Refugees 3 episode 9

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🐴Season 3 🐴
🌹 Chapter 9🌹
🙍Tales of two worlds 🚶


.” I want you , Alita.” He whisper and that made my breath skip.

I bit my l!pand held his hands to free from his grip. I look at him above my shoulders as he sm-irk.

” You’re beautiful and really breath taking. I think..” he trail.

” You’re enchanting , mesmerizing and yet evil. You’re the downfall of men.” He whisper and k!$$£d my n£¢k.

His hands slightly held my shorts bu-tton as he slightly take it off.

” Arden..” I whimper.

He sm-irks and k!$$£d my shoulders cu-pping my brea-sts. I m0@n as his hands unZi-p my Zi-pper.

” Don’t tell me you’re trying to make out with me in Dylan’s house ?”

He chuckle and bit hisl-ip.

” You know… The very first day I met you , you sort of attra-cted me and I couldn’t overlook it. I didn’t wanna make you a pet , it wasn’t what I wanted. That was the only way I could help you out from that crazy dagon wrestle..” I chuckle.

” And then I was f0rç£d to make you a personal slave because I was choice less. And then I had to becareful of you in order not to be involved with you. But then , you’re always tempting. Each time I looked at you , there’s something special about you , something I wanna hold. Something I wanna keep but I can’t. They think you’re a threat to me and you’re not supposed to be involved with me.”

” Because I’m a witch.”

” Yeah but.. because you were bought as a slave from an auction house.”

” What are you talking about ?”

” Do you love me ?” He ask.

I sigh and quitely chuckle. I don’t even know what love is. Sometimes I just want him to t©uçh me without having any emotional relationsh!p. Like I wanna be a pet to him . A pet who has freedom. A pet who can go anywhere and wear whatever she likes. A pet who’s gonna be for her master even in be-d , but I don’t wanna be a mistress. I always wanna be around him. I want him to t©uçh me as he want but I’m not sure if I love him . At least I know I can’t have him.

” I don’t know.” I reply softly.

” Yeah..” he smiled and scribe on the journal.

” Why are you obsessed with himiko ? You’ve seen her before ? Or you know her ?” I laugh and smiled.

” Why are you asking ?”

” Because I wanna know why you care about her ? What’s up with what I’m writing ?”

I sigh.” I don’t know. I just wanna know.” I lied.

” Why do I feel like you’re lying ?” Arden ask.

I turn to look at him and sm-irk. I glance at him as his eyes floats in mine too.

” You care about me and I like it.” I said tou-ching hisl-ips.

” What’s up with blue and Jasmin ?” I ask.

” It’s weird you’re asking about her.” I smiled and looked at the journal.

” You haven’t written much. Derek says it’s Sumerian. The writings actually. A weird language from most early men.” I said.

” Early men. BC’s.. So you’re an an early woman ? Like you’ve lived for 7 million years ?” He chuckle.

I sm-irk and bit myl-ip.

” Come on.. continue.” I said and turn around..

He sigh and continued writing.

” Why are you always egoistic ?”

He scoffs.” I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

” Yeah you know. At least I don’t lie. I don’t pretend and At least I know what I want.”

He laughs.” So what do you really want ?” He ask and st©p writing.

” Most times I want you.” I reply softly. I chewed on my l!pand tap my f!ngersabs£ntly on my be-d.

” So you want me huh ?”

” St©p acting like you don’t know. It’s like I’m always hor-nyfor you.”

” Yeah ?”

” Just shut up , you as-s-hole.” I scoff and roll my eyes. ” I’m still angry at you. You’re too annoying and also a cute as-s-hole.”

” Okay ?” He whisper and bit my skin lightly.

” I think you should st©p doing that.”

” Doing what ?” He softly ask and k!ssmy shoulders.

” s£dûç!ng me and turning me on every single second.”

He chuckle.” I’m sort of your weakness I think.”

” I don’t have a weakness..” I remark and swat his hands. ” We should st©p doing this. I’m really tired.” I sigh and turn to look at him.

” Sure.” He replies and I nod.

I pick up my shi-t and put it on.

” Thanks.” I tell him and looked at him.

” Maybe we’ll continue later. Before you taunt me.”

” Talking about taunting , hope you enjoyed Dylan’s ? I just hope you m0@n enough.”

