Refugees 3 episode 8

????Refugees ? ? ? ? ?

? ? ? ? ? ??????


? Tales of two worlds ?

?Season 3 ?

? Chapter 8?

?Written by Goddy Francis?




. I st©p what I was doing and glared at Dylan. Why is he trying to get me angry ? What’s up with him ?


” Good luck with that then.” I said.


He scoffs and stand up.


” You’ll come after her later but it will be too late.” He said once he was at the door.


” Sup Connor.” Dylan greeted Connor as he walk pas-s him .


Connor furrow his brows and turn around before shutting my door. He walks to the chair Dylan was sat on as he sits down.


” You fought with your twin again ?” Connor ask.


” I didn’t.”


” Then what’s up with the identical bad mood ?” Connor ask and raise his brows.


” He wanted me to do something for him , Alita actually.”


” You said no again ?”


I scoff and push my cereal plate to the corner.


” What are you avoiding ?” Connor ask.


” I’m sorry ?”


” Arden , what are you avoiding ? Being used or hurt ?”


” Of course i can’t get used. I’m not a woman.” I scoff.


” You’re seriously fv¢kin me up right now.”


” Can I ask a question ?” I ask him.


” Shoot.”


” Do you find Alita attrac-tive ?”


” Yeah.”


” And why ?”


” Because she’s pretty.” Connor remark.


” And ?…”


” She’s.. I don’t know..”


” That’s it , just pretty.” I point out.


” Arden , she’s S-xy. She’s pretty , she’s enchanting , she’s beautiful , she’s pure , she’s everything.”


” You don’t get it , do you ?” Connor shake his head sideways and I huff.


” The very first day I saw her , I saw something in her . Something I can’t explain. After getting involved with her , i noticed she has this spirit that always makes you want her. No matter how ha-rd I try , I can’t resist her myself. There’s this time I almost mate with her but then my instincts didn’t support it. She has this crazy Aphrodite’s spirit. That type that always make men want her. She’s not just a witch , she’s something else. ”


” So you’re saying , you don’t have feelings for her , you just want to t©uçh her ?”


I roll my eyes.” I’m not sure about love Connor. The reasons I was possessive of her was because of that attrac-tive spirit. I don’t want Dylan to end up wanting her. I can’t stand fighting my brother because of a woman.”


Connor blinked his eyes and quietly laugh. ” Maybe you have a point , but I think there’s something inside you that wish you could love her.”


I sigh defeatedly , I don’t even know what to say.


” You should st©p fighting with Dylan and act like the twin brothers I knew in highschool. You nee-d to go her and help with whatever thing they nee-d.”


I chuckle.” You’re sounding like my mom.”


He laughs and sm-irk. ” I don’t know what you’re talking about.” He stand up and opened the fridge.


” You know Pierce missed you right ?” Connor ask taking out a bottle water.


” I’m not g@y.” I utter and he laughs closing the fridge.


” Talking about g@y , what made you k!ssJens£n ?”


I chuckle and sm-irk. ” That pretty little devil made me. It su-cks I swear. I almost threw up. I can’t believe I had to k!ssa guy twice because of truth or dare. I hate that game.”


Connor laughs.” It was your favorite in college.”


” That was college. Because I had to flir-t with those silly humans. It su-cks.” I roll my eyes and scoff.


” Yeah. Sometimes I miss college.”


” Yeah ? And prom night ?” I chuckle.


” Don’t remind me plea-se.” He retort as we laugh.


” You nee-d to forgive Pierce. He’s obviously sorry for tou-ching your girlfriend.”


” There you go again. Girlfriend.”


” Yeah. Just as-sume you’re really in love with her. What’s gonna happen to your throne ?”


” I’ve always hated royalty. That’s not an excuse.”


” So.. They will haunt her down , you know that right ?”


” You know there’s no point loving her. It’s futile. I just want a long bath in a gold bathroom and a trip to Beijing. Asians are awesome.” I sm-irk and drank the water on a glas-s.


” You’ve smashed three , Arden.”


” Five.” I laugh as Connor chuckle.


” She nee-ds you buddy. You should go see her , maybe you guys are gonna talk about the Dylan makes her m0@n louder $h!t.”


I chuckle and nodded.


” Thanks , dawg.”


” You owe me a drink at Sandy’s. That club is awesome.” He chuckle.


” I know.”


” I’m blood thirsty. It’s been weeks since I last feed.”


” Why ?” I ask.


” Mate with a human.”


” Hmm. fv¢kin as-s-hole.”


He bites his l!pand sm-irk.


” I deserved it.” He mentioned and we both laugh.






I stayed inside my car and tap my hand on my wheel several times. I looked at Dylan’s ap@rtment and sigh. Here goes nothing. I got out of the car and walk to his door. I twist his doorknob and let myself in.


I walk to the living room and he was watching TV. I know he noticed me but he didn’t spare me a look.


” What are you doing here ?”


I glance around his living room and sigh. I shove my hands out of my pockets and sit down.


” I didn’t ask you to sit.” Dylan utter glaring at me.


” Yeah , I know. This is my brothers house.” I sm-irk.


” Arden..”


” Do me a favor and plea-se don’t talk about this Alita love story $h!t. I’m here because she owe me an apology and you also owe me an apology too.”


Dylan laughs.” I don’t owe you an apology.”


” Yeah. Why are you trying to write out those words ?” I ask Dylan.


” Is that your own way of being a nice twin brother ?” I scoff and scrunch my nose. Someone should remind me why I c@m£ here in the first place.


” Dylan..”


