Refugees 3 episode 10

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🙅 Tales of two worlds 🚶

🐴Season 3 🐴

🌹 Chapter 10🌹

📝Written by Goddy Francis📝


.I gulp and narrowed my eyes. Whoever this lady is , she’s scaring the $h!t out of me. I slowly turn around and saw nothing.


” Seriously..”


” She’s behind you Alita. She’s been watching you.” She says and sit up.


I breathe in again and turn around. I felt a cold breeze as it brush pas-s me. I cudd-lemyself and turn to look at her.


” I’m sorry. How did you know my name ?”


” Every single witch knew about you. We know you’ll be born. Don’t pl@ywith his heart , he’s not yours not untill after you’ve done what you’re supposed to do.”


” You’re scaring me.” I tell her .


” Sit.” I nod and sit. I look around her room and avert my gaze to this weird lady. Her figure slowly registered in my head.


Her white skin looks tanned and her brown hair were neatly packed.


” Can I know your name ?” I ask her.


She smiled and pour a black tea on a cu-p. A weird cu-p.


” You care for some tea ?”


” No , thank you.” I quic-kly interject.


She smiled and sip her tea staring at me.


” You’re here because of himiko right ?”


I quic-kly nodded as she sit back her cu-p.


” Her soul is latched to yours. She’s almost awake. She will haunt you.”


” Why does she want me ?”


” She’s almost like you.”


” How ?”


” I’ll explain.” She sigh and ru-b her temple.


” Himiko was born in Athens a long time ago. She hated men and wished to serve her goddess with all of her heart. She was a v!rg!nand an Aphrodite. A woman of beauty and the envy of men. She dwell in this little town in Athens when this strange people attacked them and kidnapped himiko. She was later sold to the Royal family as a slave in clay, a S-x slave which can be t©uçhed only by the sole heir to the throne. Himiko lost her powers as she stepped her feet on that palace. She was scared , afraid and maltreated. But soonest she fell in love with her master’s younger twin brother. He likes her too but scared to show it because of the respect for his brother. They had S-x one night but was caught. She was cursed by a demon and was banished to the dark. The younger brother was slewed to death and the oldest brother shapeshift into a bat and disappeared. Sad tale right ?”


” Wait ! This is ridiculous. Why would she share almost same story as me.”


” Very nice question. You’re a phoenix. You’ve lived before but died un-der circu-mtances. And then Diana brou-ght you back as an amazonian in other to st©p himiko.”


” And die again ?”


She shrug and drank her black tea.


” There’s not much around this place. Life’s in circles I think.”


” This is stupid. Why can’t I fight her ?”


” She’s strong and she’s a witch filled with hatred for people and she’s cursed. You’re a rare witch and you attra-cted her when you were born. She foreseen your life and she knew you would almost share same traits with her.”


” Why was she cursed ?”


” They never liked her. So that was the only way to take her out of the way.”


” And the younger twin brother ? They killed him.”


” Yes because he was worthless. The king didn’t really care about her. You should have some tea , it will help calm your nerves down.” The lady said.


I sigh and nodded. She pour the tea inside another cu-p and push it to my side.


” Thanks .” I told her and drink her black tea. It taste aweful and I almost threw up. I gulp it down my throat and keep her cu-p.


” I don’t wanna die.” I said ru-bbing my sweaty palm on my l@ps.


” Why ?” She ask and sip the tea looking at me.


” Maybe because I don’t want to.”


She blink her eyes and smiled.


” You should talk to your cousin , she might help you.”


” She hates me and wants to rule Amazon.”


” Yeah ? Maybe you nee-d to give her what she wants and she would talk to you like a sister. There’s no chance you’ll ever return home. I just can’t tell.”


” Why did the wizard wrote the book ?”


” He’s a writer. Likes the story a lot. Weird reasons is why would he paint himiko bad ?” The lady said and finally drop the cu-p on the table.


I looked at her cu-p and she alre-ady emptied her cu-p. How could she even drink that ? It’s aweful.


” Thanks for helping.”


” Yeah. Do you love him ? I mean forget the p@rt that he’s a crown prince and a vampire.”


” I don’t know.”


” Of course you know. Look at your heart really well.”


” It’s not working. I’m a warrior and not a lover.”


She smiles.” And yet you enjoyed every of his t©uçh.”


” Have you been watching me ?”


” No.” She puts her hand in the air.” I’m just a witch like you. A witch who knows what she nee-ds to know.”


I sigh and roll my eyes.


” Drink up sweetheart.”


” Thanks I’m good.”


” Alright.. one tiny advise. Don’t mate with him , he’s gonna die if you do that.”


” What ? I mean why ?”


” I don’t know. Just don’t do it. You’re sort of cursed with himiko’s blood. Don’t sleep with him.” She says and swivel her chair slowly as it backed against me.


” You’re scaring me..” I said but she didn’t reply.


I sigh and stand up . None of this makes s-en-se. I walk out of her supposed room and shut the door. Kylie was leaning against the wall when I saw her. She smiled at me but I didn’t return the smile. The fear of getting killed was ma-king me sick. How come I never knew I have lived before.


” You’re okay ?” Kylie ask.


” Where is that damn club , I nee-d a drink.”