I sigh and get out of be-d.

” I thought that pas-sed.”

He cli-ck his ton-gue and shake his head sideways.

” It didn’t.”

” Yeah ?” He tilts his head and raise his brows.

” Maybe you just wanna hear the obvious. Arden just forget about it.”

” So why did you tell me about it ? How you grip ha-rd to the blanket and how you m0@n so loud.” He says softly taking a step close to me.

” Yeah. Cause you’re always scared.” I reply and cross my arms.

He st©p in front of me and sm-irk.

” Did you want me to have S-x with you ? Sweetheart ?” He whisper and grip slightly to my w@!st.

” You won’t be able to walk again.” He flir-ts and k!ssmy cheek. He sm-irks and smiled like a clown.

” Why are you always doing this ? Getting inside my head and ma-king me feel like I can’t stay away from you. Most times I think it’s love but you’re just messing with my head. Thank God for Amazon.”

I walk pas-s him but his hands grip to my arm. He slowly guard me backwards and press me gently against the wall.

” I don’t know what I want too. If it’s you or just your b©dy , it’s forsaking. Maybe I just enjoy flir-ting with you. It’s like you’re my drug and I really can’t stay a day without having my dosage. That’s not love , it’s something nob©dy can explain.” He let go of my arm and walk out of my room.

I heave a de-ep breath and brush my arm with my palm. I Zi-p my shorts and put the bu-tton before leaving my room . I climb downstairs and Arden was talking with Dylan. He sm-irks at me and look at Dylan.

” Did he wrote much ?” Dylan ask me.

” Yeah , it’s manageable.” Dylan nodded.

” Thanks , twin.” Dylan said as Arden genuinely laughs. He pat Dylan slightly on the back as he left.

” You look tensed. What happened ?” Dylan ask sitting down.

” Nothing. Just stressed out.”

Dylan chuckle and nodded.

” And ?”

” And what ?” I smiled resting my elbows on t©p of the couch.

” You should consider him . He’s not truly a bad person. I think it’s time you guys look at it the other way round.”

” Dylan , he’s not asking me out.” I huff.

” What if he does ?”

” I don’t even know what’s a relationsh!pand I’m not sure I want one.” I reply as a matter of fact. Dylan laughs and slightly nodded.

” I’m hungry. I nee-d to eat something. You’re hungry ?”

” I’m not human.” Dylan replied smiling at me.

” I get it. I’m the human then.” He chuckle as I turn to walk back to the kitchen.

” Dylan..”

” Yeah..”

” Can you plea-se call Kylie to come over. I want her to take me out.” I said walking back to the living room.

” Take you out ? To where ?”

I sigh and secretly roll my eyes. What type of lie am I supposed to tell ?

” I wanna tour. plea-se don’t say no.”

” Alita seriously ? Why can’t I drive you ?”

” Because it’s pointless. And I really want Kylie to go out of the palace sometimes. She nee-ds a girl time.” I lied and I think it cli-cked.

Dylan turn to look at me as I pout.” plea-se.. ” I plea.

” I’m not Arden.” He huff. ” I’ll call her.”

” Yes. Thanks buddy.” I squeal and rush to the kitchen.

I dish out food for myself and sit to eat. My mind drift to Arden. Relationsh!p, love and all that silly stuff. Arden’s not straight. It’s like he’s scared of something. I have this stupid feeling he want us to be together but he wouldn’t say it. And then I’m confused about what I’m feeling. What if he finally ask me out ? What if I don’t want a relationsh!p. What if something bad happens to me if i dare get involved with Arden ?

We can’t even get married. He’s a prince and has a bethroted. I’m just a nob©dy. Oh yeah , a girl who got kidnapped and sold into slavery. They would never want a witch as a queen and then the council won’t even think about changing the rules in favor of Arden. I sigh and quic-kly ate up.

I just nee-d to ignore the fact that someone always want me. I wash the plates and rush to my room to get dressed. I undress myself and entered the bathroom to shower. A knock on my door made me tie a towel to check who’s knocking.

” Dylan..”

” Sorry. I nee-d to rush out , palace duty.. ” he says and hand me a key. ” That’s the car key , give it to Kylie. I’ll be back , maybe in the evening.” I smiled and nodded.