He scoff.” Shut up.” Dylan said. I bit my l!pand pressed myl-ips together.


” She’s obsessed with this himiko legend.”


” Told you the reason ?”


” She’s not saying a word.” Dylan said.


” Do you think she’s hiding something about her himiko obse-ssion ?”


” Kinda.”


” You should ask her better. She’s your house mate now and your homegirl.” I point out. Dylan sm-irk and laugh.


” Homegirl ?”


I raise my brows and nodded.


” You’ve been inti-mate with her you could possibly s£dûç£d her to talk.”


I chuckle.” s£dûç£?”


” You’re a vampire , bro.”


I roll my eyes and nod.


” I’m sorry about how I reacted after the p@rty. She said something really painful. plea-se don’t ask.”


” Yeah ?” I nodded at once.


Dylan smiled and shrug.


” You like her ?” I ask him.


” Yeah I do. What ?” He shrug.


” Sorry. I mean feelings ?” He scoff and picked up his TV remote.


” No , I don’t.”


” Ooh..” I mutter and turn to look at his TV.


” Where’s she ?”


” You wanna see her now ?” I nodded. Dylan sigh and stood up. I followed him and we walk to his backyard. Alita was sitting on his pool deck with bikinis. She wiggle her feet on the water and I think she didn’t notice us.


Her long hair fall on her we-t skin as it drip water on her skin. She glows , maybe she was supposed to be called Golden. She’s wearing a matching blue bikinis and it matches her skin. She was extraordinary beautiful. I can’t help but admire her skin.


” Hi , Dylan..” She said to Dylan as she stare at me. ” Hey Arden..” she said silently.


I secretly roll my eyes and look away from her.


” You’re throu-gh ? You have a guest.”


She half smile and got out of the water. All I could see was her skin and tiny w@!st. Her bikinis were s£dûç!ng , you won’t even know before you mate with her inside the pool. She dried her hair with her towel and glared at me. I exhale and looked at Dylan who rolled his eyes.


” I’m inside.” He slightly tap my shoulders and left.


Alita walked out of the deck and walk pas-s me into the house. Why is she trying to make me look bad ? Is it by f0rç£ to love someone ? I followed her inside as she walk pas-s the hallway. She didn’t even wra-p the towel across her almost nûd£ self instead , she walked in like that and I was behind her. I roll my eyes and tried to think about something different aside the woman in my front.


She opens a door to her supposed room and shut it. Shawty is trying to pl@yha-rd . I sm-irk and slightly knock.


” Come in if you like.” I heard her tiny voice reply.


I twist the knob and get inside. She was wiping her self with her towel still wearing her bikinis.


” St©p looking at me like that.”


I scoff and turn my back against her. Like i haven’t seen her like this before.


” I know what you’re thinking.” She said.


” Really ?” I ask and turn to look at her. She wasn’t there but I saw her bathroom door locked.


She returned with shorts and t-shi-t.


” So I’m supposed to get n-ked in front of you ?” She ask and cross her arm.


I didn’t reply her. She roll her eyes and sit on t©p of her be-d.


” I’m re-ady.”


” With your shi-t on ?”


” Maybe you should take it off.” She replied without looking at me. I half sm-irk and sit on the be-d too , behind her.



??ALITA?? :


. I swear this is awkward and it feels like it’s the first time he’s seeing me n-ked. I noticed his eyes all over me and he’s such a perv. He sits behind me and I want him again. To t©uçh me and do what he likes with me.


The day I sle-pt close to Dylan again , I almost had this same feelings. He takes off my shi-t and keep them aside.


” Journal ?” Arden ask. I look at him above my shoulders and point to the nightstand. He stretch to get it alongside with the pen.


” What’s the use ?” He ask trailing his hands down my spine.


” Why didn’t you ask Dylan to write them out ?” He’s trying to taunt me and i won’t let him.


” Arden , just do your job.”


” My job.” He chuckle and scribe something on the journal.


” So how does it feels like ? To have Dylan ride on you ?” He ask jotting on the journal.


” How loud did you m0@n ?” He whisper and I could feel his breath against my n£¢k.


He moved my hair to the side and his f!ngerstrail on my spine. My skin heat up as it responds to his t©uçh. Why his he so s£dûçt!veand tempting ?


” Did he go down on you ? Eating on your most s-en-sitive p@rt.” He ask . He was more than close behind me. I think he sm-irk as he plant soft k!sses on my shoulders.


I pressed myl-ips together not to m0@n . This isn’t the right time for my mouth to disgrace me.


” Were you we-t enough ?” He whisper k!ss!ngmy n-ked self. I breathe in and out and huff silently.


” I dare you not to m0@n .” He whisper as he ca-ress my arm.


” Arden , st©p.”


He chuckle and k!$$£d my n£¢k to my ear. Oh $h!t , not there. My b©dy respond to every of his t©uçh and the urge for him increa-sed but I don’t want it. He’s an as-s.


” Why are your n!ppl!s £r£¢t?” He whisper and slightly nip on my shoulder.


” I’m cold.” I lied.


” I like it when you lie. Don’t dare m0@n or I’m gonna bite you…” He says and slowly ca-ress my stomach to my che-st almost tou-ching my bo-ob s. I reach to hold his hand but his other hand held both my hands.


” Arden..” I whimper trying to sneak my hand from his grip.


” Just tell me how ha-rd you m0@n his name ? How ha-rd you grip to the blanket , sweetheart.” He whispers and cu-p my bo-ob s k!ss!ngmy shoulders.


My mouth betrayed me as I m0@n to his k!sson my b©dy.


” I want you Alita..”