Kylie smiled and lead the match. I followed her behind still thinking about what that woman said. The fear of Arden dying if we ever mate still makes me sick.


” What are you thinking ? What did she tell you ?”


” A lot of weird $h!t. She’s weird.” I said as I felt a strange movement on my stomach.


I paused and continued walking.


” You look sick.”


” Yeah , I’m sick.” I sigh and ru-b my sweaty forehead.


We walk out of the libr@ry as I entered the pas-s£nger seat. I feel like throwing up and it feels like I’m having stomach upset. Damn what did I drink ?


” plea-se pu-ll over.”


Kylie quic-kly halt as I throw up beside the road.


” You’re okay ?”


I take a de-ep breath and shut the door.


” Water .” Kylie offered giving me a bottle water. I drank it and spit it out.


” Thanks Kylie.”


” How are you feeling ?”


” Better…” I smiled and stare at my reflection on the side mirror.


” You care to talk about what she told you ?”


” I will. I nee-d a drink first.”


Kylie chuckle and continued driving. She drives into a street that looks normal with few people and halt on the packing lot.


” We’re here.” I giggle as Kylie and I step out of the car.


I look around and shut the door. Kylie halt and sigh.


” Are you okay ?”


” I don’t think so.” She replies as I saw her fangs.


” Are you blood thirsty ?” I whisper.


She sm-irk and sneered at a corner.


” Caught a prey.” She sm-irk and with speed she was gone. I saw her talking to a guy at a corner as they began k!ssing.


” Damn vampires.” I sigh and turn to look at the alley.


I saw a man. He smiled and waved at me before disappering into the alley. I look at Kylie who was busy with her prey as I followed this total stranger. I crossed to the other side of the road and walk into the alley. He was far up ahead and he didn’t bother to look at me. I think I’ve seen him before.


” Hey..” I called after him and chase after him. He was a vampire and i could perceive him. He ran off with speed and I regretted why I don’t have speed myself.


” Why are we even following him ?” My subconscious ask after I have went far enough.


I scoff and turn to leave only to find him standing in front of me.


” How did you do that ?” I ask him.


He grin and take a step forward. I don’t wanna prove cowardice so I just stayed in my position.


” You’re even pretty in real life. Welcome aboard , Alita.” He grimaced and sm-irk.


He st©p in front of me and slowly ca-ress my hair.


” And you smell so good.” He said with a de-ep voice. His fangs sm-irk at me as he proceed to bite me.


I sma-ck his hand as he slid backwards.


” Who are you and what do you want from me ?”


” I’m a lot of things sweetheart. And about what I want , I want a taste of your powers. Heard your blood can st©p a crazy pending war and can raise the dead. Will it be wrong if a vampire posses some magics ?” He sm-irks and walk towards me.


” Stay away from me..” I hush moving backwards.


” Nah , I can’t.”


He punched me across the cheek as I wince. With speed he held me and s£nd me airborne. I crash against the wall and gro-an . My hands alre-ady glow and I’m damn angry.


” No cheating sweetheart.” He smiled as we exchange punches. He pressed me against a car as I struggle to free myself.


” You can’t use your powers against me. Just a bite and I’ll let you go.”


” No..” I gr0@nand gr-ab his arm. He pu-ll me forward and slam me ha-rd against a parked car.


I gr-ab his hair and spin him around slamming his head against the windshield. He turn to look at me with his bruised head as he gr-ab my n£¢k. I hold his arms as my hand gr-ab his forearm. It was burning up. It pressed against his skin but he didn’t care. It’s like he didn’t feel the pain of my burning hand that was pressed against his hand.


With speed he fling me away as I collide against the ground. He laughs as I angrily stood up. I rush after him and punched him endlessly. He duck my punch and gr-ab my arm. He raise me like a kid and aggressively slam me against the front view mirror. It shattered as i winced. I kicked his face but he slam me against the front view mirror.


” re-ady to accept ?”


” No..” I collect one of the broken p@rts of the mirror and stab his n£¢k. I punched him ha-rd ly and that made him crash on a wall.


” fv¢kin bastard.” I spit out blood and pick up an iron rod from the floor.


” I ain’t letting you stick your damn fangs in my skin.” I hiss and wh!pthe rod against his cute face.


He didn’t fall instead he moved backwards. I gr0@nand wh!pit against his skin this time he caught it and fling me away. With speed he caught me before crashing on the ground. He punched my stomach and pressed me against the car.


” You’re a witch and without magics you’re nothing.”


” Let’s see about that.” I gr-ab his hair and slam it against the car. He gro-an s and punched my nose.


That hurts really bad. I tilt my head to the side but his hands gr-ab my n£¢k and made me look at him. A hand from behind gr-ab his shi-t and s£nt him airbone.


” What the fv¢k.” Dylan cuss as he punched the guy on the face.


Arden took the knife from the guys hand and shove it on his che-st.


” You come after her next time , and I won’t hesitate to kill you myself.” Arden spat and punched him unconscious.


He scoff as they turned to glare at me. I felt dizzy as I throw up again. Damn , that stupid tea. I t©uçhed my forehead and almost crash to the floor but Arden’s hands quic-kly caught me.


” Kylie , you’re fired…” That was the last word I heard cause everything went black.