Rabbit love Episode 14

Rabbit love Episode 14
I was in the sitting room, fli-pping throu-gh my phone contacts wondering who to call, as i was bored, i had called Kelvin twice that day and i didn’t think it was necessary to call him again, i sighed in frustration and dropped my phone on the couch.
I was still relaxing my head on the couch when the door bell rang and one of the maids went to get the door and i was informed that Dency, my new found friend was at the door.
”let her in”
Dency walked in looking dazzling in her black high w@!st Sk-irt and a blue t©p with a nice pair of black sandals to match.
”what a plea-sant surprise” i said rising to hvg her.
”I just dropped by to check on you as promised yesterday” she replied, settling in on the couch that she had met me sitting on when she c@m£ in.
”Thanks dear, what can i offer this august visitor” i asked, still very happy that she c@m£ just when i was dying of boredom.
”water is okay” she replied with a wave of hand.
”nah, nah let me get you fruit jui-ce instead” i said racing to the Kitchen before she could protest, we models are usually on strict diet to keep the Abs and shape in check, but we were always allowed to take fruit jui-ce.
I c@m£ back later to see her checking out the pictures that were hung on the wall.
”mehn i love this red feathery go-wn” she said while running her hands along a picture of Kelvin and I that we had taken to celebr@te our one month anniversary as lovers.
It was specially shoot by one of the best ph0togra-pher in Lagos state and it was worth it cos the ph0to was out of this world.
”that makes the two of us, i love that dress just too much, here is your drink” i said carefully placing the glas-s and pack of jui-ce on the table.
”Thanks” she replied and went back to checking out the ph0togra-phs that were hung on the wall.
After admiring and commenting on each pics she c@m£ back to sit with me on the couch.
”First thing first, how is your health” she asked.
”Am fine, I thank God for it, so how was the show today?” i asked with genuine concern for her.
”It was indescribable, can you imagine that the man that got my mother pregnant with me was there today, he sat boldly at the front seat and i felt like driving a knice throu-gh his che-st so he could just die and st©p pestering my young life” she blurted out.
”what it so ha-rd to locate this place” i asked intentionally changing the t©pic, I wasn’t emotionally strong myself so i just didn’t know how i was supposed to handle her if she breaks down.
”it wasn’t so ha-rd , i am kind of familiar with this environment” she replied, maybe aware that i didn’t want to dwell on the t©pic involving her dad.
We sat down talking and laughing when Kelvin c@m£ back home.
After exchaning plea-santries and all, he went into his room to change and c@m£ back few minutes later in a neat and new set of clothes.
I noticed how he kept looking at Dency, not that i was jealous. I was just angry.
No point in being jealous cos i trust Dency, she won’t allow a man to come into her life and ruin her ‘perfect life ” as she always called it.
The chatting and laughing ended so quic-k, as Dency informed us of her intention to leave.
”Stay a little more ” i pleaded with her although the pleading wasn’t from my heart, i noticed the way Kelvin was tearing her clothes ap@rt with his eyes since he c@m£ back from work.
”I can’t dear i have to get going” she declined.
”alright, when next should we be expecting you?” Kelvin asked ma-king me irritated with his words.
”Very soon” she simply replied and made to leave.
”good, let me drop you off to where ever you are heading to” Kelvin said and a little g@sp escaped myl-ips.
”that is very generous of you, but i am sorry to decline your offer” Dency replied.
We both walked out of the door, and when we were outside she brou-ght up the t©pic of the previous day.
”what have you decided” she asked me.
”i have considered all you said and i think it is better to get my own ap@rtment” i said to her and she hvgged me like i won a mas-sive trophy.
”now, your head is getting clearer, you are beginning to think well” she said while still hvgging me.
”Thanks, but the issue now is, i have absolutely no idea on how to go about the whole house hunting of a thing” i said to her.
”don’t worry, we will find a way, how did your b©yfri£ndtake it.” she asked me.
”At first he wasn’t happy about it but this morning he apologized and even promised to help me search for a decent ap@rtment” i told her.
”perfect, now you can live peacefully in your own house without anyb©dy bossing you around.
I knew what she meant by that statement.
”Kelvin isn’t bossy” i said to her pla-yfully.
”who said so? Guilty conscience” she replied and smiled at me.
I was happy to have someone like her who was ever-re-ady to give you advice on whatever you nee-ded advice on.
She was God’s s£nt.