” Becareful. No one’s gonna look out for ya.” I grin and smiled.

” Thanks.”

He whisper ” you’re welcome ” and left.

I take a de-ep breath and returned to the bathroom to continue bathing. I got dressed and rush downstairs to wait for Kylie only to find her there alre-ady.

” Ooh…” She smiled. ” You look awesome.” She says and hvg me.

” Thanks for stealing me. Where are we off to ?”

” That libr@ry.” I reply her dragging her to the door.

” Why ? I don’t want us to get into trouble.” She mutter behind me. I roll my eyes and lock his door as we head to his car.

” We’re not getting into trouble , Kylie. Let’s go.” I jump in and shut the door.

Kylie cuss endlessly before entering the driver’s seat. She fastened her seatbelt as she ignite the engine. I turn on the radio as Kylie drive out of the ap@rtment.

” Is it about himiko ?” She ask still looking at the road.

” You know it’s her.”

” Did you see her in your dreams ?”

” No. I will explain later. I think she exists and maybe we share same traits.”

She laughs.” So you’re himiko ?” She grin.

” Kylie , I’m not. The day at that vampire p@rty I saw a lady. She talked about himiko and she said himiko is awaking. She will find me and kill me. My supposed cousin said almost same thing too.” I sigh and rest my elbow on the window sill.

Kylie was quiet for seconds. She sm-irk and giggle. ” This is weird.” She muse. ” Don’t let that fairytale get into your head sweetheart. Once we get the book or information about the book , I’m taking you to a club to get a drink to ease your nerves.”

I know it. They will never believe me. I don’t wanna get Arden and Dylan involved with such mess. Something about her existence don’t feel right and I can’t stand to get them in trouble.

” What’s up with Arden ?” She ask and sh0t me a sm-irk before looking away.

” He’s good.”

” Any progress between you two ?”

” You know we can’t love.”

” This is United States , everything is possible.”

I chuckle.” Not between a vampire and a witch.”

” Now I get your point. But I think if he truly loves you really , he’s willing to give up everything for you. I trust Arden. Or do you want Dylan ?” She grin and win-ked.

I bit my l!pand sm-irk. ” Will I be selfish if I want both ?”

” There’s nothing wrong with that. Most vampires don’t believe in marriage. That $h!t is meant for humans.” She giggle as I laugh.

” I just find both attrac-tive. And if I don’t mind , I see a stupid urge within me that wants both of them..”

” No way..” Kylie laugh and halt outside the libr@ry.

” Uhh. Spell house.” She wince.

” You won’t get murdered sweetheart.” I smiled and get out of the car.

” Crazy , wait for me.” She called and rush out of the car.

We push throu-gh this big door and walked inside. This time it wasn’t just that old janitor lady , there was another lady behind the counter but she was younger.

” You nee-d help ?” The girl behind the counter sneered.

” Sorry , thanks. We wanted to talk to her.” I point to the janitor.

” Marian , you’ve got guests.” The counter girl wave at the janitor. She turn around and smiled at us.

We walk to her and greeted her.

” It’s so weird a vampire is your best friend. I expect to see a witch or maybe a human.” She smiled and lead a walk throu-gh a pas-sageway.

” I hope we’re safe.” She continues and keep on walking.

We didn’t reply but gently followed her behind.

” Right that door.” She st©ps and point to a door. ” She will tell you what ever thing you choose to know.” The lady smiled and left.

I take a de-ep breath and look at Kylie who wasn’t that comfortable.

” Witches are weird..” she mutters.” I’ll stay right here . Becareful. Scream if anything goes wrong.”

I smiled and nodded before twisting the doorknob and letting myself in. It’s cozy in here. I shut the door and brush my arm gently looking at this weird room . It smells so weird , like spells. A lady sits on a armchair but she wasn’t facing me. Her brown hair and shoulder was the only thing visible.

” Hello..” I said.

The squeaking noise of her armchair st©pped as she slowly swivel her chair around to look at me. She narrowed her eyes and bat her lashes. She’s weird.

” Himiko..” she announced.

” I’m sorry , I’m not himiko..” I stutter.

” Himiko..” she said again.

” I’m not himiko , I’m here to ask for something.” I protests looking at her weirdly.

” I know you’re not her. She’s right next to you.. ”

” Look behind you.. ”