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Puzzle of my heart episode 29 & 30

[His Personal maid 👩🏻]
Chapter 29
I pace around the room looking really angry. Raymond has a hand in Amara’s death and he has been tormenting me with it. We didn’t see the other person involved though but I know that the person is a girl.
“Calm down Mr Ryan” Maya said
“Don’t tell me to calm down” I said almost immediately looking frustrated.
“You don’t have any idea of how he haunted me in the past because of Amara’s death. He killed my fiancee Maya. He killed her and started tormenting me for it. He knew that I love her so much yet he took her away from me” I said in tears.
“I understand your plight Mr Ryan but there’s nothing anyone can do to bring her back.” She said
“And that’s the main reason why I’m going to kill him Maya” I said
“No Mr Ryan…killing him means that there’s no difference between you and him. Handing him over to the cops is the best thing to do Mr Ryan” she said
“He hurt me so much Maya and I really want to hurt him back too” I said
“Yeah Mr Ryan I know….that’s why we need to hand him over to the cops so that they can deal with him and make him feel the pain he made you feel” she said and hug me to herself.
Gosh…I’m falling so deeply in love with this lady. I’m so lucky to have her in my life.
I dis£ngage the hug and stare directly into her face. I felt like klzzing her but what would she think? She’ll think I want to take advantage of her because of my sad state. I’m just gonna take it slow with her. I want her to be comfortable with me before making any move.
What the hell is going on between this two? I’ve been away from them for too long. This bitch thinks that she can take away my brother’s love away from me right ?
Let’s see who’s the best player. I smile evily and walk to my room to call Piper.
We’re going to settle this once and for all. Let her just die and go. Good riddance to bad rubbish.
OMG!!…what the hell is going on in this company? Why are there so many loss now that I’m now the CEO?
Blake,Beau and Benjamin walk in with a serious face. Why are their faces looking so serious? Gosh!
“Bryce…what the hell is going on? Since we made you the new head, we’ve been facing more loss than gain. Hope you’re not embezzling our profits?” Blake said
“I don’t know what’s going on guys…I’m as confused as you all are. Please…give me a little time to figure everything out” I said
“So we should give you a little time so you can still embezzle the company’s profit right? Not this time…We’re giving your fv¢king @ss just two days to quit else you will be removed from the post of the CEO” Benjamin said and I look at all of them shock.
“Just like that?” I ask
“Are we smiling?” Beau ask
“Get your @ss off that seat in two days else you’ll be removed” blake said before they all walk out.
No…I can’t leave the post of being the CEO…not when I’ve not achieved anything. I must figure out the person behind the stealing so I won’t be removed. I can’t afford to be removed…not after everything I did to get here.
I walk into Raymond’s house looking so angry. I thought we’ve solve everything that happened years ago. I thought that I’ve given him my body so he could keep shut.
You know killing Amara was the only thing that had to be done then because Ryan was so much in love with that lady. If I didn’t killed her then, there was no way I was gonna get Ryan.
But the unfortunate thing is that I still didn’t get Ryan. Instead, that bitch called Maya is taking my place. She wouldn’t be spared so i have nothing to worry about.
“Raymond…what do you want thing time?” I ask immediately i saw him in the living room.
“I’m horny piper…we made a deal years ago that you’ll be the one to satisfy my s£×ual urge if i agree to the killing of Amara and you haven’t been coming. Why?” he said and I felt irritated.
“And so fv¢king what? The plan didn’t go the way we planned it. Up till now, I still haven’t gotten Ryan to myself so what’s the need of coming?” I said.
“Don’t try me piper else I’ll tell everyone that you have a hand in Amara’s death. Ryan won’t believe that I was involved in the death of Amara because he thinks I have gone out of his life for so long” he said and i felt my heart beating fast.
What sort of blackmail is this?
“You can go on and have your way” I said with so much anger and he smile and walk up to me. He took my l!ps in his and started klzzing me.
Before I knew what was happening, we were already having a round of hot s£×.
Gosh…I shouldn’t have work with Raymond to kill Amara. I should have done it on my own. I made a big mistake…Gosh this guy knows how to please a woman in bed. Ahhhhhh….
Chapter 30
Mr Ryan and i went to the station when heard of Andrea’s death. Gosh…I can’t believe Andrea is dead. The cops showed us her dead body and I felt tears coming out from my eyes.
