the way i loved you. Yet i have not made you happy just the way a wife should. You have always been there for me when ever i needed you. Uche you have provided my every need, but i can’t provide yours no matter how i try. ” Uju spoke , throwing her head to the floor in a deep cry.

” what do you mean by that? Tell me. What need wont you provide me with.” I asked.

My heart was now beating . Lots of thoughts kept running through my head. What could she probably mean? We had tried the best way we could to manage our sex life. I tried my best not to complain. I was becoming content just to make her happy. Uju’s tears brought fear to me. I starred at Amaka’s face searching for ideas. I was lost for words.

Uju looked into my eyes. I starred into her worriedly. Her face was covered with sweat. Her hair oil had dripped down from her newly made hair, causing her forehead to reflex the light on the florescent bulb.

” I have never satisfied you. I have never made you happy on bed. Am not like every other woman out there. Uche you know it. You feel it. I look into your eyes when ever i cry while we make love, and i see you crying in your heart too. You try to understand me , but you are hurting deep down inside. Just when I tried to live with that, just when I tried to find a way out, i discovered only a month ago that we can’t have children. ” Uju blurted, bursting into fresh tears again.

I was stunned; totally confused and lost. I fixed my eyes on Uju and walked towards her. I was trying to work out what she meant , but i couldn’t.

“Wh…wh… What do you mean by we cant have children?” I asked stammering.

” I am going to be a barren woman. Doctors says i have a complication in my womb. Its been one month, five hospitals, different doctors and it has always been the same result. ” Uju spoke sobbing.

I looked at Uju in total confusion. My legs became weak. I sat on the floor like a nine month old toddler. I was starring at Uju as she cried out her heart. My heart suddenly became heavy.

A month ago, Uju had announced to me about her visit to doctor Udoka . she had gone for her usual system scan. She returned home that day very sad. That was the first time i noticed her mood change. All efforts to get why she cried and had a moody face on, proved abortive. Ever since, she hasn’t been the usual way I’ve known her to be.

” Why didn’t you tell me? Why did you with hold this information from me? I thought we were suppose to be married? We were to share the deepest of our secretes together. Uju why? ” i cried out in pains.

” Uche am sorry..” Uju screamed out in tears.

I stared at Amaka whose night gown was now soaked with tears.

” Did you know about this? ” i asked inquisitively.

Amaka Nodded her head slightly in Affirmation.

“Yes i did. ”

” Did she put you up to this? ” i asked yet again.

Uju’s head was bent to the floor. Amaka covered her face with both hands. She was now crying even loudly.

” Yes” she blurted out in a faint whisper.

” Uju why? ” i asked again in tears. ” I have loved you so much . I spent every day of my life driving to the flower shop to buy you flowers. A Job i personally gave myself expecting no payment in return . Your love and happiness was all i ever needed. That was all i ever wanted. Haven’t i showed you enough love for you to trust me? Why would you have to keep secretes from me, why will you have to send your best friend to seduce me” i spoke, shedding tears like a child being flogged.

” Uche i am sorry. I am very sorry. I didn’t know how to tell you. ” Uju said while she gently crawled towards me with her knees. ” Its just three months into our marriage. I wasn’t satisfying you sexually. I cried day and night, wishing and blaming myself for not making you happy; for causing you pain and sadness while all you did was try to make me happy. When i found out i wasn’t going to give you a child, i cried . I didn’t know how to tell you that i was now barren.” Uju spoke, begging.

” And so you sent your best friend to come sleep with me. What was actually your plan. To catch me cheating and use that as an excuse to divorce me? Or pray for me to get her pregnant so you could walk away from me? ” i asked.

” No… No ” Uju shouted , waving her both index fingers in front of my face like a car wiper. ” all I want is your happiness. I swear that’s all i wanted. I knew how much you admired Amaka. I watched how you looked at her even before we got married. She loved you too. When i found out i couldn’t give you children or a wonderful sex life, i begged Amaka to help me out. I was prepared to walk away rather than hurt your feelings. I hoped that Amanda will make you happy. Please Uche , please forgive me” Uju pleaded in tears.

” no wonder you never came out all this while. Now i see why you forced me into going to take my bath. I now knew why you insisted that this devil stay in our house. ” i shouted in pains, pointing to Amaka.

” Please forgive me. ” Amaka pleaded. She slowly bent her knees and knelt to the ground, joining Uju in the plea.

” My wife i shall forgive. Even though she thought foolishly and acted unwisely , she is still my wife. The bone of my bone, and flesh of my flesh. She is the captain of this house and am only a passenger. She is the neck and am only but a helpless head. She is my missing rib, the woman God gave me to groom into my own perfection. I shall forgive her, but i will never forgive you. You attempted to break my home, you tried to aid in breaking my marriage. You are one hell of a bad friend; a walking devil covered in sexy almonds.” I shouted angrily.

” Uche forgive me. ” Uju cried out. ” Its my fault not hers ”

My love for Uju could not be measured. Never have i had a woman whose wrongs seems right in my eyes. Her tears could melt my heart no matter how hard or angry i fell. I held on to my wife’s hands, dragging her head to my chest.

” I remember when i took that oath on the alter. in front of two thousand members, i promised to be with you, for better for worse, in sickness and in health, till death do us apart. Today is one of those worse days that may have come, but there will always be better days in the future. I will never leave you because you cant give me a child. I wont live you because you cant satisfy my sexual need. I want to spend the rest of my life buying you flowers, and walking into the house to find you waiting for me with those sweet soft hugs you have always offered. Uju i love you.” I said, tilting my head to kiss my wife.

I turned my head to where Amaka was standing but could no longer find her. Uju and i never noticed when she left. Her bags were gone, her cloths all gone. Two days passed, and then three and we never heard anything from Amaka anymore.

Today makes it ten years since i last set eyes on Amaka. I am blessed with three children. Oge my first daughter. She stole Uju’s looks, her beauty and sweet character. Cynthia my second and nosiest of them all. I want her to be a journalist just like me her father. And finally Henry my last child and complete look alike. He wants to be a writer someday. Once his teacher had asked him who he will love to be like when he grows up and he shouted “Praises Chidera Obiora”. He has lots of his work and reads alone of his stories on Facebook. I and Uju also reads his stories.
“Married and tempted” written by Praises Obiora is our favourite story. We had bought the book in London during the Christmas holiday.

You might have been wondering if Uju now satisfies me on bed. Well if she wasn’t, she wouldn’t be carrying the fourth child in her womb. Just as my late father will always say.

“If e no sweet, pikin no go come back for more.”

The End.

My name is praises Chidera Obiora and am still the very best at what i do.

Thanks for reading.

©All Rights Reserved.

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