Rabbit love Episode 13

Rabbit love Episode 13
”Baby, why are you not eating” Kelvin asked me, while scooping the tasty fried rice into his mouth.
”Am not hungry” i said to him.
”Atleast eat a little, you are looking so pale, is anything the matter”
”i alre-ady ate to my satisfaction”
I was enjoying the meal when Dency’s advice suddenly c@m£ up in my mind, the once tasty food turning tasteless in my mouth.
”hey, talk to me, what’s eating you up and don’t tell me there is nothing cos there is”
”It is nothing important” i replied him.
”I don’t care if it’s important or not, just share it with me.”
”what do you think of me getting my own ap@rtment” i blurted out.
the look on his face showed that he wasn’t expecting what i said.
But he soon recovered from the shock. ”why would you want an ap@rtmen when my house is big enough to contain a whole community” he asked me.
”no but” he cut in.
”seriously, i like the idea of living in my own ap@rtment” i said with a more serious look on my face.
”if it’s about privacy, i promise i won’t barge into your room anymore” he said and tilted his head and win-ked at me.
”No, it’s not about that, although that is enough reason for me to leave” i said sternly enjoying the different emotions pla-ying across his face.
”plea-se just get that idea out of your head, my house is big enough to for us both, and i am not complaining”
”Seriously, don’t you think it’s better for us to live in separate ap@rtments before people start talking” i said to him.
”whoever wants to talk should talk”
”Trust me, when they start talking i will be the one at the receiving end”
”how do you mean” he asked.
”people will only look at it like am after your money”
”st©p having negative thoughts and st©p ma-king up things in your head”
”hey am not ma-king it up, am not a macho man like you, you can endure whatever people say but i can’t” i replied him raising my voice lightly.
He would not let me leave the house if i keep being calm, in as much as i hate to leave, i still think that Dency was right about all she said earlier in the day.
”Don’t tell me you are raising your voice at me simply because you have made enough money and now you want to leave” he said surprising me with his words, i never expected him to think that way.
”It’s not about that, i don’t want people to see me as a gold digger” i explained to him calmly.
”you are just ma-king all this things up in your head, nob©dy is seeing you as a gold digger, st©p imagining things”
”Kel, plea-se reason with me, i don’t think it’s adviceable to live with a guy who is not your husband”
”Who has been feeding you with all this?” he questioned.
”We will soon get married, tell that to who ever has been giving you all this nons-en-se ideas”
”Kel, it’s not a nons-en-se idea”
The once calm heart to heart talk was now turning into a heated argument.
”Fine get an ap@rtment if you want and also make sure to get a new b©yfri£ndand a new job” he said with a note of finality and left to his room.
Was he threatening me?
I know i have hurt him with the idea of leaving but i didn’t know that our little argument had escalated to the point of him threatening me.
I closed my eyes.
”God plea-se see me throu-gh all this” I said with tears in my eyes.
I pushed the plates aside and went to my room with the tears in my eyes blurring my vision.
The next day, i woke up with a slight headache although it was not as worse as the one i had the previous day.
I had cried myself to sleep, maybe that was the reason why the headache c@m£ back.
I checked the time and it was 8:09 precisely and i picked up my phone and called Vivian atleast her voice could give me some as-surance that i was not alone in this world.
She picked on the first ring and we talked for a while before i dropped the call and went to shower.
I c@m£ out of the bathroom and heard a gentle knock on my door, i knew without being told that it was Kelvin.
”yes, come in, it’s not locked” i replied and sat on the be-d.
”good morning, how was your night” he asked as he c@m£ into full view.
”my night was fine and yours”
”i see you are alre-ady dressed for work” i said, more of a fact than question.
”yeah, i just c@m£ to see you before leaving”
”alright, thanks” i replied coldly.
”Baby, forgive me i am sorry about all that i said yesterday night” he replied coming closer to me.
”am not angry” i replied coldly.
”am super sorry, you can get the ap@rtment and i will pay for it, i can even help you search for one on saturday” he said.
I was surprised at his words, i didn’t even know when i stood up and hvgged him ti-ghtly with tears in my eyes.
”Thanks God for this un-derstanding man” i thought to myself.
”Thanks for your un-derstanding” i said to him.
”i get it, now quit dampening my clothes with your tears” he said to me pla-yfully and we both laughed.