The torture was too much on her.
“So what are we going to do now that she’s dead? You know that she didn’t confess anything” Mr Ryan ask the chief officer.
“We don’t know Mr Ryan. I’m as confused as you are. There’s no way we can conduct an investigation without a little clue to what happened” the chief officer said.
“Its okay sir…we’ll try and come out with something” I said and Mr Ryan was just looking at me.
“Em…sir there’s someone we will want you to investigate and he’s the owner of *RG complex*. I need you to arrest him and make him confess everything he did” Mr Ryan said
“But we do have an evidence that he did something” he said
“Here’s an evidence of what he did…he killed my fiancee and I want him to rot in jail for that.” Mr Ryan said giving him the disk of what we watch that day at the hospital.
We actually went there again and told them to convert it to a disk and it was done.
“Alright I’ll play it with my team and we’ll move into action” he said
“Thank you officer” Mr Ryan said and shake hands with him.
“You don’t have to thank me…I’m only doing my job” he said and smile.
“We have to start leaving” Mr Ryan said
“Alright…I promise to do my best with my team this time” he said and Mr Ryan nod and we both left the office to the car outside.
“So what’s next” Mr Ryan ask after we got in the car.
“Let’s just wait and see what’s going to happen but before then,we need to carry out some investigation about dead Andrea” I said
“How are we going to carry out an investigation when we she’s dead?” Mr Ryan ask
“She does had a phone right? Let’s do a cross check on her phone” I said
“Sometimes I wonder why you aren’t a detective” he said and I laugh.
“I’m just helping as a friend” I said
“Thanks for coming into my life Maya” he said and I blush.
“Please let’s start going cause we don’t have much time. We need to be ahead of them so they won’t try to outsmart us” I said and he just smile and started the car and we zoom off.
I woke up to see that I was n@k£d under the duvet. Raymond wasn’t in the bed with me and I wonder where he could have gone to.
Well I actually spend the night in his house and we were just fv¢king throughout the night. He’s good when it comes to having s£× but he’s really a wicked soul.
Sometimes I wonder how I met him. I believe he must have damage my V because of his big ¢0¢k. We had three round of s£× last night excluding the one we first did during noon.
“Wow…the queen is up already” I heard that deep voice of his and I turn towards the direction.
He was putting on a singlet and p@nt that was showing how big his ¢0¢k is.
“Good morning” I said with a serious face.
“Common baby…what’s wrong” he said licking his l!ps.
“I need to go right now” I said
“Common babe” he said and raise up my chin as he crush his l!ps on mine. We started klzzing and his hands went to my n@k£d body.
Gosh…I can’t believe I’m already turn on. He brought out his big ¢0¢k and made me to give it a b!0w job. I did it perfectly well and he went into me at once.
Gosh…he’s so big but I like it anyways and that was how we had s£× that morning.
The sound of my phone ringing woke up from my sleep but before I could pick it, the ringing has already ended. I check and saw 15 missed calls from Charlotte. Gosh…she has been calling me since yesterday but I was carried away by s£×.
Gosh…I called her back and it started ringing. I was already practicing the lie I’m going to say to her once she picks.
“Hello piper, where the hell have you been that I’ve been calling you?” She yelled
“I’m so sorry girlfriend…I was busy and..em..I kept my phone on silent so I didn’t know that you were actually calling” I said it very fast.
“Its okay…we need to act fast so that the bitch can be out of the way or don’t you want to have my brother anymore?” She ask
“Of course” I answered immediately. If only you know what I have done to make sure I have your brother.
“Alright…meet me at that the same spot we usually meet and come with that your dreadlock idiot” she said and I was forced to laugh.
“Alright I’ll do just that.. See you later” I said
“Alright” she said and hang up.
OMG!!…I need to be fast in dressing up. I’m smelling of semen…Gosh!
I walk into the bathroom and make sure a freshen up very well. Gosh…I didn’t come with extra clothes. I pick up my clothes from the floor and put it on again. Thank goodness it wasn’t smelling. I place a call across Draco before putting on my shoe.
I carried my bag and arrange my hair to look a little nice before walking out of the house. I entered my car and the guard open the gate for me. I ignite the engine and zoom off.
T. B. C.


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