Rabbit love Episode 15

Rabbit love Episode 15
The next day, i went to the show for my last p@rticipation in the runway show.
When i got there, i was expecting Queen Bella to parade herself like she used to but surprisingly she was quiet.
The day slowly ended and i left exhausted.
I had made plans with Dency to accompany me to search for an ap@rtment in a decent place incase Kelvin failed to keep his promise.
I had also called Vivian and informed her of my decision to move to my own ap@rtment and she was excited about it and she confessed to me that she never liked the idea of me living with Kelvin.
Fast forward to pres£nt.
I got home exhausted and when i got in, the house was empty, no maids nor cooks nor cleaners, just the gateman although the whole doors were unlocked.
I dialled Kelvin’s number but it was switched off.
I went to the gate to enquire about their whereabout.
”Adamu, where is everyone” i asked the alre-ady dozing gateman.
”Madam, everyone he dey inside” he replied me in pidgin.
”no, the house is empty” i informed him and he opened his eyes in shock.
”Madam, walahi, me i no know where everyone go”
”but your Oga is back right”
”Yes, oga he come back since with one girl, but me i no know the time when he commot again”
Immediately i heard ”one girl” i was taken aback. I was no longer interested in every other things that he had to tell me, and worse still i couldn’t ask Adamu about them, he was probably asleep when Kelvin left, although all his cars where in the compound.
”where did they all go” i asked myself.
I went back in since Adamu was of no use to me. He had nothing important to tell me, he was probably snoring away like an elephant when Kelvin walked out on foot with the mystery girl.
I went back in confused, i saw a note on my be-d which re-ads ”Meet me at the garden” i had not even noticed the note at first.
I hurried out of the room to the garden which was about five minutes walk, Kelvin’s house was a fairly large house.
I got there and i was greeted by darkness, the whole place was dark, not even the security light was on.
I bec@m£ scared, i wanted to run back into the house, when a hand caught my arm, i knew who it was, the scent of him alone was doing wondrous things to my br@in.
I slowly turned back and faced him, that was when the lights were turned on and i pinched myself to see if it was a dream when Kelvin got on his knee and brou-ght out a red box and opened it to reveal a diamond engagement ring.
”Will you marry me princess” he asked me.
Without a second thought i screamed ”YES, I WILL MARRY YOU”
And then the sound of cl@pping filled the air.
I then realized that we were not alone and i looked around and saw all the house-workers there and many people from the agency.
The place was neatly decorated with red and white. The interior designer must be a proffessional.
After all the cl@pping, introductions and exchange of plea-santries. A delicious meal was served and the aroma filled the whole place and drinks also were served. It was a memorable night.
I couldn’t wait to retire.
Finally when i retired with the sparkling diamond ring on my f!nger, i was filled with joy.
I got in and called Vivian to share the good news with her.
”hello, soon to be Mrs” she said immediately she picked the call.
”the all knowing Vivian how did you find out about this” i asked her.
”Kola and Kelvin did all the preparations and rehearsals together” she informed me.
”wow” i exclaimed.
”sorry i wasn’t there, Kola and I went to visit his mum today, we just got back, the old lady is ill”
”sorry about that, i said sympathetically.
”so, gist me how did it go” she asked.
”i wasn’t expecting it and i almost jumped in excitement when he popped the question, i thought i was dreaming initially”
”same thing happened to me, it felt like a thousand bu-tterflies were flying in your stomach right?”
”that’s right” i told her.
”you must be exhausted, let me leave you to sleep” she said to me and yawned ”am also tired myself, i will call you tomorrow” she said and i ended the call after saying goodnight.
I called Dency next, she couldn’t hide her excitement and kept on screaming and shouting excitedly.
We soon ended the call but not before she advised me as usual, although her last question kept ringing in my mind.
”are you sure he didn’t propose to you to keep you from moving out of the house”
Kelvin c@m£ in to my room later and the smile on his face showed that he was as excited as i was.
”Baby, how are you feeling” he asked me with his hands on my w@!st.
”feeling excited, i wasn’t expecting this” i told him.
”i know, we haven’t been together for long but we have been together long enough for me to know that you are the one”
”i love you” i said to him.
”I love you more, hope you won’t leave me anymore” he asked me.
I replied yes before i even thought of what he said.
Maybe Dency was right when she said he proposed tome to st©p me from moving out of his house or maybe not.